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Fate of Rus Mclndoe, briliiant Brighton rover, who is seeking a clearance from

Richmond to Carlton, is still in doubt.

Mclndoe belongs to Richmond so far as the VFL is concerned. He is also wanted by North

Melbourne, and St Kilda claims him on residential grounds.

Mclndoe, who became a Richmond player when he took part in several games with Richmond's second l8 while the VPA was in recess, ap- plied for a clearance to Carlton last week. Before Richmond would con- sider his application, however, its selectors wanted to see him in action, and because of that he played on Saturday in Richmond's main prac- tice game.

Absence of two of Richmond's selectors prevented the club from reaching any decision on Saturday, and when Mclndoe appeared before the selection committee yesterday morning he was asked to return to Brighton to play in the opening VPA round. Messrs P. J. Kennelly and J. Titus. Richmond selectors, will watch his form in that game. If necessary they will discuss a clear- ance from Brighton to Richmoni for him with Brighton officials. Carl

ton's application for Mclndoe has

been deferred.

Mclndoe's position is complicated by the fact that St Kilda claims to hold proof that he was residentially bound to it when he received his permit to play with Richmond seconds. So far St Kilda has not decided to take any. action in the matter, but should the club lodge a claim for Mclndoe it might be suc- cessful. Another League club entered the lists yesterday when North Mel- bourne, badly needing small men, asked Richmond for permission to interview Mclndoe.

Mclndoe's form at Richmond on Saturday was particularly good. Ken Roberts, half-back from Richmond United, also did well, and Ron Evans, local wing man, more than held his own. Most senior players were in sparkling form. Best were Bill Morris. Les Jones, Ken Albiston,

who was easily the best on the ground; Ron Durham, Wiggins, and Bourke. Keith Cook, who has played 19 games with Richmond, has been cleared to Camberwell on the under- standing that he will be cleared back as soon as he wants to come, or when Richmond needs him.

Mahon At Geelong

J. Mahon, who missed a number of games late last season, showed ex- cellent form when Geelong trained on Saturday. He led one of the teams in a practice match, and had a great influence on the game. Other regular players who did well were Fitzgerald, Bailey. Whitten, Morrow, Hovey, and Gneil. Brisbane (half- back) is still an impressive recruit, and Allison (half-forward), Tate (wing), Canning (follower and for- ward), and Wilson (centre half- back) also did well.