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Talent quest

Another heat of the rich talent quest, "Floor Coverings Hour," will be broadcast from 3UZ at 8 p.m.

The compere is Chris


8 1 |». SAR Hospital Half

? IJ! hour 3AK Argus News 8 30 3\K The Lilian Dale Affair 8 45 3 AR Robben Under Aims 3UZ Di Mac 3DB My Other Lo\e

9 ft, 3AR Request Piogramme

. US 3UZ Portia F«ces Life "DB My Husband s Lo\ e ".KZ Chilstian Fellowship 9 ii 3UZ Hesters Dian 3KZ Vaiiety 9 3(1 "IO Kindergirten Session 3AN Choice of the People 9 45 3DB Man Livlngstore 3AK Singing Strings

IO A» ">I O Dall\ Devotional

V*U« 3UZ Aunt Man 3DB

Di Paul 3 VI Housewives Asso nation 10 IS 310 Svmphony Oichestias 3UZ Dark Strangei 3I)B Inlpiisoned Heart 10 30 SAR Women s Session 3HZ Alarm Clock Quiz 3\T Hil Par- ade 3AK Rivertown 10 45 >DB

Paula Lehmann 3AK The Other 1


11 A» "' O Music at Eleven

1>U« 3UZ Cookery Nook 3AM The Breath of Life 3AK Hospital Requests 11 10 3DB Women s Session 11 15 3K7 The Voice of Labor 3 AM Madam Bo\ar\ 3 AM Office Wife 3AK Popular Classics 3XY Annabelle

11 45 3 AH The Ambassadress

»»_..__-« 3AR The Countrv noon: Hom 310 song Time 3 AW House of Conflict

1» IS 3AM News 3AR Maiket Reooits 3DB The Phoenecian 12 30 3\R U7 DB KZ NA \K New» 1?4S 3AK The Stoiy of Alan Carlisle

1 o. TR Blue Hills nKZ t, rill Devotion at- One - Pies b terian 3\A Melbourne Speiks 3VK New Releases 1 IS 3fO Notes on the Nevs 130 3AK Nevs 31.0 Aoung Australia 3AW Notorious 1 45 3DB Death by Horoscope "AM Manhunt

2<%. "AR Request Piogiamme

*U* 310 For the Muslc lo\er 3UZ Escape Me Never "DB Sin plise Endine 3V1 Sub urban Hour - Camber« eil 2 30

3KZ Call from KZ 3 AM A Song to Remember 3AK Famous Artists

3 A 1U7 Courtship and Mai

. U Hage 3DB The Smlle awavs "KZ Penns Serenade 3AM Choice of the People 3 IS 3UZ Michael Shane 3AK Music E er lastine 310 Operatic Excel ots 3 30 3U7 M Son Tom 3 45 3UZ The Layton Story

4ft. 310 News 3\M

.U* Women s News 3DB Re

quest Programme 3\A House- wives Sesión 4 15 BBC News reel 3LO The Best in Music 4 30 "KZ Children s Session 3VA

Trubv King 3AAA Choice of the People "AK The Golden Lamp 4 45 3U7 Tailw aggers 3AK Al gus News

Rumpus Time "Vi The Golden Boomerang 5 10 3AR Stock Ex- change Notes S IS 3AR Chi! dien s Session "XA Ston Time S 30 "U7 Hello the Hospitals s 45 "DU Fljing Saucers 3AM Nick Carter

Chips 3KZ Speedking 3AM Hop Hirrlgan B 15 3DB Burtons of f? ner Street "AM Space Patrol

3U7 Ne \ s 3DB Smokv Daw son Sho v 3AM Undercover Carson 3\T Club 6 30 fi 4o 3UZ Hit Parade 3T>B Here Comes OMallev 3AM NA News

Archie 715 3AR Meet Mariolie Stedefoid 3UZ Man fiom Yester dav 3DB When a Girl Marries "K7 Theatiette 7 30 "U7 My Hesit s Desire 3DB Fun Fiesta "K7 Junioi Information 3AM Atlantic Show 3N.Y Deadline 7 4S 3 AR Isadoie Goodman Con ceit Oichesira 310 Radio Digest "UZ Martin s Comer

Rfl. 3IO Orchestral 3U7

. U« Flooi Covcilnes Houi

"DB Cop the Lot 3KZ Musical Comedv Thpptie 3 AM Ask Me Another 3VA. Our Ovei seas Libiaiv 8 15 3AR The Village Glee Club 3\T Inigo Tones Foie casts 8 30 3DB Addiess Un

known "K7 World - famous Waltzes 3AW Mission to the Nation ?WY Theatre of the Air 8 45 3AR New s Review 3LO Pla\ Julius Caesar

O M» TR Neus 3UZ Melo =*-U: dies That Linger 3DB

What s Your Line? 3K7 Domus

the Handv Man 3AM People I Meet 3VY Music Hour 9 30 "U7 Lets Pace It 3DB Parade nf Mu'ic and Sport 3KZ Conceit Hall 3AM Latest Releases 9 45 3AR Music fiom Vienna

IAA* T7 KZ *M "VI News

?»,*?. IOS 3DB News

'0 1S "\n Tuesday Night Ston "UZ Health Talk 3KZ Supoei C ib 3AM Radio Roundsman "\A Classic» in Cameo 10 30 "AR Temoo of the Times 3U7 Dance Time 3 AM Classical Hour "VA Dance Bands 10 45 3KZ Melody Time

11 n» 'I*R New 1UZ Late * * -UÏ Hits 3DB Family Favorites 3KZ Coffee Time 3\Y Melbourne Speaks