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CAMPBELL to save expense

Home Building Made Easy

-in shorter time-and at less cost



A charming new stylo ot Bun tfatow apecfally eulted to Queens

landa climate


A plaulne home of dUtinctlv* appearance Cool and compact,

yet roomy


A favourite design for the prie« Everything neeeaaary for home comfort ia embodied in tbla home at moderate coat.


Another design of a cool and roomy home One of ita oat ntandlns features ia the large and conveniently placed kitchen

O possess a home of charm and comfort is the desire of every earnest country man He loolfs to it as a teward for his laborious duties, Campbell Redicut Homes f fulfil that desire

Money is saved, time is economised, trouble eliminated, and a charm' ing home provided when the country man purchases at one first and last cost, a CAMPBELL REDICUT HOME, forrall has been . done for him Plans are ready always of twenty delightful homes, materials from this one source already at short notice for despatch, in fact everything is done to help the owner take possession in the shortest possible time, and to feel satisfied and content with his home

To know at a glance the exact cost of a Campbell Redicut Home, prices are definitely quoted at the outset, covering every phase of

the work entailed THE MODERATE COST, and thev EFFICIENT SERVICE rendered, arc always a pleasant surprise and an enduring satisfaction to CAMPBELL REDICUT HOME OWNERS. , Whep in Brisbane make a visit of enquiry to Campbell Redicut Home Headquarters. Note the address-*- A , w^~~







. ;M!f

?« -- ,r i\ ,. i» *»



A well-known Sydney business gentleman, who spent some weeks in Brisbane, said that he saw nothing equal to Ashgrove for climate and scenery, and had there been a tram or moter service out to the

Waterworks thousands would go out daily not only for the scenery, but also to enjoy the pure fresh air which is equal to that of the Blue Mountains of New South Wales.

Waterworks Road,


Will be on the Market in a few days, and is now  

open for Inspection.

A gentleman who is known as the "King of the North," and who has freehold lands at Sydney, Brisbane, Townsville, and China, is also a property owner at St. John's Wood, where he is erecting palatial build- ings, including a first-class jazz hall.

Another purchaser at St John's Wood is a famous contractor whose last contract in Queensland ran into one and a half million sterling.

? ? ?

? " ? ?

What did His Majesty the King say about St. John's Wood?


"He was delighted with the place and its glorious sur- roundings, and, moreover, it reminded him of the

Manor Plains of Sussex, England."    

The luxuriousness of the trees and height of mountains shade the place from Westerly winds and dust, and keep it warm in Winter and cool in Summer.    

The rippling of over a mile --of fresh, running water,   the sweetly singing birds, the laughing Kookaburra. the rustling noise of the leaves, all contribute to the charm of the place.

Not only the stillness, quiteness and "countryfied but also the 'pure exhilarating air' all delighted  

His Majesty.

St. John's Wood, aptly named the Switzerland of Queensland on account of its beauty, has been sold to the best 'people in the State-people of wealth, repute, and undoubted position. This alone will make the name of St. John's Wood a hall mark of distinction and exclusiveness. ,

St. John's Wood Extension and Royal Park. (The pick of the basket.)     They have been surveyed into artistic blocks for home

sites. Roads have formed.

The Royal Park and St. John's       Wood Extension will be on the market in the course of a few days. Salesmen are not required,        

they sell themselves.   This is an exceptional opportunity for one who wise to to secure some healthy and beautiful home sites.   Away from the flickering lights, the hustle, bustle, and grime of the city. Which is the better, a drive

through deadly dust which creates more diseases than , one could numerate, or a spin through pure, fresh air and glorious scenery?

Is it better to live in an unhealthy atmosphere because  

one's mother-in-law is next door? Or to live where that which gives

health abounds morning, noon, and night,     not only for one's self, but for all who are near and dear.

For those who can

afford to go for a holiday for         health the dusty road will suit.

For. those who want to go for a holiday for pleasure

turn your car towards Ashgrove, and see for yourself.     The fact that 230 houses have been erected within the last eighteen months and are still going up speaks all  

languages for ASHGROVE.

Some time ago the Vendor of St. John's Wood advertised in the Public Press that he would give £100 to the Brisbane Hospital if any man could sleep the hottest night in summer without warm blankets at St. John's Wood. A-well-known Professional       City Gentleman accepted   the challenge and went out for   the night to St. John's Wood anticipating that in the morning he would   come back with the century for the hospital. To his surprise the cool,   pure mountain air did not let him gratify his ambition.

At Royal Park there is a Dance Hall known as St. John's Hall, and a company of energetic young fellows are go-   ing to erect a log cabin in connection with same. They intend catering for   private and public dances, with first-class


On Sundays between 3 and 4 o'clock those who wish to avail themselves of the fresh air and beautiful scenery can get there in a five-mile spin.

Free Afternoon Tea


One of the most successful busi- ness gentlemen in the State writes:- Over forty years ago I went to live in Ashgrove. In the meantime he has had several trips around the world, not for health, but for pleasure. He still is equal to a seven-mile walk before breakfast In his opinion there is no place like     Ashgrove, and attributes his exceptionally good health and success to     the beautiful climate.

A well-known city professional   gentleman's experience :-"Over 30 years ago I went to live near Ash- grove in very poor health." He is still there, and to use his own words he has not had any occasion to go South for a holiday ever since.