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"Brigadoon99 as a 3-D film?



GENE KELLY had planned to make the

color musical "Brigadoon" in Europe. Now M.G.M. wants to make the show in their Hollywood studios as a three-dimen- sional movie.

¡: *

¡» AMERICAN film pro i! ^ ducer Adolph Zukor has z ?to {ears about .the future

\ of American films. "Major

ii films will continue to be ¡' made in Hollywood, as ii now," he predicts. "But j they will ,be distributed ,; in to the homes through \> television and into theatres ii 'ty the regular way."

ii *

¡i FOLLOWING their cx i! JT cellent "teaming" in ¡ ¡ .he 20th-Fox musical, S'Call Ma Madam," Vera

Ellen and Donald O'Con Înor have moved across to

Paramount to co-star

J again in the Bing Crosby j film, "White Christmas." ¡; Singer Rosemary Clooney ¡i also has a main part in i¡ the Irving Berlin musical. I' (Berlin, incidentally, wrote ii "Call Me Madam.")

ii *

li TTOLLYWOOD actors

ii J-l Wendell Corey and ¡i Forest Tucker are in Lon !i don to appear opposite ¡> British actress Margaret ii Lockwood in "Laughing ¡¡ Ann." a Joseph Conrad <> adventure story of Malaya. ¡i Herbert Wilcox is produe ¡; inp and directing.

YOU'LL get a brief look

at Jane Russell in the Ida Lupino thriller, "Be- ware, My Lovely." Jane was a visitor 01% the set ivhile a scene from the film was being shot. Ida sug- gested that she appear as a,n "atmosphere" extra. So Jane obliged by walking by the window of Miss Lu pino's movie house, waving to her, and walking on. And that's all you'll see of Jane in the film.

. .

THE film "Man on a

Tightrope," which 20th Fox is making on lo- cation in Munich, Ger- many, has all the ear- marks of another "Great- est Show on Earth." It's a lavish story of the circus, with Gloria Graham (the Elephant Girl of "Greatest "Show") heading the cast, with Fredric March (as a clown) and Terry Moore (who does so well in "Come Back, Little Sheba").



which hovers hlph above the earth provides Hie main theme of the Edmund Grainger film for RKO Radio's "Spare Hon

ccr." Top-ranking paint- ers are working out de- signs for the island in this super-science thriller.


R.K.O. Radio claims that

the make-up men in their color film "Montana Belle" had an even tougher job than making

Boris Karloff look like* the Frankenstein monster ¡ for one sequence in the ¡ film. They had lo disguise > Jane Russell a3 a boy! [



Rommel's own woollen ' scarf in the 20th-Fox pro- ¡ duction, "The Desert < Rats," second picture in \ which the actor portrays ¡ the German field marshal. ! Rommel's widow lent It to ; Mason for his part in < "The Desert Fox." The ¡ actor has retained it for < his new film . . . but pro- ¡ mised to return it to Frau <

Rommel when hr- goes to ! Germany IA mnke "Susan ¡

in Brrlin.'' i

À MOTEL winch 20t/i **? fo.r built at Niagara Falls, Ontario, for location scenes for the Technicolor film "Niagara" has been sold to a Canadian named Art Jolley. Mr. Jolley has announced he will convert it into a practical tourist resort at the famed honey- moon spot. A neon sign erected over the entrance will proclaim : "Marilyn Monroe slept here!"


THAT terrifying "vil-

lain" Jack Palancc, < who has made a hit as the < menace in the Joan Craw- ¡ ford film "Sudden Fear, ¡ has now been signed I« ¡ plav opposite Joan Ton- i laiñe in the Paramount , drama "Airport Tangier.' j