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l»150ft.-long platform cat Dysi@n

"THE Victorian Railways will open Australia's longest

H goods depot on January 4-at Dynon, near North Mel-

bourne. [~37 ~_ " ~ ~

The huge platform is nearly 1,150ft. long and is 45ft. wide.

Built in 1941 in case enemy action at sea forced Australia to step up transport of goods by rail, the depot has been extensively modernised.

More than £250,000 has been spent on bringing it up

to date.

"It's chief advantage will be to ease congestion in the Flinders st. and Spencer st. goods yards," Mr. G. Rogers, Railways traffic manager, said yesterday during a tour of the new depot.

"Drivers have complained i to me that it has taken

them more than an hour sometimes to unload their goods at present depots and get clear.1

"When this new depot is opened, they should be clear in a quarter of the time."

The new depot will handle goods for north-east Victoria, N.S.W., Queensland, and parts of South Australia and Western Australia.

It is expected to handle 750,000 tons of goods an- nually - in and out. This is likely to build up to a million tons later on.

Tho nlal-fnrm lia o lionn

divided into sections depend- ing on the destination of the goods.

Outside the shed, there is ample room for transport drivers to manouevre their trucks.

Mr. Rogers said: "It is essential today to provide facilities of this nature when there are so many transports about."