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Second Time in Five Years

The historic Lanyon homstead to-  

gether with the freehold area of nearly 10,000 acres in the property has been   sold to a new company registered in Sydney this week known as the Lan- yon Pastoral Company (1081) Ltd.       Lanyon had figured in a successful   auction sale, held in Queanbeyan in   1926 by Woodgers and Calthorpe, when

the original holding of about 14,000    

acres was subdivided. The his- tory of Lanyon goes back to 1835,

when James Wright, William Wright,

and J. H. M. Lanyon took up the holding about 15 miles from Canberra. In 1837, Mr. Lanyon retired from the partnership, returning to England, and William Wright was accidentally shot, leaving James Wright the sole owner. In 1838, Wright commenced the build- ing of the homestead, which he named after his partner, Lanyon. The home- stead was built with the strength of a fort to withstand the attacks of bush-


The property was disposed of in 184[?]

to Andrew Cunningham, and remained   in that family until 1926. When the

Federal Capital Territory was taken over from New South Wales portions of the holding were left in New South

Wales. An area of 9689 acres was in-

cluded in the Territory and remains still freehold land, while the Williams- dale section of 2336 acres and the Roy-   alla section of 2046 acres remained in the State.            

When the property was sold in     1926, the 9689 acres in the Territory

were purchased by the Cowl Cowl Pas- toral Company Ltd., in which the Os-         borne family, of Currandooley, are the

shareholders.. The price paid on that occasion is said to have been in the vicinity of £55,000.    

Recently, the Cowl Cowl Pastoral       Company sold the property to Mr. T.   A. Field, a welll known wholesale but- cher, of Sydney, who has formed the new Lanyon company.