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Determination and stamina, which have saved Sandringham so

many times this season, gave them their first VFA pre- miership after a thrilling struggle with Camberwell on


SANDRINGHAM . 2.2 9.7 11.10 14.15 (99) CAMBERWELL . 6.7 6.9 11.12 13.14 (92) Once again Sandringham came from behind in the last few minutes. Led by Len Toyne, captain-coach, they' staged a whirlwind finish to win a game which until then ap- peared safe for Camberwell. Their speed and will to win inspired the crowd as in earlier second-round matches, and again their players were chaired off the ground by de- lighted supporters.

Against Williamstown in the pre- liminary final Sandringham domin- ated the last quarter to make up their leeway, but on Saturday were beaten by Camberwell for most of the last term. It was only in the last 10 minutes that they took con- trol, and the crowd cheered as their brilliant play gradually took them


Story of Success

Sandringham's rise from one of the VFA's weakest clubs to premiers is the Association's greatest story of success. They began the season de- termined to build a young and in- experienced team into a good side for 1947 or 1948, but did not expect to win many matches. Enthusiasm and individual brilliance overcame inexperience, however, and even- tually took them into the four. Even then it was not until fairly late in the season that the club began to have premiership hopes.

Camberwell were the unlucky team of the year. They played good foot- ball, and their position at the head of the premiership list was never seriously challenged. They were by

no means disgraced on Saturday, for

no team could have withstood the   power of Sandringham's final effort.   Attendance was 30,000 and the tak- ings £2,316. Aggregate totals of 88,000 and £6,635 are just short of a record figure.

Camberwell Inaccurate

Inaccuracy and failure to drive home attacks in the first quarter probably cost Camberwell the match. They looked the better side and led well at quarter-time, but their ad- vantage should have been greater. Sandringham recovered in the second, and, with Anders giving them a great drive from the centre, began an incessant attack. Their players still had a tendency to hold the ball too long and overdo short passing, but their handling and kick-

ing improved greatly, and they went  

to the front

Camberwell fought hard in the third, but, although they again took the lead, Sandringham's stubborn de- fenders stopped them from gaining control. At the beginning of the last quarter, however, Camberwell played splendidly, and their speed and understanding made the game seem safe. Sandringham were badly   rattled, but when Toyne went on to the ball he steadied his men and led them in their winning burst.

Best: Sandringham: Anders, Toyne, Laver, Parker, Bencraft. Lowry, Evans, Collins. Camberwell: Bradford, Boyall, Collier, McIvor, Naismith, Oliver, Finn.

Goals: Sandringham: Brokenshire (4), Lowry (4), Parker (2), Bencraft (2), Pole, Holmes. Camberwell: Bond (3), Oliver (2), Herbert (2), Shields (2), Collier, Boyall, Bristowe, Bradford.