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To augment the building fund of the Ballymoro Ohuroli Hall, the ladles' com- mittee of the Ballymoro branch of St. James's Church of England, Kelvin. Grove, arranged a children's fancy dress dance, which was held. In tho hall last evening. The ladles were assisted with the arrange- ments by the building committee, The former commlttoe comprises Mesdames G. Grlgham (president), P. Murrell (vice president), MlBses M. Bagley and G. Tag- gart (hon. secretarles), Mesdames S. Con- nors, G. Connors, F. Dyne, G. Brewster, F, Naylor, O. Donald, and Miss R. E. Bur- gess. The members of the building com- mittee Include the Rev. A. D. Baker (chairman), Messis. F. Dyne, G. H. Brig- ham, F. Lawrence, G. Ware, and P. Mur- rell (hon, secretary). The Rov. A. D. Baker (vicar of St. James's, Kelvin Grove), and Mrs. A. D. Baker were present There was1 a good array of fancy costumes Mes- dames R. Hill and P. M'Kee were the Judges, and they awarded tho prizes as follows: Best dressed, under 5 years, boy, Masters Gordon Glover and Baden Cook (Two Black Crpws), girl, Miss Audrey Murrell (Nurse): 10 years and under, boy, Master Jack. Crane (Pat, Hanna the Digger); girl, Miss Beryl Attrldge (Hawai- ian): 14 years and under, boy, Master Hubert Burgoyne (Golliwog); girl, Miss Edna Clark (Japanese Lady); best poster. Master Walter Brewster (Peanut King); most original, Master Norman Kunkel (Baker); most humorous, Master David Evons (Mickey the Mouse); best dressed couple, Mies Thelma Merrin and Master Leslie Merrin (Grandma and Grandpa); specials, Misses Gwen Attrldge (Nurse); Nancy Smith (Little Red Riding Hood), Gloria Serine (Demon), Masters Junior Keogh (Boy Charlton), Edward Bagley (Brisbane Newspaper Company), and Fred Naylor "(Robin Hbod).