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October 8th-Flying Fish, schooner, 122, Lucas, Geelong, sheep. Cabin-Messrs. McDowell and

Barclay; 5 steerage.

8th-Sybil, schooner, 108, Hoggart, Geelong,


8tn-Henry, schooner, Johnstone, Melbourne,


8th-Lady Emma, barque, 231, Buckwig, Me-l


8th.-Fair Tasmanian, barque, 156, Archer, Eden, sheep and cattle.

8th-Teak, brig, 201, Morgan, Melbourne,


8th-Sir Wm. Wallace, brig, 228, Smith, Mel-


8th- Union, brig,170, Finerty, Melbourne.

9th-Glencoe, barque, 160, Lang, port Albert, cattle. Cabin-Messrs. Bowden and Began.

9th-Berwick Castle, barque, 341, Latto, New Zealand, timber. Cabin-Mr. Richard Mariner.

9th--Margaret Nicol, schooner, 117, Morrison, Mel-

bourne. .

9th -Eucalyptus, schooner, 195, Blackbourne, -Melbourne, sundries. Cabin--Messrs. Richards and Millar, Mrs. Roes ; 6 passengers and 13 Government

emigrants, steerage.

9th-Macquarie, schooner, 130, Ahsou, Port Albert,


9th-Swansea Packet, schooner, 42, M'Guire, Mel-

bourne, sundries.

9th-Peri, brig, 145, Abbott, Melbourne, sundries.

9th-Helen S. Page, barque, 226, Spring, "Port Albert, cattle. Cabin, Mr. Neilson ; 1 steerage.


Oct. 8th-Iron Tasmania, steamer, 285, Bentley, Melbourne, sundries; 43 cabin and 127 steerage pas-


8th-Flash, schooner, 140, M'Donald, Geelong,


8th-Fly ing Squirrel, schooner, 87, Kcnsctt, Sydney, sundries. Cabin : Mr. Kershaw, Mrs. Keating, Mrs. Prior and 3 children ; 1 steerage.

8th-Letitia, schooner, 73, Wise, Melbourne,



Iron Tasmania, Melbourne-24 pkgs drapery, 40 frkns butter, R. Lewis ; 10 bhds black oil, Cleburne ; 1 cart and harness, 236 bgs potatoes, 2 csks seeds, 1 trnk 2 bxs 3 ess apparel, 149 bgs oats, 1 bg saddlery, Toby & Park ; 2 ess tartarus acid, 1 esk 2 ess sar- dines, Burgess; 24 pkgs drapery, Stevens; 93 bxs sperm candles, 345 bgs potatoes, Chapman ; 1 cs kan- garoo skins, Regan ; 1 prcl hardware, Nicholson.

Letitia, Melbourne-63,000 feet timber, 200 bndls laths, COCO palings, Watson.

Flash, Geelong-5 pkgs furnituro, 3 pkgs apparel, Simson; 123 bgs potatoes, Jordan ; 45 pes hardwood, Murray; 48 bgs potatoes, 12 reticule baskets, Hol- lisdale ; 540 bndls 58,060 shingles, 25,000 palings, 1420 pes timber, 1281 battens, 48 bgs potatoes, F.




Yarra Yarra, steamer, 350, Gilmore, Melbourne. Cabin-Mr. and Mrs. Beer, Mr. and Mrs. Althorp, Miss Althorp, Mr. and Mrs. Hall, child and servant, Mr. and Mrs. Green and servant, Miss Green, Messrs. Clogher, Gibbs, Biggs, Levan, Martini, Manning; and about 30 steerage.


John King, barque, 250, Ellis, Mauritius, in ballast.

We are under the impression that in the course of

a few months from this time there will bo twelve Btcam-vessels, either bailing from the port of Laun- ceston, or trading regularly to and from it. At pre- sent there are the Yarra Yarra, Clarence, Pirate, Queen of the Netherlands, Manchester, and Lady Bird, six in number ; to these may be added for a certainty a new vessel, daily expected to arrive from England for the Launceston Steam Navigation Com-

pany (a sister boat to the Clarence) ; a vessel which I was ready to be launched in the north of England on ! the first of August last, built to order, which will be navigated out under canvas by Captain Farr, late of the ┬┐liip Undine ; the tug steamer ordered by the Local Government ; one to trado to Circular Head and the rivers intermediate, and most likely a second one for this trade ; and it is pretty confidently said that the enterprising owners of the Pirate wdl fie com- piled to purchase another vessel to secure the increasing trade between this port and Geelong. Thus it appears that twelve vessels at least may be expected to trade out of this port, and for twelve it will be found there will be abuudance of trade.-Corn-

wall Chronicle.

Notice to Captains.-All vessels arriving on and after Saturday, the 1st instant, become subject to the Colonial Passenger Act, charging the Captain 5s. for every passenger on board. The same ordinance cn joins'cach master of a vessel to procure a certificate from the Immigration Officer before entry.--Melbourne


I'he William Miskin, screw steam schooner, is the first of a line of steamers called The New South Wales Coal and Intercolonial Steam Navigation Company, and is to be followed immediately by the Golden Queen, of 500 tons, and about 160 horse

power, 225 feet long, and expected to steam eighteen


j The Francis, hence, arrived at Melbourne on 2nd


Messrs. Henry and Georgo Fisher's brig Lizzie Webber arrived from Launceston at 3 o'clock yester 3av morning, after a fine rim of eighty hours ; she will sail ngaui tor that port within ten days.-Sydney

Herald, September 24.