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Blacks Outlast

Old Scotch

UNIVERSITY BLACKS .. .... 9 gis 14bhds (68 pts) OLD SCOTCH COLLEGIANS: 7 gis 13bhds (55 pts)

FULLY extended by Old Scotch for the first

three quarters, University Blacks went away in the last term to a good win in the Amateur Football Association's second semi- final on Saturday.

Old Scotch held its own In the first quarter because of its speed and better marking, but Blacks were more purposeful forward. Blacks scored goals where Old Scotch, from similar opportunities, crowded the for- ward play and missed chances.

Still attacking strongly, Old Scotch scored two goals early in the second quarter. A rather lucky goal to Blacks was fol- lowed by a beautiful shot by King from centre half -forward,, and Blacks went ahead again, but fine defensive play by Eggleston (Old Scotch) pre- vented them from taking full


Gaining drive from a winning centre line. Old Scotch rushed the ball forward in the third quarter for two quick goals. Blacks became rattled, and Old Scotch kept up the attack to reduce Blacks' lead to five points at three-quarter time.

I Blacks improved in all posi- tions in the last quarter, and

i beean to attack stronglj

¡Weight and a stronger finish gave the side a winning advan- tage, and Old Scotch graduallv fell behind

Best University Blacks Eagle Reid Richprds Manupl Brady Finch Old Scotch Eggleston Fllchett Morone Hlll'ard Wood Head Goals Unnei sity Eagle 3 Ball 3 King Reid Cuthbertson Old Scotch Russell 2 Fitchett 2 Moore Head Gter


GEELONG 10-12 (72) d UNIVER- SITY BLUES 9-6 (60) Best Gee- long Reid Stewart Russell Beau- mont Stevens Buchanan Universit". Blues Sinclair Fisher Cameron Wil- liams McPhee O Connor Goals Gee- long Herd 2 Russell 2 Gibson 2 Hornsey Lamb Beaumont Robinson Unh ers ti Blues Faulkner 2 Morris- sey 2 McPhee 2 O Connor 2 Fieer

C SECTION Second Semi-final Old P-radlans 13-13 (91) d East Caul ñeld 11-5 (71)

D SECTION Final Caulfield Gram marian«- 9-10 (64), d Murrumbeena,

5-5 (35)

JUNIOR SECTION Ivanhoe 17-26 (128) d Caulfield Grammarians 4-9