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The Junior Public Examination for the   year 1918 was held on the 18th November last and following days. The number of entries received for the examination was 1165, Of these, 26 sat for commercial certificates only; 13 sat for the examina- tion for Public Service purposes in a selection of subjects not sufficient to cover the requirements for junior certificates; and 10 did not sit. The actual number taking the examination for the purpose of obtaining junior certificates was therefore 1116. Of this number, 600 or 63.7 per cent, have succeeded in gaining certificates. Last year only 48 per cent of the candidates passed. The examination was held at Brisbane and at   28 other centres throughout Queensland. For the purpose of the award of junior certificates, the subjects of the examina- tion are grouped as follows:— Group I. English, French, German, Latin, and Greek. Group 11. Arithmetic, algebra, and geometry. Group 111. His- tory, geography, chemistry, and physics.   Group IV. Geology, botany, and physiology. Group V. Geometrical drawing and perspective, freehand draw- ing, and music.     In order to qualify for a certificate a candidate must pass in at least five sub- jects, which must include—(a) Not less   than one subject from Group I.; (b) not less than one subject from Group II.; (c) not more than one subject from Group IV. and V. taken together. In the following detailed results of the successful candidates which were made available yesterday the several subjects are represented by numerals as follows:— (1) English, (2) French, (3) German, (4) Latin, (5) Greek, (6) arithmetic, (7) Algebra, (8) geometry, (9) English history, (10) geography, (11) chemistry, (12) physics, (13) geology. (14) botany, (15) physiology, (16) freehand drawing, (17) geometrical drawing and perspective, (18) music. BRISBANE CENTRE. ALL HALLOWS' CONVENT. Bath, Lily K., IP, iil, «U, 7M, lOP, 18M. Beirne, Mary R., IP, 2P, 7P, BP, OP, 16P, ISP. Brand, Eileen, IP, tP, 7P, BP, 18U. Bran.iis, Grace, IP, 2P, 4P, «P, 7P, BP, 9P, 16P, ISM. Brosnan, Sllvcrius, IP, 2P, 6P, 7P, SP, UP, 18M. rumiMiiijr, Hita, IP, 2P, 4P, 6P, 7P, 16P, 18P. Daly, Kathleen, IP, "2P, OP, 7P, 9P, lOP. JClHott, Monica, IM, 2P, 4P, 6P, 7P, BP, PP. 15P. ISM. Flanagan, Ada L., IP, 2P, CP, 7P, BP, OP, 18P. Ford, uosephloe, IP. 2M, JP, 6P, TP, BP, 9P, lOP. Fox, Kathleen A., IP, 2P, OP, 7P, OP, lOP. Hynes, Agnes, IP, ?P, 4P, 6P, 7P, BP, 9P. Keenan, Cecilia A., IP, 2P/6P, 7P, 9P, lOP. -Martin, Helen D. H., IM, 2P, BP, 7P. OP, 2OP. M«rt«reon. Alma L., IP, 2M. 4P, 6M, 711, BP. 9P, lOP, ISP. Waiterson, Eileen, IP, 2P, 4P, 6P, 7P, BP, 15P, ISP. H'C^ffrey, Jem, IP, 2P, 6P, 7P, 18P. M'Donnell, Evelyn, IP, 2P, CP, 7P, BP. Parkiiwon, Olga A., IP, 2P, 7M, BP, lOP, 16P^ Vcn Plocnnles, Hildcgunde, IP, 2P, 6P, 7P, 9P,. Quiiiti'n, Ivj', IP, 2P, «P, 7P, 18P. Ryan, AnasUtla M., 2P, BP, 9P, lOP, 18P. Shannon, Cecily J., IP, 2P, 4P, 7P, BP, 9P, 19M. . Shannon, Annie L, IM, 2M, BP. 7P, OP, lOP. BOYS' GRAMMAR SCHOOL. Adamson, Robert, "^P, 6P, 7P. MOP, 33P, 15P. Bcnr, Alfred G., IM. 2M, 4M, 6M, 7M, BP, 9P, lOP, lIP. 12P, Bettenay, Eric G., IP, 2M, 4M, 7P, 9P, 10M, 13P, 15P. Brown, Arthur M., IP, £P, 6P. 7P. lOP, lIP, 12P. Burge, Thomas J., IP, 2P, 4P, 6M, 7P, 9P. :OR. CnrsJn, Robert W., IP,, 2P, 7P, SP, OP, ]OP. Clark, Albert, 2P, 4M, 6M, 7M, BP, lIP, 12P. Cowdrv, WillUm A. R., 2P, 6P, TV. 10M. 13P, 16M. Crellin, Walter 11. G., 2P, 6P, 7M, SP, lIP, 12P. Dent, John C. A., ll*. «P, 9P, lOP, lIP, 12P. Dillon, Ceorge M., IP,. OP, 7P, lOP, lIP, 12P. Douglas. George A., IF, OP, 9P, lOP, lIP. Dunrtan, Donald R., 11', 2P, «M, 7M, lOP, 13P. East, Alan R., IP, 2P, PP, 7P, BP. PP, HP, 12P. Fielding, Noel A, IP, CP, 7P, lOP, lIP, 12P. Fison, Kdward 0., 2P. 6P, 9P, lOP, lIP, 12P. Oaydon, Stanley N., IP, 2P, 7P, SP, 9P, KP. Olelis leopakl, IP, 2P, 4P, CM, 7P, BP, 10P, 11M, 12P. Olaasop. Montague G., IP, 2P, 6P, 7P, BP, 9P, ICP, lip, 18P, 17M. Gole, Victor 1... JP, 7P, .PP, lOP, lIP. Grler, George C, IP, 2P, 4P, 6P, 7P, 9P, lOP, lIP, 12P. Ourney, Walter H., IP, 6P. 9P. lOP, lIP, 12P. Hales, Francis N., IP, 2P, 6M, 7P, OP, luP, 11M, 12P. Harper, Kric T., IP, 6P, 7P, 9P, 10M, lIP, 12P. Hayne, Williura M., IM, 2P, 4P, OP, 7P, lOP, 12P. Hollywood, I^slie J., IP, 4P, OP, 7P, HP. Hooper, Richard C, IP, IP, CM, 7M, BP, lIP, 12P.. Irvine, Oiarles If., 2P, 4P, 6P, 7P, BP, lOP. Jsduon, Edrin R., IM, 2M, 4M, 6M, 6P, OP, lOP. Johns, Harry W., IP, CP, 9P, lOP, lIP, 12P. Kropp, Norman K., IP, 2P, 6P, 7P, SP. Jueyow, Edward W., IP, 2P, 4P, CM, 7P, BP, 9P, lOP, 13M, 15P. Juakins, Jack M., IP, 2P. 6P, OP, ISM, 16M, 17M. Keefer, Emert F., IP, 2P, 4P, OM, 7P, OP. Keen, diaries S., IP, 2M, 4P, CP, 7P, 12P. Ixniff, Stanley C, IP, 6P, 7P, 9P, lOP, 12P. Love, Harold R., IM, 2M, 4M, 6M| 7P, BP, OP. lOP, 11M.02P. Lovtlock, Noel E., IP, 6P, 9P, lOP, 16P. M'Lutkie. Alexander W., tP, 4P, 6P, 7P, lOP, lIP. 12P. M'Ohie, Leslie S., IP, 69, 7M, SP, lOP, UP, Hozey, Alan «., IP, «P, 9P, lOP, lIP. lIP. Muller, Reginald H., IP, 2P, «P, 7P, BM. Nteklin, Junes. U... 2P, 6P t 7P, BP, lIP, 12P, vSSi, William «., IP, 2P, 4P. TP, «P, 9?, lOP, lIP. Pe«, Ernest S., IP, «P, 7P, 9P, JOP, lIP. Pet&, Ronald 0., IP, 2P, 4P, 6P, ,7P. BP, 9P, JftP. 35T. Plackrose, Henry O, IV, 2P, 6M, TP, BP, «P, lOP, lIP, 12P, J7P. . — PuMar, Vktor J., IP, 7P, lOP, 12P, HP. .... \

Sunder* Leslie ?., IP, SP, 7P, BP, fiP, 10P, 15P. 16P. 17P. B*itb, Ralph A., IP, 4P, «P. lOP, lIP, 12P. Summenon, Dudley E., Uf, 211, 4M, 6M, 6P, 7P, 9P. IOIT. Walsh, Harold D., IP, 2P, *P, CP, 7P, lIP, WL . Watson, Rowland 8., IP, 6P, 9P, lOP, 13P, 15P. Wheeler, HUrold, 2P, *P, «P, 7P, lOP, HP, 12P. Whitfield, George J., IP, 2P, 4P, «P, 7P, 9P, IOM. Witfaam. Ronald N., IP, 4P, 7P, OP. 10P. Witake, Erneit G.. IM, 2P, 6P, 7P, BP, 9P, XOP, lIP, 12M. BOW CENTRAL STATE SCHOOL* Faulkner, Alfred D., IP, 2P, 4P, OU, 7M, BP, 10P. Henderson, Archibald K^ IP, «P, 7P, BP, OP, IOP. Roeraarmann, Erie 0., IP, 4P, 6P, 7P, 10P, ISP. Binnamon, Arthur E., IP, 6P, 7P, BP, 10P. Smith, Percy M\, IP. «P. 7P, BP, 9P. GIRLS' CENTRAL STATE SCHOOL. Arthur, Aileen K., IP, 2P, «P, 7P, 9P, lOP, 15P. Clarke, Gertrude 1., IP, 2P, 6P, 9P, 10P. Dunstan, Marie F., IP, 2P, OP, 7P, 9P, lOP, 15M. Hotfitt, Myrtle A., IP. 2P, 6P, 7P, 9M, lOP, IoP. 16P. VFarlane, Margaret A., IP, 2P, 6P, 7P, 10P, 16P, 16P. Miller, Janet, IP, 2P, 6P, ?P, 10P, 15P. : Newell, Dorothy G., IP, 2P, 611, 7P, 10P. Hlkington, Adeline P., IP, 2P> eP, 7P, OP 15P Slaughter; Eunice F.. IP, 6P, 7P, BP, 1«P. CENTRAL TECHNICAL COLLEGE. Blggi, Thomas J., IP, 2P, 7P, BP, 9P, lOP, ICM Braid, Dorta, IP, 2P, 6P, 7P, BP, UP, l«p. tflliott, Clifford W., IP, 2P, «P, 7p! BP, ?P, 10P, 12P, 16P. 17P. ' ' ' Kerrison, Walter J. E., IP, 2P, CP, 7P, BP, 12P, Rush,'Laurel H., IP, 2P, 7P, 10P, 14P, 1«M. Turton, Leonard S., IP, 7P, BP, 9P, 10P, 16P, Webster, Cyril C, IP, 2P, 71', BP. 9P, 12P, 17P. Buckham, Laurence F., IP, 6F, 7P, SP, 12P, 16P, UarrUa, Archibald 8., IP, 2P, 6P, 7M, gp, IOP, Digby, Dorothy S., IM, 2P, 4P, 7P, BP, 9P, 10P, 14P. ' Cochrane, Ernest L., IP, 2P, 4P, «P, 9P. IOP Fahy, John D., IP, 2M, 4P, 6P, 7P, SP, fIP IOP Foott, Thomas H. 8., IP, 2P, 4P, 6P, 7P, op! lOP, 12P. - ' Elinffham, Dorothy N., IP, 4P, 6P, 7P, «P, 9P,, Hio??i4P ftw * A" 1P * IP§ **' '**• w? 8P« Jack,' Jecsie 0., IP, 4P, 7P, 9P, 10P, Mp. Lorenz, Linda L., IP, SP, 4P, «P, 7P % Sp.1" *" IM> 2P ' 4M ' 6P * "*' 8P? *• Jeffery, Norman W. A., IP, «p, 7P, O p, 10P, 1?P. Jenningt, Georgt, IP, «P, 7P, BP, 9P, 16P. "wpfwP.^P* ?' v ' 2P ' rf * 7P * 8P ' 1QP ' Walker, William P., IP, «M, 7M. BP, 9P, lOP, vsp%m?mpV lp 'Wi "•7JI ' *• *• **> Nollef, Dorit K.. IP, 2M, 6P, gp, iop i«p Jessop. Cyril It, IP, CM, 9P, IQM, 12M. ' Tonks, Rolph H., IP, 2P r 7P, BP. 10P 12P Born. Lttty A., 1?, 2P, 6V, 7P, BP. 9P.10P, ■BtWty^t *.. IP. 2P. 7P, BP. 9P, lOP, Cocks, Ivor J., IP, €P, 7P, BP, 9P, lOP "2P Ciopeh"p Rm> L" 1P * 2P> *p> 7P>< *p * *9IV Cur/ie. John S.W., IP, 6P, 7P, 9P. lOP, 12P Driver, Eugene, IM, SP, 6P. 9P, lOP.' ' Gate, "e: 8., IP, «P, 7P, BP, lOP, 12P, 16M. Hebden, Zlta S. R., IP, 2P, 7P, BP. 9P, IOP, 16M. Hilton. Rotert J., IP, 2P, «P. 7P, BP. OP. Hansen, Le?:,? 11., IP, 2P, «jf, 7P. SP, 9P, lOf, 15.V, 16P, 17P. Swart, Elizabeth U. t IP, 4P, 7P. BP, 9P Rei?, Albert A., IP, 2P, 4P. 6P. 7P. SP. iP. Roper, Violet H.. IP, 2P, 4P, "6P, 7P. 9P, JOP, Walker. William H., IP," 2P, 4P, <W, 7P, "P, ?r. lOP, 12P. Bennett, Mary, IP, 2P. 4P, 7P, 9P. UJI. Harris, Bernard A., 4P, 8P OP. lOP, 12P. Knight, Htrbert H., IP, 4P, «M. 7P, BP, ?P, lOP, ]2P. Croham. D<uglss F., :P, 4P, 7P, BP', OP. lOP, ' 12P. 16P. Campbell, Flora M., IP. 2P, 4P, fiP, 7P. SP, ?P, lOP, l>p. Grant,'May.'IP, BP. 6P, 9P, lOP. CHItIST.AN BROTtIKUS' COLLEOfi (GREGORY TEB"-VCE). ' Bonbam, Henry J., sr, «t\ €P. 7P, SP. . Cardno, Gerald F., IP, 2P,- 4P, -«M, 7P, 611, OP. lOP. 12P. 16P, 17P. Calhaiio. Cordon E., IP, 2P, OP, 7P, SP. Cotter, Daniel F.-actii, IP, 6P, 7P; BP, «P. Dwhon, Edwurd i., IP, 7P, BP, 10P, 1«P, 17P. Doherty, John J., IP, 2P, 4P, 6P, 7P, SP, t?P, Flanagan, Sylvester J., IP, 2P. 4P. 6P,- 7P, SM, 9P, lOP, 12P, 17P. Cladwin, Thomas R., 11', 2P, 4P, 6P, 7P, 6JJ, ?P, 12P, 1«P 17P. Keane, John F., IP, 2P, 4P, 7M, BP. 9P. Merritt, Edward P., IP, 2P, 4P. «M, 7P, BP, 9P. 17P. Murphy, Mlohael P., IP, 2P, 4P, 7P, SP. M'Cormack, Kevin J., .", BP, «P, JP, BP, rp, lOP, 17P. 0 Sullivan, Thomas K.. 2P. eP, 7P, SP, 9P, 17P- Sheehy, Thomas A., IP, «P, 7P, BM. 9P, -OP, 12P. 17P. Taylor, Edmund, IP, «P, 7P, 6P, 16P. CHURCH OF ENGLAND GRAMMAR SCHOOL. Biggs. Thomas R., IP, 2P, 4P, 7P, BP, 9P. -Green, Wyadham E., iP. «P, 7P. BP, HP. Touwg, Robert D., IP. 'P. OP, BP, 12P. CITY COACHING SCHOOL. Orealy, Vincent W., IP, 2P, flp, 7P, BP, P. - CriAIOAR.) SCHOOL. Macdonald, Linda L., IP, 2P, 6P, OP, 14P, lftM. GIRLS' GRAVJUR SCHOOL. Bristow, tdith S., IP, 2P, «P, 7P. 6P, 9P, UP, ICP. Brown, Isat:l M., IM, 2P, 4P, 6P, 7P, BP, («M, 15M. Carr. Beryl P., IP, 2P, 4P, 6P. 7P. lOP, 14P, 16P. Campbell, Elaie L., IP, 6P, 7P, lOP, 14P, ISP. Campbell-Brown, Kathleen M. J., IP, 2P, AM, SM. BP, 7P. CP, 9P, 15M. 16P. Davia, Eva, IP, 2P, 4P. 6P, 7P, SP, lOP, 14P, 1«P. Deacon, Ethel 8., IP, 2P, «P, 7P. ?P, lOP, Draney, Vera E., IP, «P, 7P, 9P, lOP, HP, 1«P. Fleming. Dorothy A., IP, iP, 4P. SP, 7P,: 15P. Francis, Phyllis K., IP, 2P, 6P, 7P, 8P; PP, lOP, I*M. WP. Gillies, Joan E., IM, 2P, 4P, «P, 7P, SP, «T, 16M. Howlett, Dorfe, IM, 2P, 4U, 6P, 7P, BP, 10M, 1?1I. ICP. IrTine. Irene 8., IP. 2P. 4P. 7P. CP, lOP, 14P. Judius, Fanny, 2P, OP, 7P. 9P, UP. Kerr, Lilian A., IP, 2P, «P, 7P, 9P, lOP. 14P. Lanir.-Doris C, IP, 4p, 7P, BP, 10P, 15M, 16P. Lowther, Phyllis M., IP, 2P r 4P, 7P, BP, 9P, • lOP, 16M, lOP. . . MiDonngb, Patricia, IP, 7P, BP, OP, lOP, ISV, 16P. Monkhouse. Amy L., IP, 2P, 4P, 7P, MP,

Oxnam, Winnifred A.. IP, 2P, #P, W, BP, 10P, 14P, ICP. .???., t Podmore, Isabel 8., IP, 2P, CP, 7P, OP, 10P, 14P, ICP. Robson, Margaret K., IP, OP, 7P, OP. 10P, 14P. Bimpson, Ivy 11. K., IP, 4P, CP, 7P, 10P. 10P. Spurgin, Gladys K R tf IM, 2P, iP, 6M, CP> 7P, BP, 9P, 15M. * Stephenson, Mary, IP, 2P, 4P, CP. 7P, BP. OP, IOP, 14P. Trud?lan, May J. M., IP, 2P. 4P, CP, 7P« OP. IW. - Twine, Vivienne A., IP, 6>, 7P, OP. UP. ICP. BRISBANE lUGH SCHOOL FOR GIRLS. Corrie, Mary A. 8., IP, 2P, CP. 7P, OP. 10P, 18P. Hutchison, Kenneth, 2P, CP, 7P, 10P. ICP. MacDonnell, Nancy A.. 2P. OM, 7P, OP, 10P. Morrison, Louisa M. A., IP. 4P, 7P, BP, 15P. Rankin, Frances A., IP, 6P, 7P, BP, 10P. Sponce, Heather G., IP, 2P, 4P, CP, 7P r BP, OP, 10P. 18M. ST. LAURENCE'S CHRISTIAN BROTHERS. Finn, Thomas J., IP, 4P, CP, 7P, 10P. Fry, Thomas P., IP, 2P, 4P, 6M, 7M, BP, OP, ' MM, 12P. Grant, Edward V., IP, 4P, CP, 7M, BP. Jones, Victor 8., U?,'2M, 4P, CP, 7P, BP, OP, 10P. x . Jost, Funds P., IP, 2P, 4P, CM, 7M. BM, OP, 10P. M'Cormack, Edmund, IP, 4P. CM, 7P, BM. Nolan, Francis V., 2P, 7P. BP, OP. 10P. Patteson. Jamrs N., IP, 2P. 4P, 7P, BP, OP. 10P. Ryan, William E.. IP, 2P, 4P, CP, 7P, BP, OP, 10P. Russell, Francis J., IP, 2P, 4P, 7P, BP, OP, Shearer, Lawrence M., IP, 2P, 4P. CP, BP, OP, 10P. Stansfield. Alan G., IP. 2P, BP, OP, 10P. Tidev, Leo T., IP, CP. 7?. BP. "OP, 10P. Woodward. John H., 2P, 4P.'CP, 7P, OP, 10P. ST. MARGARET'S CHURCH OF ENGLAND, SCHOOL. ALBION. Bradford, Eileen 1., IM, 2P, 7P, OP, 15P. Underwood, En.'d C, IM, 2P, 4P, SP, 7P, BP, 931, .18M. PRIVATE STUDY. Carmichael, Annie M., IP. CP, 7P, 10P, 15P. Riethmuller, Francis L., 1P. 2M. 3M. 4P. 6M. 7P. BUNDABERG CENTRE. CONVENT HIGH SCHOOL. Hector, Katie, IP, 2P, OP, 7M, BP, 10M, 18M. STATE HIGH BCHOOL. Brady. Irene F.. IM. 2P, 7P, OP. 10P. Brooks, Frances 0., IP, 2P. CP. 7M, BP, OP. 12P. Brown, Esther M., IP. 2P, OP, 7P. BP, OP. 10M, 12M. Dobbo, George, IP. 2P. 4P, 6P, 7P, BP, OP. 10P. 12P. Heathwood. Lewis W., IP. 2P, 4P. CP. 7P, BP, OP, 10M, 12M. Ricks, Lttltix A., IP, 2P, CP, 7M, BP, 10P, 12P. Keiscr, Irene F., 2P, 4P, CP, 7P, BP, 10P. Rackemann, Friedricke E,, IP, 2P, iP, CP. 7P, BP, 10P, 12P. Rollston, Grace £„ IP, 2P, CP, 731, BP. CP, 10P. • Rowe, Patience H., IP, 2T, 4P. CP, 7P, BP, CP, 10P, 12P. Bmitt, Herbert P., IP, 2P, CP. 7M, BP, OP, 10M, 12P. Bteele, Victor H., 2P. CP, 7P, 831, OP, 10M, 12P. Stevenson, Dorothy M., 2P, CP. 7P, BP, OP. Totten, Elsie M., IP, 2P, 7P, BP, OP, 12P. PRIVATE STUDY. I Butler, Bertha L., IP, SM, CM, OM, IOP. CAIR*NB CENTRE, : , STATE HIGH SCHOOL. DavSes. Jamw M., IP, 2P, 4P, CP, 7P, 0P r 10P, 12P. 16P. > Dearnaley, Margaret W.. 2P, 4P, CP, 7P. BP, OP, 17P. Frankling, Roy E., 2P, 4P, CP, 7P, BP, OP, 10P, 12P, i:i\ 17P. J Gulling. May, IP, 4P, OP, 7M, BP, ICP, 17P. Gelling. Richard E. K., IP, 2P,* 4P, 7P, SP, 9P, 10M, 12P, 10P,, l'.M. Monties, John C. IP, 2P, 4P, CP, 7P. BP, OP, 10P, 12P, 17P. Royal. Helen, 2P, 4P, 7P, BP, 17P. •fills. Olive. IP. 7P, W. 10P, 1?P. CHARTERB TOVVERB CENTRK. MT. CARMEL COLLEGE. Btnoett, Arthur J. D.. IP, 4P, 7P. SP, OP, 10P, l&M. Burke, I'rancis E., IP, 2P, 4P, CP. 7PJ.OP. Harrington. Vincent P., IP, 2P, 4P, OMf 7P, SM, OP, 10^, 12P, 16P. 17P. M-Carthy^jiui?k 8., 4P, CP, 7P, BP, OP, 10P. Uillt, Percy B.? IP, 2P, 4M, fiM, 7M, BP, OP, 10P 12P. liumo-, Robert U., tP, 4P, CP, 7M, BP. OP, XW, 15P, 17P. ?"Hasan, Oarljle T., IP, 2P, 4P, 6P. 7P, BP, OP, iOP. VIP. ISP. Bellars. Aiexitnder C, IP, 4P, 6M, 7P ( BP. OP, lOP, 12P. 17P. Bertorl. Jo««ph L., 4P, CP, BP, OP, I<H?. SUnton. Jamci D., IP, iP. 4P, OP, BP, OP, * lOP, 12P. Tooroa, Sam.. IP, 4P, CM, 7P, SP, OP. 10M, UP. WiUoh, Edward A., IP, SP, 4P, CH, 7P. BP, OP 10P. Wilson, George A., 2P. 4P, CM, 7P, BP, <?, lOP, 12P. l&M. STATE HIGH SCHOOL. Ayers. Gladyi P., JP. 61\ 7P, BP, OP. lOP, in. Clark, George F., 2P, iP, CP, 7P, BP, OP, lOP, 12M. Eddy, Ivy M., IP, 4P, OP, 7P. BP, OP, lOP, liM. Fjces-CHnton, Geoffrey N., IP, CP, 7P, BP, ,9f, lOP. 12M. Hughe*, U«lie A.. IP, SP, 7P, BP, OP, lOP. :?M. Johniton. WUliam W., IP, 2P, 7P, BP, OP, 10P, 12M. Lewis, Eluned M., IP, 2P, 4P, 7P, BP, 12P. .Mason, Percival A.. 2P, 4P, OP. 7P, :*M. Powell, Percy W. F., :P, €P< OP, 10M, I2P. • Row, Caroline M., IP, 2P, 7P, BP, OP, lOP. Waddle, Hubert E.. 2P. CP. 7P. BP, lOP, MM. ST. MARY'S CONVENT. Johnston, Ruby E., IP, 6P, OP, lOP. 14P. Uyshon, Jeanet(e L. M., IP, 2P, «P, 7P. OP, 10P. ISM. CHILDERB CENTRE. STATE HIGH SCHOOL. Dittmer. Felix 0. 8., IP, 2P, 4P, CM, 7P. SP, OP, lOP. 14P. Ptoey, rergus^T. D.. IP,- 4P.-CP, 7P, BP. iOP, "^ " DALBY CENTRE. ' [ STATE HIGH SCHOOL. ( Baxter, AHq«, IP. 4P, 7P/BP, OP, lOP, 16P. : Coker, Albert H., 2P.CP.SP, OP, lOP, ISP; Coraben, Matii M., IP, SP, 7P, OP, lOP. Croncn, Edna M., 2P, OP. 7P, BP, lOP, 15P. Duiwhea, Brenda M., IPJ 2P. 4P, CP, 7P, W, OP IUM 17P. M'Dl'armid, Alexander W., 2P, W, ?P, BP. lOP, i.n?; Pamplinff, Maud L. 2P, OP, 7P, OP. IOP. Rom. Agnes M.? 2P. 4P. CP. 7P. *V, lOP. GATTON CENTRE. STATE HIGH SCHOOL. Bailey. Isabella, 1P, 2P, 4P, 6P, 7P, 8BP, 9P, 10P, 12P.     Caffery, Katharine, 1P, 2P, 4P, 8P, 10P. Dowlas, Morton H.. 1I?, 4r, CP, ,7P, BP, OP, 10M, UM. • Hickey. Michael 8., IP, *P, 4P, CP, 7P, BP, QP, ioy. up. HUI, Herbert H., IP, C^. 7P, SP, OP, lil?. Hint, France* M., 131, *P, CP, 7P, IP, OP. Irwtn, Evangdine M.. IP, if, if, 7P, lOP.

Mile* Glendon.L., IP, 4P, «& ?P, BP, OM, 10P, ,12P. . O'Plynn. Joieflhlnt U., IP, 4P,'7P, OP, 10P. . Pitt, Frances D., IP, 2P, 4P, 7P, DP, 10P. Woolf, Priscilla, IP. 2P, 4P, 6P, 7P, OP, 10M. GYMPIE CENTRE. ■ . CHRISTIAN BROTHERS' COLLEGE. Arnel), Oharlea 8., IP, 2P, 4P, 6P, 7P, BM, OP, OOP. Bath, Matthew T., IP, 2P, 4P, CM, 7P, BM, lOP. Dunlea, Colin P., IP, 4P. 6P, 7P, BP, 10P. Goldburg, Frank H., IP, 2P, 7P, BP, OP, IOP. King, Daniel, IP, 2P, 4P, CM, 7M, BM, 6P, 10P. Moynihan, Vincent T., IP, 2P. 6P, 7P. BP, ?P. Muhldortf, Cyril R., IP, 2P, 4P, «M, 7P? BM, .9P, IQP, %eat«ni, Erio L., IP, 2P, IP, 6P, 7M, Btf, OP, BTATE HIGH SCHOOL. Baraon, John A., 4P, CM, 7P, BP, lOP. Bauer, Fred A., IP, *p, 4M, CM, 7P, BP, lOP, Brown, Andrew W., IP, 4P, «P, 7P, OP, 10P. Davey, William Hr, IP, 2P, 4P, 7P, BP, lIP. Dee^ Helena Jtf., IP, 2P, 4P, 6P, 7P, BP, OP, Jamie, Alice. M., 2P, 4P, CP, 7M, BP. Jobling, John Y., IP, 2P, «M, 6P, 7P, BP, OP, Kemp, Leslie W., IP, 2P, 4P, CM, 7P, BP, OP, Hughes, Dorothy E., IP, 4P, 6P, 7P, BP. >Leslie. Fraser J., 4P, 6P, 7P, BP, OP, 10P, lIP. M'Cormaek, Elsie, IP, 4P, (01, 7P, BP, OP, 10P. Mulholland, Jack, 2P, 4M, 6P, 73*, BV, HP. Nash, Colin J. K IP, 2P, 4P, 6P, 7M, BP, OP, ICP, Ontoii, Agatha If., IM, 2P, 4P, OP, 7P, BP, OP, lOP. Onton, Walter, IP, 2P, 411, «P, 7P, BP, SP, ' BT.' PATRICK'S RTGH SCHOOL. Arnell, Ruby, IP, 2P, 6M, CP, 10P. Connolly, Marie, IP, 2J>. 7P, SP, 15P Jackson, Phyllifc. IP, 2P, 4P, 6P, OP.'IOP. King, Beryl, IP, <P, 6P, 7P, BP, OP, lOP. Sbanahan, Nora, IP, 2M, CP, 7P, 18P. HERBERTON CENTRE. STATE HIGH SCHOOL. Blmrose, Ethel May, IS, «P, 7P, BP, 16P O HUQHENDEN CENTRE. ST. FRANCIS'S CONVENT. Gallagher, Jack S., 2P. 6P. 7r, OP, 10P. IPBWICH CENTRE. * BOYS' GRAMMAR SCHOOL. Edward*, Edwin M., IP, 4P, Oil, 7P, gp, opf F™J* ffi IP. 2P, 6P, 7P, BP. OP, IOP. JUI, Hammermeitter, Albert C, IP, 2P, *p en. tu' «M, OP. 10P. 11U, 12M, lftP. * * ' "iS-Tuft'i&? A<>< **' tf * 6Pt 7P ' BPt ?*' Henderson, Jack H. 8., 2P, BP, OP, 1011, 10P. Isa-.cs, Simeon E., IP, 2P, 6P, OP, IOP, UP Lewis, David H., lfc, 2P, 4P, OP, 7P, BP. *!>P. lOP, lIP. "^ Logan. James G., IP, ep, BP, 10P, lIP, I2p. ' Owens, William K., IP; 231, 4P, OP, 7P, BP, I>P, B^JtJ. Owrgt H., 2P, 6JI, 7P, BP, OP, 10M, Tamblinsr, Leslie, IP, 6P, 7P, 10P, lIP, 18P, J ThoiKM, Lewis K., 2P, '.P, OP, 10P, 11M. I£M Williams, Morris A., 2P, OP, 7M. BP. ?P, lOP, W£? D? Clement H., IP, 2P, OM. 7P, OP, lOP, CHRISTIAN BROTHERS' COLLEGE. M'Ktnna, William J.. ,4P, CP, 7P, OP, 10P. Nugent. Francis T., IP, 2P, 4P, 611, 7P, 831, OP, lOP. Rea, Glenn R. A., IP, 4P, OP, 7P. lOP. GIRLS' GRAMMAR SCHOOL. ' Ayery, Ruth F.. IM, iP, 4P, CP, 7P, 831, OP, 18P, 17P. Barker, Eileen J., IP, 6P. 7P, 10P, 1811, lOP. Berry, Kathleen J., IP, 2P, 4P, «P, 7P, 3P, •OP, 17P. Cunningham, Mary W., 4P, 7P, BP, 10P, 18P, 1«P?^ Daviet, Beryl G., IP, 2P, 4M. BM, 031, 7P, £P, OP, lOP. Edwardt. Ma.jrctta, IP, 2P, 4P, SP, CP, 7P, BP, OP. Frederick, Catheriue 8., IP, «P, 4P, CP. BP, OP, 18M, ICP. Ball, llarjorie A. 8., IP,) BP, 4P, SP, BP, 16P. Hooper, Alison. IP, 4P, 6P, 7P, OP, 1011. Horn*, Constance B. W., IP, 2P, 6P, 7P, OP, 10P, 18P. Horton, Gwendoline M. W., IP, 2P, 4P, GP, ?P? BM, OP. 13P, I«P, 17P. Jones, KatUeen M'F., IP, 2P, 4P, 6P, 7P, ,OP, 10P, 18P. Uwrie, Christina T., 2P, «R, 7P. BP, 13P. Uvrrie, Elizabeth 0., IP, 2P, 4P, 7P, SP. OP, 13P. . • Pickard, AUce L., IP, 2P, 4P, 631, 7P. BP, OP, 13P. Pringle, Jane, IP, 2P, 4P. 6P, BP, OP. Stay, Marjorie R., IP, 4P, BP, 6P, 7P, BP, OP, 17P. Tardy, Winnie D., IP, 2P, 4P, «H, 7P, BP, BP, 10P, I6P. Thomson, Florence E.. IP, 8?, 7P, BP, OP, IQP, 1«P. Watson, Alice P., IP, 6P, BP, OP, ISP, ISP. WiHkms, Alice M., IP. 2P, IP, «P, «f, 10P, IS?. Woodward, Polly J., IP, 2P, 4P, SP, «M. ZP, BP, OP. ST. MARY'S HIGH SCHOOL. Doyle, Eileen A., IP, 2P, 4P, BM, 7P, BP. Doyle, Mary K., IP, 2P, «P, 7P. 10P. Magle, Nora V.. 2P,.«P, 7P, 8P..0P. 10P. MACKAY CENTRE. STATE HIGH SCHOOL. * Bennington, Kate, IP, 2P, 4P, BP, 7P, BP, 12P. Cherry, Alethea C, IP, 2P. 4P, 6P, 7P, BP, OP, lIP. • Hamilton, Alan B. IP, 4P, CM, 7JP, BP, OP, 12P. Hennessey, Francis C, 2P, 4P, CM, 7M, BP, OP, K)P. 12P. Hurley, Agnus M., IP, 4P, CP, 7M, BM, 10P. Macfie, Ruth, IP, 2P, 4P, CP, 7P, BP, OP, IOP, lIP. Michael, Lindsay 0., IP, CP. 7P. BP, OP, 10P, lIP. Peach, Elsie D., IP, CP, 7P, BP, OP, IW, ltP. Vaa-de-Velde, Arthur E. R., IP, CM, 7P, BP, OP, 12P. , . MARVBOROUGH CENTRE. BOYS'' GRAMMAR SCHOOL. , ■, Anrtac, George E., IP, «P, «P.J?VJ«P« ?PiJ,op raircloth.jCeorce H, S.. 2P. CP, 7P, BP, 10P. GeddeOtflan, IP, 2P. CM, 7P, BP. OP. 10M1. Patk, Cbarlw E. H., 2P, 4P, CP, 7P, 6M, OP, 10P. Sattbous*. Jolin, 2P; 4P, CP, 7P, OP. • WiUox, Allan, E., IP. 2P, CP, 7P, BP, ldP-. CHM9TIAN BROTHERS' COLLBGK. - Burnett, Vivian, 2P, 4P, OP, 7P, 8P OP, 10?, lap. Hunter, John .A., 4P, «P, 7P. BP, OP, IOP, 17V. Bkok, Charles H., IP, CM, 7P, BP, 9P.10P, 17JP. GIRLS' GRAMMAR SCHOOL. ', CMbcart, Annie 0., IP. 2P, 4P, 6P, CP, 7P, BP, SP. . Challan(W, Joyce, IP, 2P, 4P, CP, 7P, BP, 10)1. Cunningham, Flora, IP, JP, 4P, BP, 7P, BP, OP. Dunb«r,: Evslytt D.| IP, 6P, 7P, BP, 10P, 18P, 10P.18M. • . : • „ Dawson, Mildred 0. G., IP, CP, 7P, BP, 10P. • ultortm, Phyllis R., IP, 2P, IP, fIP, «P> 7M, . BP, OP, IOBt . .

Harm, laabell* D., «P, «P, 7P, 10P, IBP.-.TI Howatiwn, LUlian D., IP, 4P, CP, 7P,tSP.'fiP/ IOP.IBP. Mason, Mabel 0., M?, «P, 7M, 10P, 19P. '* ITWattwft, Lorn* J. M'K., 2P, 4P, 6P, 7P, «P, 10P, 15M. • • * Thelford, Edythe A., IP, 2P, 4P, OP, IP, SP, 9P, 15M. m ■Wegtner. PhemieM., IP, «P, CP, 7P, BP,«P, IQP^ 15P. 10P. MOUNT MORGAN. { - . STATE HIGH SCHOOL. ,\ Caddy, Edward O. J., IP, W, 7P, BP, 9P, XOP. Duus, George L. 0. E., 4P, 6P, 7P, BP, 9P, 10P* Fisher, Ella M., IP, BP, 7P, BP, 10P. Coddard, Bat«, IP, «P, 7P, M?, 10P. Lowry, Joeepb W. C. L., lPr *P, 6P, 7P, BP, «P 4 Timnw, Richard, IP, 4P, SM, 7P, gp, 9P, W. \ NUDGEE CENTRE.   ST. JOSEPH'S COLLEGE   Ahern, Michael B., 1P, 2P, 4P, 6P, 7M, 8M, 9P, 11P.       Baker, Edward H., 1P, 2P, 4M, 6P, 7P, 8P, 11P.   Caffery, Patrick C., IP, 2P, 4P, 6P, 7P, 8P, 9P, 10P, 11P.   Campbell, Cecil E., IP, 2P, 4P, 7P, BP, IW. > Cavanagrh, Thomaa J., 2P, 4P % 6P, 7P, BP, WV Cavenagb, OHatau J., :P. 2P. 4P, BP. UP. ' Cleary, Jamea A., IP, SM, 4P, 6P, 7P, BP, ?P,i Collins, Edmu-jd 8., IP, 2P, 4M, «P. 7P. sp.' «P, UM. ?.••«-? Condon, Daniel J., IP, 2P, 4P, 6P, 7P, Sat, 10P, 12P. , Crowley, Jeremiah M., 2P, 4P, 7P, BP, 10P, ISP1. Dal ton, John J., IP, SP, 4P, 6P, 7P, BP, 9P, 10P. Btly John F., IP, 2P, 4P, 7P, BP. WP, 11M. Daly. Timothy J., IP, 2P, 4M, CP, 7P, ,<T, ?F, 10P, 12P. , Dalrymple, Michael T., IP, 6P, 7P, BM, lIP. , Davidson, John., IM, 2P, 4M, BM, 7P, BP, OP, Doyle,' Edmund P., IP, 2P, 4P, 7P, 811, ?P, iSP, 12P, 1«P. Doyle, Pettr B. A., 'JP, 2P, 4P, OM, ?P. fOt, UP. Duncom?e, R~."«.S W., IP, 2P, 4P, «P, 7P, BH, ?P, 10P. ?P. Ecriffht, Jamea J., IP, 2P, 4P, «P, 7P, BP, 12P. Funk, Leonard M., IP, 2P, 4P, 6P, 7P, BP, UP. Guerin, Eric G., 2P, 7P, BP, 10P, lIP, 1«P. Ualberatater, Cecil J., IP, 2P, 4P, «P, 7P, BP. 9P, UP. Hamilton, Lionel W., 2P, 6P, 7P, BP, lIP, ~<f. Kratiae, n«rbert A w IP. 2P, 4P, 7P, BP, 9P, 10P, UP. 1«P. - . Utch/ord, Edward J., IP, 2P, 4P, 7P, BP, HP. < Laycock, Gordon J., IP, 2P, 4X. «P, 7M, III; LllHa,' Leo G., IP, tP, ;P, 6P, 7P, BP. \ Lyons, Robert W., IP, 4P, OP, 7P, BM, 10P, UP. O'Brien, Jannei, 4P, «P, 7P, BP, UP. O'Ketffe, Thonaa P., SP, OP, 7P, 851, 10P, lIP* Payne. Rupert J., IP, 2P, 6P, 7P, 9P.

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