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Crisis Reached ^


MINISTRY J\ _;: Antagonism to British Policy;,

LONDON, Thursday. '

JLrt-'lNJ-M-U'N, X11U1BUUJT. ,.v

The Colonial O'fftse, issued a state* ment: "Being se Waled that a gravo emergency had arisen within the. meaning of Sect'on 41 cf the Malta Constitution, the Governor of Malta,

General' Sir David Campbell, has dis-; missed the Ministry. '?*.'')

Prior to leaving .for Maltjij^ tooday. Lord Strickland declared the abettors

pf foreign propaganda had hitherto . had too much rope.

, "We must administer the island lin a manner compatible with prosperity and without impairing the value of a paramount imperial fortress," he de» ¦ dared. . ,, ;

The Colonial Office statement con- tinues: "For some time past. His

Majesty's Government has viewed. with increasing concern the policy pursued by the Ministers in Malta. It will be recollected that the restoration, of responsible Government in the sum- mer of 1932 was made subject to cer 'tain definite proviJions with regard to 'the language question and particular?

'ly to the question of tan teaching of,'

languages in schools. It is the essence

<t these provisions that fie languages to be used in public elementary schools should be Maltese and English only, and an adequate provision is be- ing made for the teaching of Italian in secondary schools. It has become increasingly apparent that since ac- cession to office, the. Maltese ministers have embarked upon measures the Ob- ject of which is, in effect, deliber- ately to evade this policy. A further » source pf anxiety to. His Majesty's

Government is the manner in whten the finances of the-island haye,been administered. The ministers haye iiie; glected few opportunities, hpweyer small, of displaying their disinclina- tion to work'.in harmony with the.ppl-? icy of His Majesty's Government. The cumulative effect of these and similar acts is unmistakeable. The,ministers have been given an opportunity- to amend their policy upon these mat- ters. They declined to do so and haye accordingly been dismissed and the Government .again assumes the ad- ministration of the island." .