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Government Notice.



has been pleased to appoint Thomas Henry Owen Esq. a Justice of the Peace for the Settlement at Port Macquarie.

By His Excellency's Command,


Government Notice.    

Colonial Secretary's Office, 21st April,1827   HIS Excellency the Governor

has been pleased to approve of the following Appointments in the Police of the Colony :

Parramatta-John Brown, per Ship Eail Cornwallis, free, to be Wards- man, from the 1st Instant, in the Room of William Wells, resigned.

Appin-Thomas Smith, per Ship Surry, holding a Ticket of Leave, to be Constable, from the 19th Ult.

Stone Quarry-Andrew Monks, per Ship Guilford, free, to be Constable, in the Room of Richard Parry, resigned.

Argyle-William Brown, free, to be Keeper of the Lock-up House and Pound, from the 30th of last January, in the Room of William Fisher, resigned.

Windsor-John Cobcroft, jun. free, to   be District Constable of Wilberforce, in the Room of Richard Reynolds, dis- missed; and James Hilton, per Ship Ann, free, to be Town Constable, from the 1st Instant, in the Room of Thomas Nixon, per Baring, resigned.

Patrick's Plains-William Walden, per Three Bees, holding a Ticket of

Leave, to be Constable.

By His Excellency's Command,


Public Notice.    

THE undermentioned Persons have ob-  

tained Certificates of Freedom, or Tickets   of Leave, during the last Week, viz, :


Almorah (2) ..... John Murray Ditto.............. Patrick Keely Ditto............. John Donnelly Ditto............. John Johnston

Asia (1)........ William Gorton  

Ditto............. Michael Gallochar, Galla-

cher, or Gallahan Ditto............. Solomon Maydew   Ditto............. Georgie Healey

Ditto............. James Dougherty Ditto............. Thomas Gerrard  

Dorothy....... John Chemine, or Gearey  

Ditto............ John Lane

Ditto............ Richard Crean Ditto............ John Sullivan

Earl St, Vincent (2) ... Samuel Richen

Earl St. Vincent (3) ... Dennis Mahony Elizabeth (3) ........ James Faddon

Ditto............... William Wheatmore Grenada (2) ......... William Chantler Haldane.............. Thomas Dawson

Hebe............... Joseph Richmond Ditto ............... Henry Sawyer

Hindostan........ Joseph Scolding

Prince of Orange (1)... William Cheetham. Prince Regent (2).... Daniel Donovan

Ditto................ Patrick Nocholey    

Ditto.............. Cornelius Connolly

Ditto............. William M'Kenna Ditto............. John Bryan Ditto............. John Cronin

Ditto............. Thomas Kennedy  

Ditto............. Michael Mahony

Ditto............ Thomas Fitzgerald.


Mangles(2)............. Patrick Leary,Sydney Minerva (4)............. William King, Evan

Ocean.............. James Gold, Hunter's-river.

By Command of His Excellency the Governor,

ALEXANDER M'LEAY. Colonial Secretary's Office, 21st April, 1827.


who holds a Ticket-of-Leave, did enter into an     Agreement with the undersigned, for the Term of Twelve Months, in the Capacity of Farming Man and after having   regularly hired himself, and received an Advance, he, the said John Berridge, on his way to the Estates of the under-  

signed, absconded the Day after the said Agreement was en- tered into:- -Now, then, this is to give Notice, that any Per- son found harbouring, encouraging, or employing the said John Berridge, after this Advertisement, will he prosecuted according to Law; and all Constables and others, are re- quested to lodge the said Absentee in safe Custody, as he is now unlawfully at large, his Ticket-of-leave being in the Possession of SAMUEL TERRY,

Pitt.street, April 17,1827.   Description of the said John Berridge.---Native place, Wor- cester,by trade a labourer, born in the year 1797, 5 feet 5½ inches high, sallow and pock-pitted complexion, brown hair, and blue eyes,


At the Australian Stationery Warehouse, George-      


THE ACTS AND ORDINANCES of the Go- vernor and Council, of New South Wales,   under the Authority of the Act of the Imperial Parlia- ment of the 4th of George IV. Cap. 96, and passed during the Administration of His Excellency Sir Thomas Brisbane, K. C, B. with a Table of the Titles, and an Index. R, Howe, Government

Printer.---Price 10s. 6d.  

NOW PUBLISHING,   At the Australian Stationery Warehouse, George-

street.   THE PROCLAMATIONS, ACTS of COUNCIL, GOVERNMENT ORDERS, and NOTICES,   issued by His Excellency Lieutenant-General Dar- ling, Captain General and Governor in Chief of New South Wales. R. Howe, Government Printer.

This Work, is printed on best Foolscap, with large, elegant,and new Type, like Sir Thomas Brisbane's Acts; and as it will continue to be published Half- yearly, and will contain all the Colonial Ordinances,

any respectable inhabitant will do well to procure a Copy from the few remaining on hand. Price 15s.  

THIS is to give the Public Notice, a LIGHT VEHICLE commenced Running on Tuesday Morning, the 3d of   April, from the 'Ship Inn, Liverpool.' Every Morning it   will run to the ' Rose and Crown Inn,' Sydney, and return, in the Afternoon, at 4 o'Clock. The Fare, Five Shillings; All Letters and Parcels will be strictly attended to.

N.B. This Vehicle is Intended to run a few Days, until a light Coach is ready.

FOR SALE, a few Thorough-bred SHEEP DOGS, on board the Eli-  


Commissariat Department.  

Commissariat Office, Sydney,

19th April, 1827.

SALT PROVISIONS.---Tenders will be received at this Office, on Wednesday   the 25th Instant, for THIRTY TONS of


(For D. C. G. Wemyss ),

S. RYRIE, D. A. C. G.

Commissariat Office, Sydney,

March 26, 1827

UNTIL the Arrival of Deputy Com- missary General Laidley, or my   Return from Van Diemen's Land, the Du- ties of the Commissariat of this Colony will   be conducted by Deputy Assistant Commis- sary General Ryrie.  

Bills, on the Lords Commissioners of His Majesty's Treasury, will be furnished by him to all Applicants as heretofore, on the Monday of each Week, or on the Eve of the Sailing of any Ship from this Port.

WM. WEMYSS, Dep. Com. General.


to announce to the Public, that he has returned   to the Colony, per Ship Elizabeth, and has brought   with him some of the finest EWES and RAMS that he could possibly select from several Flocks of the greatest note of the Leicestershire Breed ; and as he has brought more Rams than what he will require for his Flocks, should have no objection to let any Gentle-

man have one, two, or three for the Season, on mode-

rate Terms.

No. 98, Pitt-street, April 17, 1827.

MADAME RENS has the Honour to

inform the Ladies of Sydney and its Environs,   that she has now on SALE very elegant BALL

DRESSES, which she can offer at very moderate


Madame Rens has also a superb Robe of Brussels Lace, (warranted) which she Offers for a RAFFLE. 50 Tickets at £5 each. The Robe cost £200.


RIOLE, as good as new, and a PAIR of the best   HORSES in the Colony. Thirty Numbers, at Ten Guineas each. RAPSEY AND MITCHELL.

No. 5, George-street.


have Received, per Elizabeth, Capt. Collins,




of Choice Madeira Wine, from the House of Messrs. Newton, Gordon, and Co. of that Island, which will be Sold on moderate Terms to induce a quick



ON SALE, by Aspinall Browne, and Co. just




These Wines will he found of the most superior Quality, Price £16 10s. Sterling per Pipe, for Cash.

RUM, BRANDY, and GENEVA, ex City of Edin- burgh. GORDON D. BROWNE. ON SALE by the INVOICE, the following Goods,

imported per Ship Admiral Cockburn, viz.-- Carpets, silk and beaver hats, silk and cloth pelisses and spencers, ladies' bonnets, hats and caps, shawls, scarfs, dresses, calicoes, hosiery, flannels, worsted, vinegar, ironmongery, Brazil tobacco, rosin, pitch,

varnish, gunpowder, &c.

Also, a Sporting Curricle, a Tilbury, and a Stan-   hope. A. B. SPARK


at his Stores, Pitt-street, the following  

WINES, in wood, and bottle :---

Port, very superior, vintage 1815, and 1820, Lon- don particular Madeira, Cadaval hock, Teneriffe and Almerine, all of which are of the first quality.


Isle of France sugar, hyson, hyson skin and black tea, West India rum, Cognac brandy, Hol- lands Geneva, Brazil tobacco, yellow saap, slops, best Colonial cheese and butter, white clover seed, superior London hats, calicoes, London glue, sta- tionery, nails, agricultural implements, gunpowder and shot, pit and cross-cut saw files, &c. &c. &c.

Payment in Sterling Money, or, Dollars at 4s. 4d.

Liberal Discount for Cash.

Dec. 6, 1826.    

JUST Landed, from the Mary Hope and

Elizabeth, and on SALE at the AUSTRALIAN IRON WAREHOUSE, George-street, Sydney,op- posite the Market place,

Iron, of every description and size ; superior blis- tered steel, carpenters' planes of all sorts, sash phi- listers, brass wire sieves, hair sieves, and milk strainers, iron flour sieves, ryeing ditto, and wheat riddles, warranted steel mills with fly wheels, &c. complete, brass cocks, racking ditto, gimlets as- sorted, broad and felling axes, claw hammers, Iron tinned tea kettles, and 4-gallon boilers with cocks, stock locks of every size and price, iron r¡mmed   draw-back, and other door locks, brass ditto, closet ditto, long handled frying pans, spades, hoes, screws,   screw-plates, and taps, iron pots, flat, and Italian irons, with a great variety of other GOODS too nu- merous to mention. L. IREDALE.

N. B. A new retail Shop just opened.

ON SALE, at S. Lyons', No. 75, Geqrge-street, A FEW

POCKETS KENTISH HOPS, warranted of the growth of 1826, per Ship Admiral Cockburn.

DERWENT POTATOES on SALE, at Rapsey and Mitchell's, at 15s.   per cwt.    

Emu House, George-street.

JAMES SIMMONS begs to apprise his friends, and the

Public in general, that he has just Received, ex Mary Hope, A VERY EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF EARTHEN- WARE AND CHINA, in Packages and Casks, to suit Fami- lies in the Interior; consisting of

Blue painted and brown lined dinner, breakfast, and tea sets Very rich tea sets, from £2 to £15 a set Sandwich sets complete. Also,

Very handsome ladies' Bath cloaks for the winter  

Superfine blue and black cloths

Blue, drab, and other colour Flushing for coating

Coarse blue cloth trowsers and striped shirts, very cheap 9-8 and 7-81 th prints of the latest patterns Irish linen for sheeting

Cotton sheeting and shirting

A great variety of shawls and handkerchiefs   Negrohead and English plgtail tobacco The best Twankay hyson teas, in chests Sugar in casks, and bags

English soap in 100lb boxes

Rum, gin, brandy, and wines, with a large Assortment of

Goods, too numerous to mention. Liberal Credit will be given to wholesale Purchasers.

FINE JAMAICA RUM, and COG- NAC BRANDY, ex City of Edinburgh.  

The above are now on Sale at the Stores of the un- dersigned, 95, George-street,




Good Ship MARY HOPE, James Farmer, has excellent Accommodation for Passengers ; having the greatest Part of her Cargo engaged, will positively Sail on the 25th of May, she being under Engagement to Sail on that Day ;— For Freight or Passage apply to the Com-   mander on board, or to




PANY'S SHIP ROSANNA, Captain   Herd, is loadting and will have early Des- patch, as all her Dead Weight is engaged ; Persons, therefore desirous of Shipping Wool, will make early application to JONES & WALKER.


Captain Noves, will Sail for Calcutta, via Batavia, on or about the 10th Proximo, and re- turns to this Port with all possible Despatch from   India;—For Freight or Passage, apply to the undersigned.  

JOHN LORD. George-street, Sydney, 17th April, 1827.

FOR LONDON DIRECT.---The Good Ship  

AUSTRALIA, Captain SLEIGHT, Burthen 300 Tons, having great Part of her Cargo engaged,  

will Sail for the above Port with early Despatch,   For further Particulars, apply to A. B. SPARK

N. B.---Mr. Spark's Stores are now Open for the Recep- tion of Wool (free of Expense), as it may arrive from the Country, for the Convenience of the Shipper.

FOR PORT DALRYMPLE.---The Ship ADMIRAL COCKBURN, Captain   W. J. Cooling, will Sail for the above Port, on or before the 25th of April 5;---For   Freight or passage, apply to the Commander on board, or to A. B. SPARK. MRS. BODENHAM, respectfully an-

nounces to the Ladies and Gentlemen of Syd- ney and its Vicinity, that she has opened for Public Inspection, one of the most elegant and fashionable Assortments of Jewellery ever brought to this Colony, ex the Elizabeth, Captain Collins, from England, consisting of Gold Bracelets, Gold Neckchains, Diamond, Turquois, Amethyst, Pearl and other Rings, Diamond, Pearl, Turquois, and fine Gold Brooches, Earings, Seals, Watch Chains, Silk Watch Guards, Silver and Dessert Knives, Segar Tubes, and Holders, fashionable Mourning Ornaments, and many other

Articles too numerous for insertion.

Also, an Assortment of Babies' Caps, White and Black lace Dresses, with a variety of Ball Dresses.

George-street. April 20,1827.



consisting of about Two Thousand Acre,         in Whole or in Lots, to suit intending Purchasers. From the superior quality of the Land, and the abun-       dance of excellent water thereupon, it will he found to be highly desireable both for cultivation and gra- zing, and being only about 32 Miles from Sydney, it is particularly well adapted for laying out in lots as

home situations for Gentlemen who have Estates at Bathurst and Hunter's-river. There is a strong well built and elegant House upon the land containing 8 rooms, nearly finished, with a fine stone-built dairy, barns, &c. an enclosed garden of about five acres, and several enclosed parks for cultivation, whilst nearly

two-thirds of the Estate is enclosed.

Particulars may he ascertained on Application to James Norton, Esq. or to the Proprietor, George

Pantor, Esq. Postmaster for the Territory.


AN INTELLIGENCE CHAMBER is   now Opened for Servants of all descriptions,   also for Stewards and Cooks of Vessels.---For Parti-   culars, please apply at No. 16, Castlereagh-street.

Sydney, April 18th, 1827. A STRAW HAT, lined with Calico, with green Silk inside the Rim, and a black   Ribbon round the outside, together with a Watch, are detained at the Police Court, Cawdor, said to have been Stolen on the Liverpool-road, in February last. Further Particulars may be known, on Application

to the Clerk of the Court.

Cawdor, 9th April, 1827.

SOMEONE having Borrowed from the Gazette Office,

THE QUEEN BEE, in One Volume, is requested to return the same immediately.

DAVID MAZIERE has just OPENED, at his STORES, Pitt-street, Three Cases of very best and most fashion- able London made CLOTHES, consisting of

Blue and Black Dress Coats

Green and Blue Surtout ditto

Black Cassimere Trowsers     Ditto ditto Waistcoats   White and Brown Drill Trowsers   White and Spotted Marseilles' Waistcoats

Which will be Sold reasonable.

Sydney, 5th Feb. 1827. MILCH CATTLE---FOR SALE, a general Herd of  

about 100 Head of Milch Cattle, with which a liberal Credit will be given. The Land on which they now graze will be let with them, if required, being one of the finest Runs in the Colony. Letters addressed X. Y. Z. and left at

the Gazette Office, will be attended to.

WILLIAM M'DONALD, No. 68, George-street,

Sydney, begs Leave to acquaint his Friends and the Public in general, that exclusive of his ex- tensive usual Stock of Ironmongery, he has purchased the whole of the Iron and Ironmongery, per City of Edinburgh, consisting of bolt, square, and flat iron, nail rod ditto, of small size, hoop iron of sizes, Bath stoves, grates from 18 inches to 34, camp ovens of sizes, iron pots, from 1 gallon to 25, best knotted and plain traces of sizes, tin plates by the box, linseed   oil, ten shillings per gallon.


street, has just Opened a verv extensive and elegant Assortment of GOODS, which will be Dis- posed of at his usual moderate Prices ; viz.

Colerain and gold end shirtings, 5-4 and 6-4 sheeting


Stout twilled calico for gentlemen's drawers

Maddapollams 25-yard pieces, coloured stuffs and

black sateens

Printed stuffs, printed cottons, cambrics, und mus-


Fine flannels, blankets of sizes

Brussels Rugs, 11-4 quills and counterpanes

Strong huckaback, diaper and damask towels

Fine 6-4 huckaback,furniture, and hair cord dimities Bed, lace, and white cotton fringe

5 4 and 6-4 stout and fine brown Holland

Superfine and second black, green, blue, scarlet,

mixture, and olive woollen cloths

Scotch cambrics, white muslin handkerchiefs, ditto

with worked corners

Japan and loom-sewed sprig muslins Figured and corded cambric ditto

Ladies' white cotton and black worsted hose Thread edgings and Grecian ditto Real thread lace, bobbin ditto

Lace collars assorted, lace lippets trimmed, and worked

muslin collars

Ladies and children's lace caps, lace cuff's, crowns,  

and frills

White and black lace veils

Bobbin quilling nets, 3-4, 4-4, 5-4, and 6-4 ditto  

A large and handsome assortment of shawls and scarfs Ladies' elegant worked robes and spencers   Black and white cambrics for linings  

Very superior Handuntiu handkerchiefs, cotton pocket


Black and green sarsnets, furniture chintz  

Best plated and gilt buttons, fancy ditto for children's,


Striped and rich figured book muslins for curtains.

Ferris's Warehouse.


PLANKS, and DERWENT WHEAT, will be     taken in Payment, for any of the following ARTICLES, by   T. FERRIS, George-street, he being about to leave in a few  

Months for England :--


Guns, double and single barrels, muskets, flints of all sorts, gunpowder in canisters, patent and other shot belts and powder flasks, dram bottles, brass shoe lifts, iron heels, for boots and shoes, pen and pocket knives, desk and sailors ditto,sissors of all sorts, common and best razors,a variety of cork strews, copper nails for boat-builders, scythes and sickles, fine London glue and glass paper.


Children's dresses, gentlemen's coats, a large assortment of     fancy waistcoats, crape and Black silk ditto, drill jean, blue nankeen and duck trowsers, duck frocks white and check cotton shirts, white cotton stockings, ribbed and plain, gen- tlemen's drab and black beaver hats, of superior quality, military caps, with gold bands, buff leather braces, cotton balls, superfine black and olive cloths, yellow nankeen,

towelling, shirting and white drill, tapes, bobbins, and gilt



A useful charter box, with lock and key, containing fools- cap, thick, thin, folio, and blotting papers, quills, memoran-  

dum books, with other articles too numerous to name. Play-   ing cards, pocket books, pens, quills, black lead pencils, black and red ink in bottles or powders, marking ink, pencil cases, chimney ornaments, books, maps of New South Wales,

on rollers, folding, or in sheets, with a variety of other



Ivory and bone tooth, nail, and shaving brushes, ivory and wood hair ditto, cloth, shoe, and hat ditto, paint and whitewash ditto, deck and tar ditto, scrubbing ditto, horse ditto and curry combs, dusting, furniture, window, and plate brushes, long brooms, with or without handles; parlour hearth brooms, with black, red, and gold handles, &c. &c.     horse hair stuffed sofas and squabs, horse hair seating and hair for stuffing chairs and sofas, bungs and corks of all sizes.


A great variety of fancy perfumed soaps, assorted ; oils and scents of every description, tooth powders, cold cream, bears' grease, rouge, lip salve, and Eau de Colonge water.    

The above are from J. Delcroix, Bond street, London.

Ladies curls, tortoise-shell dress and braid combs, rack   combs, writing desks inlaid with brass, ladies' and gentle-   men's dressing cases, ditto with ditto tea caddies, phosphorus        

boxes, &c. &c.


Elegant vases, ink stands, soap trays, tooth brush ditto,

cups and saucers, with a great variety of other chimney


Pictures in gilt frames and looking glasses, views in England   and Scotland, and portraits of the Dukes of York, Sussex,

Clarence, and Wellington.  

Dressing, swing, and shaving glasses, barometers, thermo-   meters, and telescopes, four beautiful cases of musical glasses, window glass of all sizes, English made brass wire parrot

cages, Tahiti mats of sizes, sieve bottoms, paste blacking in

tin boxes.


Good Irish pork in barrels and half ditto, good mess beef in   barrels, prime Rein-deer tongues, good Irish butter in kegs, Rankin's cheese, Scotch pickled herrings, Westphaia hams,   sugar, tea, coffee, rice, pepper, salt, basket ditto, Liverpool salt, mustard, English yellow and mottled soap, mould and dip candles, raisins, currants, French prunes, jellies, jams,     marmalades, preserved fruits, ginger, chow-chow, citron,   olives, ketchup, anchovies, Milford Haven oysters, sauces of all sorts, capers, Tarogan and white wine vinegar, &c. pickles,   curry powder, cayenne pepper, pearl barley, Embden groats,

powder, and canary seed.

Negrohead tobacco, and Chinsurah cigars in boxes, con-

taining 250.  

Fine Cape Madiera wine, old bottled port ditto, raspberry and cherry brandy, and raspberry vinegar, Jamaica rum, &c.   WANTED IMMEDIATELY, an OVERSEER, to take Charge of the Men on       an Agricultural and Grazing Farm. Particular Re- ference as to Character will be requisite. Apply to     Mr. HOWEY, Minchinbury, Great Western Road.        


the Woman to wash for a Family, and the Man           to he employed on the Farm as a Fencer, or any other        

Work that may be required. For Reference apply at  


WANTED, in a respectable Situation,    

a HOUSE or COTTAGE, containing Four   Rooms or more. Rent moderate. ---Written Particu-    

lars, addressed W. C. to be left with G. BUNN, Esq

98, George-street.


just establishing himself at Parramatta, a     YOUNG MAN, who understands compounding Me- dicines; he will not be required to be very expe-   rienced; he will not reside in the House. For Parti-       culars apply to the Printer of this Paper.          

WANTED a HOUSEMAID, who can look after and attend to Chil-  

dren. A Native Girl would be preferred.--- Apply to Mrs. Howe, Charlotte-place.    

WANTED IMMEDIATELY, a MAN who is well ac-

quainted with the GROOMAGE and BREAKING-     IN OF HORSES for the SADDLE and GIG. Respectable References as to Character will be required, as liberal  

Wages will be given. Apply, for Reference, at the GAZETTE






ATED PREMISES, in full TRADE, and re-   plete with every Convenience, together with a sub- stantial well-built Stable, Coach-bouse, Granary, Stores, &c. newly Erected, now in the Occupation of    

Mr. D. Kelly, Butcher.


FOUR Compact well-built DWELLING HOUSES,  

being and situate on the East Side of Pitt-street,   and extending from the Premises known as Mrs. Waples', to the Loggerheads Public-house, with a       large Allotment of Ground at the back thereof, held in possession by Tenants at Will.  

For further Particulars apply to the Proprietor,

Mr. D. Kelly.

TO BE LET, a FARM, belonging to Barron    

Field, Esq. of which Possession may be taken af- ter 7th February next, situate in the District of Ca- bramatta, 27 miles from Sydney, and six from Liver-    

pool, containing 2,000 Acres of Grazing Land, well watered, together with a good Cottage and Offices,   and several cleared Paddocks, some laid down in   English Grass; a beautiful Garden, and a large Orchard, of more than eight years planting.---Apply     to Mr. GURNER, Supreme Court Office, Sydney.        



Woolpacks, weighing 11 pounds, at 12s. 6d. each; two bushel bags, very cheap; wide duck; sheeting; dowles; Si-     lesia sheeting; white and brown canvas; cordage; pitch;   tar; resin; glassware of all descriptions; paint; oil; tur-       pentine; paints; white and brown drills' imitation Leg- horn hats and bonnets; table rice; soap by the box; gin-    

ger; pepper; cloves; a few pipes of excellent Cape Ma-    

deira, &c.

The above Articles will be sold very reasonable    

STOLEN or STRAYED, from Hunter- street. about the 12th of April, a BLACK MARE,   stands about 14 hands high, and is heavy in Foal, has a star on the forehead, the near hind foot white, and has also

a long-swish tail.

Any Person giving Information to the undersigned, so that she may be recovered, will receive Six Dollars Re- ward; and if found in the Possession of any Person after this Notice, they will be prosecuted according to Law.    


Sales by Auction.


At No. 3, York-street, on Saturday, the 28th Instant,

at 10 o'Clock,


of Captain GILLMAN, going to England, both of   English and Colonial Manufacture; consisting of a su- perb toned piano, side-board, sofa, dining, card, loo, pembroke, and dressing tables, celeret, bedsteads and bedding, rose-wood chairs, secretaire, drawers,

China, glass, kitchen utensils, and other Articles  

too numerous to mention. The Plate, and a portion of the best Glass, fit in a well contrived Plate Chest, and

are well adapted for a small genteel Family. After   this will be Sold, Two well-known Horses, together   with Saddlery, &c. &c.  

The whole may be seen at the above Premises, any Day between 12 and 4 o'Clock, and may be purchased

privately at a Valuation.  

Prompt Payment in Sterling Money, or Dollars

at 4s.4d.  


Premises, on Thursday, the 24th of May, THE  

ESTATE AND PROPERTY of the late Andrew Frazer, deceased, in the following LOTS, by Order

of the Executors.

LOT 1.---All those valuable Premises lately occu- pied by the Testator, with the bake-house and appur- tenances to the same belonging, and also, a Cottage adjoining thereto, occupied by one Parsonage, situate in Cambridge-street, Sydney, Nos. 34 and 35.

LOT 2.---Nos. 36 and 37, Cambridge-street, being 2 Cottages with the appurtenances ; occupied by Gannon and Trainer.  

LOT 3.---Nos. 39 and 40, Cambridge-street, being 2 Cottages with the appurtenances ; occupied by Davis and Bryant.  

LOT 4.---A new 2-Story Brick Building, with an   excellent well, situate at the corner of Essex Lane,

numbered 7.

LOT 5.---Nos. 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12, being 5 Tene- ments, situate in Essex Lane, with the appurtenances.

LOT 6.---A Cottage, No. 23, Gloucester-street ;   occupied by Roberts, the back of which extends to Cambridge-street.  

LOT 7.---A Cottage, No. 23, Harrington-street, extending to Gloucester-street.

LOT 8.---Also, 16 Acres of Land in the Township of Richmond, now occupied by Mr. Thos. Muckwell, at the annual Rent of £26 sterling.

Immediately after the above will be Put up,


SOUTH WALES, on each of which the Sum of   £37 11s. 4d. has been paid into the Bank.

Also, at the same Time,


Utensils, and other Effects, belonging to the


The above Property will be Sold on the following Conditions ; viz.

For all Purchases under £500, a deposit of £25 per Cent, to be paid down, and 3 and 6 Months will be given for the Balance, on Security approved by the


For all Purchases above £500, a deposit of £20 per Cent, to be paid down, and 3, 6, and 9 Months will be given for the Balance on the like Security.

The Purchasers to pay for the Conveyance.

The Bank Shares and moveable Estates to be paid    

for at the Time of Sale.

Further Particulars may be known on Application to Mr. Norton, Sydney.

Sydney, April 23, 1827.      

TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on Thurs-

day next, at 12 o'Clock (if not claimed on or   before that Day), a Brindle BULLOCK, with loopy horns, marked with a G on the off hind quarter.

The above has been previously advertised three times, and will be Sold on that Day to defray Ex- pences. NICHOLAS DEVINE.

TO BE SOLD, A PAIR OF YOUNG HORSES, fit to Ride or to Drive; they   have been driven in a small Carriage about Twelve

Months, are free from Vice and Blemish, and are Sold , for no fault whatever. Price, Ninety Guineas for the Pair, or, Fifty Guineas for One. Apply to Mr. Wea- ver, Castlereagh-street. Also, a Curricle and Har-  




PROBATE of the WILL of the Testator having

been granted to the Executors, all Persons having Claims on the Estate, are requested to present the same to them, and all Persons indebted to the Estate are required to satisfy the Claims against them



ROBERT CAMPBELL, ..... Executors. Sydney, April 23, 1827.


GAZETTE ---Sir,---As Editor of the Sydney Gazette, I beg you will insert in your Paper the undermentioned circum- stance. Some few days ago, I received a letter from Mr. Solicitor Allen, demanding the immediate payment of the sum of £6 19s. 6d. purporting to be due to the Estate of the late Mr. Parker, of George- street, Sydney. I beg to state, that prior to this, I had been furnished with two bills, claiming the same amount, and informed the person who brought the same, that I never had any dealings with Mr. Parker. I would advise the Executors to the said Estate, to be more cautious in future, in claiming on individuals wrongfully. As a respectable shopkeeper, had such a debt been owing, I should have paid it long ago ; as I never had any dealings, either directly or indirectly, with Mr. Parker, or any per- son on his account. I am, Sir,

your obedient Servant,


York-street, Sydney, April 23, 1827.


CATE, granted to the undesigned, has lately been feloniously Stolen from No.21. King-street, a Reward of One Dollar is hereby offered for the same, being of course useless to any but the Owner. The Certificate was granted in 1819 or 20, by the General Abercrombie Lodge, No.288, at Woolwich, under the Grand Lodge of England,


MESSRS. KIRBY and MERRITT beg Leave      

to inform their Friends and the Public, that they propose to commence Business as Butchers, on   the Premises lately occupied by Mr. Smithers, No. 24, George-street, to commence on the 26th Instant. It is also their intention to keep a constant Supply of prime Corn Beef and Pickled Pork, and hope by a strict Attention to Business, and keeping the primest qualities of Meat, and on the most reasonable Terms, they will merit a share of their Support and Patronage.

N. B.---Shipping supplied on the most reasonable


I HEREBY Caution the Public against Cutting

Timber, or in any way destroying or trespassing   on my Farm, situate in the District of Prospect, near Parramatta. Any Person or Persons, found doing so after this Notice, will he prosecuted according to the utmost Rigour of the Law.


THE MEMBERS of the TURF CLUB will dine together, as usual,   at Cummings' Hotel, THIS DAY, and on Friday next, at 6 o'Clock.

25th April.

H. M. S. Success, Sydney Cove, April 24, 1827.   NOTICE is hereby given, that Persons willing to supply

the undermentioned Articles, of the very best Quality, for His Majesty's Ship Success, are requested to send sealed Tenders, by 12 o'Clock of Friday next, the 27th of this Month, endorsed "Tenders for Naval Stores," addressed to Captain   STIRLING, of His Majesty's Ship Success, payable by Bills on the Commissioners of His Majesty's Navy, London, at 90 Days after Sight, without bearing Interest.

Stockholm Tar........1 barrel of 16 gallons Log Lines............13 number. Sail Needles of sizes ....36.  

Bolt Rope Needles........8.

Nails, copper boat...... 9 pounds. ......deck............8 ditto, ......pump........10 ditto. ......scupper.......9 ditto. 40d........23 ditto. ..........30.........23 ditto. ..........20.........27 ditto. ..........10.........36 ditto. ...........6..........35 ditto.  

.......... 4 .........10 ditto.     ...........3..........12 ditto.

...........2............7 ditto.    

Glass, ground 12 by 10 ..13 panes.     Paint, white ..........325 pounds. ..... black........114 ditto. ......yellow........28 ditto. ......litherge......15 ditto.

Oil, linseed.......31½gallons.   Paint Brushes....26 number.

Glass, ground 12 by 10 ... 20 panes.

JAMES STIRLING, Capt. H. M. S. Success. GRAZING,—Excellent and well-watered Pasture can be

obtained at Patrick's Plains, Hunter's River, for about

One Hundred Head of Cattle, by applying to L. W. Sydney

Gazette Office.

Peake Ville, Patrick's Plains.


the PRINTING Business, who will be taught   his Business. Apply at the Gazette Office.

WANTED, A MAN COOK. None need apply, unless they can produce a good

Character. Enquire at Mr. M'Guigan's, George-


Principal Superintendent of Convicts' Office,

Sydney, April 19th, 1827. THE undermentioned Prisoners having

absented themselves, from their res- pective Employments, and some of them at large with false Certificates, all Constables and others are hereby required to use their utmost Exertions in lodging them in safe Custody ;—

3. Byrne Terence, Dorothy, Carter, 40, Dublin,   5 feet 5, hazle eyes, black hair, dark sallow com- plexion, from Hyde Park Barrack.  

1. Boutell Jas. Marquis Hastings, Ploughman, 20, Suffolk, 5 feet 7¾, blue eyes, flaxen hair, fresh, freckled comp. from Hyde Park Barrack.

1. Bent Jas. Midas, Cotton Spinner, 27, Stock- port, 5 feet 6, brown eyes, brown hair, dark comp.

from Hyde Park Barrack.

1. Carley John, Mary, Ploughman, 20, Sussex, 5 feet 7, hazle eyes, brown hair,fair, ruddy comp.

from No. 2 Iron Gang.

2. Condron Michael, John Barry, Labourer, 30, County Limerick, 5 feet 4, hazla eyes, brown hair, sallow complexion,from No. 1 Iron dang, seventh

time of Absconding.

2. Cormodey James, Lord Sidmouth, Labourer, 29, County Cork, 5 feet 2½, hazel eyes, black hair,

dark sallow complexion, from No. 1 Iron Gang,

second time of Absconding.

2. Dalton William, Norfolk, Labourer, 20, Lon- don, 5 feet 2¼, grey eyes, brown hair, pale pock- pitted complexion, from No.7 Road Gang.

2. Donnelly Margaret, John Bull, Servant, 23, Monaghan, hazle eyes, dark hair, fair complexion,

from Female Factory, Parramatta.

1. Gardiner John, Albion, Servant, 18, London, 5 feet 4½, grey eyes, brown hair, dark comp. from

T. Walker, Esq. Concord.

3. Hough John, Minerva, Weaver, 23, Carlisle, 5 feet 5½, hazle eyes, brown hair, fair little

freckled comp. from No. 2 Iron Gang, Western


2. Hurst George, Isabella, Footman, 31, Lin- colnshire, 5 feet 10, hazle eyes, brown hair,fair pale complexion, from Hyde Park Barrack.

2. Holmes James, Henry, Carter, 23, Bombay, 5 feet 7, hazle eyes, dark brown hair,pale much pockpitted comp. from Hyde Park Barrack.

3. Harragan Cornelius, Brampton, Herdsman, 21, Dublin, 5 feet 5½, dark brown eyes, dark flaxen hair, sallow comp. from Williamson' Mountain Road Party.

2. Keating Margaret, Mariner, House-maid,     22, Clonmel, 5 feet 2, grey eyes, dark brown hair,

brown freckled complexion, from Female Factory,


2. Killbridge, Thomas, Countess Harcourt, Car- ter, 24, Dublin, 5 feet 4½, brown eyes, dark brown hair, pale pockpitted freckled complexion, from J. T. Campbell, Esq. Liverpool.

1. Kelly John, Minerva, Soldier, 27, Dublin, 5 feet 6, blue eyes, brown hair, brown, little pock- pitted comp. from No. 2 Iron Gang.

1. Larway Wm. Asia, Book-binder, 23, London, 5 feet 1¾, hazle eyes, light brown hair, fair comp. from Williams's Mountain Road Gang.

1. Morgan Dan. Marquis Hastings, Plasterer, 20, London, 5 feet 5¾, grey eyes, brown hair, fresh comp. from T. Walker, Concord ; 2d time of


1. McCarthy Charles, Hooghley, Ploughman, 42, County Clare, 5 feet 3½, grey eyes, grey hair, brown complexion, from Grose Farm.

2 Ounan Thomas, Lord Sidmouth, Labourer, 39, Navan, 5 feet 4½, hazle eyes, brown hair, dark tomp. from H. M. General Hospital, Sydney.

2. Patterson Johannah, alias Gotman, Almorah, Dairy-woman,27, County Clare, 4 feet 11, hazle grey eyes, dark sandy hair, fresh freckled comp.  

from Female Factory, Parramatta.

2. Phinnemore Peter, Providence, from No. 4

Iron Gang.

3. Quinland Wm. Lord Eldon, Plaisterer, 36, London, 5 feet 6, hazle eyes, black hair, dark ruddy comp. from J. Wild, Esq. Cawdor.

3. Sullivan John, Asia, Flock Manufacturer,25, London, 5 feet 5¼, blue eyes, red hair, fair pock- pitted comp. from Hyde Park Barrack.

3. Tolley Francis, Eliza, Ploughman, 23, Wor- cestershire, 5 feet 3¼, hazle eyes, brown hair, pale sallow complexion, from No.2 Iron Gang, Western Mountains, third time of Absconding.

3. Toohey Cicely, Mariner, Dairy Woman, 49, County Mayo, 5 feet 2¼, chesnut eyes, black to grey hair, brown freckled comp from Female Fac- tory, Parramatta, second time of Absconding.

2. Webb Sarah, Providence, Needle-woman, 29,   Dumfries, 4 feet 11, grey eyes, brown hair, fair

pockpitted complexion, from Female Factory,


Any Person harbouring, concealing, or main- taining any of the said Absentees will be prosecuted

for the Offence.  

F. A. HELY, J. P. Principal Superintendent.

IMPOUNDED, on the Liverpool-road,

near the 11-mile stone, a Black HEIFER, white on her two hind legs, and white belly ; brand un- known. Also, a Red STEER, brand unknown. If not claimed within 21 Days, will be Sold to defray the Expenses, JOHN BURROWS, Poundkeeper.