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The demise of the late Earl of Plymouth which took place on Wednesday (July 10) was very unexpected. His lordship on Tuesday evening was in the full enjoyment of health and spirits. He dined with his Countess in Grosvenor-square, at six o'clock, and afterwards proceeded with her ladyship in a carriage and four to Deptford, where they embarked on board his lordship's yacht, which was to sail at an early hour on Wednesday morning

for Cowes. During the night the noble earl was attacked by apoplexy, and although the first medical aid was procured with all possible expedition, he

expired on board the yacht at one o'olock on Wed-   nesday afternoon. His remains were brought to his   late residence in Grosvenor-square the same evening, whence they will be conveyed for inter ment in tho family vault at Ewell Grange, in  


Lord Plymouth was in his 44th year, having been born, July, 1782 He was named Other Archer Windsor. Other is an affectation of a Norwegian or Saxon name ; a powerful lord so called, lived in this country before the Conquest, from whom the earl's family had some pretensions to its descent. The male line, however, became extinct, and the late peer derived his origin from a gentleman of the name of Dixie Hickman, of Kew but his ancestor, on becoming the representative of the Lords Windsor, assumed that name. His lordship succeeded   his father, Other Hickman, the fifth earl, 12th Ja- nuary, 1799, and united himself the 3d of August, 1811, to Lady Mary Sackville, eldest daughter of John Frederick, fifth Duke of Dorset, by whom he has left no issue ; the family honours therefore de- volve on his uncle, the Hon. and Rev. Andrew Windsor, now Earl of Plymouth. The late earl's mother is married to Earl Amherst.

The day before his death, being the anniversary of his natal day, the Dudley troop of the Worces- shire Yeomanry, of which his lordship was colonel, were celebrating its return by their annual dinner, after which the health of his lordship was drunk with all the enthusiasm to which he was so justly entitled by his noble, loyal, and patriotic conduct

upon every occasion.

The tables are now completely turned upon Don Miguel ofkPortugol. . A short-time ago he was himself issuing official notices of blockade, now not only his own capital, Jjut all the ports he call his own, are blockailed, and,- his whole fleet having been recently taken, ho is without á single vessel of war for Notice has been given at Lloyd's by «Viscount Palmerston that in- telligence has been received that tbo.Regency act- ing in Portugnl in tho ntime and on behalf of ber Majesty Donna Maria de Gloria, bas resolved to establish iramediaWly an effective blockade of the port of Lisbon, and of oil iho olher ports of Portugal whero the authority ol Her Most Faithful Majesty sholl be established and acknowledged, and that it is supposed that the blockade is already in force.

The volcanic island thrown up two or ?tbieo years since in tim Mediterranean, near Sicily, and which afterwards disappeared, i» aguta risible.