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Current News.

Ticks have been discovered on cattle at Caboolture, which has hitherto been con-<*> sidered a clean area. Mr. Nisbet, the new chief mechanical en-

gineer of Queensland Railways, has arrived in Sydney from San Francisco. The Minister for Railways is paying an official vteit to Rockhampton and Mackay, Mr. Philp acting in Ma stead* during his absence. The writ for the South Brisbane election provides that the date of nomination shall be Tuesday, the 18th inßtant, and the date of polling Saturday, the 22nd instant. It lias now been decided thai a Royal Commission shall issue for the conduct of the proposed inquiry into the Criminal In vestigation branch of the Police Depart ment. Official news has been received from Cleveland that the cutter Dawn of Day capsized on Tuesday morning in the Bay, and that one of the (brothers Fitzfleld was drowned. Four Japanese, described on their pass ports as commercial travellers, who arrived at Thursday Island by the Putami Maru, were not allowed to land, and were taken on to Townsville. An inquiry which has been held into the charges made by Mr. W. T. Jack, inspector of works, against the Under Secretary of toe Public Works Department, has resulted in a refutation of the charges. Taking Queensland and London accounts In the aggregate, the * Queensland National Hank has on deposit at call th*3 year £267,060 of Government money, as against £800,000 at the olose of June, 1898. For the vacancy in the Legislative As sembly caused by the death of Mr. Luya there are now some half,-doien candidates mentioned. These include Messrs. F. G. Hamilton, W. Jones, J. <M. Cross, and H. Turley. "* The Railway Commissioner has decided to run special trains at reduced fares from Warwick and from (Maryborough to Brisbane in connection with the International foot ball match, England v. Australia, on 22nd instant. Tihe associated engineers of Queensland have had prepared for presentation to the engineers of the steamer Perthshire an illu minated address, in recognition of their arduous work in connection with the late mishap to that vessel. The Queensland Government have decided to offer a contingent of 260 officers, non commissioned officers, and men of the Mounted Infantry and the machine-gun •action for service in South Africa in the event of hostilities with the Transvaal. We learn from the local representatives of Messrs. W. Brooks and Co. that the New Zealand Government has accepted the new Australian school series of books published toy that firm for use in the public schools of the colony. The New Chum, a' half-decked 20-footer, owned by Mr. North, of Stradbroke Island, left Cleveland at midnight on Sunday under ber jib only. The boat has (been found •wamped, but so far no traces of the four men who were on board of her have been discovered. Messrs. Morefoeade Limited advise having booked the following passengers per the R.M.S. Oruba, which was to leave Sydney on Monday for London, via usual ports, namely :—Mrs. Grifg, Messrs. J. H. Hani*, H. E. Searle, Grigg, 'Misses L. and G. GJisjsj, Master Grigg. In the Sickroom.—ln olden times the prt paratlon of Invalid Beef Tea was a tedious process ; now the Lleblg Co. do the evaporat ing, and all you have to do is to put the Ex tract into boiling water and stir. Thousands have been brought safely through illnese by its timely aid.—(Advt.) - Mr. H. Daniels informs us (" D. D. Gazette") that he intends testing the cor rectness of several names on the Cambooya roll, and challenging their right to nave been so enrolled. He states that he imends to Issue Bummoneeß against fourteen persons whom he alleges are illegally enrolled as property-holders. His solicitors, Macpher son and Dods, have the matter in hand. His Excellency the Governor has re ceived the following reply from the Secre tary of State for the Colonies to the cable gram conveying the offer of the Queensland Government of a contingent of Mounted Infantry for service in the Transvaal :— " Her Majesty's* Government highly appre ciate the loyal and patriotic offer of Queens land. They hope the occasion will not arise, but if it should they will gladly avail themselves of the offer. —(Signed) Chamber lain." The Premier has already a number of en gagements booked which will keep him well occupied for some weeks hence. On 15th instant he is to address a meeting on federa tion at Kilkivan Junction, and on the 19th he is to attend a banquet at Warwick. It is probable also that on 26th instant he will attend the show at Roma ; on 27th the Lock yer show; and on the 28th be at Clifton. It is also not Improbable that he will attend the Toowoomba Show on 2nd August. From Mr. B. Taylor, of the " IXL Studio," Ipswich, we have received a copy of his publication, " The People, Products, and In dustries of West Mbreton." It contains an interesting collection of views in the Stan ley, Lockyer, Rosewood, Fassifern, Bun damba, and Ipswich electorates, chiefly il lustrative of the primary industries con ducted In those districts. These are ac companied by letterpress description and two maps—one of Queensland, and the other showing on a larger scale the South eastern division of the colony. The work is published by Messrs. Parkinson, and Co., of the " Queensland Times" office, and should prove a useful introduction to the study of one of the most populous areas in Queensland. A letter was recently written by Mr. S. Pace to the " Torres Stiaits Pilot," in which it was stated that the Government con templated prohibiting pearlshelling over the whole of the Endeavour Straits fishing ground for a period of ten years, in order that the beds may recover from the de nudation to which they have been sub jected. He pointed out that the closure of so large an area for so long a time most seriously interfere with the Industry, and thus indirectly affect the welfare of Thurs day Island, though he admitted that some thing must be done to counteract the de pletion of the beds now taking place. In-

quirles at the Treasury Department show that Mr. Bennett, the inspector, has for warded a recommendation that certain beds be closed. Further than that no action has been taken. The iHome Secretary (the Hon. J. F. G. Poxton), who left for the North in the steamer Kasuga Maru on the 7th instant, was accompanied by the Commissioner of Police (Mr. Parry-Olcfcden), who, with Mr. Fox ton, will make inquiries in connection with the Aborigines Protection. Act. The gentlemen go direct to Thursday Island, and thence to the Batavla River and Emto by Mission Stations. There they will part company, the Home Secretary going back to Thursday Island and on to New Guinea. The (Commissioner \rtll travel ovferLand, via Coen and other places to- Cooktown, and will make an Inspection into mat ters connected with the Police D©ri«tt ment. He will then come overland to Cairns, and travel into the back stations, paying sireciad attention to new places, and localities, through the opening up of wfoich recently more police supervision miy be necessary. The Commissioner will be absent albout six weeks. The dealth of Mr. P. M. Hynes, for many years an active figure In the political life of North Queensland, will bo deeply regretted (writes a correspondent) 'by the wide circle of friends he made during bis long residence in Mtackay. Jutt four years ago, soon after bis accession to the Mayoralty of the town, his health broke down, and he never fully recovered. Mr. Hyncw was a strong politi cal factor in the district. For years he served as alderman, and took an active in terest in the School of Arts and other local Institutions. He had a ready pen, and wad a frequent contributor to the local Press, his verse being paritdcularly popular for its bright and humorous vein. Mr. Hynes was a native of Boyle, Ireland, and bad spent some of his early years in the United States. He was in&trumenltM in starting the " Mac kay Banner," and was a strong supporter of all liberal movements. His widow, who bears the distinction of having been the flra-t wfoite woman born in the Madkay dldtrdct, is the daughter of Mr. James Ready, of Fort Cooper and Mackay.