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First Football Practice Games)


Bob Pratt, former champion for- ward, delighted South Melbourne supporters by his form in the first practice match on Saturday. He led out smartly, marked well, and kicked six goals. One was a beautiful left foot snap from 50 yards away. Barnes, who would have played in the first game last 5'ear had he not been transferred by RAAF, is back again, and his work as P. follower | was first class.

I Chafer, Boland, and Sheahan | (wings), Dowling {.roving), and

Cunneen, a big man, all caught the eye. as did Barry, a full back, with experience in Army games.

Nash played in the second half, but is much over weight. Despite this handicap, he still did some clever things. Graham. Clegg, Glass, and Grace were among the few old players in the game, and all shaped well.

Young Centre Half

Forward at Hawthorn

Fine performances by some of the big men were features at Hawthorn. Vic. McKinnon, an 18-year-old six footer, from Surrey Hills, particu- larly impressed as a centre half forward. A man to play centre half-back has also been found, but he is on the secret list for the time being.

In the first game the less experi- enced recruits were tried, and in the second a promising bunch of big men showed out. The best were Rogers, Cleary, Phil Ryan, K. Pirrie, E. Collis (full forward). R. Neate (wing), and J. Brain (roving-).

On Saturday the sale of member- ship tickets was a record.

Tall Players Do Well At Geelong

Best of the young players in Gee long's game, in which pace and de- termination were shown, were Ray son (centre), Tomlmson (full back).


Morrow (half- back,), Flana- gan, Renfrey, and Wynne (fo 11 o w e rsl, and J. Brown, Harrison, and Rankin (backs).

Of the regu- lars, best form was shown by Gneil, Fitzger- ald. Bauer, N. Glenister. D. Brown, Muller, and Munday.

Many of the recruits are

above 6ft, and, as height was lacking last year, it is expected that the

final list will include a number of tall men who are already showing form. The list was reduced after the game to enable Tom Quinn, the coach, to concentrate on those likely

to reach the final list.

Albury* Player for


After a stern fight with three other clubs, Richmond signed up a star five minutes before the train left Melbourne last night. The player is Jack Eames, a 22-year-old Albury and Army follower. He is to be transferred in his employment to Melbourne in about three weeks.

Another man secured was John McLeish. of Yea. His signature was obtained two years ago, but lapsed. He was the best player at Dookie College, and is 5ft 11in, I3st half- forward. He had a run yesterday, and was one of the best of the new


In the first game Barry and Malone, who were on the list last  

year, were best. In addition to   |McLeish, others were S. Plowman  

(Kyneton) and Pat Phillips, who had some fine centre duels.

Merrett and Deagan were in fine form in the second game. Others were Bourke (seven goals), Potter (five.), Oppy, Nagle, and Jones and Sullivan, who had some hard fights

in the ruck.

Best of the recruits were Stokes (Burnie), Des Rowe (Coburg), and |M. Smith (Adelaide).

Selectors took 31 players off the list, but they will train on Mondays and Wednesdays. The remainder have been divided into two groups, who will have separate games, with promotion and relegation.

Selectors have recommended to the general committee that Waldron be cleared as coach to Wynyard.

Aborigine Outstanding

At St Kilda

Murray, aborigine half-back from Shepparton, shone in St Kilda's first practice match at the Ross Gregory oval on Saturday. Fast and clever, Murray was described by Doug Nichols, former aborigine star with Fitzroy (who was present at the practice), as a better player than he was. Fitzroy had previously been seeking Murray.

Other new players to stand out were Serafhü, rover (Shepparton) ; Davie, centre (Shepparton) ; J. Ross (thirds); T. Mulhall (seconds); Rosewarne (rover thirds); and P. Bennet (full forward, from the seconds, who kicked a number of goals and "looked the goods").

Bibby. Dennier, Bums, Goater, Tib balls, Rosengrove. Morone, and Le Lievre also displayed good form.