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The Mountain Blacks in the neighbourhood of Glenny's Creek, in   one of the more remote districts of Hunter's River, have again not  

only been troublesome, but also evinced a spirit of revenge, and have   murdered two shepherds belonging to Captain Lethbridge, at his sta-     tion. On Monday, the 28th of August last, at the farm of Captain Lethbridge, in unexpected visit was paid to the house by four black men entering, having spears, &c. and bearing the appearnce of hos-   tility. Some black native women had a short time before informed   the woman of the house, that the natives intended to come down, to kill and eat her white child, but no credit was given to this assertion,   viewing it merely as a stratagem used to extort bread or other food to     assuage their hunger. On the arrival of the four black men on the morning of the 28th, the Reader may in some measure be capable of judging the dreadful thoughts which would it once start across the

mind of Mrs Alcorn for the safety of the infant then in her arms. Mis Alcorn was nursing, and the only man in the house was frying   some kangaroo; there was a youth also present about 13 years of age. Slit immediately ordered the man to give the remaining part of the kangaroo "to the poor black men," they accepted it, and appeared well delighted, and Mrs Ahorn availed herself of an opportunity of com- municating her wish, by gestures used to her brother, the youth before   mentioned, that the two shepherds, who were splitting some raillings for fencing, should be immediately fetched; the little boy very art    

fully performed his part, and left the house without suspicion, and the men armed with the utmost punctuality; the boy returned with them. At this moment also, Mr Richard Alcorn arrived, but casually, not suspecting the visitors were in the house, on his return from a neighbouring farm. The youth went outside of the house, and has-   tened in again, saying- "O, what shall we do here's the blacks all   coming with their spears shipped." Ten or twelve more blacks were actually bearing down upon the house with their warlike implements in battle array. To describe particularly, it will be necessary to ex- plain, that the house consists of two rooms, the inner is Mr Alcorn's   bed-room, and has a door appended, the outer room has no door. The     blacks surrounded the house, and its inmates, suspecting their inten- tion, spoke civilly to them, but without the appearance of fear, and   desired them to ''tat tat'', or go away, which injunction they refused   to obey The two shepherds were standing near the door way, but outside the house, a black cast a spear at one, and struck him in the body. Cottle was the unfortunate man's name, he exclaimed "I'm a dying man ' and instantly expired. They speared the other shepherd   through the body, and with an instrument described by the name of nulla nulla, struck him a violent blow on the back of the head, and fractured his scull -this poor man was not heard to speak. During   this murderous scene, Mrs Alcorn crept under the bed in the inner room of course taking the baby from the premeditated danger (as may now be fairly conceived, and the little boy followed her example.   Mr Alcorn was lightly speared in several parts of the body, but no     durerons loiisequeiuis ire entertained from tile spear wounds, ho also recen ed a blow » i th a stone of about four pounds and a half weight, as ills described, thrown at lum, by some peculiar instrument of war used h) Hu nat i tes in tint district, be fell, and was senseless fur some «hurt time \\ hen Ali Alcorn rccoiered, tht surviving man and him- self went into the bedroom, and sei ured the door, the) were ) et in a tin pi rilous situation, there »as a window place to the room, but no window shutter, and tiley were exposed to the enemy through that aperture Invention » is not long nllt, self presentation soon found an expedient they ¡diced a long box against the latuum, and by tint miana dclied the elicit of the spears , the natives kept hammering at the bo\ with the aforesaid instrument nulla nulla, until they broke it, the mau in tin room with Mr Alcorn now charged a gun, with pott der onl), no other ammunition being in the house , he fired, but the black fellows cried out distinctly-"fire away -fire away bail black man fall ' nevertheless the man conceived he might do some good, and was about to reload »hen be said-"I want some wad- ding ' Mrs Alcorn now tore her gown, and threw pieces from her from under the bed, and supplied lum with wadding, and, strange be it tosij, it had a good effect The report of the gun brought down a neighbouring shepherd tottirds the house, who beholding the black- fellows m their attack, made off towards Captain Glenn) s, at whose re- sidence is a party of mounted polne This man s moiement, however, laught the eye of juc of them and the) m ide after lum, and catt spears at lum but missed bim.-!hey were beard to say-"God* for soldier', md the) left otf the siege, they then entered the outer room, and took away the blankets and spare »caring ipparel of the men they had killed Wt bad nearly forgot to mention, that when tiley killed ti e mm, as before stated, they made loud acclama, tions three different times The man while using the gun was speared in the hind, audit is described asa lucky fact, that the position in which he stood, im the attitude of firing, prevented the spear enter- ing his breast The black monsters made away towards the mountains, and i spoedy ilarui wasgnen 1 lie moitt active and dettrmiued mea sures in said to be set on foot, but it |s much to be feared that tins mountain tribe will be ver) difficult to capture or subdue Some friendly natnes bite joined in the pursuit, and we are told one pr mc re Magistrates are of the party of pursuers Mr Alcorn was taken to C ptain Glenny s where he received the most hospitable welcome It ii is supposed Mr Alcorn would be able to walk about in a week fi om the date of the aflra v , he lost a copious flow of blood 1 his in tclliL,entc ma) be relied on it lu« been communicated to Mr AU corn s faiml) at Windsor, and similar accounts bave been received ia

the Hawkesbury districts by parents who hate their children at Huu


On Tuesday last, an Inquest was held at the Punch Bowl Farmn, on the body of George Jackson, Government servant to Mr. John Redman, of Syd-   ney, who was killed by falling from his cart, on his

head. Verdict -Accidental Death.  

Yesterday an Inquest was held at Hill's Tavern, Hyde Park, on the body of a man named Radcliffe, who was found drowned, the day preceding at Wooloomooloo. Verdict -Found Drowned.

Same day, an Inquest was held in Kent-street,   on the body ot a child named Charlotte Farthing, who accidentally fell into a well and was drowned. Verdict -Accidental Death.