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Family Notices

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ATYEO.—On October 1, at Colac, to Mr. and Mrs. Les. Atyeo—a daughter. (Both well.)

BRAITHWAITE.—On September 30. at Ulu Yam, via Kuala Lumpur, Malaya, to Pat- ricia, wife of John—a daughter (Susan Ger- veys Katherine). (Both well.)

COWELL (nee Howe).—On October 1. at Bethesda, to Lorna and George—a son (William George). (Both well.)  

DIXON.—On October 2, at Carbethon pri- vate hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. R. Dixon, of Dandenong road. Armadale—a son (Paul Frederick). (Both well.)

GOLDMAN.—On September 16, at Kil- marnock, Scotland, to Betty, wife of L. Goldman, Hong Kong—a son.

GRIFFIN (Manuel).—On September 23. at Castlemaine Hospital, to Joy, wife of J. W.   Griffin—a daughter (Celia Frances).

HAMILTON (nee Bett Dickson).—On Sep- tember 28, at Avonhurst hospital, St. Kilda, to Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Hamilton—a son (Ross William).

HILL (Scovell).—On September 29, at St. George's Hospital, to Jessie, wife of Robert S. Hill—a daughter.  

HILLBERG (Norling).—On October 1, at St. Vincent's Maternity Hospital, to Alma and Len—a son.

MADDEN (nee White).—On October 1, at St. Vincent's Maternity Hospital, to Vero- nica and Ted—a son. (Both well.)

MELDRUM.—On September 28, at Olinda, Mildura, to Isobel and Robert—a son (Brian James).

MORRIS.—On October 1, at Henty, to Valerie and Russell—a daughter (Diann Lorraine). (Both well.)

NEWELL (Henley).—On October 1, at Mercy Hospital, to Joan and Ernie—a son.

PARRATT (nee Walsh).—On September 30, at Bethlehem, to Audrey and Ken—a daugh- ter. (Both well.)

PIKE (nee Dorgan).—On October 1, at St. Vincent's Maternity Hospital, to Beryl and Clyde—a daughter (Suzanne Theresa).

REILLY (nee Davis).—On October 1, at St. Omer's, Camberwell, to Roy and Gwen— a son (David Myles).

RODRIQUEZ (Kerwin).—On September 30, at St. Vincent's Maternity Hospital, to Elva and Michael—a daughter (Pauleine).

RYAN.—On September 27, at St. Vincent's Maternity Hospital, East Melbourne, to Mar- garet, wife of Edward Ryan—a son.

SHILTON (Sarll).—On October 2, at Padua House, to Fay and Leslie—a daughter (Susan Lesley.).

SPARKS (Thomson).—On October 1, at Margaret Coles, to Joy and Harry—a son (Laurie Thomas).

WAREING (Lockhart).—On September 25, at Creswick Hospital, Hampton, to Eric and Anna—a daughter (Maxine Cheryl) (a sister for Susan).


CALDWELL—KEMP. — On October 2, at

Melbourne, Myles Henry Caldwell, second son of Mrs. Caldwell, of East Sheen, Surrey, England, to Barbara Enid Kemp, younger daughter of Charles Marshall Kemp, of Uxbridge, England.


ADENEY.—On October 1, at Sale, Allen Edmund, Archdeacon (Emeritus), aged 79


AWBURN.—On September 30, at Wodonga, George, beloved husband of late Mary, father of Albert (deceased), Claude, Rev. Thomas, Estella (Mrs. McGrath) Arthur, Eileen (Mrs. Delahenty), and Walter, aged 84 years. —R.I P.

BRENSING.—On October 2, at his resi- dence, Nagambie, Ernest, eldest son of the late E. and B. Brenslng, and loving brother of Dora (deceased), Blanche, and Otto, aged 70 years.

BRYANT.—On October 1, Burnett, dearly loved father of Elsie, aged 79 (Stanhope). — Sleeping in Jesus

BRYANT.—On October 1, Burnett, beloved nusband of Emily, loved father of Arthur (deceased). Bernard, Laurie (deceased), Elsie (Mrs. E. Robinson), Edith (Mrs. K. Enders), aged 79 years (Stanhope).

BRYANT.—On October 1, Burnett, beloved father of Bernard, father-in-law of May, loved grandfather of Phyllis (Mrs. Neville), Joyce, John, great-grandfather of Laurie,   aged 79 years (Stanhope).  

BRYANT.—On October 1, Burnett, much loved father of Edith, father-in-law of Keith, grandpa of Joan, Bill, Elsie, Beverley, Keith, Bernard (Stanhope). —In God's keeping.

CLERK. —On October 2, at her home, Spring Hill, Harriet, loved wife of the late Donald, and dearly loved mother of Sarah

(Mrs. Willard), Jessie (Mrs. Dickens), Donald, Christina (Mrs. Byrne), Louisa (Mrs. Campbell), and Dick.

COLLIER.—A tribute to Mrs. Helen Collier, our very dear friend. (M. R. and J. W. Bird )

DRUMMOND.—On October 1, at his resi- dence, 568 Pt. Nepean road, East Brighton, George William Drummond, beloved husband of Seraphine. and loving father of George, Charles. Seraphine (Mrs. Murray), Eugene, Aloysius, Mary (Mrs. A. Norman), and Monica (deceased), aged 78 years. —Requiescat in


DUNCAN (nee Peacock).—On October 2,   at 205 Beaconsfield parade, Middle Park, Florence, beloved wife of Alexander Duncan, and dearly loved sister of Ernest (deceased). Thomas (deceased), Herbert (deceased), Albert, and Charles (deceased), aged 73 years.

DUNCAN.—On October 2, at Middle Park, Florence, loving aunt of Les. and Nel. (W.A.), and Ern., Mavis, and Edna.

EDWARDS.—On October 2, Harriet Gar- ner Edwards, of 141 Creswick road, Bal- larat, the loved wife of the late George Frederick Edwards, and loving mother of Olive and Doris. —The long day closes.

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ELLIOTT.—On September 30, Elizabeth Mary, much loved mother of Joan, mother

in-law of Alec, and dearly loved granny of


ELLIOTT. —On September 30, Elizabeth Mary. In loving memory of Bess. The best

of pals. (Tigo.)

FORDE. —On October 2, Peter Anthony, dearly loved infant son of Dorothy and Clif

ford Forde, loved brother of Josephine and


GAVEY. —On October 1, at a private hos pital, East Malvern, Mary, of 1 Forster avenue, East Malvern, loved aunt of Edith and Bert Scott, aged 76 years.

GILLESPIE. —On October 2, at a private hospital, East Melbourne, Caroline Isabel, of 3 Isabella street, Malvern, loved wife of the late John A. Gillespie, and loving mother of Hubert Howden, aged 70 years.

HARE. —On October 2, at her son's resi dence, Pakenham road, Gembrook, Florence Elvin, the dearly beloved wife of the late George William Hare, and loved mother of Harold, mother-in-law of Edna, grandma of Irene, Alma, Peggy, Lilian, and Harold, aged 73 years. —In God's care.  

HOPPEN.—On October 2, Les., loved brother of Bert (Flinders), brother-in-law Reby, fond uncle of Mary, Charlie (killed In action), Albert, Robert (deceased). Ruth, Shirley, Patsy, Les, and John. —Peacefully


JOHNSON.—On October 2, at her home, 13a Chanak street, East Malvern, Annie May, dearly beloved wife of Alfred Henry John- son, and loving mother of Barrie, aged 42 years. —Loved by all.

KENNEWELL.—On September 29, William Joseph, dearly loved husband of Susan, of 38 Cole street, Hawthorn. —At rest.

KENNEWELL.—On September 29, at Prince Henry's Hospital, William J., beloved son of the late Thomas and Ellen, much loved and loving stepson of Elizabeth, brother of Nellie, Tom, Bert (deceased), Cymbeline (de- ceased), Ivy (Mrs. Shugg), Jessie, Stella (Mrs. Sault), and Ernest (deceased).

KENNEWELL.—On September 29, William Joseph, loved brother of Ivy and Douglas Shugg, and uncle of Kenneth and Ian.

KENNEWELL. — On September 29, passed away, William Joseph, dearly loved brother of

Estelle and Alan Sault, and uncle of Noel

and Pamela.

KENNEWELL.—My dear brother. —Peace, perfect peace. (Nellie.)  

KENT.—On October 2, at 13 Brixton Rise, Glen Iris, Henry, dearly loved husband of the late Jane, devoted and loved father of Rev. Harry C, Leslie (Maryborough), Alice (Mrs. R. J. Teague), Gladys (Mrs. C. H. Moore). Anne (Mrs. D. V. Jacobson), John, and Miriam (Mrs C. K. Davies, Glen Iris), aged 91 years, late of Castlemaine, Maldon. Clifton Hill, and Elsternwick. —In the

House of the Lord for ever.

KILLINGSWORTH.—On October 1, at the home of her son, Mr. R. Killingsworth, 249 Waverley road. East Malvern, Matilda Martha, the dearly beloved wife of the late William John Killingsworth, and devoted mother of Frank (deceased), William (de-

ceased). James, and Raymond, aged 82


LOLLER.—Jane, of 66 Black street, Middle Brighton, loved aunt of Grace (Mrs. MacGregor), Evelyn (Mrs. Colliver), Reg, Alec, and Fred Morrish, and great-aunt of Spencer and Gwenda Colliver.

MACE.—On October 2 (suddenly), Elizabeth Jennie, beloved wife of Ernest Hubert Mace,

of 368 New street, Brighton.—Hallowed  


MACE (nee McKinley).—On October 2 (suddenly), at her residence, 368 New street. Brighton, Elizabeth Jennie, eldest daughter of the late James and Janet McKinley,   beloved sister of Mary (Mrs. D. O. Ritchie), Harry, Gordon (deceased), Gilbert (de- ceased), and Alex (deceased).

MACE (nee McKinley).—On October 2 (suddenly), at her residence, 368 New street, Brighton, Elizabeth Jennie, dearly loved aunt

of Mollie (Mrs. Robertson,. Keith, and


McLEOD.—On October 2. at his home, 7 Foote street, Albert Park, Archibald, dearly beloved husband of the late Annie McLeod, devoted father of Kenneth, Christina (Mrs. Landels). Margaret (Mrs. Segar), and fond grandfather of Patricia, John, and Margaret, Ian, and Geoffrey, aged 83 years, late of

Stornoway, Scotland.

McWILLIAM.—On October 2, at Mel- bourne, Margaret, dearly loved wife of Norman Mcwilliam, of 1001 Rippon street, Ballarat, and loving mother of Alex., Kath-

ryn, and Margaret.

MOONEY.—On October 2, at her residence. Cobaw, Sarah Ann, beloved wife of the late Michael Mooney, loving mother of James, Cis, Frank, Tom, Jack (deceased, First

A.I.F.), Agnes, Nell, Hugh, and Sarah, aged

93 years.

MOYLAN.—On October 1, at Coleraine, Ellen Elizabeth Moylan, widow of late G. P. Moylan, loving mother of Bert (Adelaide), Vera (Coleraine), Frank (deceased), Leslie (deceased), loved gran of Helen, aged 74

years 9 months.

NICHOLSON.—On October 2, at his resi- dence, 92 Severn street, Box Hill, Robinson (Bob), dearly loved husband of Bertha, dear father of Harry and Bob, father-in-law of Gladys and fond grand-dad of Kevin and


OLDROYD.—On October 1, at her resi- dence, 106 Summerhill road, Glen Iris. Geor- giana Sophia, widow of the late John, aged 86 years. (Privately interred.) —Father, in Thy gracious keeping, leave me now our

loved one sleeping.

OXLADE.—On September 21, at private hospital, Benjaminn Harry (Ben), loved son of the late Mr. and Mrs Harry Oxlade, of

Kew, aged 59 years.

PATERSON.—On October 1, at Bedford, 31 Albany road, Toorak, Arthur Benjamin, be- loved husband of Rebecca, and loving father of William and Robert, aged 61 years.

PATERSON.—On October 1, at Albany road. Toorak. Arthur B., beloved friend of

Isa and Jack Gooley.

PATERSON. A. B.—A tribute of esteem and affection to our late employer, and for the many years of happy association to- gether. (Inserted by his employees.)

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See Page 18)


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ROCHE.-On October 2, at 5 Morton avenue, Carnegie, Mary Ellen, dearly loved wife of the late John Lawrence Roche, and dearly loved mother of John and Francis.

-Requiescat in pace.

SINCLAIR.-On October 1, Annie L.. the much-loved sister of the late Alfred Charles

Fairhall, and affectionate aunt of John and


SMALE.-On October 2. at her daughter's residence, 32 Mount Pleasant road. Tun- stall. Nellie, beloved wife of the late Robert Smale, dearly loved mother of Dudley, John, Maud, and Ida, in her 70th year.

SMALE.-On October 2, at her daughter's residence. Tunstall, Nellie, wife of the late Robert Smale. of Barrakee, loved sister of Min (deceased), Harry, Bish, Olive, and


SMITH.-A tribute to our beloved friend, the late John Thomas Robson Smith, o£ 389 Dandenong road, Armadale, died Sep- tember 23. -One of Nature's gentlemen. Ever remembered. (Inserted by Mr. and Mrs. D. Sheahan and family, of Glen Iris; and Miss Vera Mishael.)

SUTHERLAND (nee Rankin").-On October 2, at her home. 14 Hartwell Hill road, Hart- well, Bettie Victoria, dearly loved wife oí Les, loving mother of Douglas and Rex, aged 29 years. -God gave her strength, power, and love, to pray for all and join Him above.

SUTHERLAND-On 'October 2, Betty, be- loved niece of Ettie and Jack Nicholson,

dearly loved cousin of Elvia Kelly and Beryl


Still living, still loving. In her heavenly abode.

SWINBOURN.-On October 1, at 38 The Avenue, Windsor, James Main, dearly be- loved husband of Mary Ann Swinbourn, aged 77 years. (Private cremation.)

TALLACKSON.-On October 2 (suddenly), at his residence. 152 Clauscen street, North Fitzrov. Thomas George Tallackson, late employee M. and M. Tramway Board, dearly beloved husband of Annie Tallackson. and loved brother of Annie Hansen (Northam. W.A.V need 77 years. -At rest.

THACKER.-On October 2, died at his resi- dence, Bilpah Hills. Glen Thompson, Frederick Cliailcs, loved husband of Jane, loving father of Lina (Mrs. Gadd), May (Mrs. Deutscher), Stanley (deceased), Olive, Mabel (Mrs. Cundv), and Gordon (deceased), aged 85 years. -At rest.

TREE.-On October 1 (suddeiily), at Ko- rumburra, Ernest Joshua, beloved husband of the late Alice Katherine Maud Tree, and loving father of Ernest. Jeffrev, aud Gracie Dow. -Peacefully sleeping.

TREE.-On October 1 (suddenly), at Ko- rumburra, Ernest Joshua Tree, beloved friend of Mr. and Mrs. Bonsfleld and Bill, of

7 Boston avenue. East Malvern. -In God's


WHITE.-On October 2. (suddenly) at Mel- bourne, Harry Owen. ex-M,L.A.. beloved son of H. J. and A. White, and loved brother of Lily (Mrs. F. Redmond), Herbert, Eva (Mrs. J. Wood), and George, aged 48 years (late Siege Brigade. 1914-18: A.M.F.. 1939


WITT.-On October 2, at her residence, 2 White street. Coburg. Rita Mavis, dearly loved wife of Eric Vickers Witt, and loving mother of Don and Graham. -A silent


WOOD.-On September 28. Gladys Ilma, beloved wife of Leslie John, and loved daughter-in-law of M. E. Barry. -Until.


Roll of Honour-On Active Service ANDERSON.-In proud and loving mem- ory of 408946. Flying-Officer David Ander- son, R.A.A.F., attached No. 10 Squadron, missing, enemy action, over England, Octo- ber 3, 1943, beloved only son of late Alfred Anderson and Mrs Anderson. (Inserted by his mother and sister.)

BUNNING.-In memory of our loved one, F.O. Bruce Alan Bunning, 10th Squadron, R.A.A.F., missing October 3. 1943, younger son of Alfred and Linda Bunning, brother of Norman and Enid. -So dearly loved and

sadlv missed.

EWINS.-in loving memory of Maurice, who was killed in action on October 3, 1943. -Dear Maurice, always loved and remembered. (Aunt Olive.) -

GLEESON.-In proud and loving memory of our son, Flying Officer John Bryant Gleeson, late of No. 10 Squadron, who made the supreme sacrifice on October 3. 1943.

-We will always remember.

POTTER.-Dear and loved are the memories of Graham, Flt.-Sgt. Observer. R.A.A.F. only son of Sgt. and Mrs. Ernest Potter, Rochester road, Canterbury, loved brother of Gloria, lost over Munich. Ger- many, October 3, 1943, aged 21 years.     So far from home he sleeps. (Mother, father, Gloria.)

POTTER.-Everlasting are the memories of my loved Graham, 21 years.

I long to hear his voice.

I long to see him smile,

I long to have him with me,

Even for a little while. -(Mother.)

POTTER.-Evergreen memories of our loved brother, Graham missing, presiuned dead, air operations over Germany.

Memories sweet of one so dear. Treasured deep from year to year.

-(Sister, Gloria, and brother-in-law, Ron Drew, Queensland.)

POTTER.-Cherished memories of Flt.   Sgt. Graham E. Potter, who gave his life   flying over Munich, October 3, 1943, aged 21 years, loved grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Lory Kemp Rochester road, Canterbury.

Oh. valiant heart. We'll meet again Some sunny day. -(Nana.)

POTTER,-In loving remembrance of dear Graham, who gave his life in air opera- tions over Germany, October 3, 1943, loved nephew of Edna and Emil Key, and cousin of Shirley. -Ever remembered.

POTTER.-Memories ever of Graham, Flight-Sgt., R.A.A.F. -His life waa an inspiration. (Eric.)

POTTER.-A loving thought to the loved memory of Graham- (flight-sergeant, R.A.A.F.). -The Father's house is large and very safe, and we know dear Graham is there. (Pal, Ron.)

POTTER.-Thoughts today and always of Graham. To know him was to love him.


POTTER.-A fond memory to Graham, 21 years. -He was loved and honoured among all men. (Ray, ex-R.A.A.F., Sydney.)

POTTER.-Fond and cherished are the

memories of Graham, called home October

3, 1943.

He is not dead, nor has he travelled far.

Just wandered into God's loveliest room and

left the door ajar.

—(Highfield Road friends.)

POTTER.-Remembered today is Graham, a loved lad. —He lived a life of love and unselfishness. (Grateful.)

POTTER.-Treasured memories of dear Graham, missing over Munich, October 3, 1943. —A thought for today, a memory for

ever. (Mr. and Mrs. J. Cousin, Meryle,

Gwenda, and Victor.)

POTTER.--Loving thoughts of dearest Graham, reported missing over Munich on

October 3, 1943. -Sweetest memories ever.


POTTER.—In loving memory of our dear

pal. Graham.

Things have changed in many ways,

But one thing changeth never;

The memory of those happy days

When we were all together.

—(Inserted by his friends, Olive and  


POTTER.-In remembrance of Graham. A little token, true and tender, Just to show we still remember

—(Inserted by C. and L. Miller.)

POTTER.-In affectionate remembrance of Flight-Sergeant Graham. R.A.A.F., our nephew and cousin, who gave his life in air operations, October 3, 1943. -Memories

gild the past. (The Kemp family. Ring-


POWIS.-In proud and loving memory of William Henry (Set., R.A.A.F.). late of No. 10 Squadron, missing, air operations. Bay of Biscay, October 3- 1943- now Presumed dead. -We will always, remember you smiling. (Inserted by loving wife and son. David.)

WARD.--in ptoud and loving memory of   my dear husband and our father, VX30353

John J., who dled at Thailand. October 3.

We who loved you truly know

How much we lost three years ago.

—(Inserted by his loving wife, Alwyn, and

sons, John and Barrie.)

WARD.- í,sürfd ,an,d lovine memories of Xa &' y^30»?3'r,?e,tr£>1 Park' dear son-in-law of A nnd M. Pinkerton, died whlla P.O.W., bered ' °ctober 3' 19i3- -£ver remem WARD.-^In,rÄ^i?-<iryJ,orJ our brother and b?r Í JÄ V:S^E3' dled P-O.W.. on Octo

NeH^mid^famTly.^1'3 remTbwed * »«*..

WARD.- In , Proud . remembrance of \ jura«. Pte. John J.. loved brother-in-law "VA?,"*1 POW" October 37 1943:

BT?M" #e ".V05*! <* sacrifiée.

Within the silent grave.

AU£nS2nlr,?d?? taW J'ou ¿own to rest Among the honoured brave.

ANDERSON.--~?n toving memory of our Vn«. m,other. who passed away October 3,

«S.'* aîf? ?£r, HtheR- August 8, 1934. (In-

serted by their family.)


BEWLEY.-In loving memory of my dear husband, and our father, ana grandfather, Frank Emerson, died October 3, 1943. (In- serted by his loving wife, Florence, and family.)

CAMPBELL.-In loving memory of our mother, who passed away on October 3, 1942. -Always remembered. (Inserted by Eva, Grace, and Cliff.)

CARLAND.-In loving memory of my be- loved husband, and our dear father, Matthew James, who passed away September 29. 1943. -At rest. (Inserted by loving wife and


CHRISTIE. - In loving memory of my brother. George Barclay.

ELLIOTT.-In loving memory of my dear wife, and our mother, Grace Elliott. -Ever in our hearts. (Inserted by her husband

and family.)

FERRIER.-In loving memory of dear Alex, who died on October 2, 1943, as result of accident. (Inserted by his brother, David; sister-in-law. Phyllis; and niece,


GAYLARD.-In loving memory of our dear mother, who died October 3, 1943.

-Always in the thoughts of. her loving child-


HOLMES.-In loving memory of our dear Auntie Mill, who passed away October 3. 1944, Rt 423 Barker's road. Kew. -Loving memories. (Inserted by Doris, Alan, and Eileen Holmes.)

INGLETON.-in loving memory of Clarrie, beloved1 wife of the late W. G. Ingleton, and dearly loved sister of E. V Smith, 88 Yarra street. Geelong, who passed away on October 3, 1945. -Deeply regretted and

sadly missed.

INGLETON.-In loving memory of our dear Auntie Clarrie, who passed away on October 3. 1945. -Ever remembered. (Fred

and Mabel.)

KIHANG.-In loving memory of my dear mother Sabina, who passed away October 3.

1943 -Sweet rest.

LE JUGE.-In loving memory of my dear father, who passed away at Upwey on Octo- ber 3, 1945. -Treasured memories live for ever. (Inserted by his loving son and daughter. Ernie and Bella, and grandchil- dren, Bruce. Marge, and Alec.)

LE JUGE.-In fond memory of our dad, who passed away October 3. 1945.

We think of you In silence, dad, We often speak your name;

But all that is left to answer

Is your photo, in a frame.

-(Inserted by his loving daughter and son-in-law, Florrie ard Ted. and family.)

LEACH-VALLANCE.-In loving memory of mum, who passed away on October 10. 1942; and a dear sister, Rene, who passed away on October 3, 1943. (Inserted by Ann.)

LONG.-In loving memory of our dear sister. Bessie, who passed away October 3. 1944. -One we will never forget. (Inserted by her loving sisters and brothers. Lina, Rosa. Ormer, Annie, Harry, and Rene.)

MARRIOTT.- Leonard. Loving memories from us all.-E'en though it be a cross

that raiseth thee.

McLELLAN.-On October 3. 1945, at Morn,

ington, Jessie, devoted friend of Pratt family.

Memories they linger still;

A tear oft falls on memory's sill.

Some unfold sweet thoughts of old,

As past joys we yet behold with you, dear.

OLDIS.-In loving memory of Albert Hay dyn. dearly loved husband of Beatrice C, and devooted father of Norma, called to higher service October 3. 1933. -«till liv- ing, still loving, still ours.

POWER.-In loving memory of my dear mother, who passed away October 3, 1945. -Always in my thoughts. (Inserted by her loving son, Ernest.)

SHEARER.-In fond memory of our dear mother. Esther Emily, died October 3, 1945; also our beloved father, died January 15, 1945. -Fond memories. (Inserted by Cecil,

Rene, and Roy.)

SHEARER.-Loving memory of my pal and mother Esther, died October 3, 1945; also dad. David James, January 15, 1945. -Lov- ing thoughts. (Inserted by Rene-Mrs. Geo. Murphy-and family, Arthur's Creek.)

VALLANCE-LEACH.-Treasured memories of my dear sister. Rene; also dear old mum.

My eyes with tears do not glitter,

My face is not always ead.

But deep in my heart is a longing

For the two dearest pals I had. -(Inserted by Vic, Mentone.)

VALLANCE-LEACH.-A tribute of sacred memories to our dear mother, Ellen Leach, and sister, Irene Vallance.

When our hearts are bound in grief,

One sweet thought must bring relief; Those wo mourn are free from caro, Sorrow is a stranger there,

-(Inserted by those who loved them dearly, the McRae family.)

VIVIAN.-Loving memories of our dear sis- ter. Iris Mary, who departed this fife Octo-

ber 3, 1945.

Always patient, unselfish, and kind,

A beautiful memory she left behind. -

-(Inserted bv her loving sister and brother-in-law, A. and R. Hanlon.)

WEBSTER.- In loving memory of our darling daughter and sister. Tat, who passed away on October 3. 1944 -Not Just today, but every day, in silence we remember.

WENDT.-In loving memory of our dear sister, Meta, who passed away October 3.


Time passes, but memories stay, As near and dear as yesterday.

-(Inserted by her lovln£ Bisters and brothers. Harry, Adolph, Minn», Annie, and

Hilda.)_. ... ,


BOWMAN.-Mr. and Mrs. BOWMAN and daughter. Ruth, wish to- THANK all friends, relations, neighbours, and their children for floral tributes, telegrams, letters, cards, and personal expressions of sympathy during their recent sad and sudden loss of their only son. Ford. Would all please accept this as

personal expression of gratitude.

OAKLEY.-The Family of the late HELENA OAKLEY wish to THANK all kind friends and relations for their floral tributes, tele- grams, letters, cards of condolence, and personal expressions of sympathy in their recent sad bereavement. Will all please ac- cept this as a personal expression of our sincere gratitude. Raymond Island. Paynes-



ADENEY.-After service at 6t. Paul's Cathedral, Sale, THIS DAY (Thursday. Octo- ber 3), at 10 a.m.. the Funeral or the late ARCHDEACON ALLEN EDMUND ADENEY will leave for the Springvale Crematorium for service at 3 p.m.

C. H. UEBERGANG, Funeral Director, Sale. BRENSING.-The Funeral of the late Mr. ERNEST BRENSING will leave his late resi- dence at Nagambie at 3 P.m. THIS DAY for the Nagambie Cemetery.

R. O. PHIPPS, Nagambie._ DRUMMOND.-Requiem Mass foi- the re- pose of the sou! of the late Mr. GEORGE WILLIAM DRUMMOND will be celebrated at St Finbar's Church. Centre road, East Brighton. THIS DAY (Thursday) at 7 a.m.

Tlie Funeral will leave the church at 9.30 a.m. for the New Cheltenham Cemetery.

_TOBIN_jmOS.;_Melbourne, FJ1294._ DUNCAN (nee Peacock).-The Funeral of the late Mrs. FLORENCE DUNCAN will leave Taylor's chapel, 81 Heidelberg road. Ivanhoe. THIS DAY. after a service com- mencing at 11 a.m., lor the Warringal

Cemetery, Heidelberg.

_JE. TAYLOR & SON, Ivanhoe. JX1159.

EDWARDS.-The Funeral of the late Mrs. HARRIETT G. EDWARDS will leave her residence, 141 Creswick rd.. Ballarat, TO- MORROW (Friday), at 11 a.m., for the Bal- larat Old Cemetery.

F. W. BARNES Se SON, Ballarat. Phone 79. FORDE.-The Funeral of the late PETER ANTHONY FORDE will leave his parents* residence, ill Nelson rd., Box Hill, THIS DAY (Thursday), at 2 p.m., for the Box

Hill Cemetery

LE PINE_&_SON. JA1104, __

GAVEY,-The Funeral of the late" Miss MARY GAVEY will leave the Herbert King memorial chapel, 174 Lennox street, Rich- mond, THIS DAY. at 11 a.m.. for the St.

Kilda Cemetery.

HERBERT KING & SONS. Richmond. JA34G2._

GILLESPIE.-The Funeral of the late Mrs. CAROLINE ISABEL GILLESPIE will leave our chapel, 1217 High St., Malvern. TO- MORROW (Friday, October 4). after a ser- vice commencing at 10.46 a.m., for the Springvale Crematorium.

_DRAYTON &_GARSO£. __Ü1228._

HARE.-The Funeral of the lato Mrs. FLORENCE ELVIN HARE will leave her son's residence. Pakenham road. Gembrook, THIS DAY (Thursday. October 3). at 2.30 p.m.. for the Gembrook Cemetery.

JOSEPH ALLISON PTY. LTD,, 21 Cam- berwell rood, E.O. Phone WF7237. _

JOHNSON.-The Funeral of the late Mrs. ANNIE MAY JOHNSON will leave Sleight's funeral home, st. Kilda road. Melbourne, THIS DAY (Tnursday). after a service com-

mencing at 3.15 p.m.. for the Springvale


A. A. SLEIGHT PTY. LTD. Phone MX4626 (3_ lines)._

KENT.-The Funeral of the late Mr. HENRY KENT will leave 13 Brixton Rise. Glen Iris, TOMORROW (Friday), after e service at 10.45 a.m.. for the Brighton Gene-

ral Cemetery

_HENRY J. R. LEWIS. JA1066._

KILLINGSWORTH.-Tile Funeral of the late Mrs. MATILDA MARTHA KILLINGS- WORTH will leave the home of her son (Mr. R. Killingsworth). 249 Waverley road, East Malvern. THIS DAY (Thursday), at 2 p.m.. for the Melbourne General Ceme-

tery. Carlton.

R. MCKENZIE. South Melbourne. MX3107.


MACE.-The Funeral of the late Mrs. ELIZABETH JENNIE MACE will leave Sleight's funeral home, St. Kilda road, Melbourne. TOMORROW (Friday), after a service commencing at 10.15 a.m. for the Springvale Crematorium.

A. A. SLEIGHT PTY. LTD, Phone MX4626

(3 lines).

McLEOD.-The Funeral of the late Mr. ARCHIBALD McLEOD will leave his home 7 Foote street. Albert Park. THIS DAY {Thursday), at 11 a.m.. for the Preston

R! MCKENZIE. South Melbourne. MX3107.

McWILLIAM.—The Funeral of the late Mrs. MARGARET McWILLIAM will leave 1001 Rippon street, Ballarat, THIS DAY (Thursday) at 3.30 p.m., for the Ballarat

New Cemetery.

F. W. BARNES & SON. Ballarat. Phone 79.  

MOONEY.-Tile Funeral of the late SARAH ANN MOONEY will leave her residence at Cobaw for the Lancefield Cemetery at 2 p.m. THIS DAY (Thursday).

W. A. RAYNER. Undertaker, Kyneton._ NICHOLSON.-The Funeral of the late Mr. ROBINSON (Bob) NICHOLSON will leave his residence, 92 Severn street. Box Hill. TOMORROW (Fridav). at the con- clusion of a sen-ice commencing at 11.15 a.m.. for the Box Hill Cemetery.

A. W. PADBURY & Co., Box Hill. WX2714. _.

PATERSON.-The Funeral of the late ARTHUR B. PATERSON will leave his resi- dence, 31 Albany road. Toorak. THIS DAY (Thursday), after a service commencing at 2.15 p.m., for the Melbourne General Ceme-

tery, Carlton.

A. A. SLEIGHT PTY. LTD.. St. Kilda road. Melbourne, Phone MX4G2G (3 lines).

SMALE.-The Funeral of the late Mrs. NELLIE SMALE will leave the Church of England, Charlton, TOMORROW (Friday), after a service commencing at 11 a.m., for the Charlton Cemetery.

LE PINE & SON. JA1104.

SUTHERLAND.-The Funeral of the late Mrs. BETTIE V. SUTHERLAND will leave 14 Hartwell Hill road, Camberwell (Hart- well). THIS DAY (Thursday), at 3.30 p.m., for the Box Hill Cemetery.


TALLACKSON.-The Funeral of the late THOMAS GEORGE TALLACKSON will leave R. Robson's parlours. Brunswick street. Noith Fitzroy, THIS DAY. at 2 p.m.. for the Melbourne General Cemetery, Carlton.

R. ROBSON. JW2345.

TREE.-The Funeral of the late Mr. TRNEST JOSHUA TREE will leave 7 Boston avenue. East Malvern. THIS DAY (Thurs-

day), at 3.30. for the Springvale Crema-


B. MATTHEWS PTY. LTD. Windsor 66.

WHITE.-The Funeral of the late Mr. HARRY OWEN WHITE, ex-M.L.A., Will leave our parlours. 678 Mt Alexander rd., Moonee Ponds. TOMORROW (Friday), at 2 p.m., for the Melbourne Crematorium, Fawkner.


(2 lines).

WITT.-The Funeral of the late RITA MAVIS WITT will leave her residence. 3 White st., Coburg, TOMORROW (Friday), at 11 a.m.. for the Fawkner Cemetery.

R. B. PENN, .Coburg. FL1475.