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"Flying Saucers" to    

be hunted down

Mystery has U S baffled

New York (AAP)

The next "flying saucer" seen in the United States will be chased by fighter planes.

"Flying Saucers" look like brightly shining metallic discs. They race across the sky at terrific speed. Many of them have been reported since June 25, but as the Army and Navy have denied all knowledge of them the reports have been received with scepticism.

Numerous reports

Now, however, they are becom- ing so numerous that the Army has decided to try to find out what the "saucers" are. Some people say they are 10 or 12 inches in diameter, and others

that they are bigger than any   known plane.

Aircraft equipped with guns

and telescopic cameras are standing by in Oregon and Cali- fornia ready to take off. It is over these two States that most of the "saucers" have been seen. An official at the Hayden planetarium says that the "saucers" might be masses of ice-crystals high in the sky. A professor of astronomy at Columbia University thinks that they might be similar to pheno- mena observed during the two World Wars when speeding air- craft churned up the atmos- phere and caused distortions of light rays.