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Mr. H. Macintosh.

Mr. Hugh Macintosh, a former well known officer of the Lands Depart- ment, and a prominent sportsman, collapsed in the street near his homo in Dornoch Terrace, South Brisbane, yesterday morning, and died imme- diately. His death will come as a great shock to his many friends, for he appeared to be in perfect health, and kept in the best condition by tak- ing long walks every morning:. It was

The Tate Mr. H.


whilst returning from one of these that he was seen to fall to the footpath. and when a doctor friend ran to his assistance he was beyond aid. The late Mr. Macin- tosh, who was 74 years of age, was bom in Suther landshire, Scot- land, and came to Queensland with his family in 1865. He was

educated at the South Brisbane State School,- and at the Brisbane Boys' Grammar School, where he was a sil- ver medallist, and entered the State Survey office in .1874. Later he suc- ceeded Mr. R. H. Lawson as chief draftsman, and held that position un- til his retirement in 1922. His work as draftsman made him an authority on place names and records, and even after he had retired it was customary for him to deal with numerous In- quiries regarding the records of his- tory of localities all over the State. He was a member of the committee of the Queensland Place Names; whilst the Historical Society also claimed his attention. Up to the time of his death ho was a keen member of the Royal Queensland Yacht Club and a par- ticipant in its sailing events. Early in his career he won many trophies with the Lassie, arid in later years his en- sign was carried on the -Nara, which won more than a hundred races for him. Only last week he was present at a meeting of the R.Q.Y.C., and re- ceived a replica of the Forrest Cup from the hands of the Governor (Sir Leslie Orme Wilson). There are dozens of sailing trophies in his historical home in Dornoch Terrace. The late Mr. Macintosh gained fame also as a Rugby Union footballer, having been a member of the first Queensland team that visited New South Wales in 1882. The eight surviving members of that team gathered together recently, and a, reunion was arranged for the an- niversary of the match in August. In his youth the deceased gentleman was! a keen rowing enthusiast, and as a member of the Brisbane Rowing Club was actively 'interested in the sport until late in life. He was closely iden- tified with the early history of South- port, and an island In the Nerang River is called Macintosh Island. The late Mr. Macintosh is survived by a sister, Miss C. M. Macintosh, and a brother, Mr. T. V. Macintosh, with whom ho lived. The funeral will leave his late residence at 3 p.m. to-day for the South Brisbane Cemetery.