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TENSE SCENE AT INQUEST ? "Doctor's Treatment

, t Questioned

v SYDNEY, Friday.

A tense atmosphere developed in the Goslford Court this morning when the- Coroner (Mr. W. Kirkness) open- ed the inquiry into the death of Ray-

mond George Barham, 13, who was bitten by a snake on March 7.

.Asa witness was about to enter the courtroom, the mother of the de- ceased ?who "was standing outside, cried out: "Don't speak to me; you killed my son."

Evidence waa given that when the boy was bitten by the snake, he was taken to the home of an ambulance officer who applied ¡i ligature. He

was then taken to the doctor.

The father of the dead boy, Henry Barham, told the coroner thal Dr. Robinson said that people did not die from snake bites, and told him to take the ligature off'.

Ernest 'Freeman, ambulance officer, declared that Robinson told him that black snakes were not venemous and If the ligature were not removed it would cause paralysis.

,In the witness box the doctor stated the boy's leg was very black, but there was no object In leaving the ligature on. He 'denied he said that snake bites were not venomous.

iDr. Sydney Dwyer, ol' Gosford, said he ."gathered that the ligature had ibeen on the boy's leg tor half an hour.

¿Sergeant Lake asked should the liga- ture have been removed in half an hour. , , t

Dr. Dwyer: No. According to Dr. Kelleway, it should be released lor a minute after half an hour and then tightened for another quarter of an hour and so on for two hours.

Replying to the coroner, who asked ilf everything had been done .properly, .Dr. Dwyer replied? that he .would have left the ligature on for two hours.

The Coroner: Which is righi?

Dr. J think my treatment Is right.

He added that ho had never heard of a case in which the doctor removed the ligature in half an hour.

, The coroner, in returning a verdict ol' ¿leath by snakebite. >addod "That's