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MANSFIELD, October 28.

Sergeant Kennedy, and Constables Lanigan, Scanlan, and McIntyre left the Mansfield station on Friday morn- ning to search for Kelly's party, for whom a reward was offered, for shooting Con- stable Fitzpatrick, at Benalla. The party reached Stringy Bark Creek, near Wom- bat, and camped. Constable McIntyre re- turned to Mansfield on Saturday after- noon exhausted, after walking nearly twenty miles, and reported that while cooking breakfast on Saturday morning they were surprised by bushrangers. The Kellys and two other men called upon them to surrender. Lanigan reached for his revolver, and was imme- diately shot dead. Scanlan received a

shot, and fell. McIntyre received a shot from under him. Young Kelly called upon his mate to shoot McIntyre, if he moved, saying, "If they don't shoot you, I'll burn you or kill you, if I have to follow you into the police yard." After two constables had been shot, and, while McIntyre was riding away, he heard more shooting. Knowing the hatred the Kellys have for Sergeant Kennedy, McIntyre surmises that the bushrangers will torture him. He is supposed to have surrendered, the odds being so great against him. McIntyre escaped. Sub-inspector Pewtress organised a volunteer party, and started at 6 o'clock on Sunday to scour the country, and recover the bodies. Constable Mee- han was dispatched to Benalla for the police, and a conveyance was sent at 8 o'clock this morning to bring the bodies in. At 11 o'clock, selector Hickson, from the Broken River, about ten miles from Mansfield, arrived here, bringing Meehan's horse, which he found without a bridle, the stirrups hanging over the left side, as if the trooper had been thrown or dragged off. Meehan had not reached Benalla, and fears are entertained for his safety. A search-party has gone out to look for him. At half-past eleven, the first search party returned, and reported find- ing the bodies of Constables Scanlan and Lanigan at Stringy Bark Creek, with their pockets rifled, their ammuni- tion taken, and the camp burnt. No trace of Kennedy has yet been dis- covered, but his horse has been tracked towards King River. There are no signs of the bushrangers now. The dead bodies of the constables were slung on horses, and brought to Wombat, and thence by conveyance to Mansfield. They have just arrived. Scanlan was shot in the throat, and Lanigan in the forehead. The inquest will be held to- morrow. Mansfield, October 28. Constables McIntyre and Scanlon were covered by four bushrangers, who called upon them to surrender, saying, "We don't want to take life, what we   want is ammunition." McIntyre sur- rendered, Scanlon was shot. Sergeants Kennedy and Lanigan, who came up, were also ordered to surrender. Four shots were fired at Kennedy, who after- wards surrendered to the bushrangers. Kelly pushed McIntyre, and swore he would burn him if he caught him. McIntyre got away, and hid in a wom- bat's hole for some hours. The police were provided with provisions for two weeks, which were taken away by the bushrangers, and all traces of the camp were destroyed by fire. Scanlon's body had a bullet in the neck, one on the hip, and another in the shoulder. A body of police is expected to-night from Melbourne. Mansfield is in a great state of excitement. One of the search party after Constable Meehan returned about six o'clock, but no trace of the missing man is reported, beyond a woman saying that about seven o'clock on Sunday evening, a cooey was heard near Broken River, just before the horse was found. McIntyre was fired at several times, and is very much bruised by his fall. The search party is still out for Meehan. Mansfield, October 28, (Night). Constable Meehan has just been met with by troopers between Mansfield and Benalla. Meehan believes he came upon the camp of the bushrangers. He abandoned his horse, and travelled some distance on foot. He afterwards pro- cured another horse to carry him to Benalla. Mansfield, October 29. Two desperate fellows, known as "Dummy Wright" and "Wild Wright"   relatives of the Kellys, were arrested this morning in the township. Wild Wright had to be threatened with a revolver by the police before he would allow himself to be handcuffed. They are charged with using threatening language, having sought to intimidate some of the search party by threatening to shoot them. It is rumored that some of the gang will storm the police camp to-night, and release the Wrights. Another search party was organised this morning, consisting of about twenty residents, to search for Sergeant Ken- nedy. An inquiry was held this morning on the bodies of the murdered

policemen. From Constable McIntyre's evidence, it appears that Kennedy was being shot at when McIntyre escaped.   Sub-inspector Pewtress is fatigued,   having had no rest since Sunday. The   police are not too plentiful, and all the fire-arms are in requisition. It is not safe to leave the town unless well armed. The bushrangers are believed to have confederates stationed about Mansfield to convey news of the movements of the police to them. Constable McIntyre stated at the inquiry that the bushran- gers told him they know all their move- ments, and had their eyes upon the police some hours before they attacked them. The country is very thick with scrub, but is well known to the gang. Mansfield, October 29 (evening.)   No additional police have arrived. Great indignation is expressed at this by the residents. The search party has not yet returned. The stores are all closed, and business is at a dead stand still.

MANSFIELD, October 30.   The search party returned about midnight   after a weary, fruitless search. The des- cription given by them of the country is that it is frightful. It abounds in deep gullies and is covered with long grass and scrub, and immense fallen trees. There are almost perpendicular hills, affording every chance for the murderers concealing themselves within a few yards of their pursuers. Five policemen have been left at Monk's hut for the night. The two Wrights were brought up at the police court this morning, charged with using threatening language towards members of the search party. The dumb brother was discharged, but the older brother, Wild Wright, was remanded for seven days, bail being refused. Four

troopers arrived at 1 o'clock to-day from     Melbourne, but they have no knowledge of the country. It is suggested here that the Government should offer a free pardon to one of Kelly's mates. Another party was organised to-day, at 4 o'clock, to accompany the police who have just arrived from Mel- bourne, and will meet the police left at Monk's hut. The news of the reward being increased to £500 each has been received with satis- faction. The search party includes store- keepers, clerks, councillors, clergymen, wardsmen, contractors, labourers, and bush- men, and is headed by Mr. James Tonkins, president of the shire council. Business is entirely suspended. A reward has been offered for the recovery of Sergeant Kennedy, alive or dead. The last party took provisions to last for a week. The widow of Constable Lanigan arrived last night, but was too late to see the body of her husband being interred. Great sympathy is felt for Mrs. Kennedy who is almost distracted on account of the un- certainty of her husband's fate.