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Family Notices

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"TFP-or august 27 at Sandringham. IRTrFL , rife of Godfrey Carter-a eon

> hel}^ PT«ncU Salisbury) -Cm August

^S "uaiÄ Coto HoopliBl, to Mr g, V See: Evans-a son (Keith ÎÎUMI'UICV Hassell) -On September 3,

?°M.Vm (Sto , to Win and Les-a ««"er ,DÄ"^0. September 4 at

Sr ff FHo ff M:

alßTf and Douglav-ft daughter (June

Äihtn) (Both V,ell )

EWfetó "eU ä"d Marge-a daughter

H'Miav,-" í Si'«r (Jennifer Joan)

#«rab -Or.September 1, at Brighton Com IfÄ Hostal to Pepita, wife Of Dr

í-íM?«ineri Sines-a daughter

'rSninx Cee Ridgwai)-On Septem

*IÏÏS !if St Helens private hospital

'Iwiid or U) Doiotln and Jack-« daughter

E^HiÄ *nnl /stillborn)

WALhHt (nee Featherstone) - At Wan-

iora" to Par and Jack-a son

4/Um -4t Bush Nursing Hospital, Mir c fffflo h \o Mr and Mrs R Wairy. Del . V burn-T cughtir_


BATHARD. - On September 4, at his home.

a'Beckett's road, Harkaway, Thomas Tyler, the dearly beloved husband of Irene Annie   Bathard and loving father of Alex, John,   and Betty, aged 65 years.  

BERRY. - On September 4, at the West :> Oipu land Hospital, Emily. îelict of the t late Joseph John Berry, of Bunyip, and

mother of Joseph (deceased), Harry (de , cea=ed> Violo' (Mib. Bolton, deceased),

y Ed» (rd A.lce (Mrs Harris, deceased), , * Loin J (Mi^ O'Biten, deceased), Annie

" (Mr- Lons*1 tiwi beth (Mr¡-, Dawes), and

Ivy i\'rî Madrugan). -At rest.

BLACK (nee Bradfield).-On September 3,  

at .?>' Le.1,1 ro<iQ Onnond, Annie E. M. Bloi1 loving ntuuia of Eric and Joan, i Pail Biri- and Elizabeth; Robert; Alun,

Dor s.'d Gan Ron, Robert, and Janies.

BOYD.-On September 4, at her home. 37

Hunter Road, Camberwell. Alice Beatrice,   beloved wife of the late Hugh Boyd, dearly   loved mother of Alice (Girlie) (Mrs. P.   Stewart and Alex -At rest.      

BOYD.-On Septetiibei 4, Alice Beatrice, wife of the late Hugh Boyd (deceased). dear     mother of Girlie (Mrs P Stewart),   mother-in-law of Percy. -Peacefully   sleeping  

¡¡COLT. - On September 4, at »his home, . ' Heatherton ru ¡d Noble Park, Henry f-', Edftuids the dendy beloved husband of f the late Flizn Cole, and loving father of ' Harr<., Diclt. Peicy, Florence (Mrs. Ï Qiillfo-lai, and Beit, aged 88 years. ; r-Fatlitji mid mother reunited.

r COLE.-On September 4. Alice Mary, loved

wife of the late Henry Cole, of Fitzroy, , loving aunt oi Emmie. -At jest.

CONFOY -o,, september 3 at his residence,

Horn mil urst 17 Balaclava road Caul- field Thomas Jeremiah Confoy dearly be- loved 1 isband oí Mary and lovjns father oí et l a iMrs A Strikej Eqward John and Leo agtd 67 jena -Requiescat in


CONFOi On September 3 Thomas Jere i m Ce io deai h loi ed ftuher of pCh ia Hm Alt\ Stnle and loving ygrt. d let of AltA John and Jo\ce A,6tr e -uquicii ni pace



CONROY.-On Scrteiiber 3 Thomas Jere-   miah Coi toi dearh loved father of Ed   £'wio ¡in Dtlta Coufo\ ana loving grind I fall e of Ed i ird P itr ck und Michael h -Requit cal J i ptce


CONROY. -On September 3 Thorns Jere-

miah Conroy, dearly loved father of Leo * aim Anne Co fr and lo mg grandfather JJ, of Thomi= Marianne and Agi e-^ Patricia J, -Ptq lichen! m pace

CQNROY. -On golembil 3 Thornes Jere % mij! O i foj deuilj irved brother of Tim ? ai d Rtve Ccnfoj of Cheltenham - ^ Require it in pace

CONROY. -Life is full of losses but     í the t, eatcot IOLS IS that of a true friend 4 111 mu', vou Con (Horace Wtlduck }

CRITCHLEY. -On September 3 at 28 Dal    

getty street, St Kilda, James Joseph, be-   loved youngest son of the late Elizabeth   Boundy (Cr¡tchley ) and James Critchley,    

brother of Margaret (deceased) Sarah    

(Mrs A Ewart), Owen (deceased), and Sylvie (Mrs. J. McAsey). -Requiescat in  


DAVEY. -On September 1 at the Repatria-

tion Hôpital Caulfield William Ernest, dearly loved son of Ernest Robert Davey and the late Annie of Kerang loving brother of Robert Hilda and Fred dear   uncle of Judith aged 43 years late E, S and A Bank and 1st A.G.H., 2nd A.I.F.  

So mote it be  

DUDFIELD.- A tribute of respect ana ap     | Pt u ci rf Ft ault Dudflejd vho passed f »sa ou ftptember 1 (Inserted iii his k i^x aies m Jo dan ana Mos. )

EDMENDS. -(nee Andrewartha) - On

September 4, at her home, Edith Maud Marion  

beloved wife of James Govan Edmends of 34

Gladstone parade, Elsternwick and loved mother    

of Dorothy (Mrs ? Meadows ???(Sydney) and Lucy ( Mrs. C. T. smith)

/' VAS GleL!?n of « »Sa bad íf l?w0nB»<the dearly 'wed H«s andMH.lile A!iarÄaret Mary Gleeson, SKÜ !Jatfh?f °* ,M»ry and Cyril (de-!

wawi) late of tho F rsl AIP and loi lue

i fe Vv'J10^ M P4!<* PreS!

^ JrLh ,ient ?agga and Mother M

* Ä 'föÄ, PrewntaUon Convent, * pK,tinnthn M . Aiuina-i (deceased)

^ «MI *ilon Convint Garden» ale anri

GRANT.- L hmh lu sa,ct^ keeP  

4M1V loud Ä'^,3, AthaUe Maud 10 i>8 aim? o M"vf E^le, a1111 Bert Earl

'mi/'¿ping tt!£ and Joau -Peace

KENNEY.-,l ,«* Adelaide  

Reginald, dearly beloved husband of Emily end beloved tithS. slïeeî, Norwood S A , H^l ClareFT, °.f Ma(1ße Reainald ' 1" ears ErllLst r,nd lH&vis aged

MANGIN On September 4 John Lawrence Mangin of 14 Hall street Yarraville aged

61 years -- RIP    

,8|mortfaa^ DMth Bereavement, In

\ Lne *?' W,d ,,u,lleral.Notices, rate peí » Uws lines> j l/l Sat» I/* (mínimum


McDONALD.-On September 3. at her resi-

dence. Rote-dale. Elizabeth, widow of the late Hugh, and loved mother of Alex. ?' Sis. George, Doll (Mr?. Welland). Flo.

and Hee.. aged 79 year?.

McLEAN.-On September 3 (suddenly), at

his home, 23 Argyle street, St. Kilda, William Alexander, dearly loved husband of Helen, loving father of Peggy, Barry, and Nan, aged 57 yLars, late 1st Pioneer Battalion, 1st A.I.F -Au Aii7ac.

McLEAN .-On September 3, William Alex-

ander, dearly loved son of William and Louise (deceased*, ¡ovins brother of Maude. Daisy, Leslie, Ida, Bessie, Edith, and Jean, aged 57 years. -Sweet rest.

MITCHELL. - On September 4, at his home,

124 Cochrane street. Gardenvale, Joseph dearly loved huiband of Canie, and loved father of Leonora (deceased). Leopard (de- ceased), Leslie (deceased), Bessie (de- ceased), and Lance, In hu, 83rd j ehr. -At


MORRIS.-On September 3. at his residence.

4fi0 Barkers road, Hawthorn Samuel Victor, dearly loved husband of Ida Lillian. loved father of Bob, fathor-in-lavv of Svlvle, loving grandpa of June. Bobby, and Rod- ney. -At rest.

MORRIS.-On September 4, Louis, loving

husband oí tin» late Marie Morris, and loving father of Alan (A.I F., died on ser- vice), and Jack, devoted friend of Estelle Herman. (Minyan Sunday, 7.30 p.m.. at Toorak rd. Synagogue.)

MORÉIS.-On September 3. at Barkers road

Auburn. Samuel Victor, loved father of May, father-in-law of Eddie, and dear grandpa of Brendon and Berwick.

MORRIS.-Louis Morris, beloved brother o!

Ida (Mrs. Revelman), Ethel. Julia. Rosa (Mrs. Perry), and Golda.

MORRIS.-Louis Morris, devoted friend of

Newman and Adelaide Rosenthal.

NANCE.-On September 3. John Nance, of

112 Toorak road Camberwell (late of 30 Linda street. Coburg), loved father-in-law of Bessie (deceased). Grace. Ella, and Lib'. -In God's care.

NEWLAND.-On September 4, at his home.

234 Yarra street, Geelong. Henry James, dearlv beloved husband of the late Jessie Newland, loving father of Frank and . Nett'e. loved father-in-law of Jessie, and

loved grandfather of Joyce and Henrv. aged 8S vears. -Not farewell, beloved but Goodnight, goodnight.

NODRUM.—On September 2, Joan, loved    

wife of Henry, aged 77 years, —At rest.

NOLAN.-On September 4, at her residence,

Plough Hotel, Tarrav Ingee, Millicent, wife of the late Heim\ and loving mother of

Peter, and daughter-in-law, Mary, and j

loving grandmother «of Antonette and

Peter. I NOLAN.-On September 4, at her residence,

Plough Hotel. Tarrawingee. Millicent, lov- ing sister of May. Bella. Ern. Jessie, Jack (deceased), Helena.

NOONE.-On September 3, at her residence,

28 Robinson street. Moonee Ponds, Mar- garet Esther, dearly loved mother-in-law of Kathleen, grandma of Patricia. Michael, and Joan.

O'KANE.-On September 4, at private hos-

pital, Numurkah, Elizabeth, dearly loved wife of the late Timothv O'Kane, of Youar- ang, and lovluK mother oi Nan (Mrs. Rourke). Pat. Madge (Mrs. Ryan), Tim. Jack (debased), Maurice, Marie (Mrs. Barnett). Kovin, aeed 69 years. -R.I.P.

OCKWELL. - On September 4, at the resi-

dence of her daughter (Mrs. .Burrows), Woori Yallook, Jane Ockwell. Wife of the late William, loving mother of Alethea (Mrs. McDougall), William, Elizabeth (Mrs. Ashmore). Bertha (Mrs Burrows). Alfred (deceased), Leslie, Arthur. Percy, Susan (Mrs. A. Worlley) Evelyn - (Mrs. Bird). Harold. Allan, and Oswald (deceased), aged 78 years. -Peace at last,

OCKWELL, - On, September 4. at Woori

Yallock. Jane dearlv beloved mother of Les and Linda, grandmother of Reg, Bill, and Audrev. -Peacefully sleeping.

OKEKBLOOM.-John Alexander, loved hus-

band of Ida, father of late Jessica M. Lindsay, grandfather of Marlon (Mrs. .Aich White) and John Maurice, died August 31, at Los Angeles. U.S.A.

OLVER. - On'September 4, Rt her home,

223 Plgdon sticvt North Cailton, May, beloved wife of Henry, loving mother of Norman. -1'jj long day closes.

PETER.-On Septembei 4. at a private hos-

pital; St. Kilda Annie Josephine (Dolly), dearly loved daughter of the late Annie and Thomas Peter, beloved auntie of Thelma (Mrs. County ) and Hazel (Mrs. Miller) late of Albeit Park and Footscray. -Sweet rest.

I'LUNKETT.-On September 3 (suddenly),

at Middle Brighton. the Honourable Michael Richard Plunkett, beloved husband of Vie, father of^George, Emmie (Mrs. Duncan), and Billie (deceased), grand- father of George. Fiant:, and Kevin, great- grandfather of Michael and Christine. -

At rest

RAMSAY.- On September 4, at Melbourne.

Agnes Ellen, the dearly belced wife of Nat Ramsay, of Newbridge, aged 77 years.

RAMSAY.-On September 4, at Melbourne,

Agnes Ellen, the dearly beloved sister of Mary Lee and family.

RIGHETTI,-On September 4 (suddenly), at

his home 18 Glendearg grove, Malvern, Walter William, dearly beloved husband of Ethel, loving father of lan, Edna (Mrs. L. Allen), and Lois; loved grandfather of John Beverly, Russell, and Keith: and father-in-law of Brenda and Leslie aged 67 years,

RIGHETTI.-In loving memory of Walter

William loved brother-in-law of Ada (Ciss) Sheehan.

ROBERTS.-On September 4 at 39 Urquhart

street, Castlemaine, Saiah Anule, widow of the late Horace H. J. Roberts, dearly loved mother of Beryl. Edith, Gwen, Leigh. Earle, and loved sister of Susie iMis. Webster) and Peicy, aged 81 years.

ROBERTSON.-On September 4. at Heath-

mont (suddenly), David, beloved husband of Clara Ethel, and loving fath«r of David, Allan, Gordon, and loved stepfather of George and Jack, aged 65 years.

RUFFIN.-On September 3. at a private

hospita!. Alice Maude, relict of W. J. C. Rufiln (Dimboola), loved sister of Elizabeth Best, and aunt of S J Best. Elate, and May (deceased). -Resting.

SANGSTER.-On September 2. at Wan

dll'gong. Edward, father of Katie, aged 78


SINCLAIR.-On September 3, at her resi-

dence. Anderson Sheet, East Euroa, Rachel, dearly loved wife of Robert, and loving mother of James, Archie. Ruby (Mrs. S. Penny), and Raymond.- aged 80 years. -At rest. (Tas. and N.S.W. papers please copy,)

SWANN.-On September 4, at 22 Riversdale

road. Hawthorn, Evallne Ami, dearly be lovt-d wife of Thomas Edward Swann, lov- ing mother of Eric, Mavis (Mis. R. Hol denson). and Eira (deceased).

WAKEFIELD.-On September 4 (suddenly),

at 1379 Buike Toad, Kew, Rose Gertrude, . deaily loved wife of the late Alfred A.

Wakefield, loved mother of Dorothy (de- ceased«. Muriel, Mavis. Lorna, and loved mother-in-law of William. Frank, and Eric, fond grandmother of Judith. Holbrow, and lan, Keith, Alau. and Graham Spencer,

WAKFFIELD.-A loving tribute to Rosa

Gertiude Wakefield. -A lifelong friend of happy memories. (Inserted by Mr. and Mrs. Will Baker.)

WALLIS.-Oh September-4. at her residence.

31B Gotham, road. Kew, Sarah Ann, loved wife of the late Henry, dear mother of Vera, Thelma, and Bon, aged 64 years. -Resting where no shadows teil.

WALLIS.-On September 4. at 318 Cotham

road, Kew, Sarah Anne (Cis). lovtn» sister of J. E, Blackman. -In God's care.

WATKINS.-On September 4. at Euroa. John

Tliomas. lovlne husband of Florence, and loved father of May (Mrs. Wakinshaw). William. Emily. Alfred (deceased), and Stan, aged 67 years. -Thy will be done.

WESTMORE.-On September 4. at Dande-

nong Hospital. Beit A. loving husband of Stacla. and father of Kevin, Bernard. Leigh, and Dr. Gerald. -Requiescat in


WRIGHT. - On September 3, passed peace-

fully away a( his residence. 23 Vaughan street, Shepparton, Walter James Wlight, dearly beloved husband of Louisa, and loved father of Lindsay, William, Mid Lesley.


RoH of Honour-On Active Service

LOVVSV.-Treasured memories of our laving

son ond our brother, Pilot-Officer Samuel Keith Lowry, killed aircraft accident, Eng- land, September 4., 1943. (Mother, father. Jack, Joyce, Robert, and May.)

NICHOLLS.-On Scpumber 5, 1942, in ac-

tion over the Gulf of Bothnia. Thomas Graham Nicholls, Plight - Sergeant. R.A.A.P., beloved brother and brother in-law of Joan and E. R. Reynolds. -The last it'll measure of devotion.

NICHOLLS.-On September 5, 1942. on flight

to Russia, Flight-Sgt. T. G. Nicholls, beloved brother of Mrs. E. R. Reynolds.

ALLSOP.-In. loving memory of my dear

husband. Thomas Cumming Allsop, who died September 5 1938. (Inserted by his lovin? wife.)

ALLSOP.-in loving memory of Thomas

Cumming Allsop, who passed away on Sep- tember 5, 1038. (Inserted by his mother, sisters, and brothers.)

AáHMAN.-Cherished memories of Amy, who

passed away September 5, beloved sister of Grace (Mrs. P. Ashman, deceased). Anne (Mrs. Wrathalli, George, and Jack Sut- ton, and loving aunt of Barbara and Pavid


BREEN.-In fond memory of our dear son

and our brother, William Sydney (Bill) Breen, .kilUd by accident, September S, 1945. (Inserted by his loving family.)

Bit KEN.-In memory of my loving brother,

Bill, accidentally killed September 5, 1945. -Always remembered. (Inserted by his

brother, John.)

CHAMPION. - In loving memory of Greta,

. who passed away September 5, 1941. (In-

serted by her daughter, Ann, and Syd.)

DAVIS--In loving memory of my dear

mother, who parsed away September 5, 1946. (Inserted by her loving daughter,


DICK.-In memory of my dear a.nd devoted

husband. Henry, who passed away on Sep- tember 5, 1Ö46.

Only goodnight, beloved; not farewell.


DTCK.-In loving memory' of our dear son

in-law, H. Dick, who passed away Sep- tember 5, 194fi.

So dearly loved, so deeply mourned. -(M. and R. Lee, Tnlmtyre.)

DOYLE.-In loving nrmor.v of our dear

son and my brother, J. E. (Gundy), passed away at his residence. Adelaide, Septem- ber 5, 1923, result of war. -An Anzac. Loving memories. (Mother and Eileen.)

DOYLE.-In loving memory of our dear son

and brother, John Edward "Gundy." -An Anzac. Ever remembered. (Mother and Eily.)

rLlGHT.-In loving memory of Ethpl, who

departed thio life September 5, 194C.

And - a rose blcomelh.

-(The family.)

FRANCIS.-In memory of mv dear father

John Barulcot, who died at Richmond! ^AÎW 5,' 19ff, !,lti? oí BaUasdate

-HIP life a beautiful memory; his absence a silent sorrow. (Inserted by his loving daughter and son-m-la«, Laura and Leon- ard, Glnohween, Mount Martha.)

HANDLEY.-In loving memory of mv dear

mother, who passed away September 5, 194b. -Ever remembered. (Inserted by "«r 'ovlng son and daughter-in-law. Fred

and Glad ;

MCKENZIE. - In loving memory of our

í^ínn?011,1!1"' wh0. pass d aw'8y September V J19?4- .tlnsened by Emily, Anne. Roy.

and Ivy.)

MORTIMER.-In. lot ing memory of our loved

ones: Mother, September &, 1933; father. &lï ^/i1943^, bTther Jim. January l8, 1938; sister Clara. June 8, 1938. -Ever remembered by Lil. Ted. Joy, George, and SEWELL.-In loving memory of my beloved

wife and our loving mother. Elisabeth Flora, who passed aw-av September 5. 1942 (Inserted by her loving husband and fam SEWELL.-Cherished memoile* of mv devoted

mother. Elizabeth Flora, who passed away September 5, 1942. (Inserted bv her lov SÄ,d,"U8l,Uer Ella-Mis. Powell.)

bMiELL-In sad and loving memory of mv

belovea mother. Elizaueih Flora who passed away September 5. 1942. (Inserted bv her

j?""?, aauehtcr. Emily-Mrs. Luckman,

SKINNER.-In loving memory of our be-

loved mother, Katie Susan, who passed away on September 5, 1948.

Dearer to us than woids can tell,

Was our dear mother we lost and loved

so well;

We miss .}ou. dear, and always will.

But in our heans you are with us still. .»~i,Inseil?d, by il°i lovmg daughters, ^Myrtle, Ethel, and Clive)

STACH.-in fond mernoo of mv dear hus-

band, Wilfred Rupeit, and our loving father, who pasted awav September 5," 1940. -Time moves on but memories

aï% (luseit-ed by his loving wife and


STEPHENSON.-In loving memory of our

darling babv, Shiiley May, who passed , away September 5, 1939, aged 2 days

A.n angel lu the book of life

Wrote down our dal line's birth,

He whispered as he closed his book: Too beautiful to be on this earth.

-(Insert«! by her loving mother, father, and sistets Glenda and Lorna. Yairagon.)

THIEL.-In lovinj memory of our dear

mother, «rho parsed anav September 5, 1946. -Saalv mi«sed. (Inseited by her loving daughteis, Hilda and Ivy.)

TEEADWLLL.-In memory of my beloved

niother, who passed away September 5,

1944. *

Every dav in some sweet wav

Your beautiful meniory comes my way. -(Inserted by Lal.)

TREADWELI-In rnemoiv of mv beloved

daughter Rene, who passed away Septem- ber 5. 1944. -Sadlv missed. (Inserted by mother )

TREADWELL.-In loving memory of dear

Rene, who pai-=ed away September 5, 1944. -Ever In our thoughts. (Inserted hy lier sister. Gill, and niece. Verna.)

TREADWELL.-In memorv of mv beloved

sister. Rene, passed awav September 5, 1944 -In sllfnce I remember. (Inserted by George.)

WARD.-In loving memory of Ida. dearly

loved wife of Ernest, and loving mother of Dorothy and Alan, passed awaj' Septem-

ber 5, 1945. I


ARGALL.-Mrs. A- ARGALL and Family de-

sire to THANK all kind friends for per- sonal expressions of sympathy, letters of condolence, caïds, m our îecent sad be- reavement. Will all please accept this as a personal acknowledgment of their grati- tude.


to THANK her many kind friends arfd neighbours for letters, cards, telegrams, floral tributes, and personal expressions of sympathy during her recent sad and pud- den bereavement. She especially wishes to thank Dr. J. C Pickering, nursing staff of medical ward, St. Arnaud District Hospital: Rev. Father D. Meagher: Sisters of Meroy; and Messrs. Kell Bros, (morticians). Will all please accept this as a personal expression of her deepest gratitude. 37 North-Western road St. Arnaud,

SHARPE.-Mr. avd Miss SHARPE wish to

THANK all relatives, friends, and neigh- bours for their kind expressions of sym- pathy letters, floral tributes, telegrams, and cards In their recent sad bereave- ment. Would all please accept this as a personal acknowledgment of their thanks. 44 Iris road Glen Iris. S.E.6.


KATH ARD. - The Fiiends of the late Mr.

THOMAS TYLER BATHARD are notified that lils Funeral will leave his home, a'Beckett's road, Harkaway, THIS PAY.

after a service by the Rev. W. P. Daunt * commencing: at i.30 p.m.. for the Spring- vale Crematorium, arriving about 2.20

1>W. J. GARNAR £ SON. Dandenong.

Plume 30ß.

BERRY, r- Tiie Funeral of the late Mrs.

EMILY BERRY will leave her late resi- dence, Bunyip. TOMORROW (Saturday), after the service, which commences at 2 p m., for the Bunyip Cemetery.

R, LOGAN, Funeral Director. Phone

Drouin 29.

BLACK.-The Funeral of the late Mrs.

ANNIE E M. BLACK will leave her re- sidence. 59 Leila road. Ormond, THIS DAY, after a servlce commencing at 10.15 a.m. for the Springvale Crematorium.

JOHN (ROY V.; ALLISON, Caulfield. Phone LF18IÖ.

BOYD. - Tiie Funeral of the late Mrs.

ALICE BEATRICE BOYD will leave her home, 37 Hunter road. Camberwell. THIS DAY (Friday), after a service commenclna at 2 o m . for the Box Hill Cemetery.



COLE.-The Funeral of the late Mrs. ALICE

M. COLE will leave the Lewis parlour, 154 Johnston street, Fitzroy, THIS DAY (Friday), at a p.m., for the Melbourne Cemetery, Carlton.


COLE. - Hie Funeral of the late Mr.

HENRY EDWARDS COLE, of Heatherton road, Noble Pflik. will leave our parlour, 10 Walker street. Dandenong, THIS DAY, after a service bv Oonon Williamson com- mencing at 3 30 p m., for the Dandenong Cemeterj.

W. J GARNAR & SON. Dandenong,

Phone 308

CONFOY.-The Funeral oi the late Mr.

THOMAS JEREMIAH CONFOY will leave his residence, Normanhurst, 97 Balaclava road, Caulfield. THIS DAY (Friday), at 2 p.m., for the Melbourne General Ceme- tery. Carlton.

TOBIN BROS,. Melbourne. FJ1294.

DAVEY. - Friends and Comrades of the

late WILLIAM ERNEST DAVEY, late E.. S., and A. Bank -and 1st A.G.H., 2nd A.I.F., are respectfully requested to follow his remains to the Kerang Cemetery.

The Funeral is appointed to leave the Presbyterian Church, Kerang, TOMORROW (Saturday), after a service at 11 a.m.

T. BATHURST & Co., late A.I.F., Funeral Directors. Caulfield. Phone LF6337.

EDMENDS. - The Funeral of the late Mrs.

EDITH MAUD MARION EDMENDS will ¡eave Sleight's Funeral Home. St. Kilda road. Melbourne, THIS DAY (Friday), after a service commencing at 2.45 p.m., for the Springvale Crematorium.

A. A. SLEIGHT PTY. LTD. Phone MX4626 (3 lines).

GRANT.-The Funeral of the late ATHALIE

MAUD GRANT will leave our parlours. 215 Glenferrie road, Malvern, THIS DAY (Friday), at 11 a.m., for the Burwood Cemetery.


MANGIN.-The Funeral of the late Mr.

JOHN LAWRENCE MANGIN. of 16 Hall street. Yarraville, will leave Nelson Bros. chapel 7-9 Droop stieet. Footsctay, THIS DAY (Friday) at 11.30 a.m. for the Footscray Cemetery.

NELSON BROS.. Footscray. MW1301.

MATHERS.-The Funeral of the late BRIAN

JAMES MATHERS will leave his parents' residence. 17 Herbert street, Albert Park, TOMORROW (Saturday), at 9.45 a.m.. for the Fawkner Crematorium


MCDONALD. - The Funeral of the late Mrs.

fLIZAEETH MCDONALD will leave her late residence. Rosedale. THIS DAY* (Fri- day), at 2 p.m.. for the Rosedale, ceme- tery

D <fc W MacCUBBIN. Traralgon.

McLEAl*. - The Member* of the St. Kilda

Army and Navy Club are respectfully re- quested to follow the remains of their esteemed Member. Mr. WILLIAM ALEXANDER McLEAN to the Springvale Crematorium.

The Funeral is appointed to leave the Bathurst Memoiial Chapel, corner Glen- huntly and Kooyong roads, Elsternwick, THIS DAY (Friday), at 2 pni,

BURNETT GRAY, Secretary,

McLEAN.-Friends and Comrades of the late WILLIAM ALEXANDER McLEAN, late 1st Pioneer Battalion, 1st A.I.F., are respect- fully requested to follow his remains to the Springvale Crematorium.

The Funeral is appotuted to leive the Bathurst Memorial Chapi'l corner Glen- huntly and Kooyqpg roads, Elsternwick, THIS DAY (Friday), at 2 p m.

T. BATHURST & Co.. late A.I.F. Phone LF6337

MITCHELL. - rhe Funeral of the late Mr.

JOSEPH MITCHELL, of 124 Cochrane street, Gaidenvale, will leave J. Monkhouse and Son's Parlour, 123 Carpenter street, Brighton. TOMORROW (Saturday), nt 10 30 a.m., for the Springvale Creinatonmn.

J. MONKHOUSE & SON Biighton.


MORRIS.-The Funeral of the late LOUIS

MORRIS will leave the Melbourne Chevra Kadisha parlours, cr. Canning and Pitt strerts, Carlton. THIS DAY (Friday), at 3 p.m,., for the Melbourne General Ceme- tery, Carlton.

W G. APPS & SONS PTY. LTD., Fitz- roy. JAI 145

NOLAN. - Th Funeral of the late Mrs.

H. NOLAN will leave her residence, THIS DAY, for the Tarrawingee Cemetery, at 3 p.m.

FINLEY Undertaker, Wangaratta.

OCKWELL. - The Funeral of the late JANE

OCKWELL will leave the Methodist Church, Healesville, after a service com- mencing at 3.16 p.m., for the Healesville Cemetery.

FRANK HERITAGE, Healesville.

OLVER. The Funeral of the late Mrs.

MAY OLVER will leave the Methodist Church, Nicholson street, North Fitzroy, TOMORROW (Saturday), after service commencing at 10 a m., for the Melbourne General Cemetery, Carlton.


TETER. - The Funeral of Miss ANNIE

JOSEPHINE (Dolly) PETER will leave the residence of her niece, 38 Cecil street, Yarraville. THIS DAY (Frida}'), at 11 a.m., for the Footbcrav Cemetery


PLUNKETT.-Tho Funeral of the late the

Hon. MICHAEL RICHARD PLUNKETT Will leave his residence. 3 Queen's Square, Sandringham. THIS DAY' (Friday), at 3.15 p.m., for tlie New Cheltenham Cemetery,



RIGHETTI. - Hie Funetal of the late Mr.

WALTEP. WILLIAM RIGHETTI will leave W. Q. Apps* funeral" parlours, 395 High street. St. Kilda, TOMORROW (Saturday, September 6), at 10 a.m., for the Spring- vale Crematorium.

W. G. APPS PTY. LTD.. St. Kilda. LA1271 (2 lines).

ROBERTS.-The Funeral of the late Mrs.

SARAH ANNIE ROBERTS will leave her residence, 39 Urquhart street, Castlemaine, THIS DAY (Friday), at 2.30 p.m.

T. ODGERS & Co., Castlemaine 43,

ROBERTSON.-The Funeral of (ha late

DAVID ROBERTSON will leave our par- lours, 9a Hoddle st., Abbotsford, THIS DAY (Friday), at 1,30 p.m., for the FatYk- , ner Crematorium. I


SWANN. - A Memorial Seryice for the late

Mr&. EVALINE ANN SWANN will be held at Sleight's Funeral Home, St. Kilda road, Melbourne, THIS DAY (Friday), commenc- ing st 1.45 om" after which a private cremation will take place at the Springvale Crematorium.

A. A. SLEIGHT PTY. LTD, Phone MX4626 (3 lines).

WAKEFIELD.-The Funeral of the lata Mrs.

ROSE GERTRUDE WAKEFIELD Will leave 1379 Burke road, Kew. THIS DAY (Friday), after ji service commencing at 3.30 p.m., for the Kew Cemetery.


WALLIS.-The Funeral of the late Mrs.

SARAH ANN WALLIS will leave her resi- dence, 318 Cotham road. Kew. THIS DAY (Friday), at the conclusion of a service commencing at 3 p.m,. for the Springvale Crematorium.

A. .W. PADBURY ¿t Co., Sew. Haw. 31.


WESTMORE.-Requiem Mass for the repose

of the soul of the late Mr. BERT A. WESTMORE, oi 3 McBhersou avenue. Caul- field, will be celebrated at St. Anthony's Church, Grange road. Glenhuntly, THIS DAY, at 9 a.m . and the Funeral will leave the church at conclusion of the Mass for the Now Cheltenham Cemc-teiy, arriving about 10 a.m.

W. J. GARNAR <Si SON, Dandenong.

Phone 308.

WHEELER.-The Funeral of the late Mr.

FRANCIS EDWIN WHEELER will leave 20 George street Spotswood. THIS DAY' (Friaay), at 2 p.m., for the Williamstown


NELSON BROS. Williamstown 34.