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On Monday last, the much-talked-of cricket match, between a party of the Military and the Australian Cricket Club, was played on Hyde Park, in the pre- sence of a very numerous assemblage of spectators. The game, it is said, was   highly interesting, and was won in grand style by the civilians, as will be seen by the following statement of its progress     and result, which we take from yester- day evening's Monitor : -


Private - Hook, b by Rickards (LILLY WHITE) 0 Private - Chilvers, b by ditto --- di to --- 18 Private - Pearce, b by ditto --- ditto --- 15 Private - Hyde, run out 6 Captain Mason, c by Stubbs 6 Lieutenant Faunce, c by Hardy 2 Private - Avis, c by Gardner 5 Private - Beeson, b by Stubbs 2 Serjeant Thorn, c by Hardy 3 Private - Smith, not out 0 Private - Batchelor, b by LILLY WHITE 0

Bye balls, &c 3  


Private - Beeson, c by Broughton 6 Private - Hyde, c by LILLY WHITE 1 Private - Pearce b by Stubbs 12 Captain Mason, b by LILLY WHITE 7     Lieutenant Faunce, b by Stubbs 7 Private - Hook, c by Brady 0 Private - Chilvers, c by Stubbs 9 Private - Smith, c by LILLY WHITE 18 Serjeant Thorn, not out 5 Private - Avis, b by LILLY WHITE 0   Private - Batchelor, c by Stubbs 0

Byes, &c. 7c. 9  


Mr Hardy, b by Hyde 3   Mr Brady, c by Chilvers 0   Mr Flood, c by Pearce 1   Mr Stephens, run out 25   Mr Freeman, b by Pearce 28   Mr Hardy, run out 2   Mr Clarkson, b by 0 Mr Broughton, c by Lieutenant Faunce 11     Mr Rickards, not out 15 Mr Gardner, c by Faunce 19 Mr Stubbs, c by Hyde 1  

Byes, &c. &c. 17  


Mr W Hardy, a by Captain Mason 3   Mr Stubbs, c by Smith 3

Mr J Hardy, not out 2   Mr Brady, not out 7  

Total 51  

On Tuesday evening, as one of the mounted police was returning with the mail from Parramatta to Sydney, he perceived an armed man, when near Con- cord, standing in the bush, at a short dis- tance from the road; he immediately made his horse leap the fence, and attempted to take him in custody ; the man made off, and the policeman drew a pistol and fired, but without knowing whether his shot took effect, as the object immedi- ately disappeared. Ou turning round he discovered two other armed men, whom he immediately charged ; one of them kept dodging him round a tree while the other occasionally came upon him, striking him severely with the butt end of his piece ; they Tired at the police- man several limes, and wounded him in the throat and cheek. After having contrived to dismount him, they beat him in an unmerciful manner, breaking with the blows of their guns the shoulder brass of his jacket. Having succeeded in remounting his horse, he again leaped the fence, and got into the road, where they again fired at him ; the pistol he had was broken from parrying the blows of their muskets. On arrival in town he was conveyed to the Hospital, where he now lies seriously ill ; the wound in his throat was only half an inch from the the windpipe.

Bank of New South Wales.- -At a meeting of the proprietors held on Tuesday last at the Bank of New South Wales, Eichakd Jones, Esq. M. C. ; Dr. Wardell; W. C. Wentworth, Esq.; and G. T. Savage, Esq. were unanimously re-elected Directors for the

ensuing year.

We regret to leam, from very good au- thority, that the practice of illicit spirit vending is carried on to a very great cztcnt in the vicinity of Sydney, «The police can not be too much on the alert to put down, as far as possible, this public nuisance-this pest to society.

The Eliza, Finnis, will start again on another whaling trip, uftor she hen discharged hor present o«rgo of oil.

Mr. Ralfe, Colonial Surveyor, and Mr.

Armstrong, private Surveyor, have left Sydney for Liverpool Plains and Peel's River; the latter employed on behalf of the Agricultural Company, for the purpose of setting out the two locations which the Company are allowed by the Home Government to take in that quarter, in lieu of what they gave up at Port Stephens, adjoining the


We understand that the work of deep-

ening the Parramatta Uiver, at Rod Uank, is to be

commenced forthwith ; and that tho steam vessel 1 now building-, to run betweon Sydney and Parra- matta, will be ready early in the ensuing year.

The ship Reynard, though out a con-

siderable timo from Lomlon, has been unusually unsuccessful. One of the mates and part of the crew were in a slate of mutiny, which caused tho Captain to put in here.

Yesterday evening, a person named Collina, an emigrant lately arrived in the colony, a'tampted to put an end to his existence by cuitinj his throat, at his residence in Priuce-steet, Hooks ; some hopes are entertained of his recovery.