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Last Thursday will long live in the re- collections of the lovers of aquatics, as well as well as hundreds of the inhabitants of New South Wales. It was a day entirely   devoted to pleasure, the Boat Races in the morning, and the "United Austra   lian" dinner in the evening, entirely engrossing the attention of those who

delight in harmless recreation and social enjoyment. At noon the thundering roar of cannon from the Dawes' Battery announced the 49th anniversary of a Colony, which, that number of years ago, was but the abode of the Savage, the Emu, and Kangaroo--one vast wilderness,         which, in half a century, had made the most rapid strides to honourable wealth and independence. The majestic Royal Standard, that "for a thousand years had braved the battle and the breeze," waved   at the mast-head of H. M. S. Rattlesnake, emblematic of the greatest and most powerful nation in the world, the sight of which alone, was quite sufficient to warm every warrior's breast, and recall to many   the recollection of past and glorious achievements -- but, where the deuce are we wandering to: we must return to the Regatta. -- Nature seemed determined to render every possible assistance to enliven the scene ; a finer day and a more glorious     breeze could not have been desired to try the metal of the pullers, and the merits of the sailing boats. From Brad- ley's Head to Dawes' Battery presented a most animated appearance ; sailing boats decked out in their "suit of best" literally " covered the face of the waters," anxiously waiting for the signal gun, to commence the day's amusements. The Australia steamer, with a full cargo of "ladies fair," and Australian lads, was plying about the harbour, decked out in all the colours of the rainbow, enli-   vening the fascinating scene with the dulcet strains of an harmonious few, who formed a band " for the occasion," while both Macquarie Fort and Dawes' Point,   were crowded with spectators, who with smiling faces evidently came to be pleased, and they were not disappointed. The starting place was from a launch moored off Dawes' Point, the three first Races, each to go round the Sow and Pigs, and return. The following is a correct account of the order in which the respective boats arrived at the winning post: --


£ s. d. FIRST PRIZE ..... 10 10 0 SECOND PRIZE ..... 5 5 0 1. Sophia--Mr. Milsom--Blue

2. North Star--Mr. Sawyer--Tricolor 3. Athol Ranger--Mr. Martin--

4. Jonathon--Mr Jackson--American Stripes

5. Defiance--Mr Fisk--Blue with White Cross

6. Arrow--Messrs. F. and G. Stephen--White    

Burgee with an Arrow

7. Maid of Australia--Mr. Green--Yellow Burgee     8. Ranger--Major Lockyer--St. George's Cross   9. Rover--E. Lord Esq.--Red.  


£ s. d. FIRST PRIZE ..... 10 10 0 SECOND PRIZE ..... 5 5 0 1. Sea Gull--R. Gardener--Blue

2. Emma--Mr. Henery--Blue, Red, and White  

3. Nautilus--Mr. Ritchie--White Burgee and Red


4. Aladin--Mr. Moffatt--Red and White(distanced

from damage)


£ s. d. FIRST PRIZE. 10 10 0 SECOND PRIZE. 5 5 0 1. Blue Fish--Mr. Redgrave--Blue 2. Eliza--Mr. Howard--Red   3. Favorite--Allen--

4. Maid of Avenel--Hindson--

5. Zephyr--Blenkinsop--White    

6. Pink--Ferris--Pink

7. Burney's Look Out--Mr. Levey (withdrawn)


Round Clarke's Island.

1. Lady Jane-(Won easy) 2. Challenger

3. Captain Cook 4. Pyramus.


The best of hints round Pinchgut.

£ s. d. FIRST PRIZE ..... 10 10 0 SECOND PRIZE ..... 4 0 0 THIRD PRIZE ..... 1 0 0 1. Volage--Jones--White     2. Jaunts--Kelly--Green    

3. Sisters--Boucher--Red.

4. Margaret--Wright--Blue

STEWARDS:--       Colonel Wilson Major Lockyer

Captain Nicholson Captain Deloitte

Mr. Watson.

The signal guns were fired from the barque Pyrumus, Captain Livesay, who entertained a large party of friends to dinner, including the Stewards and their families ; and as the last shot from this hospitable vessel announcing the winner of the concluding Race was heard, the worthy Commander was to be seen re- turning thanks for " the honour" in drinking his health with three times three, and one cheer more! which was most enthusiastically received by a delighted party, who, as the sun was fast dropping into the western horizon, departed highly gratified with the day's sport, and all the arrangements made on the occasion.

Too much praise cannot be given to the Stewards for their unremitting exertions, which gave evident satisfaction. In fact, every thing went off as might have been expected, under such able management. We are glad to learn, that on each Anni- versary of the Colony, these gentlemen expressed their determination to get up similar Races, and that several of the most respectable persons in the Colony expressed their willingness not only to subscribe for such a purpose, but to sub- scribe liberally.

SYDNEY COLLEGE.-The trustees of this institution met on Wednesday, according to annual custom, for the exa- mination of the scholars. From the report which was read it appeared that the affairs of the college were flourishing ; three hundred pounds was the balance in the hands of the treasurer ; the scholars amount to one hundred and fifty, being   an increase of one third during the last twelve months. Mr. Lang, who intends completing his studies at an English university, was presented with a gold medal, he being the first student that had left the College for that purpose. An   address to His Excellency the Governor, upon his retirement, he being the patron! of the institution, was agreed to.