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Camp may be

"for keeps"

/ M3IP PELL might become a permanent ? emergency housing settlement,' ' Mr. Hayes,

Housing, Minister, said last night.

He said it was full, and at least half of the 629 families there we're not eligible for Housing Commission homes.

Mr. Hayes said the settle-, ment seemed to be the per- manent home of people who were not eligible for Com- mission homes or could not afford to pay Commission rentals.

He added: "I am very]

worried about Camp Pell, and there does not appear to be any solution to the prob- lem. *

"There has been a big de- mand that it be closed, but this is out of the question."

Mr. Haves said Fitzroy slum dwellers who had re- fused offers of alternative accommodation by the Hous- ing Commission, because they would have to pay

higher rents, would probably go to Camp Pell:

He . said the Common- wealth should make avail- able to Victoria an interest free loan to help people evicted from slums.

The money could be used to subsidise the rents of al- ternative accommodation.