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Family Notices

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ANQUETIL (Membre?). - On January 15. at Fairlight, Manly (N.S.W.). to Joan and Ken-a daughter (Cheryil Loris).

BAGSHAW (nee Rennie). - In January, at the Memorial Hospital, Riverton. South Australia, to Jean and Keith-a son (David


BICKERS (O'Neill).-On January l8, at Sunnyside, Woodend, to Doris and Jack a son (Neil Alexander).

BOYD.-On January l8, at Mena House, East Melbourne, to Gwenyth, -wife of Alan a son (Robert Alan).

BROWN (Northey). - On January 17. at Lismore B.N.H., to Mavis and Bert-a son (Robert William).          

BUTLER (nee Bavinton). - On December 29, at Ouyen District Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Butler-a son (John Bruce).

CAIRNS (nee Checcucci).-On January 23, at Kurmala, Bendigo, to Sheila, wife of Rev. H. A., Moe-a son (Jonathan Eyre).

CARNAFFAN (nee Hazel Froggatt, Bris- bane). - On January 10, at Women's Inter- mediate Hospital. Brisbane, to Hazel and Phil, 80 Charlton street. Ascot, Brisbane

a son (Philip Vaughan).

CULLEN.-On January 22. at Avonhurst, to Jean and Charles-a daughter (Marion


CUMMINS (nee Hall). –On January 23, at Bruce Rock Memorial Hospital (W.A.), to Marian Kay and Keith –a son.

DAVIDSON (Woods). –On January 20, at Sacred Heart, to Shirley and Ron –a daugh- ter (Shirley Dianne).

EDWARDS (McKenzie). –On January 20, at Vaucluse, to Dorothy and Arthur –a daughter (Heather Joy).  

FLAHERTY. –On January 21, at Bethle- hem, to Mr. and Mrs. Flaherty –a son.

FRASER (nee Henderson). —On January 24, at Bush Nursing Hospital, Donald, to Hilda and John —a daughter (Laurel Janette).

FRENCH (nee Harwood). – On January 17, at Woodleigh private hospital, Sydney, to Lorna, wife of Basil H. G. –a son.

GAHAN (nee Bell). –On January 20, at Mercy Hospital, to Albie and Peggy –a daugh- ter (Margaret Joan).  

GRAY (Beryl Massey). –On January 22,   at Numurkah, to Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Gray

–a son.    

GRAY (nee Danaher). –On January 17, to Edna, wife of Herbert John –a daughter (Margaret Louise).  

GURR (Tiffen). –On January 21, at Jessie McPherson, to Joyce and Alf –a son (David Stirling). (Brother for Peter.)

HANKS (Jukes). –On January 14, at Kulki, to Mr. and Mrs. William F. Hanks –a daugh- ter (Margaret Anne).

HAWTHORN (nee Matthews). –On January 23, at The Haven, to Louise and Noel –a daughter (Leonie Adele). (Both well.)

HOPKINS (nee Thomas). –On January 19, at Dandenong District Hospital, to Thelma and Verdun –a son (Ian Verdun) (brother for Daryl).        

HOWELLS. –On January 22, at Winder- mere, to Connie and Frank –a son (Richard John).      

HYGATE (Bruce). –On January 23, at Ep- worth, to George and Joan –a son (Geoffrey James).      

INGLIS (Cameron). – On January 21, at Epworth, to Mr. and Mrs. W. G. K. Inglis –a daughter (Susan Margaret).

IRVINE (nee Buist). – On January 22, at Vaucluse, Moreland, to Lorna and Ross–

a son (William Ross).

JOHNSTON (nee Turner). – On January 23, at Margaret Coles, to June, wife of Harley Johnston –a son (Andrew).

KECK (Purvis). –On January 23, at Win- darra, to Brenda, wife of John Keck –a son.

KELLY (nee Traill). – On January 15, at Vaucluse, Coburg, to Yvonne and Leo – a daughter (Margaret Yvonne).

KITCHEN. –On January 23, at St. George's Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. Ridley Kitchen –a son.    

McDONELL (Joyce). –On January 17, at Mercy, to Verna and Russe –a son (Colin Jeffrey).  

MOORE. –On January 18, at Margaret Coles, to Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Moore, Darra- weit Guim –a son (Alexander John).

NAGLE (Sanders). –On January 22, at Moira, to Mick and Kay –a son (Kenneth John) (brother for Maurie).

PARKER (nee Salton). – On January 18, at Epworth to Sylvia and Jim –a daughter. (Both well.)        

PATERSON. –On January 23, at Charl- ton B.N.H., to Isabel and Watson –a son. (Both well.)    

PATON (nee Gaythorpe). –On January 22, at St. Omer, Camberwell, to Ida and Ormsby –a daughter (Gaye Christine).

PERMEZEL (nee Audrey Guy). –On Janu- ary 20, at Henty private hospital, Caulfield, to Mr. and Mrs. Philip Permezel –a daugh-

ter (Nanette Andree).

PHILLIPS (nee Williams). –On January 17, at Apla, Samoa, to Lloyd and Joan –a son (David John). (Both well.)

PROWD (Marjorie McLean). – On Janu- ary 19, at Carbethon, East Malvern, to Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Prowd –a daughter (Victoria Frances).

QUIGG (nee Nell Vaughan). –On January 15, at the Mercy Hospital, to Nell and Frank   –a daughter (Marie Therese).  

SCANLON (nee Kavanagh). –On January 18, at Pakenham Bush Nursing Hospital, to Eileen and Mick –a daughter (Kathryn Anne).  

SEAMER (nee Gill). – On January 19,   at Epworth, to Rene and Ron –a son

(Graeme Ronald). (Both well.)  

SHANN. –On January 23, at Canberra, to Betty and Mick –a son (Stephen).

SHAW (nee Cowell). –On January 20, at Lynwood private hospital, to Mr. and Mrs.

B. A. Shaw –a son (Richard Martin).

SMART (Wilson). – On January 21, at Bethlehem, Caulfield, to Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Smart, Carnegie –a daughter.

STANLEY (nee Camler). – On January 20, at St. Helen's, to Chas, and Shirley –a son (David Ronald). (Both well.)

TAYLOR (Nelson). – On January 18, at Bethesda, to Thelma and Laurie –a son (Wayne Laurence).

VAUGHAN (Turner). –On January 23, at Carbethon, to Jean and Keith –a son.

WALTON (Brown). –On January 21, at Margaret Coles, to Nola and Tim –a daugh- ter (Christine Angela). (Both well.)

WEBSTER (Gillam). –On January 19, at Carbethon, to Ran and Rae –a son (Richard

John). (Both well.)

WEST (Hocking). – On January 17, at Jessie McPherson Hospital, to Grace and Harold –a son (Ian Barry) (caesarean). (Both


WILSON (Gullan). – On January 21, at Eildon House, Ballarat, to Glenis, wife of John –a daughter (Janine Margaret).

WILSON (Leister). – On January 21, at St. Helen's, Windsor, to Marge and Jack –a

daughter (Christine).

WRIGHT. –On January 23, at Maldon, Glenhuntly, to Len and Betty –a daughter  

(Sandra Joy). (Both well.)


BOOKER–WILLIS. – On January 11, at St. Michael's Church of England, Sydney, by Reverend Wade, Dorothea, youngest daughter of the late Reginald Willis of Lake Rowan, and Mrs. Willis, of Camber- well, to Jack, second, son of Mr. and Mrs. Booker, Yorkshire, England.

TURNER–FERGUSON. – On January 11, at Loch Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. L. M. Humphrey, Violet, only daugh- ter of Mrs. Ferguson, Loch, and the late Mr. George Ferguson, to Walter Turner, of



WESTLEY–GIBSON. – Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Westley announce with pleasure the 25th anniversary of their marriage, celebrated at Glenhuntly Congregational Church on January 25, by the Revs. D. Reeves and H. Burrage. (Present address, 152 Neerim road, Glenhuntly.)


FRITH. –Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. P. Frith of Rosebud, announce with pleasure the 50th anniversary of their marriage, celebrated at St. Matthew's Church of England, Prahran, on January 26, 1897. by the Rev. W. T. C. Storrs. (At home to friends at their daugh- ter's residence, 399 Gleneira road, Caulfield).


On Active Service

ATKINS. – Flying-Officer Henry Lendrum (Harry), 419377, R.A.A.F.. previously reported missing September 20, 1944, Gorong Islands, N.E.I., now presumed to have lost his life, dearly loved only son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Atkins, 7 Howard street, Glen Iris, and loving brother of Bunty and Barbara, aged 20 years.  

-Proud and loving memories.

ATKINS.-Cherished memories of Flying Offlcer Henry Lendrum. No. 419377. R.A.A.F., previously reported missing (now presumed, dead New Guinea) September 20, 1944, be- loved nephew of Rose (deceased). Bess, Lottie, Em (deceased), Ezna (Mrs. Murdoch), aged 20 years.. 19 Murphy street, South


COWLEY. - Sergeant Jack D.. 19598, R.A.A.F.. reported missing air operations, May 21. 1944. now presumed to have lost his life, beloved youngest son of T. W. and A. L. Cowley, loved brother of Tom. Jean (Mrs. Arblaster). Gordon, Aimee (Mrs. Neal). Betty (Mrs. Gale), also loved fiance of Nancy Beck.

To memory ever dear.

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On Active Service

STORRIE. - Sergeant Donald Kelway, 19805. R.A.A.F., reported missing March 7, 1942. now presumed to have lost his life over Formosa, loved nephew Auntie Ruby, Uncle Tom, loved cousin Alan and Dulcie,

Albert Park.

STRINGER.-419679 Flight-Sergeant Lenard William, previously reported missing, now presumed to have lost his life at Manokuari on April 28. 1944. beloved son of Myrtle and the late R. W. (Bill), dearly loved brother of Betty and Nancy. -For ever in our hearts. (97 Robert street. North-


STRINGER. - Fllght-Sergt. Len Stringer R.A.A.F.. previously reported missing April 28, 1944. now presumed dead, dearly loved nephew of A. and D. Morgan (Essendon), and cousin of Mill, Bob, and Alan.

ANDREWS.-On January 22. at her home, Bayswater. Lucy, relict of the late John Andrews, and íoved mother of Howard, Frank, Ethel (Mrs. Tranthim-Fryer), and Gladys (Mrs Wallace Anderson). (Privately cremated.)

BAZELEY. - On January 21, at Sydney, Percival J. loved brother of Mabel (Mrs. W. J. Wilson), Beatrice (Mrs. C. J. Mitchell), Alice (Mrs. N. H. Hall), and Sara (Mrs. Zouch), and Thomas R., aged 66 years.

After much suffering, sweet rest.

BECKETT.-On January 23, Harold, loved son of Mrs. L. M. and late C. A. Beckett. Elsternwick, brother of Raymond. Werribee.

BEECRAFT. - Lilian Mary (suddenly), second daughter of the late E. J. and Mrs. Beecraft, of The Forth. Tasmania, and dearly loved sister of Muriel, Dora, and Sam. (Tasmanian papers, please copy.)

BOYLE.-On January 24, at Prince Henry's Hospital, Thomas, dearly beloved husband of Jessie, of 82 Thompson street. North- cote South, and loved father of Kevin, Mar- jorie (deceased), and Mya, aged 57 years. -At rest. Late 1st A.I.F.

BURCHET. - On December 8, 1946. in London, England, Mary Jane Eveline, be- loved wife of George Harold (late of 19 Tin- tern avenue, Toorak, at present in Berlin, Germany), and locing mother of Clive, Win- ston. Wilfred, and Amy (deceased).

BUTLER.-On January 15, at his home. 16a Maud street. North Balwyn, Dr. Walter Mario Butler (formerly Surgeon-Lieutenant, R.A.N.), dearly beloved eldest son of Jean- nie and the late James Walter Butler, and loved brother of Father George Butler. M.S.C.; Norman, Gus. Basil, Mary, and Tom; loved brother-in-law of Ursula and Gladys (Doy).

Requlescat In pace.

BYRNE-In loving memory of mv darling wife and our dearest mother, Kathleen Eliza- beth Bvrne. who died on January 19. 7 Greig street. Albert Park. -Please God rest her soul In peace. (Inserted by loving husband, daughter. Phyllis, and sons, Joe and Dan, ex-A.I.F.).

CARTER.-On January 21. at St. Kilda, Harry, the husband of the late Emma and of Beatrice, father of Fred, Jack. Nettie (deceased). Mavis. Frank, William, aged 84 years. -At rest.

COMITTT.-On January 24. at Balranald, Anne, wife of the late F. W. Comittit, mother of Clara (deceased). Tom, Bill, and Charlie, and Mary (Mrs. Weekly). -R.I.P.

CONNELL.-On January 24, at Community Hospital, Wangaratta, Annie, loved wife of the late A. A., 47-Meldrum street. Wanga- ratta, beloved mother of Jeanette Welling- ton (Markwood) and Eunice H. Baker (Mel- bourne), dear nan of Rhona and Laurence, aged 75 years. -Grant her, O Lord, eter- nal rest and let light perpetual shine upon


COOPER. - On January 17, at Echuca, Arthur, beloved husband of Anne, and loving father of Ray (A.I.F., deceased) and Jack.


CROOKS.-In loving memory of Mrs. W. A. Crooks, who passed away on January l8, -Cherished memories. (Inserted by T. and A. Matthews.)

EMBERSON.-On January 22, at St. Vin- cent's Hospital, Alfred Charles, of 40 Weir street, Balwyn, loved husband of Linda, father of Roy, Leila, Lily, Norman, and Peter, aged 56 years.

FLOWERS. - On January 22. at the Launceston General Hospital. Charles, dearly loved husband of Phyllis Flowers, of 12 Union street, Launceston, and loving father of Charlie, aged 57 years, formerly of Hope- toun, Victoria, and late of Ulverstone, late 1st A.I.F. (Interred privately, Carr Villa Cemetery, Launceston.)

FOLEY.-On January 24, at Warragul. Wil- liam Patrick Nicholas, loving father of Kathleen (Mrs. W. Tucker, Erica). Bill, Adrian, late of Kew. -Rest in peace.

FORSTER.-On January 24, at a private hospital, Malvern, Henry, beloved husband of Florence, and loved father of Jacomb, Lawrence, Olive, and Russell.

GARVIE.-On January 22, at Royal Mel- bourne Hospital, Olive, loving cousin of Olga and John Roberts (Trafalgar).

GLOWREY.-Margaret, beloved wife of the late Edward Joseph Glowrey, mother of Lucy (Mrs. T. P. Connellan). Dr. Mary (Sister Mary of the Sacred Heart, India). Eliza, Very Rev. Edward. Harold, and Gerard. (Privately Interred at Swan Hill on Janu- ary 24.) -R.I.P.

GOLDSMITH. - On January 21 Ethel Emma, loved daughter of the late William and Mary Goldsmith, lovfd sister of Lena (Mrs. Hoffman, deceased). Addle (Mrs. Lindstedt, 13 Wilson street, Surrey Hills), and Louis (Springvale). (Privately interred.)

GOLDSMITH.-*In loving memory of my dear sister. Ethel, who passed away Janu- ary 21.

God watched you as you suffered;

He knew you had your share.

He gently closed your weary eyes

And took you in His care.

-(Inserted by her brother. Louis; sister in-law. Myrtle; and nephew. Bill, Spring- vale.)

GORDON. - On January 20, at Repatria- tion Hospital. Caulfield, Major Rothwell, late 23rd Battalion, A.I.F. (Inserted by comrades of the 23rd Battalion. A.I.F.)

GREENE. - On January 24 (suddenly), at Mayfair, Eildon road, St. Kilda, Madge, beloved wife of the late Charles L. Greene, and loving mother of Marjorie (Mrs. G. Prudhoe), late of Bairnsdale.

GRINLINGTON.-On January 24. at Mel- bourne, Joseph Arthur Grinlington, of l8 Bonfield avenue. East Hawthorn, beloved husband of Nellie, and loved father of Vin- cent, Basil. Rose, Vere. Alice. Alleen (de- ceased), and Dudley (deceased).

HARRINGTON. - On January 10 (acci- dentally drowned), at Camperdown, James, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. John Har- rington, Dennington, loved brother of Adrian, John, Greta (Mrs. W. Downing, Camper- down), Helen (Mrs. Brian Galvin, Terang), and Mary, aged 17 years. -R.I.P.

HART.-On January 24. at Wangaratta, Myrtle May, wife of the late James (Glen- rowan, and later of Beulah), loving mother of Greta (Mrs. F. French). Ina (Mrs. R. Hunt), and Betty, grandmother of Valma, Ian. Graham. Ewin. Elaine, and Jennifer, aged 63 years.

HART.-On January 24, at Wangaratta, Myrtle May, loving sister of Ethel (Mrs. J. O. Collins, Temora), Olive (Mrs. G. O. Woods. Yaapeet). Winifred (Mrs. D. Heath, Temora), Essie (Mrs. J. O. Harper. Ariah Park), aged 63 years.

HILLIARD. - On January 21. at her resi- dence. 43 High street, Northcote, Janet, the loved wife of the late William Hilliard, loving mother of Violet William (deceased). Ruby, Beanie (Mrs. Mitchell), and Vera (Mrs. James, deceased), aged 90 years.

HOFFMEYER.-On January 24, Mollie Magdalene, daughter of the late Katherine Hofimeyer. and sister of Norman (deceased, 1st A.I.F.). niece of Mary and John F. Warren. (Privately cremated.)

HUNT. - On January 22. at 12 Rowena street. Caulfield.' Edward John, eldest son oí the late Edward and Mary Hunt, of Mal- vern, and loved brother of Alice (Mrs. Blair), and brother-in-law of Jim. -Sweet


JAMES.-On January 23, Mary Frances, loved wife of George Sumslon, and loving mother of Betty June. (Private interment.)

KERR.-On January 24. at his residence. 27 Hartington street. Elsternwick. William, dearly beloved husband of the late Alice Kerr, and loving father of Lilian. Alice (deceased). Henry, Archibald. Myranne (Mrs. Perry), and Elizabeth (deceased), aged 87 years. -Resting. (No flowers by request.)

LINDSAY.-On January 19. at Randwick. N.S.W.. May. loving pal of Ethel M. Wlgnall.

South Yarra.

MANSON [By cable]. - At Rosemount, Uddingston, Scotland, Margaret Hendry be- loved wife of George S. Manson, and dearly loved mother of Janet (Mrs. A. Donald), New Gisborne, in her 81st year.

MARCHMENT.-On January 24, at Bal- larat, Herminia Mary, beloved wife of Thomas Marchment, of Kardinia street, Bel- mont, Geelong, and loving mother of Mary, John, Judith (deceased). -Requiescat in


, ?IA?,?,ÏÏAI'1" '- "'J' beloved wife of the late William, and devoted mother of George and Joseph, seed 70 years.

MATHER.-On January 16, at Caulfield Repatriation Hospital. Alfred Carter, Ste- phenson's road. Mt. Waverley, loved husband of Annie Violet, and loving father of Irene (Mrs. K. Larter). Gwen (deceased), and

Ron. aged 55 years.

MCLACHLAN. - In fond remembrance of our beloved grandmother. Ann Ruth. 4 Mangarra road. Canterbury, who passed away January 6. 1947. (Inserted by John and Kenneth Trood.)

NEEMAN.-On January 23, at Corryong, Frederick, loving husband of Nellie, loving father of Freda (deceased), Murray, Myra, Ray, Bert, Margaret (deceased), and Tom.


NEWHAM.-On January 24. at Strathearn. Castlemaine. William Frederick, loved hus- band of Edith (deceased), loving father of Bill. Fred. Carol (deceased), and grand-

father of Jovce. NevUIe. and Noel. I

^CALLAGHAN. - On January 21 (sud- denly), at the Base Hospital, Ballarat, Joseph Timothy, loving father of John, Patrick, and Bernard, who are living with their uncles and aunt at Landsborough, also be- loved brother of William (deceased). James, Thomas (Western Australia), Frank (Bal- moral), Catherine (Ballarat). David (Hamil- ton), and John Edward (Melbourne). -Re

quiescat in pace. j

PARK.-On January 23, at 71 Park road. Middle. Park. Roy Lindsay Park, Sr. M.B.B.S.. dearly beloved husband of the late Alice Park, and loving father of Ailie (Mrs. Ian Johnson) and Dr. Roy Park, jun. -Requlescat in pace.

PATON.-On January l8, dear grandad of Stanley, Marie, and Alan. -At rest.

PATTINSON. —On January 20, at his home, 5 Linda street, Moreland, Robert Henry, loved brother of Will, and brother-in-law of Ida, loving uncle of Mavis, Max, Brian, Betty, Lorna. —In God's care.

PETER. — On January 22, at Boolarra, John, loved husband of Edith, and loving father of Ivy (Mrs. Rennie), John, Tilly (Mrs. P. Fox), Percy, Herbert, Tom (P.O.W., deceased), Irene (Mrs. Jackson), aged 74

years. —At rest.  

PETTERD. —On January 23, at Thornbury, Henry Arthur Augustus, dearly loved eldest son of Arthur and Winnie Petterd, loving brother of Thelma (Mrs. Wetzel), Victor, Jean (Mrs. Browne), and Edna (Mrs. Quake), aged 42 years. —In God's care.

PHILLIPS.-On January 23 (suddenly). William Henry, for 27 vears a much respected employee of Grimwade House. M.C.E.G.S.. Caulfield: aged 67 years.

PITSCIINER.-On January 24, at his resi- dence, 17 Hope street, Spotswood, Charles Pltschner, the dearly beloved husband of Catherine Alice, and loving father of May (Mrs. G. W. Meikle), Dorothy, and Nancy (Mrs. W. Rule), and loved brother of Ethel (Mrs. C. English, Sydney), late of Alex- andra, aged 65 years. -Peacefully sleeping.

RICHARDS.-On January 11. at Hollywood Hospital, Eric Walter, of 24 Leura street. Nedlands (W.A.), formerly major, 112th How. Batt., 1st A.I.F.. loving brother of Winifred, and brother-in-law of the late Frank Hymus.

ROBERTS.-On January 23, at his resi- dence, Corlwynl, Warragul, William, dearly loved husband of Catherine Ruth; loving father of Betty, Ruth, Melrion, Idris, Owen, and Gweneth, aged 82 years. -Blessed are the pure in heart. (No flowers.)

ROBERTS.-A tribute to the memory of William, who passed away at Warragul, January 23, beloved brother of Margaret and Samuel Cole of Carisbrook, loving uncle of Henry, Alice, and Emma. -Until we meet


ROSENDALE.-On January 15. at Bath- urst. N.S.W., Joseph Thomas, eldest son of the late Joseph and Alice Rosendale (late of Glenlyon), and loved brother of Mrs. E. Langley (59 Walker street. Clifton Hill), aged 64 vears.

SINDEN.-On January 20 (suddenly), at his home, 130 Rossmoyne st., Thornbury, Leslie Harold, dearly beloved youngest son of the late Rev. and Mrs. Sinden, dearly loved brother of John (deceased). Fred (de- ceased). Gert (Mrs. Jenkins), Floss, Clara (Mrs. Waugh), uncle of Phyllis and George, aged 54 years, late 1st A.I.F. (an Anzac), and 3rd Aust. Guard Company.

SKINNER.-On January 22, at her resi- dence, East Malvern, Jean Stewart, wife of the late Robert Macv Skinner, and devoted mother of Muriel, Ilma (Mrs. W. Bundy), Stella (Mrs. S. Lord), and Ralph. (Privately interred January. 23.)

SANTO.-On January 24, at Royal Mel- bourne Hospital, Alfred Thomas Smith, oí 22 Garfield street. North Richmond, loved father of John (N.S.W.), aged 65 years.

-At rest.

SPENCE.-On January 23. at Freemasons' Hospital, Melbourne, beloved mother of Beryl and George Laurens, nana of Diana, Faye,


STANTON.-On January 24, at Penshurst, James Herbert, dearly loved husband of Catherine, and loving father of May. Nell, Herbert, Mary, Ruby, and Violet, aged 75 years. -At rest.

SYME.-On January 24 at St. Andrew's Hospital. Winifred Kernot, 25 Dean street, Kew, beloved mother of Betty, Jean. Helen, Derry, and Peter.

TATNALL.-On January 23, in Sydney, George Victor, elder son of late George and Anna Tatnall. of Glenroy, beloved brother of Violet (Mrs. Langman). Lily (Mrs. Scholtz), Myrtle (Mrs. Penfold). Albert, and Rosie (Mrs. Macdonald).

TATNALL. - George Victor, dearly loved uncle of Tat and Bill Langman, Lesley (Mrs. A. L. Bayford). Cecil Scholtz. Rex Penfold, and Alix Macdonald.

TURNER.-À tribute of undying affection

to our late beloved head mistress, Miss A. M. Turner. (E. T. Wade. D. Kidd, and L. A. B. D'Arcy.)

TURNER.-A tribute of respect and affec- tion from the old girls of Warwick College to the memory of our beloved principal, Ade- laide Mary (Ada), who passed to higher ser-

vice on January 22.

TURPIN.-On January 20. at her son's residence. Rockerway Beach. New York, U.S.A.. Emily, loving daughter of the late R. Shanklln. Newry. Gippsland, beloved sis- ter of Mrs Techow. snr.. Lyndhurst.

WALKER. - On January 23, at private hospital. Bendigo, Emily Beatrice (Tossie), loved wife of Victor Ernest Walker, of 142 Myrtle street and loving mother of Alan, Ernest (deceased), Phyllis, Jean (Mrs. J. L. Freeman), and Eleanor Margaret (Mrs. G. H.


WARD.-On January 21, at the residence of her daughter, 41 Grandview grove, Ro- sanna, Annie, loved wife of the late Leonard Ward, loving mother of Doris (Mrs. Bag- nall, Canberra), and Sybil (Mrs. Baker, Ro- sanna). (Privately interred, January 22.)

WATSON. - On January 22, at Ballarat, Clara, loved wife of the late Joseph Watson, and loving mother of Ernest, Leslie, Chrissie (deceased). Ruby (Mrs. R. Scott), and Ida (Mrs. L. Pobjoy), in her 100th year. -The long day closes.

WILLIAMS.-On January 23, at St. Vin- cent's Hospital, Charles Maurice, loving brother of George, brother-in-law of Hilda, and loved uncle of Gwen. -He giveth His beloved sleep.


Roll of Honour-On Active Service BARTON.-In proud and loving memory of our dear son. Keith, A.I.F.. 6th Dlv.. died Damascus. January 26. 1942. -Trea- sured memories. (Mother and father.)

BARTON.-In loving memory of our dear brother. Keith. A.I.F.. 6th Dlv., died Damas- cus January 26, 1942. -Remembrance. (In- serted by Colin. Una, Heather-Mrs Bowers, U.S.A.-and Murray.)

COPAS.-In loving memory of L.-Cpl. Orm Copas, 2/22nd Batt., who gave his life for his country on January 23, 1942, at Rabaul, close friend of Bob Russell (died while P.O.W.). (Inserted by the Russell family.)

HOWISS.-In loving memory of mv two sons, Don, R.A.A.F.. killed In air opera- tions over Endau. Malaya, January 26. 1942, aged 21 years; Bill, R.A.A.F., missing opera- tional flight over Augsberg, Germany, Feb- ruary 25. 1944, loving husband of Margaret, and dear father of Suzanne and Stephen, aged 28 years.

Their Uves a beautiful memory; Their loss a silent sorrow. _

-(Inserted by mother, Eric street, East


TBINICK.-In proud and loving memory of our belovei son. Captain John Trinlck. 2/12th Battalion, died of wounds. New Guinea. January 26. 1943. -At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember him.

WILSON.-In ever-loving memory of our dear son. Stuart Charles Wilson, who died on active service In Burma, January, 1943, 2/29th. -Ever remembered by dad and mum; also his brothers and sisters, Malcolm, John, Kathleen, Elsie, and Audrey.

AGC-In loving memory of my devoted husband and our dear father, Walter M., died January 25, 1938. (Inserted by his wife and family.)

BEDWELL.-In loving memory of Gert, who passed away January 25, 1945. (Ann.)

BUTLER-In fond memory of Lawrence (Lar), who passed away on January 26 1943. loved husband of Maude, dear father of Barry and Peggy. -R.I.P. Ever remem-


BYRNE.-In loving memory of our dear mother, who passed away on January 26. 1945. -'Tis but a little longer now. (In- serted bv Jennie, Mav. Esther, and Bessie.)

CATTANACH.-In loving memory of John, who passed away on January 25, 1943, dearly loved husband of Ethel, and father of John.

COSGROVE.-In loving memory of our dear brother. Edward Joseph, who died on January 27. 1944. (Inserted by his loving sister and brothers.)

DARK.-In loving memory of my dear husband, Albert, and our loved father, who passed away January 25, 1940. -Always re- membered. (Inserted bv his loving wife and family. Lila and Ronald.)

DEVEREUX.-in loving memory of our dear sister, Louise, who passed away at Macedon on January 25, 1945. (Inserted by her loving sisters.)

EDGERTON.-Treasured memories of my d rung son Dudley, died January 20, 1934; also my beloved husband, died February 28,



ELLIS.-In memory of George Frederick, I beloved husband of Phoebe Elizabeth, father i of Clorinda and George, father-in-law oí Grace and Stuart, loving grandfather of

Russell and Bruce Ellis. I

FISHER (Dalgleish).-In loving memory of my dear sister. Frances, passed peacefully away on January 23. 1946. -With tender love and deep regret. (Inserted by Elsie.)

FITTOCK.-Cherished memories of dear

Elaine, who fell asleep on January 25, 1945, '

aged 22 years.

Today is a day of remembrance j

Of one we will never forget;

Your memory to us is a treasure, Your loss Is a lifetime regret.

-(Inserted by her loving mother, father,

Joyce. George.)

GRANT.-In loving memory of my dear husband and our dear father, George William, who passed away, on January 25, 1935. , , , "

-(Inserted by his loving wife and family, 16 Locke street, Essendon.)

GRANT.-In loving memory of my dear husband, Donald D. Grant, who passed away January 25, 1940, at Drouin. -Time passes,

memory stays.

HOLLIDAY, John Frederick.-In loving memory of dad, who passed away on January 26. 1942. (Inserted by his son. Jack, daughter-in-law. Lynda, and family.)

HOPPER. - In loving memory of Allen, beloved husband of Mary, devoted father of Mary, Allan, Heather, and Ailsa, who died suddenly on January 25. 1946. -Sadly


KAIN.-In loving memory of my dear wife, and our dear mother, who passed away Janu- ary 23, 1940. -Always remembered. (In- serted by her loving husband and daughters.)

KEIR.-Treasured memories of my dearly loved husband and our loved and devoted father, Henry C, who departed this life on

January 25, 1942.

Always remembered.

-(Inserted by his loving wife and sons.) KERNICK.-In loving memory of Tom. who passed away on January 26, 1943. -Gone but not forgotten. (Inserted by dad and


KROENERT.-Treasured memories of our baby, Heather, passed away at Portland January 25, 1946. -Not now, but In the coming years, then we'll understand. (In- serted by father, mother, Colin.)

LOTHERINGTON.-In ever-loving memory of Allister Roy, who passed away on Janu- ary 25, 1939, dearly beloved only child of Lorna and Roy (deceased), loving grandson

of Edith E. Fryberg.

McNABB.-In loving memory of my dear husband, Jack, and our dear father, who departed this life on January 25. 1938. (In- serted by his loving wife and children.)

MEIER.-In loving memory of my dear husband, and our dear father. Edward Meier, who passed away January 25. 1933. -Ever


MURPHY.-In loving memory of my dear husband. David Joseph, and loving father of Kevin, Peg, Kathleen, Pat, Myra, Pauline, Bernard, John, and Gerald, v/ho passed away January 25, 1946. (Inserted by his loving

wife and family.)

NELSON.-In loving memory of my sister. Jean, who passed away at Narrandera on January 25. 1936. -Always remembered.

(M. Gawne.)

OGDEN.-Treasured memory of our dear daughter. Thelma Queen, who died at Woodend January 24. 1945. (Inserted by W. and O. Marshall and family. Koyuga.)

PETTY.-In cherished memory of our dearly loved daughter, Gladys, who passed away on January 26, 1945. -Always, in our .thoughts. (Inserted by her loving lather

and mother.)

PETTY.-In loving memory of Gladys, dearly beloved sister of Jack and Ruby. - In memory a constant thought; In our hearts

a silent sorrow.

PETTY.-In fondest memory of our be- loved sister. Gladys, who passed away Janu- ary 26, 1945. -To memories ever dear. (Inserted by her loving sister and -brother in-law. Kathleen and Ken.)

PETTY.-In loving memory of Glad, who passed away January 26. 1945. -A thought for today, but a memory for ever. (In-

serted by Uncle Jack, Harold, Mary, and


POMEROY-In loving memory of Spence, dear brother of Gertrude, May Edith, and Gladys, Who passed away at Pascoevale on January 26, 1946. -Ever remembered.

QUICK.-In fond memory of my darling husband. Alf., who passed away January 25,


I think of you in silence,

And often spe-ak your name;

What would I give to hear your voice,

And see you smile again. -(His loving wife. Jule.)

QUICK.-In ever-loving memory of our dear father, who passed away January 25, 1942. -We miss him most who loved him best. A heart of gold was laid to rest. (B<"-"1 Kenneth. Mavis, Shirley.)

RING.-In fond and loving memory of our dear mother. Catherine, who passed away on January 26. 1946. at Brunswick.

-Ever remembered. (Inserted by her loving sons. Mick and Tim.)

RING.-In loving memory of my dear mother, who passed away January 26, 1946.

Loving memories.

True and tender,

Just to show we still remember.

-(Inserted by her daughter and son-in law, R. and H. Pellow. Coburg.)

SIMPSON.-In loving memory of William Leslie, accidentally killed at Healesville on January 26. loved son of Jessie and the late George, loved brother of Irene. George, Alice, James. Eva. Isabel, and Dorrie. -Peace, perfect peace. (Inserted by his loving mother, sisters, and brothers. 68 Palmerston crescent. South Melbourne.)

SMITH.-In loving memory of Thurl, loved husband of Nell, passed away January 20, 1946. fond father of the late Lieut. Brad- ford Smith. -Rest in peace, (Inserted by

his loving wife.)

SPEAR (nee Chandler).-In loving memo- ries of Annie Ruth, taken into God's keep- ing. January 25, 1945. devoted wife of Fred, 9 Waterloo street. Camberwell, loving mother of little Rosey (deceased). Florence (Mrs. F. Cunningham), William. George, Walter, Leslie. May (Mrs. Harold Clarke). -Until

we meet again.

TODD.-In loving remembrance of mother (Margaret E.). who left us January 25, 1946. In the sweet by-and-by,

We shall meet on that beautiful shore. -(Inserted by Jack and Olive, Warrnam-


TODD.-In loving memory of our dear mother, who entered the higher life, January 25, 1946. -Till we meet again. (Inserted by her children. Harry, Ada, Jack.)

TURNBULL. - In loving memory of our dear mother, passed away January 26. 1946. (Inserted by her son and daughter. Colin

and Agnes.)

WALLER.-In loving memory of my dearly beloved daughter, Elsie, passed away January 23. 1946: also my dear sons. Keith, Feb- ruary 12. 1937; Bert. May 29, 1935; and my dear husband. January 27, 1908. -Good- night, all, until the day breaks. (Inserted by their loving mother.)

WALLER.-In loving memory of my dearest friend. Elsie, passed away January 28. 1946. -Nearer than the living are the unforgotten dead. (Inserted by A. Kierulf. Sydney.)

WEARNE.-Remembered always a loving husband and -father. Harold Rutherford Wearne, who passed away on January 26, 1943. (Rutherford. 15 Alma street. Car- negie North. S.E.10.)

WEDD.-In loving memory of Helena Vic- toria, our dear mother, who passed away on January 25. 1944. -Not just today, but every day, in silence we remember. (In- serted by daughter. Ethel; son-in-law. Bill; and grandchildren.)

WILSON.-In fond memory of my friend, Jack, accidentally killed January 26. 1946. -Ever remembered, pal. (Inserted by

Lawrie Ely.)


ALDAG. - The Family of the late Mrs. ALICE (Mena) ALDAG wish to sincerely THANK relatives and friends for their many letters, cards, telegrams, floral tributes, and personal expressions of sympathy in the re- cent loss of their beloved mother, especially thanking Dr. Haggar for his untiring atten- tion, and Rev. Hadley, Dandenong. 15 Wells street. Frankston. _

ARTHUR.-Mr. A. F. ARTHUR and Sons and Relations of the late Blanche Winter Arthur wish to THANK all kind friends for letters, cards, and floral tributes in their sad bereavement, , especially thanking Dr. Ebsworth. Will all please accept this as a personal expression of gratitude. 101 . York

st., Sth. Melbourne.

ASHWORTH. - Mrs. BLANCHE ASH- WORTH, wife of late Harold Thomas Ash- worth; Mrs. A. HENNEBERRY, his mother; and Mr. W. HENNEBERRY, sepfather. sin- cerely THANK all kind friends for their ex- pressions of sympathy In recent sad bereave- ment. Will all please accept this as a per- sonal expression of sympathy.

BAILEY.-Mrs. F. B. BAILEY and Family wish to THANK all relatives and friends for telegrams, cards, letters, floral tributes, and personal expressions -of sympathy in their recent sad bereavement. Will all please accept this as a personal expression

of gratitude. 6 McCarron parade, Essen-


CAMERON.-Mrs. IDA CAMERON Wishes to THANK all kind friends for floral tributes, telegrams, and letters of sympathy in the tragic loss of her husband. Ernest James Cameron, on December 16, and she Is sorry that she cannot reply personally owing to prolonged illness from accident.

CHRISTIAN. - Mr. A. CHRISTIAN and Sisters (Mrs. BENNET and Mrs FLEMING) wish to THANK ali kind relatives and friends for letters, cards, and floral tributes hi sad loss of their sister. Elsie. 19 Lower Heidel- berg road. Ivanhoe. \


CLARKE.-We, the Parents, Brother, and Sister of the late NOEL CLARKE wish to sincerely THANK Rev. Hayles and members of Heidelberg West Sunday School; Dr. Williams, Hastings; Dr. Simpson, Ivanhoe; 4th Ivanhoe Scouts and Cub Packs, Hastings police, Mr. W. S. Sharland, and all other residents . of Balnarring Beach, Heidelberg .House staff, Austin Hospital staff, and patients; E. Taylor and Son. Ivanhoe; all relatives, friends, and neighbours, for let- ters, cards, telegrams, floral tributes, and many expressions of sympathy in our recent sad loss of our dear little son and brother Will all please accept this as a personal expression of our sincere gratitude. Ath- lone. 31 Dresden st.. Heidelberg.

COLE.-The Family of the late GEORGE GRAHAM COLE wish to THANK all rela- tions and friends for telegrams, cards, letters, floral tributes, and personal expres- sions of sympathy in their recent sad be- reavement. Will all please accept this as an expression of gratitude. Flinders rd.. Tyabb.

CORRIGAN: - Mr. LEONARD CORRIGAN and Daughters wish to THANK all relatives and friends for floral tributes, telegrams, letters, cards, and personal expressions of sympathy in their recent bereavement, espe- cially thanking doctors and staff of the Royal Melbourne Hospital and Rev. W. G. Vizard. Will all please accept this as their personal acknowledgment of gratitude Main

rd., St. Leonards.

De SILVA.-Mr. and Mrs. De SILVA and son. Gordon, wish to THANK all relatives, friends, and neighbours for the many beau- tiful floral tributes, telegrams. caTds, let- ters, and personal expressions of sympathy in their very sad bereavement. Will all please accept this as a personal expression of sincere gratitude. 77 Dundas street,


DEAN.-Mr. W. DEAN and Sisters wish to acknowledge and sincerely THANK their friends for kind sympathy extended to them in various ways during their time of sorrow. Tiley ask all to accept this intimation as a personal expression of their heartfelt gratitude. 388 Johnston street. Abbotsford.

DUFF. - Mr. and Mrs. W. DUFF and Family of 130 Boundary rd., Nth. Melbourne, wish to THANK all friends and relatives for telegrams, cards, and floral tributes, also personal expressions of sympathy in their re- cent sad bereavement. Will all please accept this as a personal expression of gratitude.

ELLIOTT.-Mr. J. ELLIOTT and NORMA wish to THANK friends and relatives for telegrams, letters, cards, floral tributes, and personal expressions of sympathy in their recent sad bereavement. Will all please accept tills as a personal expression of grati- tude. 915 Rathdown street. North Carlton.

HERRICK.--- Mrs. HERRICK and Family   wish to THANK relatives and friends for ex- pressions of sympathy in their sad bereave- ment. Will all please accept this as a per- sonal acknowledgment of our sincere grati-


JANE.-Mrs. S. JANE and Family desire to THANK their many friends and relatives for letters, cards, telegrams, floral tributes, and kind expressions of sympathy in their recent

sad bereavement. Themwis, 27 Geelong rd., i

Footscrs v .

LINEHAM.-Mrs. LESLIE LINEHAM and I Betty also Mrs. LINEHAM, Snr., and Family , wish lo THANK all kind friends and relatives for telegrams, letters, cards, and beautiful floral tributes and personal expressions of sympathy in their recent bereavement, and to ¿11 who did such kindly acte for their loved one during hist long Illness. Will all please accept this as their personal expres- sion of gratitude. Oiflcedale and Yanathan.

LOBB.-Mrs. M. LOBB and Son. Diamond Creek road. Greensborough, desire to THANK all kind relatives and friends for expressions of sympathy in their recent sad bereavement, specially thanking Dr. Loosley, Rev. Young. L. Iredale. J. Ross, B. Baker. R. Foley. C. Wilson, L. Cross, Mrs. Radcliffe, and Mrs. Kuryer for services rendered. Will all please accept this as a personal expression of gratitude.

MacMILLAN. - Mr. J. A. MacMILLAN and son, Fred, of 337 Douglas parade, New- port, wish to THANK all kind friends and relations for floral tributes and sympathy In their recent sad bereavement.

MCMASTER.-The Family of the late Mr. WILLIAM VERNON MCMASTER, 218 Glen- huntly road. Elsternwick, wish to express, THANKS for the many cards, telegrams, and floral tributes, and expressions of sym- pathy In their recent sad bereavement.

PARRY - Mrs. PARRY, of 26 Alfred rd.. Essendon, wishes to THANK relatives and friends for their kindness and sympathy in

her sad bereavement.

PORTER.-The Sister and Brother of the late LACEY PORTER wish to sincerely THANK relatives and friends for letters, cards, telegrams, and floral tributes in their recent sad bereavement. Edmund street,

Clifton Hill.

SELKRIG. - The Family of ARTHUR JAMES SELKRIG wish to THANK all friends for floral tributes, cards, telegrams, letters and expressions of sympathy, and a special tribute to our dear sister Louie and brother in-law, Arthur, also neighbours at Colling- wood and Royal Melbourne Hospital, in our

recent sad bereavement.

STEPHENS. - ALBERT STEPHENS find Sons and DATE BUTLER desire to THANK all relatives and friends for letters, cards, telegrams floral tributes, and personal ex- pressions of sympathy in their recent sud bereavement, especially thanking Rev. Fathers of St. Ambrose's, Dr McOmish, and Mulqueen & Sons for their kindlv atten- tion. Will all please accept this as a per- sonal expression of their sincere gratitude.

TOOHEY.-The Family of the late AMY TOOHEY wish to THANK all kind friends and relatives for all floral tributes, letters, telegrams, and expressions of sympathy at the recent loss Of their dear mother. Will all please accept this as our personal ex- pression of sincere gratitude. 128 Ingles

street. Port Melbourne.

WAITE.-Misses T. and M. WAITE desire to THANK the many friends »nd relations for their expressions of sympathy in their recent sad bereavement. Will all please accept this as a personal expression of their gratitude and thanks. M. Waite 31 Kingsley

street, Elwood.

WIKMAN.-Mr. and Mrs. V. WIKMAN and Family, of Baralaba, Queensland, desire to express their sincere THANKS to the medical and nursing staff of St. Vincent's Hospital, Melbourne, for their attention and kindness to their late beloved daughter and sister. Daphne, during her illness.


BEECRAFT-The Funeral of the late Miss LILLIAN MARY BEECRAFT will leave our parlours, 291 Svdney road. Brunswick, on TUESDAY, at 10.30 a.m.. for the Fawkner


JOHN (ROY V.) ALLISON. Brunswick. Tel. FW1592._

BOYLE.-The Funeral of the late Mr. THOMAS BOYLE will- leave 82 Thompson street. Northcote South. THIS DAY. at 9 a.m., for Fawkner Cemetery.

J. FERGUSON & SON. 712 High street, Thornbury. Telephone JW3037._

FORSTER. - The Funeral of the late HENRY FORSTER will leave Sleight's Fune- ral Home, St. Kilda road, Melbourne. THIS DAY (Saturday), at 10 a.m., for the Mel- bourne General Cemetery. Carlton.

A. A. SLEIGHT PTY. LTD. Phone MX4626 (3 lines).

GRINLINGTON.-The Funeral of the late JOSEPH ARTHUR GRINLINGTON will leave l8 Bonfield avenue. East Hawthorn.

TUESDAY at 2 p.m., for the Springvale


W. G. RAVEN. JA2225._

KERR. - The Funeral of the late Mr. WILLIAM KERR will leave his residence. 27 Hartington street. Elsternwick. THIS DAY (Saturday), at 10.15 a.m.. for the St.

Kilda Cemetery.

RAYBOUT.DS PTY. LTD. LF5567._ I LUXON. - The Funeral of the late Mrs. AGNES LUXON will leave 2 Selwyn street. Canterbury. THIS DAY (Saturday), after a service commencing at 8.50 a.m., for the

Springvale Crematorium.

LE PINE & SON. JA1104.

NEEMAN.-The Funeral of the late Mr. FREDERICK: MURRAY TÏEEMAN will leave W. G. Apps and Sons' Chapel, 395 High street, St. Kilda, THIS DAY (Saturday, January 25), at 10.15 a.m., for the New Cheltenham Cemetery. Holloway road. Sand-


W. G. APPS AND SONS PTY. LTD.. In conjunction with LESTER and SON. Albury.

PARK.-Requiem Mass for the repose of the soul of the late Dr. ROY LINDSAY PARK. Sr. M.B.B.S.. will be celebrated at the Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Richardson street. Middle Park. THIS DAY (Saturday) at 9 a.m.

The Funeral will leave the church for the Melbourne General Cemetery. Carlton, at

I 9.30 a.m. »

I R. MCKENZIE. South Melbourne. MX3107.

PHILLIPS. -4 The Funeral of the lato Mr. WTLLIAM HENRY PHILLIPS, of Grimwade House, Balaclava road. Caulfield, will leave our parlours, corner Carlisle and Balston streets. East St. Kilda. THIS DAY (Satur-

day), at 9.30 a.m., for the Springvale Crema-





_ PITSCHNER. - The Funeral of the late Mr. CHARLES PITSCHNER will leave 17 Hope street. Spotswood, THIS DAY (Sat- urday), at 9 a.m., for the Fawkner Crema-


NELSON BROS. Williamstown 34.

SMITH. - The Funeral of the late ALFRED THOMAS SMITH- will leave our memorial chapel, 227 Smith street, Fitz- roy, on Tuesday, at 10 a.m., for the Fawk- ner Crematorium.

W. G. RAVEN. JA2225._

SPENCE.-The Funeral of the late Mrs. ISABELLA SPENCE will leave the residence of her daughter (Mrs. Laurens), st. Albans, 12 Kent avenue. Elwood (late Foilacleugh avenue), THIS DAY (Saturday), at 9.30 a.m., for the Box Hill Cemetery.

B. MATTHEWS PTY. LTD., 102 Toorak road, South Yarra. Win. 66._

WATERMAN. - The Funeral of the late Mr. HOWARD BERWICK WATERMAN will leave our parlours, corner Glenhuntly and Hawthorn roads, Caulfield, on TUESDAY, after a service commencing at 10 a.m., for the Springvale Crematorium.