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Sydney Today  

The management of Myer's gallery is to be congratulated on its enter- prise in making the Melbourne pub- lic further- acquainted with "Sydney Art Today"-the title given the ex- hibition which opens at 3pm today.

Present-day Australian art authori- ties concede the Sydney group pride of place, and the present show, despite the absence of such well known names as Dobell and Drys- dale, does much to confirm this judgment.

It is interesting to note that, whereas a few years ago one or two local artists dominated the scene, the sphere of influence has now expanded to universal dimensions. American, French, Italian primitive, and English influences are all plainly


Individual criticism is not possible, but among artists included are: Douglas Dundas, George P. Law- rence, Douglas Watson, Jean Bellette, Eric Wilson, Paul Haefliger, Sali Herman, Lloyd Rees, Douglas An- nand, Adrian Feint. The exhibition lasts until April 27.

Athenaeum Gallery

Ian Bow (exhibiting at the Athen- aeum from today at 3pm until April 13) has made considerable progress since his last exhibition. He displays taste and originality in his choice of subject, and his surfaces are more interesting. But he often achieves unity at the expense of tone and


His best result is achieved when he limits his palette (12), or when the subject (4, 7) determines its own arrangement. Mr Bow has always had difficulty with the problem of suggesting texture, and in this respect reaches a new low level in "Girl With Cosmetics" (13), a work he should not have included.

Edith Alsop

Pictures by Edith Alsop are on view at Georges Gallery from 3pm today

until April 12.

Considering them as drawings (usually she uses paint merely as a "filler"), we feel that they are the result of lessons well learned and in- dustriously applied. Architectural subjects come most comfortably within the scope of the artist's method. A colourful exhibition by a well-known woman artist.

Healthy Experiment

Arthur J. Lindsay is a young artist of talent who has not yet

found himself.

He is at present in a healthy experi- mental stage of development, his activities ranging from a Medusa- like "Portrait of a Personality" to semi-abstract designs such as "Chinese Vases." His colour is always in good taste, and his com- position intelligently thought out. Experiences in the East-as a civi- lian internee in Japanese hands - provided him with rich material.

The exhibition is at the Kozminsky galleries from 3pm today until April 12