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In Salt Law Revolt

it. , ,

,..i ' ; . CALCUTTA, Smytny.,,;,1/;

Gandhi easily leads the field ill amassing "honours" in the civil dis- obedience campaign, (ho opening of

willoh was heralded to'-duy with an at- ' - tempt to break Hie Government's salt laws. *

Leading his small "army" of volun- teers to the village ol' Idandl in Hie 1 lombuy Presidency, lie hud the satis- faction ol' producing just over a ton of salt, which was by no means pala- table and comes under the Government eilict ol' unlit lor human consumption.

The authorities have strictly followed the policy ol' ignoring- Gandhi's elforts and, greully to lils disappointment, hu still remains a free man.

The police, however, took swift ac- tion in other districts of Hombay where they arrested Katari, one of Gandhi's chief lieutenants and 5,1 volunteers, following the "miiiuifactuie" of a smalt quantity of salt.

Reports from other parts ol' Tndin prove that the opening of the campaign «as reduced to ii farce.

Elforls made in Dougal to stir up enthusiasm were I ulllc. Along tim banks ol' a salt luke ten miles from

Calcutta, 331 congfe^ ¡yloluntJeersi weroj^'j watched by'200 ünenthtisiustic villagers. ')" Tiley produced only eight ounces ol'

muddy salt utter three hours' work Using piimitive methods of boiling the water iin pots. > \,

At Oin ti, in the Mldnapore district, ;

the police quietly seized a small quail- . . . lily, of salt/.on the ground of publico, v health.

Congress leaders in t'alculln, after being supported for weeks by e\lior talions by the, extremist press, vere unable to instil enthusiasm tor the campaign into the public and Hie hoist- ing ol' the national Hug at the Con- gress Headquarters at Calcutta, was witnessed by four people.

Other attempts to demonstrate proved

farcical. »