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Quick thinker with anl

unruffled style I

' By DICK REYNOLDS, captain and coach of Essendon ยก

IITHENEVER full backs are mentioned I think of TTJack Regan (Collingwood), who was the best player I ever saw in that position.

I often watched Regan at prac-i tice during interstate trips, when his training was as thorough as his play. ] Once into stride, he never let up, ( and trained with the same speed and ruggedness as one would expect of him in a vital match.

One thing that made him such a great kick was that every time he was about to kick he seemed to nod OK bring his chin close to his chest, with his eyes glued on the ball until

it reached his foot.

I watched Regan playing against1 Ken Farmer (SA) and Doig (WA), both champion forwards, and he made them earn every goal they j kicked against him. It was great

to see the way in which he shadowed I them or marked or punched the ball i away, and then, with great dash and | a beautiful kick, sent the ball in the i right position for an attack. His1

quick thinking and unruffled style at critical moments made him a star full-back.

: All the full-backs I have seen in

action this year are good. Their style of hard, rugged play and the way in which they stick to the full forward makes goal-kicking difficult.

If a full-forward-such as Prior early this season-gets results they seem to find a way to blanket him. The same close attention is now being given to Fanning, the lead- ing goal-kicker. It all goes to show that the full-back standard at pre- sent Is high.

Next to Regan I would class Fred Hughson, of Fitzroy. His style of play is much the same as Regan's. Even now. in his 10th League season, he is playing grandly and is the main link in their strong back line.