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Coincidence, says Keith


Life's full of coin- cidences, isn't it?

It was a surprising co- incidence, for instance, that, when guests arrived at Park Orchards cabaret on Saturday night to watch film director Dick Harwood shoot first scenes for his feature film "Nightclub," licens- ing police should have .just happened to he there on a routine check-up.

The stern-faced squad members, who stood at the entrance inspecting all who entered, must have heen amazed to find the cabaret all ablaze with high-powered lights,

This was to have been ,iust an everyday job of policing for the boys; dropping in, casual like,

on a little out-of-lown . nightspot.

Real studio

But. believe it or not, this country dance place was a real movie studio, with actors and actresses and all that! Who would have expected to find anything like that going


No wonder the police- men hung around until after midnight so they wouldn't miss any of the fun that was going on.

They enjoyed them- selves so much that it wasn't until the cameras were all through shoot- ing that they could tear themselves away, and go off to drop in on some other night spot, as part of their routine duty.

The police just hap- pening to be there though did rather spoil the atmosphere of what were to have been srav

were io nave ┬╗een gay

scenes in a motion pic- ture about a night club. Toasting each other with empty glasses and trying to look as though they were having a devil of a time was a bit of a his- trionic strain, even for experienced actors like Colin Crane and Joey Porter.

But they couldn't very well use ginger ale (it was kindly pointed out), for it would photograph just like beer.and in a movie about a re- spectable city like Mel- bourne that would never have done.

It was lucky for Mr. Harwood that the police just happened to be there and put him right on a thin^ like that,

wasn't it.