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Husbands and Wives

HUSBAND and wife teams are

.i director-shir combination now

popular in Hollywood. There arc five such prominent in the movie in- dustry. Andre De 'loth, for in- stance, has recently directed his "wife, Veronica Lake, in Ramrod, for Para- mount. Vincent Minclli is husband ot Judy Garland, whom he diiects at<MGM. Felix Jackson has been directing his wife. Dcanna Durbin, over a long period at Universal In- ternational. When the Rita I lay worth-Orson Welles marital rift was mended a short time ago they got together for a movifc at Columbia.

One of the latest teams is Aus-

tralian John Farrow directing his wife, Maureen O'sullivan, in the Paramount suspense thriller, The Big Clock. . "It's an interesting experi- ence," says Maureen, who is back in films after a long absence. "Big- gest problem is to forget the day's

work when it's time for the domes- tic scene!" To date, no wife has got around to being a director and telling lier husband how to act-at least, not publicly.

American Classic

FIRST important book by

the late Thomas Wolfe, Look Homeward, Angel, which has become an American classic since, its appear- ance in 1930, has been purchased bv

Paramount for Liberty Films. Rudy Monter and Arthur Ripley, who pre- viously held the screen rights to the story, bought the book in 1944 for production, _, prepared a shooting script, and filmed 20,000ft of back- ground material in North Carolina. This will be the author's first book to reach the screen.

Big Role for Deborah

DEBORAH KERR will co-star

with Spencer Tracy in the im- portant MGM film, Edward, My Son, adapted from Robert] Morlcy's long-run stage success in London. Morlev, who sold the screen rights for £50,000, will bring Edward, My Son, to Australia next year, and «ill star in it and produce it himself. The play has been described as "a thrilling, dramatic experience."

Busy Margaret Lockwood


tinues to keep busy at English studios. Now she is making Change of Heart, based on a Saturday Even- ing Post short story, at Denham, for the Corfield-IIuth partnership. Grif- fith Jones will co-star with Margaret in this story of two confidence

tricksters in a trans-Atlantic liner.

Noel Langley will adapt the story, which is Margaret's second for Cor- field and Iluth. Her first; The White Unicorn,-has yet to be seen in Mel-