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Family Notices

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BAYLEY (Mathews). — On October

29, at Brighton Community, to Shirl and Henry —a son (Daryl Ernest). (Both well.)               BERNADOU. —On October 23, at St.

Vincents Maternity, to Beryl, wife of Leon L. —a son (Andrew Lambert). (Premature.)  

BREWER. —On October 19, at Win-

darra, to Mr. and Mrs. Lennox Brewer —a daughter (Fiona Gray).

BROOK (Hall). — On October 18, at

Berwick, Scotland, to Dorothy and Griff —a daughter (Margaret Ro- berta), (Both well.)

BROSTER (Cook). —On October 12, at

B.N. Hospital, Benalla, to Marj and Alex —a daughter, (Lorraine Margaret).

CAMPI (Cantillon). —On October 22, at  

Mercy Hospital, to Dorothy and Roy —a sister for Michele. (Both well.)

CAVELL (Delzoppo). —On October 23,

at St. Georges, Kew, to Ernest and Nina —a son, (Robin Harold).

CHAMPION. —On October 22, at Jessie

McPherson Hospital to Mardi, wife of Ernest —a daughter.

FIDGE (Campbell). —On October 21, at

St. Albans, Oakleigh, to Norm and Jean —a son (Bruce Linton). (Both well.)

GIBSON. —On October 23, at Dunstaff-

nage, Burwood, to Nance, wife of Neil   —a son (Peter Neil).

JACKSON. —At Community Hospital,

Canberra, to Major and Mrs. P. P. Jackson —a daughter (Stephanie).

JENNS. —On October 23, at Mercy Hos-

pital, to Therese and John —a son.

KEEHN (nee Wood). —On October 22,

at Epworth Hospital to Mr. and Mrs. Louis Keehn —a daughter (Mar- garet Wood. Caesarean). (Both well.)   KIDD. —On October 23, at Pineville,

Geelong, to Una and Glenn —a son.

KUSTER (nee Bell). —On October 24,  

at Sacred Heart Hospital, to Myra and Ern —a daughter (Carol Anne). (Both well.)  

LAING. —On October 24, at Stradbroke,

Leongatha, to Jessie and Bill — a daughter (Alison Mary). (Both well.)   LYONS (Day). —On October 23, at

Nooralie, Ormond, to Yvonne and Bill —a daughter (Diane Maxie).

McCLELLAND (Godwin). —On October

24, at St. Andrew's, East Melbourne,   to Mr. and Mrs. A. W. McClelland, Birchip —a son (Ian George).

McCRAE. —On October 25, at Mercy  

Hospital, to wife of George Gordon

McCrae —a son.

McKINLAY (Pearson). —On October 25,

at Jessie McPherson Hospital, to Olive   and Alex —a son.

PRESTON. —On October 24, at Strath-

haven, Mentone, to Shirley and Colin   —a daughter (Heather Margaret).

RUSSELL (nee Love). —At New York,

to Jean and Sydney —a daughter (Melinda). (Both well.)    

STEPHENS (Jeanes). —On October 21,

at W.G.H., to Beryl and Fred —a son   (Adrian John).

TOWT. —On October 25, at St. An-

drew's, to Billie and Jack —a daugh-  


WHITING. — On October 26, at Dan-

denong, to Robert and Mary —a son  


WILSON. —On October 25, at Mercy  

Hospital, to Yvette and Bob —a daughter.  


ROWELL. —Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Rowell  

announce with pleasure the 25th an-   niversary of their marriage celebra- ted at St. Andrew's Presbyterian   Church, Brunswick, by Rev. R. H.   McLean Shugg, B.A., on October 27,   1923. (Present address, 30 Tarwin st., Morwell.)  

TIDD—HARRISON. —Mr. and Mrs.

Arthur Tidd have pleasure in an- nouncing the 25th anniversary of their marriage, celebrated at the   Toorak Methodist Church, October 27,   1923. (Present address, 27 High street, Northcote.)  


DONCON–BALCKE. — Mr. and Mrs.

Walter Doncon announce with plea-  

sure the 40th anniversary of their wedding, celebrated at the Auburn Baptist Church by the Rev. F. Harry, on October 27, 1908. (Present address, 29 Sutherland avenue, Shep- parton.)  


BARKER. —On October 25, Graham

Colin, loved nephew of Lois and Alan Peace, cousin of Kay and David. —Deeply mourned.

BOLSTER. —On October 26, at his resi-

dence, 223 Victoria street, Ballarat, George Bolster, beloved husband of Eliza (Dim), and loving father of Jack, George, Dave, and Dick, in his 72nd year.  

BURNS. —On October 25 at Bethesda

Hospital, Mary, dearly beloved sister of Margaret Blair. —A life made beautiful by kindly actions.

BURNS. —On October 25, at Bethesda

Hospital, Mary, loved sister-in law of Myrtle, and loving aunt of Alex, Allan, and Keith. —So mote it be.

CARFRAE. — On October 26, at her

home, 586 Rathdown st., North Carl- ton, Margaret, dearly loved wife of the late George, loving mother of John, Charles, Margaret (Mrs. Ste-   vens), Jessie (deceased), Gordon, Wil-

liam and Helen (Mrs. Baird). —At


CARFRAE. —On October 26, at her

home, 586 Rathdown st., North Carl- ton, Margaret Carfrae, loved grand- ma of Phyllis (deceased), John, Dorothy, Elva (Mrs. Mann),

Gwenyth, and Bruce, loved great- grandma of Nanette Peter and Mar-


CHURCHILL. — On October 26, at her

home, 61 Hunter street, West Bruns-

wick, Janet, beloved wife of the late Daniel Robert (late of Charlton), loving mother of Mary (Mrs. E. Jones, Parkdale), William, Jack (Beechworth), and Donald, aged 84 years. — Peacefully sleeping.

COCKCROFT. —On October 25, at Myall,

Emily Frances, loved wife of the   late Charles, and loving mother of Ivon (deceased), and Frank, loving grandma of Peter, Julie, Rodger,   Graham, Marjorie, and Rhonda. —A wonderful mother at rest.

CRIBBIN. —On October 24, at Mel-

bourne, John Cribbin, beloved hus- band of the late Mary and loving father of Angela, Brian, and Ray-   mond, aged 94 years. —Requiescat in pace. (Privately interred.)  

DAY. —October 26, at 906 Burke road, Balwyn, Dorothy Winifred, dearly beloved wife of Robert Lan-

caster Day, loving mother of Valerie,

Coral and Billy.

DAY. —On October 26, at 906 Burke  

rd., Balwyn, Dorothy, loved sister-in-   law of Anne. —Deepest regrets.

DUXSON. —On October 25, at a pri- vate hospital, William John, the be-  

loved husband of Fina, loved father of Girlie, Keith (dec.), Mervyn, and Dulcie (Mrs. Hollingsworth), loving

father-in-law of Audrey and Roy,      

and loving grandpa of Melva and Lois. —At rest. EBBOTT. —On October 24, at Brisbane,  

Harry, loving husband of Connie,

dearly loved brother of Will (dec.), Marion (Mrs, Wilkinson), Eva (Mrs. T. Holding, dec.), Arthur (dec.), Frank (dec.), Olive (Mrs. R. Hold-

ing), Reg, and Les. (Inserted by L. H. Ebbott, (Shepparton East.)  

EGAN. –On October 26, at private hos-

pital, St. Kilda, Daniel Patrick Egan,  

formerly of Bendigo, loved husband

of the late Annie, loved father of Mylie (Mrs. Crowe), James, Joseph,   Ester (Mrs. Gluvas, Princes Court, Princes street, St. Kilda) and Fran-  

cis. —Requiescat in pace. No

flowers by request.  

FINDEINSEN. —On October 26 (passed

away quietly), at Epworth Hospital, Doris May. (Private cremation.)  

FORGE. —On October 26, at a private hospital, Melbourne, Grace Gale, be- loved wife of the late Henry A. Forge, loved mother of Ken and Margot (Mrs. Alan Curtis), loved mother-in-     law of Ray and Alan, and loved

grandmother of Kenneth, Kristine, and Diane. GEBER. —On October 25, at Cape Town,

South Africa, Caroline, beloved sister of Aimee and Arthur Coppin.

HATTON. — On October 26, at his residence, 27 Wheeler st., Ormond, Lewis James, loved father of Will (deceased), loved father-in-law of Inez, loved grandpa of Lewis. —One of nature's gentlemen.

HOOPER. –October 26, at Bal-   larat, Laura Hannah Hooper, of 71 Cobden st., Ballarat, daughter of   the late Thomas and Georgiehanna Hooper, loved sister of Edith (dec.),

Amy, Brittan, Reginald, Albert (dec.), Leonard and the Rev. R. E. Hooper. —Sweet rest.

HUBERT. –On October 25 at Chil-

drens Hospital, Glenda Jean, darling

daughter of Alexander and Nancy, dearly loved granddaughter of H and

M. Riddell, adored niece of Jean, Joy, and Thelma. —Our pet.


HUGHES. –On October 26, at 6 Park

View road, Alphington, Elizabeth, loving wife of the late William Baker Hughes, formerly of Dumbalk, South Gippsland, and dearly loved mother of Elsie (Mrs. J. McNeill), Rose (Mrs. R. Coulter), Alma, William, Ivan (deceased), and Eileen, aged 85


HUGHES. —On October 26, at 6 Park

View road, Alphington, Elizabeth Hughes, dearly loved grandmother of Frank and Elva Kuhne.

JACKSON. —In memory of the late Rose

Agnes, an ex-president of No. 8 and ex-chief president Australasian Women's Association.

JAFFREY.—On October 21, at Welling-

ton, (N.S.W.), Gordon Alexander, loved husband of Stella Jocelyn, loved father of Berta (Mrs. Gordon New- man, Wellington), and Ian (killed Ambon); late of 70 Rangers rd., Cremorne, and Wangaratta.

JOHNSTON. — On October 26, at the

residence of her daughter (Mrs. Barwood), 3 Wall street, Richmond, Ada Kate, beloved wife of the late Walter, and loving mother of Ada (Mrs. Barwood), Wallie, Florence, Elsie (deceased), and Hector, devoted grandma of Alma Barwood, Wallie, Paul, Leslie, and Helen Johnston, Jack (deceased), and Max Walker, aged 87 years. —At rest.

LAMBRICK. —On October 26, at pri-

vate hospital, Preston, Betsy Lam- brick, of 385 Canning st., North Carl- ton, dearly loved wife of the late James, loving mother of Lucy (Mrs. Wales), Bessie (Mrs. Padgham), and

James. —At rest.

LEES. —On October 25, at Yea, Jane

Patterson, loving mother of Terry (Mrs. L. C. Lumley), grandmother of Shirley (Mrs. Bob Lawrance), and great-grandmother of Christopher and Jan, aged 69 years.

LEWIS. —On October 25 (suddenly), at

216 McPherson street, North Carl- ton, Beatrice Emma, dearly beloved sister of Will (deceased), Arthur, Ettie (Mrs. Joyce), and Clara (Mrs, Arkley), aged 72 years.

LEWIS. —On October 25 (suddenly), at

216 McPherson street, North Carlton, Beatrice Emma, dearly beloved friend of Bert, Cam, Ross, Vic, and Stan Rennie, and Miss Millie Bailey, aged

72 years.

MACKENZIE. —On October 26, at Mel-

bourne, Allan Pollock, beloved hus- band of the late Margaret Mackenzie, and loved brother of Agnes (Mrs. A. L. Burbury), late of Old Colonist


MAGEE. —On October 25, Sarah Eliza-

beth, loving mother of Charlie and Mary, dear grandmother of Joan, Norma, Owen, and Kerry. —Loving


MAHER. —On October 26, at Prince

Henry's Hospital, Michael John, dearly loved husband of the late Millicent, and father of James, Ver- onica (Mrs. Price), and John, aged 63 years. —Requiescat in pace.

MURDOCH. — On October 26, at 20

Davis street, Kew, Henry Norman, beloved husband of Myra Alice, and loved father of De Winton.  

NANKERVIS. — On October 26, at

Shepparton, William Henry, beloved husband of the late Amelia Jane, and loving father of Les, Mabel, Perc (dec), Lon, Dolly, Ede, Florence (dec), and Harry, aged 85 years. PEAKE. —On October 22 (suddenly), at

her home, Wanda road, Caulfield, Frances Elizabeth, second daughter of the late Henry Hazeldine and Emily S. Peake, of Ballarat. (Pri- vately cremated.) (New Zealand papers please copy.)

PEAKE. —On October 22 (suddenly), at

Wanda road, Caulfield, Frances Eliza- beth, loved sister of Maud. (New Zealand papers please copy.)

PHILLIPI. —On October 24 (suddenly),

at Talbot, William, loved son of the late Frederick and Margaret Phil- lipl, loved brother of Frederick, Elizabeth (Mrs. Kerr), Phoebe (Mrs. Northcote), Mabel (Mrs. W. J. Hosken), and Rita (Mrs. Hogben),  

aged 62 years.

SEARLE. —On October 25. John, beloved

father of Flo, loved grandpop of Noel,


SPENCER. —On October 26, at 12 Roy-

don street, Moorabbin, James Ernest (Jack), dearly beloved husband of Annie, loving father of Ernest James, and grandpa of Bob, Pat, Lyn, John, and Colin, aged 76 years. —Peace- fully sleeping.

STEPHENS. —On October 25, at Mit-

cham, Minnie May Stephens, of 91 Doncaster East road, Mitcham. (Re- mains at J. Holdsworthy Funeral Parlours, 380 Lygon street, Carlton.) STEPHENS. — Tribute to memory of

Miss Minnie May Stephens, loving friend of Mrs. C. Fowler, Mrs. A. Cameron, Miss E. Bowen, Mrs. H. Jones. —Until the day breaks.

STONE. —On October 26 (suddenly), at

35 Myrtle grove, Regent, Henry, be- loved husband of the late Emma, and loved father of Violet (Mrs. Hivon) and Elsie (Mrs. Ellis), aged 80 years.

STONE. —On October 26, at his daugh-

ter's residence, 35 Myrtle grove, Re- gent, late of Sorrento, Henry, be-   loved husband of the late Emma, and loving father of Elsie (Mrs. C. Ellis) and Cyril, and loved grand- father of Margery and Jim.

THOMPSON. —On October 19, at Gee-

long Hospital, David, loving husband of the late Margretta, and loved father of Reginald, Ernest, and Cora (Mrs. Gracie), late Victorian Rail- ways, Oakleigh. —At rest.

WHITTLE. —On October 26, at his resi-

dence, 8 Hood street, Yarraville, John Thomas Whittle, dearly beloved hus- band of Alice Henrietta, and the loved father of Harry, Margaret (Mrs. F. Bullen), Ruby (Mrs. L. Minnett), Isabel (Mrs. G. Dalton), Tom, Leslie (dec., Second A.I.F.), Arthur, Jim, and Walter (dec.  

Second A.I.F.), aged 77 years. —Peacefully sleeping.

WILMSHURST. —On October 26 (sud- denly), Alfred, dearly loved husband   of Rose. —Till we meet again.  

WILMSHURST. — On October 26 (sud-

denly), at Melbourne, Alfred Creasey, loved husband of Rosey May Wilms-  

hurst, and loving father of Rose (Mrs. Vockenson), Ada (Mrs. Smith), Peggy (Mrs. Markby), Alex, Roy, and Archy, father-in-law of Alan, Mar- garet, Jean, Albert, and Jim, grandpa of Bruce, Rex, Margaret, John, Fred, June, Joan, Phyllis, Gladys, Les, and Sylvia, and great-grandpa of Peter and Virginia.  

WILSON. —On October 24, at her resi-

dence, 133 Barkly street, Mornington, Olive, dearly loved eldest, daughter of the late J. D. and Olive Wilson, of Stainforth, near Doncaster, Eng- land, and loved adopted daughter of the late J. E. and E. J. Mackrell, late of Port Melbourne, dearly loved sister of Amy, Ada, Joe (deceased), and Lily (deceased). —So dearly loved, so sadly missed.  

IN MEMORIAM On Active Service

GROVER. —In loving memory of our

beloved son, Robert A. (Bob), killed at El Alamein on October 27, 1942, 2/8th Field Ambulance. (I. and J. D. Grover, Finley.)

ALDER. — A tribute of love to the

memory of my dear wife, Jessie, who passed away October 27, 1946. —Ever remembered by her loving husband,


BAXTER. —In loving memory of my

husband, Abe Baxter, who passed away October 27, 1945, loving father of Jim and Thelma. —Ever remem-


BLYTHE. —In loving memory of my

dear son, Andrew, suddenly taken home on October 27, 1944. —Still sadly missed.

BULL. —A tribute of love and sweet

memories of our dear brother, Aud, who died October 27, 1947. (Inserted by Bert, Olive, Gus, and Lil.)

BULL. — In memory of our true

friend, Aud, whose kindly deeds are missed greatly by all. (Mr. and Mrs. Roy McLean and family.)

CAVILL. —In loving memory of dear

dad, Edward Harold, who passed away October 27, 1945, loved grandpa of Nigel and Lucille. (Inserted by Ken and Jean.)

FARRELL. —In loving memory of my

dear wife, who passed away October 27, 1940, loving mother of George and Alice, grandmother of Ian and Judeth. (Inserted bv her loving hus- band, John T. Farrell.)

FOGG. —In loving memory of mother,

who passed away October 27, 1945. (Inserted bv her son and daughter- in-law, Les and Flo Callaghan.)

FOGG. —Mahala, loving thoughts of

happy days. (Bob and Thelma Kemble) FRIEND. — In loving memory of my

dear husband, and father of Frank, Tom, and Ester, who passed away on October 27, 1946, at Flemington.

GIRVAN. — In memory of Catherine,

cherished wife of Arch, mother of E.J. (deceased, 1929), also George, John, Betty McKenzie.

KERR. — Loving thoughts today and

always of our dear brother, Albert, who passed away at Kaniva on Octo- ber 27, 1947. —Ever remembered by Walter and Emily.


LILBURN. —In loving memory of my

dear sister, Valma Iris, who passed away October 26, 1947. (Inserted by her loving brother, Leslie, and sister- in-law. Pauline.)

MANN. —In memory of our parents

mother, October 27, 1928; father, May 27, 1931. —Thy will be done.


MASTERS. —In loving memory of my

dear wife and our mother, who passed away on October 27, 1945. (Inserted by her loving husband; daughter, Stell; and son, Bill.)

MAY. —In loving memory of my dar-

ling husband, Dudley, and devoted father of Judith, Beverley, and John, who passed away on October 27, 1947. —Sadly missed.

OSBORNE. —On October 27, 1944, John. —Loving memories, dear John. (Dad,

A. G. Osborne.)

OSBORNE. — On October 27, 1944,

John. —Remembrance, my brother. (Kath and Robin Holyman.)

PATRICK. —In loving memory of our

dear sister, who passed away October 18, 1946. —He giveth His beloved sleep. (John and Mary.)

PHILLIPS. —In loving memory of Mary

Magdalen, dearly beloved wife of John Alfred, who passed away so sud- denly October 27, 1946. —Her memory and spirit will never fade.

PHILLIPS. —Thoughts for today, and

memories for ever of our dear sister, Mollie, who passed away October 27, 1946. (Inserted by her loving brothers, Ambrose and Frank; sister-in-law, Teresa, and nephew, John Kelly.)

POLLOCK. —In fond memory of dear

mother and father, who passed away at Bonnie Doon. —Forever in my thoughts. (Inserted by M. A.


PORTEOUS. —In ever loving memory of

our sister, Margaret Small Wood- smith, widow of William Porteous, who died on October 27, 1946, at Lilliesleaf, 321 Beach rd., Mentone.

RAWSON. —In loving memory of my

dear wife, Vera, who passed away October 26, 1942. —Sadly missed (Inserted by her loving husband


RAWSON. —In fondest memory of our

dearest mother, who passed away October 26, 1942. —Deep in our hearts a memory is kept, of one we loved and shall never forget. (In- serted by her loving children, Betty

and Billy.)

ROBERTSON. —In loving memory of

Annie Campbell (nan), my dearly be- loved sister, who died suddenly at Deepdene, on October 27, 1947. (In- serted by brother, Will.)

SKEWES. —In fond memory of my dear

wife, Madge, who passed away Octo- ber 27, 1947. (Inserted by her loving husband and family.)

TEASDALE. —In loving memory of my

wife, Marion Elizabeth, and our dear mother and gran, who passed away

October 27, 1942.

WILSON. — A loving tribute to the  

memory of Robert James, beloved husband, and father of Valma, Frank, and Ron, who died suddenly at his residence, 15 Carnarvon rd, on October 27, 1947. —To memory ever dear. (Inserted by his loving wife and family.)

WILSON. —In loving memory of our be-

loved brother, Robert James (Bob), who passed away on October 27, 1947. (Inserted by his loving sisters.)


GATE. — JOHN GATE, 8 Lloyd street,

Kensington, offers sincere THANK to relatives and friends for their kind sympathy in his recent sad loss. THOMAS. — Mrs. HARRY THOMAS

and Jewell desire to express their GRATITUDE to all relations and kind friends who sent letters, tele- grams, flowers, and phone calls of sympathy to them in their recent



BOLSTER. —The Funeral of the late

GEORGE BOLSTER (late M.L.C.) will leave Christ Church Cathedral, Ballarat, for the Ballarat Nee Cemetery, TOMORROW (Thursday), at the conclusion of a service which will commence at 2.30 p.m.

F. W. BARNES & SON, Ballarat.

Phone 79.

BURNS. —The Funeral of the late Miss MARY BURNS will leave 29A Mur- ray street, Prahran, THIS DAY (Wed- nesday), after a service commencng at 1 p.m., for the Springvale Ceme-


RAYBOULDS PTY. LTD. LA1017.   CARFRAE. —The Funeral of the late

Mrs. MARGARET CARFRAE will leave the Lewis parlour, 154 Johnston st., Fitzroy, TOMORROW (Thurs- day), at 11 a.m., for the Coburg



CHURCHILL. — The Funeral of the

late Mrs. JANET CHURCHILL will leave 61 Hunter street, West Bruns- wick, THIS DAY (Wednesday), after a service commencing at 3.15 p.m., for the Fawkner Cemetery.


wick. FW1592.

DAY. —The Funeral of the late Mrs.

DOROTHY WINIFRED DAY will leave 906 Burke road, Balwyn, THIS DAY (Wednesday), at 2 o'clock, for the Box Hill Cemetery.


DUXSON. — The Funeral of the late

Mr. WILLIAM JOHN DUXSON will leave his residence, 21 Thoresby rd., Ivanhoe, THIS DAY (Wednesday, October 27), at 3 p.m., for the Heidelberg Cemetery.

W. G. APPS & SONS P.L., Heidel- berg. JL1060.

EGAN. —Requiem Mass for the repose

of the soul of the late Mr. DANIEL PATRICK EGAN will be celebrated at St. Mary's Church, Dandenong road, East St. Kilda, THIS DAY (Wednesday), at 7 a.m. The Private Funeral will leave the church at 11 a.m. for the Boroondara Cemetery.  



FORGE. — The Funeral of the late

Mrs. GRACE GALE FORGE will leave 64 Droop street, Footscray, THIS DAY (Wednesday), after a service com- mencing at 2.45 p.m., for the Wil- liamstown Cemetery.


Kilda road, Melbourne. Tel. MX4626 (3 lines).   HUGHES. —The Funeral of the late


rive at Meeniyan Cemetery, South Gippsland, TOMORROW (Thursday),

at 2 p.m.

E. TAYLOR & SON, Ivanhoe JX1159.         JOHNSTON. —The Funeral of the late

Mrs. ADA KATE JOHNSTON will leave the Herbert King memorial chapel, 174 Lennox street, Richmond, after a service commencing at 3.15 p.m., THIS DAY (Wednesday), for

the Burwood Cemetery.


mond. JA3462.

LAMBRICK. —The Funeral of the late

Mrs. BETSY LAMBRICK will leave her home, 385 Canning st., North Carlton, TOMORROW (Thursday), at 2 p.m., for the Melbourne General Cemetery, Carlton.  

HENRY J. R. LEWIS. JA1066. LEES. — The Funeral of the late


leave Yea at 7.30 a.m., THIS DAY for the Fawkner Crematorium, ar- riving at 10.30 a.m.

JOHN TOSH, Funeral Director.

LEWIS. —The Funeral of the late Miss

BEATRICE EMMA LEWIS will leave our parlours, 380 Lvgon street, Carl- ton, DAY (Wednesday, Octo-   ber 27), at the conclusion of a ser- vice commencing at 10 a.m., for the Springvale Crematorium.

JOSIAH HOLDSWORTH, Funeral Director. FJ1292.

MACKENZIE. — The Funeral of the

late ALLAN POLLOCK MACKENZIE will leave Sleight's Funeral Home, St. Kilda road, Melbourne, TOMORROW (Thursday), after a service commenc- ing at 10.15 a.m., for the Springvale Crematorium.


MX4696 (3 lines).

SEARLE. — City of Northcote Lodge

No 413. A., F., and A. Masons of Vic- toria. —Members of the above Lodge and Craft in general are respectfully invited to follow the remains of their late esteemed Bro. JOHN SEARLE, from 24 Martin street, Thornbury, THIS DAY, at 11 a.m., to Fawkner



Mr. JAMES ERNEST (JACK) SPENCER will leave our parlour Charman road, Cheltenham, TOMOR- ROW, at 11 a.m., for the Springvale Crematorium.   W D. ROSE & SON. Cheltenham.

Chelt. 42.

STEPHENS. —The Funeral of the late

Miss MINNIE MAY STEPHENS will leave the Church of Christ, McDowall street, Mitcham, THIS DAY (Wed- nesday, October 27), at the conclu- sion of a service commencing at 2

p.m., for the Springvale Crematorium.

JOSIAH HOLDSWORTH, Funeral Director, Carlton. FJ1292.


STONE. –The Funeral of the late Mr.

HENRY STONE will leave 35 Myrtle gr., Regent, TOMORROW, at 11 a.m.,       for Fawkner Cemetery.


THOMPSON. — The Funeral of the

late Mr. DAVID THOMPSON will leave Rayboulds parlours, Cecil st., Prahran, TOMORROW (Thursday),

at 11.15 a.m., for the Brighton Ceme-    


RAYBOULDS PTY. LTD. LA1017. WHITTLE. — The Funeral of the late

Mr. JOHN THOMAS WHITTLE will leave his residence, 8 Hood street, Yarraville, TOMORROW (Thursday), at 2 p.m., for the Footscray Ceme-  



WILMSHURST. — The Funeral of the

late Mr. ALFRED CREASEY WILMS- HURST will leave Glenhuntly Pres- byterian Church, Grange road, THIS DAY after a service commencing at   10 a.m., for the New Cheltenham Cemetery.

JOHN (ROY V.) ALLISON. JA1003.   WILMSHURST. —The Brighton Vale

Lodge, No. 471, A., F., and A.M. of   Vic. —The Brethren of the above Lodge are respectfully informed that the Funeral of our esteemed Bro. ALFRED CREASEY WILMSHURST will leave the Presbyterian Church,

Grange road, Glenhuntly, THIS DAY,   after a service commencing at 10 a.m., for the New Cheltenham Ceme-   tery.


L. G. ROBERT, Sec.