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The excellent presentation of pic- tures, carefully selected by members who are their own exacting jury, makes the general standard of the present exhibition of the "Mel- bourne Contemporary Artists," at the Athenaeum Gallery, the highest they have yet achieved.

The most prominent artists repre- sented are George Bell and Rupert Bunny (although the subject of Bunny's large canvas is scarcely jus- tified even by its charming colour), but the general character of the show is most powerfully suggested by Alan Sumner's telling designs, Constance Stokes' rich and opulent pictures, and smaller very complete works, such as Marjorie North's attractive "Boats on the Creek," and the charming "Still Life" by Jeff Jones.

The element of surprise which springs only from true inspiration is contained in "Girl With Long Hair," by Louise Thomas, and the smaller, excellent drawing "Kanga- roo," by Marjorie Rankin.

Other works worthy of mention are by Joan "Yonge. Bernard Lawson, Howard Matthews, Iain Mackin- non. Mabel Crump, Phil Waterhouse, and Frances Roy Thompson.

Two splendid carvings in marble 1 by Clive Stephen, and a nicely pro

portioned wood carving by Ola Cohn complete the show.

The Five Group

Although in many ways the mem- bers of the Five Group (Myer's Gal- lery) seem to adhere to similar prin- ciples, we have here more clearly defined limitations.

The emotional significance of the colour in Frank Andrew's work is disciplined by a classical precision of line and a correctness of method which impose their own limitations, and the curious atmosphere in the' work of Michael Hall owes something to a surrealist concept expressed in a highly controlled semi-purist style.

Powerful design, sincerity, and the attempt to express a more profound meaning make the works of Grahame King the most impressive in the show, Nutter Buzacott and Max Newton are both talented artists, but have a slight tendency to com- promise.

At Kozminsky's

Max Middleton (exhibiting at the Kozminsky Galleries) is a young artist who ean be described briefly as a brisk and confident follower of Septimus Power.