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By Pamela Ruskin

Come fishing to build up your stamp album

CALLING all philatelic

» anglers! We're set "3 off on a fishing cruise nee what strange exotic tit we can lure into our 'amp albums.

newfoundland is our first

t of call.

M much glamor here.

\ large cold-eyed cod appears prepossessingly on three sepa e Issues (1866, 1880, and 1937),

while on a 1932 stamp a shoal

of cod is shown.

A salmon leaping upstream ap- pears on one of the Coronation stampr.

Leaping Ash are featured by New Zealand and the Falkland Islands.

The 1938 5d. blue of the former shows a swordfish leaping right out of the water; the 6d. black and grey stamp of 1933 of the Falkland Islands pictures a whale galumphing out of the sea.

A set cf Icelandic stamps brought out in 1939 has four little stamps with a codfish swirling in the their motif.

The same year also saw an issue of Iceland of five stamps featuring the humble herring.

Slightly more colorful are the ¿d. and the 1/ values of the Cay- man Islands, showing the dolphin. a great big fellow, and a favorite with big-game fishermen.

In 1950 the new designs In- cluded a 3d. stamp showing the strange-looking "chewing" par-

rot fish.

Barbados issued last year a 12 cent stamp picturing the famous "flying-fish" as it leaps above

the water

The big tunny fish is featured on a 1 cent triangular Costa Rican stamp, and a group of them on a very attractive modern de- sign of Istrla of 1945.

More interesting than any of these were three designs included in the 1948 Chilean "Natural History" miniature sheet of birds, animals, insects, and Ash; among them was shown the Chilean conger eel.

Missing a few fish here and I there, we come to the highlight of

our trip-a truly beautiful, multl .colored set of 24 fish designs of Mozambique of 1951.

The stamps are clearly printed bv the photo-litho process, with the name of each fish shown be reath.

So exotic are these fish, and so beautiful their colors, that even ncn-collectors would find them ir rssistiblc.

Fish shown include varieties of the trigger fish, the devil Ash. the weird moorish idol, the flying gurnard, the angel fish, and the bat fish, among many others.

Cur P.M.G. could easily bring out an Australian stamp on this


After the recent Budget an- nouncement, a large shark chas- ing a swarm of tiddlers would be most apt I

"Don't keep saying 'Salt, mut

tard, vinegar, pepper.' This it