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August 4th.-Emilie, barque, 460, Holt, London 22nd April, general cargo. Cabin: Mr. and Mrs. Chopping, Mr. T. G. Spencer; 14 steerage.


August 4th.-Emma Prescott, brig, 160, Harburgh, Melbourne, sundries. Cabin: Mrs ¡simson and two children; Capt. Kennett, Mr.'Waldron-; 5 steerage.


Creole. Melbourne-4 csks whisky, 20 bris oatmeal, M'Pherson & Francis; 30 ess Geneva, 14 csks beef, 100 kegs herrings, 4 bis sacks, Gourlay : 222 csks beef, 4nhds stout, 12 brls ale, Geiss ; 60 cheeses, CO bris flour, 9 hhds ale, 3~trnks apparel, Hart; 9 csks 1 cs ironmongery, Burgess ; 15 hhds^stout, White ; 200 brls flour; 14 css.sago, Order.

lAVVOllTOS. ARRIVALS. -2K» Aiioosr.

William Hill, brig, 119, Trogurtha, Geelong. Pas-

senger-Mr. Bowden.

Water-witch, 99, Fewson, Singapore.


Clarence, steamer, 300, Saunders, Melbourne. Pas- sengers-Messrs. Manning, Stewart, Castley, Sinnett, Jones, Reynolds, Cook, Warren, Dr. and Mrs. Doughty, Dr. Carns, Messrs. White, J. White, Gould, Threl- keld, C. Thomson, G. Lewis, Capt. Berkery, Messrs. Wright, Levi, Casper, Mr. and Mrs. Graham, Rev. Mr. Greig, Miss Bussell, Master Grainger ¡Messrs. Barrett, Arthur, Norton ;. about 70 steerage.

f The French-brig signalled yesterday is not in sight this mornmtr. The Clarence cleared the Heads this morning.-Examiner.

The £oston Traveller gives the plan of a steam- ship, which it is said is to be immediately built in New York, of iron, and of *the following dimensions :. -Keel 500 feet; deck 700 feet; beam 80 feet; hold 60 feet; with accommodations for 3000 passengers. There are to be sixteen engines, wiih 5000 horse- power; the maximum speed contemplated is thirty

miles per hour.

The clipper-brig Lizzie Webber has changed hands, having been purchased by'Mr. II. Fisher lor £3150. She is intended for the Launceston trade, and will be commanded by Captain M'Kinlcy, late of the William, who has been well known in the trade for years. Messrs. Bowden and Threlkeld, yesterday, sold the brig Ann and Maria to Mr. VV. R. Whittell for £2400. - Sydney Herald.

The steamer Yarra Yarra arrived at Sydney on the

18th instant.

The schooner Perseverance has changed hands, having been purchased by Mr. Tully and Dr. Bowker, of Newcastle, for £2000. She wiÚ be employed in that trade, and form another addition to Captain Mal- colm's fleet.-Sydney Herald.