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The history of Australia is one full of what are known in the motion picture industry as scenarios, and so far an ex- tensive field of subjects suitable for mov- ing pictures his only been tapped. One of the pioneers of Australian motion pic-  

ture production is Mr Longford-Lyell,   who has produced such pictuics as the Sentimental Blol e " and ' The Dinkum Bolte ' all of which have relic t"d credit on un australian industry windi is, so to speak just now eleveop nr from in fanej into bov hood Air Longford Lj ell's late t product on-' Fisiher's G hoot '-waa

private! j scioened at the Majestic iheatre jesteidav and it might «afely be said thal it i« a pictuie that will sultan the good name gained bv other films made in Au^tialia The storj _, one ot tragedv, mj^leiy and lomance, and the location is Campbelltown New South Wale» Two transported convict, George Woi-rall ' (Pobeit Pindie) and Tiodcrick 1 í-íier" (Fred Twitchen)-on bong leleised after thor ainval in Aus ti i'la take up films at Carripbelltown and success is the lot of both A film fnend ship exets between them, but Wonrill has in mind a sinister purpose windi he eventually carres out He murders FHier nnd to complete his plan to obtain Ficher s farm he commits forgerv Tanners dining homeward aie attracted by 'he fho*t of Fvher Eibhno; on a three-n 1 fence and if tea ruither appearances the nppantmn indicates the spot m a river wheie F sher's bodj lies Worrall s dramatically arrested at hi weddin;; with a p ii who doe? not return his affections Fo'owi the ti ml eentenee of death nnd finalh a eonfe-siou bv Worra II win h Mr Purd e who was picsont ably recited betöre the commencement of the picture His portnval ot Won nil was excellent o penally in the crncluding emotion ii seno On the who'e, tlie acting was verv p'eaiiio- anl =orro good comedj was included Tlie photography of the Au= hallan land ^anes and fnimi was a fea lure ot the production The p cture n li leave vus'ralia for America on Decembei 30 as it has been purchavj by Amencjn societ es interested in spiritual lesearch