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, July 16th-Druid, brig, 343,'Carra'ch.iul, London i

*$th April, general cargo. Cabin-Jin. Carmichael

and two children.

16th-Wild Irish-ftirl, brig, 124? Olivia, Sydney, sundries. Cabin-Mr. and Mrs. Cooney ; 5 steerage.

17th- Tasmania, steamer, 452. -Mackellar, Mel

»bourne. Cabin-Captain Fisheiy-'Gaptair. and Mrs. Lowlcr, Messis. Cock, Bain, Anstey, Whittington, Misses Graves and Fenton; 31 ailälts arid 5 childicn

in the steerage.

17th-Glencoe, barque, .160,'* tang, Port Albert,

sheep and cattle.

18th - Coromandel, barque, 688, Byron, South-     ampton 11th April; general cargo. Cabin - E. W. Doman, Esq., Surgeon-Superintendent. Emigrants, 58 married couples, 72 single women, 21 single men, 48 boys under 14, 69 girls ditto, 13 infants, 6 ditto born at sea. Mail, 17 large bags, 2 small ditto, 2

paper parcels, 2 boxes.  


.'.July 16th- Zephyr, sckoone., CO, Ramsden, Gee-

long, sundries.

16th Abberton, barque, '432, ."Lamont, Callao.

, 16tIv~Emma, brig,-139, IBIOW n, Sydnoy, sundries. Cabin-Mr. and Mrs. Lfoyd and two children, Cant. . -Saundcrson, ; Messrs.. i Black, Smyth, M'Grande,

Allport, Betts," Hickman,. MitcJaell (2), Mrs. Mitchell .- and'daiá, Miss and Master Mitchell ; 15 steerage.

PROJECTED DE PARTURES. Melbourne, Sword Ffcfc, ti us day.

" -- Castro, arti».


" Druid," London-18'Ma 37 ess 1 pkge 24 pockets, t T. D.' Chapiriarr; «-M-.5 ess 1 trnk, Roberts; 6 cases .' '12 bis 13 trnks; SbiOrr-itt ; 1 cs 4 bis 1 box, Casper

& Wolff; 44 ess 21 orates 8 pkgs 12 bis, Lewis & Sons; 4ess, Wi Clark; 129 ess 110 lilids 21 pkgs 2 bis, Kerr, Bogle & Co. ; 3 cases, Nutt; 10 casks, -187 boxes, 17 linds,70 cases, Carter; 1 case, Drury; 59 cases, 12 trunks, 2 pianos, 15 half tierces, 15 bar- rels, 160 kegs, 6 ¡pumps, 26 pieces, 8 casks, 9 bundles, L.'Roope'; 1 t»se, 26 bales, Maxwell; 14 casks, 9 e* cases, 16 bundles, 17 banels, 1 crate, 9 hhds, Har-

court; 13 ¿asks, 16 cases, 73 bundles, 5 boxes, Ste * Von«; 71 cases, 5 casks, 7 bags, 4 caroteels, 44 * bundles, 10"pockets, 20 half-barrels, 7 rolls, 34 bars, " 316 pipe-boM», 1 parcel, 2 trunks, 22 packages, 10

lilids, M'Pherson & Francis; 15 cases, 7 bales, 1 truuk, Ii*. Kout ; 12 cases, 3 bales, Haller ; 75 cases, Brown; 4cases, Cole; 15 quarter-casks, Mczger; 1 cask, 1 case, F. A. Downing; 2 cases, Walker; 4 «asd&^Mre. Lord ; 2 cases, Manager Bank of Austra- lasia;'4 cases, O'Reilly; 1 case, 11 casks, 4 ham ' pcrs, Boys & Hall ; 8 cases, 6 casks, 1 chimney, 1

cox, ;Moore ; 15 cases 16 casks 10 tierces 3 crates, Stewart ; 2 cases, Lester ; 8 cases, Regan ; 4 trunks, ' 'Goldsmith ; 3 cases, Francis ; 1 case, Seal ; 1 case, * ©aud; 3 cases, Moir; 5 cases, Tondeur; 1 case 3 1 casks, Smith & Butler; 20 barrels, Lindsay ; 1 case,

Äev. W. Tancred ; 1 case, Mr. Westcott ; 1 butt, » Captain King; 1 case, Officer administering the ".Government; lease, Arnold; 1 caso, Topham; 2

cases, Allen; 1 case, Loch; 205 bales 31 cases 36 casks 5 crates 2 bundles government stores, 110 cases 3 casks, senior Commissariat Officer ; 1 case, Casper ; 2 cases," Trovelyan : 2 pianos, 104 cases 30 hhds 0 bales 1 trunk, Order; £41,250 gold specie.


Freak, brig, 200, Burns, Sydney. Passengers Mrs. Flexman, Mrs. Sage and daughter, Airs. Ford, Mr. and Mrs. Mackay and family, E. Cripps.


Clarence, steamer, 300, Saunders, Melliourne. Cabin-Mrs. Embury, Mr. and Mrs. Wilkinson, Master Pynsent, Master Carns, Messrs. C. Friend, . T. Wedge, J. Reading, Sidliev, Jacolis, Webb, Robin-

son, Blenheim, G. Eddie, Crooke, C. Thomson, Travis, Tyson, Stewart, Reynolds, Miss Wilkinson ;

50 steerage.


Pirate, steamer, 300, Greig, Geelong. Passengers -Mrs. Greig, Captain Corte, Messrs. Hargraves, Buckle, and seven others.


Clarence, steamer, 300, Saunders, Melbourne. Passengers-Captains Tulloch and Irving, Mr. and Mrs. Crooks, Mrs. Scott, Miss Eyres, Messrs. Cau- field, Bingay, Hogan, Stewart, Taylor ; 30 steerage.

In coming into port this morning the Tasmania, owing to the great " way " upon her, ran foul of the wharf and sustained some slight damage. On her passage hither the lever belonging to the air-pump broke, and the engines were consequently compelled to be worked at high pressure during the remainder

of the voyage.

May 7th, lat. 4° N., long. 23° W., the Coromandel spoke the Trident, of Liverpool, bound to Adelaide, 34 days out; June 10th, lat. 38°S., long. 11° E., sig- nalised the Mary Nixon, Liverpool, to Port Phillip ; June 26th, lat. 39° S., long. 75° E., signalised the

Crisis, Liverpool to China

The steamer Melbourne arrived at the Capo on .30th May, with loss of screw.

The Monumental City.-The Board, which recently . sat -at Sydney, entirely exonerates Captain Adams

from the charge of cowardly abandoning his passen- gers, but censures him for carelessness in going below whilst on the dangerous coast he was skirting. Mr. Van Syce, the chief mate, is severely blamed, and a regret is expressed that he cannot be punished.

The Hanoverian galliot, Aginata Juliana, enme into Plymouth on Monday evening, having on board thirty of the crew and fifteen passengers of the Duncan Richie /?Mackinnon, master), from Leith to Port Phillip. She left on the 19th instant, and on the 25th, thirty miles of Scilly, sho was in great distress, having sprung a leak, and liad four feet water in the weather pump. The galliot took off the above. The master, five officers of the ship, and about thirty passengers were left on board, and when the galliot left she was making forScillv-where she afterwards -safely arrived.-Illustrated News, April 2.

¡Toa John Maria Christina left Liverpool, for Sydney, on the 9th April, and the Standard, for Melbourne, on

the same day.

The steamer Pirate cleared tho Heads yesterday. The Eliza, from Sydney, arrived on Thursday. The Clarence left the wharf this morning. The Brothers cleared the Heads on Thursday.-Examiner.

The schooner Ellen and Mary was totally wrecked .on Sunday last, whilst loading for Launceston at Table


A private letter from Liverpool, dated 6th April, states that upwards of seventy vessels w»rcloading at

that port for Australia.

The New Screw Three-declted Man of War.-The Duke of Wellington, lal, screw three-decker, Captain H. I). Martin, C.B., in the steam basin, got her funnel up yesterday morning and lighted her fires, the machinery being ready for trial It reflects no small amount of credit on the engineer department of this dockyard that the gigantic motive, power of this colossal ship should have been got ready for trial by the very day intended-the commencement of the íinsneial year considering the delays and trouble in getting her machinery piecemeal from the Clyde, for the want of efficient transport accommodation in the .first instance. No one who Baw the engine-room of this Ship a fortnight ago would have imagined she could have bad steam up yesterday, but so she haul, and what is more -creditable to chronicle, there was no mishap, no scalding of the engineers by escape of ste*m, ¿te, but all the mighty parts-worked weil, ant exhibited but the slightest symptoms si warm bearings from the newness of the gear. Many officers and strangers assembled to witness the first working of the screw in this famed ship, and among them .no ' less a personage than Captain Is. Bourgeois, tbe second

captain - of the celebrated French screw line of battle ship Napoleon, who attentively inspected, inside and out, the Duke of Wellington. Rcar-Adiniril Fan flbaw, and many other«, were also present. The result of tho "stcam'-up trial" was deemed eminently satifaetory, twenty revolutions having been attained. The next highest Spring tides are on the.9th and 10th, nnd it is intended the Duke shall go out for public trial »t Stokes, Bayon the former of those'days, or on Monday the Uth -Home News, i»th April.

I ' líastern, Jloule lo Australia-A proposal is* being

agitated for a new eastern route to Australia by way

of tbo Red Sea. A canal .would havo to be' made across the Isthmus of Suez, which is of Httlo elevation, I and in somo places under tho level of tbo sca3 it

scpnratcs. With a canal across tho Isthmus ol' Darlen and auothur from tho Mediterranean to tim Red Sen, I the voyage by cither route to tbo Antipodes would bo

very materially shortened.

The steam-ship Osmanli is consigned to Messrs. Fellunstcin and M'Kcchuuy, and will probably bu placed in tho intor-eolonitfi trade. She is a rino screw vessel of about 400 tons, and CO-horsc power.

According to Lloyd's List, thore aro at the present time lili vessels, of an aggrugato tonnage ol'47,577 tons loading in the London Dooks for Australian ports. Of these 52 are bound for Melbourne, 10 for Geelong, and 2 for Portland Hay, 23 for Sydney, 13 for Adelaide, 13 for Van Diemen'* Land, and'3 for New Zealand. Several ofthescarc large vessels ranging from 800 to 1000 tons, whilst five of thom aro less than 100 tons burthen each. There mo also about 92 other vessels preparing to sail in the present month for Australian ports, aggregating about 55,000 tons. -Mercantile Advertiser, 5th April.

The Briton, 358 tons, Angel, was to leave the London Docks for this port iu April. The Charlotte was to leave for Launceston on the Kith, tho Frithiof (Swede), iu all April for the same port.