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New Pen-Friends

Will you please enrol me as one of your nephews? I am eight years of age, and my home is nine miles for Mungallala. I am going to the Baradilla State school,

which is a mile and a half from my home. I ride to school on my pony. My hob bles are riding, reading, and gardening. I have some nice radishes and carrots coming on. I have a pet cat; its name is Nellie; she is grey. I would like "Mulga Bill" for my pen-name.—Billy Walmsley ("Mulga Bill," 8), Dunheved, Mungallala. * * * Wil you please enrol me as one of your many nieces? May X have "Bell Blos som" as a pen-name? lam eight years of age; my birthday was on March 30. My hobbies are reading and riding. My brother and I went for a ride on Barter Monday. May I have a pen-friend to Brisbane about my own age? I like your badge very much, and I hope to win one. —Alice Greene ("Bell Blossom," 8), Goo tnerl. * * * I am IS years of age. and my birth day is in December. I have left Bchool now, but Z still attend the Kllkivan Rural School. I live on a dairy farm a little way out of Kllkivan. I am very fond of riding, reading, and fancy work. Can you give me the addresses of gin pen-friends in England, New Zea land, and South Afrlc3 from 14 to 16 years of age?—Eva Truscott ("Lucretia," 15). Kllkivan. • • * X am 11 years of age. Please can you get me a pen-friend In Tasmania? I have a dog and a parrot; the dog's name is Joan of Arc, Joan for short. My chief hobbies are riding, reading, fancy work, and drawing. I have a pony, whose name Is Brownie. —Doreen Truscott ("Reenee," 11), Kllkivan. • • * . X am 14 years of age, and have Just completed the work of seventh grade at the Petrie Terrace State Bchool. Bris bane. My hobbies are reading and swim, ming. in which I take great interest. X am a cousin of "Snooker," of Mackay. For my pets I have a cat, whose name la Kitty, and a parrot. Being a Girl Guide I take a great interest in Girl Guide work, and last week I entered for the Guide Carnival, but unfortunately 1 did not win the race. May I please have a pen-friend In Queensland, about my own age? May I please have "Girl Guide" for my pen-name If it is not taken?—Berenice Cannon ("Girl Guide," 14), Petrie Terrace. Brisbane. • • * May I have "Dollie Dimples," please, for my pen-name? My sisters are at the convent in Warwick. My cousins are at the college; they will be coming home in June. We have a kangaroo dog; she has nine pups, but one of them died yesterday. The river is falling very fast now. Mum and Miss Deignan went in swimming to-day. My auntie has a little baby; she has brown hair, and her name is Doreen Clara.—Eileen Cross, Goonara, Hebel. • • • X am 12 years of age, and am in seventh grade at school. My favourite hobby is stamp-collecting. Will you please give me a pen-friend In Bcotland, Dundee preferred, as my grandparents came from there? May t have "Eucharlrt Lily" for a pen-name. We have a darling little kitten. It is Just beginning to play now. We call It "Sticky," after Its grandmother, who is now dead. I will tell you about our district next time 1 write—Grace Logan ("Eucharist Lily,** 12), Upper Tent Hill. • • • I was 10 years old on January 13, and I have one brother and two sisters. May I have "Marlon Nixon" for a pen-narae.

please, or If that 1a taken "Qracl? Weld*"? My favourite ho&bies arc riding, swimming, and gardening. Will yo-j give me ? girl pen-friend about my own ag« living in Brisbane, please, and if them ' •re any inquiries for pen-frlcnds from New South Wales you could glvo one or two my address. We live on a farm •bout two miles from tbe> township of Kllcoy.—("Marion Nixon." 10), Kllcoy. • • * X would like to have "Bonzo" for nut pen-name. If "Bonzo" Is taken may! have "Morada" instead? lam 15 year* of age, and I have left school and am helping mother at home. My mala bobbies are stamp-collecting and sport*. I am also fond of reading the children's page in The Queenslander. X would Ilka to have two girl pen-friends one hi another Australian State and one in an* other part of the world. I would Ilk* the two pen-friends to be stamp-collee* tor«, please.—Grace King ("Bonzo " 11). Gympie. ' As I like reading The Queenslander t would like to join your band. I am M years old; my birthday is on May *. MX favourite hobbles are riding and swim* ming. I would like a girl p.f. in Rom* about my own age. I would like "Bull Tosser" for my pen-name.—Rome* Alfred Ttmms ('Bull Tosser," 10), Durham Down*. via Roma. • * * I am writing to ask you if you can g*« me two girl pen-friends about my o\ra aid. who will be 14 in September. I wUI now tell you which pages I like best in The Queenslander. First of all I read tha serial, then the short story, then th« letters from your nieces and nephew*: which i like very much. The pictures art also very nice. I think. I am the third one in the family. I have three brother* and one eister. I would like "31r Nigel* for my pen-name, please. My eldest brother writes to three of your niece**. and seems to enjoy their letters very' much.—David Johnson ("Sir Nigel," Is),' Sunnyslde, via Tenterneld. • • • I am 18 years of age. I live fit Lin* , dum, which 1c about 10 miles from Bris* bane. A few of my hobbies arcs dress* making, fancywork, reading, and garden** ing. We have had quite a lot of rails' lately: the other day we had a thunder* storm, and It simply poured for about sA" hour. My ducks had a great time In tha water, i i?fce letter writing, trad would bsj pleased if you would give me the names) of several pen-friends between the apes of 18 and 18, either out West or up North* May I have "Btarlit Dell" for my pen*'. name if it is not already chosen?—SylvtsJ Ratcliffe ("Starlit Dell," 16), Llndum. I • • • The grass is lovely and green. We had about lin. of rain here. X fetch the milk for my mother every morning and night* Our school has closed down, so I get correspondence lessons. I am 11 years old, and my birthday is on February 21. Can you give me the addresses of Vwo girl pen-friends In Brisbane and one in Mel bourne? I would like my pen-fr!eni nam« to be "Powder Puff," If not already taken. May Pomerenke ("Powder Puff," 11)? Nanango.

We aU went Mshtng last Thurs day afternoon. It was about 9 o'clock when we left here, so it was fairly laie when we arrived at Willis Creek. When we got there we made a fire and boiled the billy and had some tea. Then we got oar lines and bait ready and went down to the water to flab. We sat there till 9 o'clock, bat never got « fish. Although we never got any fish we had a very en joyable time. I love having my sapper on the bank of a creek or anywhere in the bush. May I have a pen-friend in Tasmania? It was the Mlllmerran Show on March 20, and we went to it. They took CS3 at the gate. Mum and Miss Flynn stayed for the dance. There was bollock riding, and some of them bucked as if bitten by a bee. Since I last wrote we have got another pony now, so we have two. My brother and I rode up to a friend's place last Sunday, and I enjoyed the ride very much. —"Nookie" (11), Eyrie, Millmerran.