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Rosalie Warne asks leading men:

'What most appeals to you

in a woman?  

Leading Melbourne


ATHOL SHMITH replies  


A MAN who has photographed many of  

the the world's most beautiful women, and who looks at local glamor daily, bluntly   proclaims that "beauty doesn't matter two  


And furthermore,   photogenic types don't  

exist. An elephant can   be photogenic. Sub  

jects are harder or   easier, that's all.  

Athol Shmith has two   "things" about women.   One is their hair; the  

other is shoes.  

To attract him at all, a   woman must be well   groomed. And to be well  

groomed she must have  

well dressed hair and good   shoes.  

He likes a woman's hair     to be feminine and "clas-  

sical." The color doesn't   matter. It should have no   obvious curls or waves. It   should be soft, flat on top,   and falling with a nice,   natural line.  

"This fashion of wives    

having hair shorter than  

their husbands", it can't  

last," he says impatiently.   "It's part of the trend   away from what's feminine   — and to my mind the ap-   pealing woman is essen-    tially feminine.    

"Not that femininity  

depends entirely on hair and clothes. A woman can wear trousers and still be feminine - she either has it or she hasn't."

Mr. Shmith likes so- phistication, but only if it comes easily; women shouldn't strive after it - a charming woman can be completely unsophisti- cated, he says.

Anything "pseudo" should be avoided. There's nothing worse than the sort of woman who talks about a subject like cham- ber music just to impress,

for instance.

If a woman can carry a career and remain fem- inine, all right. But a charming woman need not excel at anything in par- ticular. If she can run a home with grace and plea- sure, relax and know how to enjoy her children, she has achieved a lot.

"She should, of course, have some interests in common with mine: music, the theatre, gramophone

records, and books-no, not photography, that's business!"

The type that appeals least is the overpowering type, the sort of woman who doesn't let you get a word in edgewise, and has never heard of the art of listening. "How men can live with them, I don't


The "ear-basher "' who is also masculine Is even


The worst deficiency a woman can have is to be unable io assist a man in

a social or business situa-   tion. She should be able   to help him through it.  

She should gallantly en-   dure the most boring even-   ing to assist her husband's  


And she should be tact-   ful-able to help in an em-   barrassing situation; that's   a great attribute.  

The most unforgivable   thing a woman can do is   to dress a man down in   public, he considers.  

No matter what the pro-   vocation, she should keep   it till afterwards.