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FRIDAY, AUGUST 18-John Diriey, prisoner for 7 yew mid   heretofore aionxtibe in tilt Carters Barracks, ippured a,t the bar cb irgul with hiMiig filomouslv stolen i set ol phted harness, and «onie furniture, fiom a clnist belonging to Mr Bights, whiMnvith a horse, lie hid h t to Mr Andre» Hall, to ptoeetd to .»arraui Uta some \ucl s sim i It ippnrcd that «hen Mr Hall, in company with Chip in in, the « ird«m in, »ho hid ittcndid Mr Hall on «omi is icnal duli

retnrnid to Ins li HISL it 10 o duck in the timing of the'day he had gone fruin ^idne\ he lift tilt horse and ilnisi it his door, and m less Until minute tin elms, md horse HIL horsi lame bonn dirty ind bruin! ibout the legs nrly tin next niornin ?? md the i h lue «is found md suit li mu the next mornin - Nollim"- fur ther transpired f jr some tmiL, inil Mr Hilf pud Mr Bigges tln° ailie of the irtnlos lost rrotn information riniMil, Mr jt,i|, with Ghin man, md mother lonstnbli conceded thimsiliis ina brui bousi it tin bottom of the liri.kfnld Hill, on Thursday iu0l,t last, md hld nil bl n tlnre long bifon tin prisoner Dimy tmu, with a ha-on his buk into the hie« house, «here he «as sei/id, togitlnr witlUhc big, which mut mud the phtid harness in question Hie luther ipron of a cltw, mid two cushions, «in found tin next mornin * r-irlj, in the > ird through «huh the prisomr had passid to lonn to tin hiew-housc indht.1 bun ohseriul to lu sonmthiu - drop Hie property «is dep .sid to by Mr Bigges, as 1,-iung bclougid to tin h >rsi md ihaisi he Ind lured to Mi li ill -it tin time hi »mt to Pir minitta, ind being now the property of Mr Ball, who li id paid Mr

Bigges the value, it was sworn to by Mr Ball as such 1 lu. chain of ci iden, c « is so strong, ind so lonnictid in nil ,ts points, ami tin pri

s mer h ii nig no ai uhbli difinu to on", i, the Bin. li sintmud lim' to hiicthneiiirsaddid to the term of b,9 original scutum of trans portation, from the period of its expiration

Benjamin James prisoner for life and Elizabeth Garvin, free,      

charged with stealing two turkies the property of Joseph Aaron, who           had left them in a case in the front part of his house (enclosed). The   male prisoner was seen with his head under the frame of the front door     of the house, close to when the turkies had been left, about 7 o clock   the same night, and the woman was standing some distance from the     spot. The turkies were not removed, but as the intention of the prisoner, James, were manifestly to commit some depredation he was   therefore sentenced to work in iron- for 3 months, and Elizabeth Garvín, as a reputed rogue and vagabond, and an old offender to the   Factory, as the House of Correction, for 3 months.  

Norah Keefc pi is mer foi 7 yurs ilurged by her mister George 1 de, to whom sin « is issignul, «ith repeitedly getting drunk, and leaung lur siruie without pirnussion, cun it in iaily hour in the morning before tin fuiiily bid risen, who f.und tin house open and exposed to deprc.l itiou, ) months to tin 1 letory

\UGUST IU-Janus Billies prisoner of the uown, rcnvmdid from thi 17th instant, li mug bien illegally it 1 irgi since tilt bigiiinin - of 'aninrj last, at »huh turn he rituuud from Not folk Island, whither he Ind bein smt in charge of some bullocks, md «ho hid muli no npottof himself, but had "ot into nrious simces, under tin pri tenet that he held i tukit of lean «is tins day sintinctd by the

Bench to »ork in irons foi u months

John llu,Jus prisomr for ltf., stood chirked with hilmgembc7

Z.d out ol 81, »huh h "I been dilinrtd into the charge of tin prisoner, as i «minimi on tin Goiernmuit ïVhirf, adjoining the Mirkit \\ l.ttf I |,t icdir belonged to Mr Laik car p»nter ivhohuigncn it into the ure of the pnsoiur, and Ind mo mined linn i riniuiierttion for v. miling it, and «hen he «mt the next morning to Mt_fy tin prisomr for his trotiblt, be » is ibsint,

ind the pieces of ndar bung lountul, «tri found difuunt 23 piens

It. mantled *

Timothi W ill, prisoner of the crown md under i colonial sintetice, »ho hid bun rinnndid from tin loth instant, on t clure of binti - with two nun and u »oman unknown attuked md kno.kcd dow"» 1 ttr.ik Alurphi, of Parramatta, on the liar, course, itSidiui on the evening of niihj, the nth instant "id lobbed lum of 1 pur. id

doll irs, one shoe, and i spur tttaclud tlnreto, w.s now brou'lit fur I «ard, md the eudmce of PatnO. Kelly being taken as to the faits, ' »huh positn ely went to identify the person of the prisomr Wall, as

m e of the three men that liad «Hacked and robbed lum nn ths Rare co-ursx, the Bim li ordend the prison'r, 1 nnothy Wall, to stunt

committed for ti i ii for the filony,

Joseph Chiril, ti'kd of l< ive, and John Chard (his son), were, elnrged bv Mi Oillij, willi having stohn and removed fioin Ins nrehird, uni when the piisnmrs icsnle, a quantity of young flint lin s ulm li lind IHM II lift in Mr Ottley »possession by the la't luiuiit, when hcqiiittid the premises In consequence of i si ireh MIN rant hiving lu cn ohtinlu d, Mr Oillcy, with n constable, and tin len mt in question, pniu i ilul t» tin rcsulinci of the pris mi I, and tin II, round sou» (nul trus, vihu h they brought away with them, and III nig pro dm id he fore Hu Boich, si ven of (lum were positively sworn toby tin teiiiut, who deel mil he lind gi nfti d tin m himself, mid had left them glowing in the orihard, when he gave up the picmi'c* As this case si elm ii to involve lu it a point of I iw, as to tin naturi of the thire,i, in leg lily dlstinL,ulshing it hctuicu II inmdeiiicUIOI and a trespass, ¿ho

furthtr enquiry stood over until Mimili) I


We regret to state, that this lb pint Ins not come to hind, nnd as we luipi no sui h casually liny he li petted, vic must apologue to our Heulers for it« omission lu refm me, however, to Kcrton and Hines nflrmc, in childistlncly selling flints, the insceanie on, but the deei

sion was postpomd from Niturih) last to next Tuesihy, win u ft full Bi nch will illili sptinlly ussciuble Wi undirst uni, there is not i shulovv of doubt us to the guilt of the pirties, hut the Migistntcs, on acioiint of the fornnilible appciruico of Mr Solicitor Howe «ire in tu illy intimidated, is we suppose, from pronouniing judgment, till assisted bj agrcittr number of their Bri thrill We ically respect the Magistmy as much as any one, but vic are at a loss to see the proprMy of shew mir hesitnney in a case willi li is will to ho so ohvi

oils 'Kio Justieis hive been influí need by the purest motive?, hut still, vie think, where the hw is clpir, mil the eise ilsd eleir, the decision should be prompt, sim e, if there be my shew of lnnlship, there is redress open to the pirties aggrieved, whilst, it the same time,

the Mjgistntes aro sure of ligitinnte protection under the hjiiuors



THURSDAY, AUGUST 10-George Seymour, assigned to his wife. The Rev Mr Meares complained, that the prisoner had acted towards him in a very unbecoming manner, that he had made a very dis respcctful answer to him in the street the other day; and that he had       been impertinent. The prisoner expressed contrition, and thecom  

plainant was satisfied It was retailed to his memory, that when he   first came to Windsor, He was persecuted by a harsh master, who com   pelled him not only to pay 3s 6d per »eck to the Government, but other additional sums for the use of the said master, that this Bench   had represented such hardshlp to the late Governor Sir Thomas Brisbane, who ordered the prisoner, in consequence thereof, to be assigned to his wife, and moreover that the chief constable became   his surety to the Government on that occasion. That this Bench had   subsequently recommended to His Excellency Sir Thomas Brisbane,   a further indulgence, which was acceded to also, viz of being assigned to his wife, without paying 3s6d per week. lnsolence to the Officers   of Government was injudicious, however free the person offering the insult might feel himself, such conduct in in a prisoner was punishable in a very summary way—but in him an unbecoming deportment was ungrateful in the extreme. The prisoner admonished and dischargcd  

Friday, AUGUST 11-Thomas Butler, confined by order of his     master, Michael Nowland, of Wilberforce. The complaint against the   man was stealing a horse, saddle, and bridle, The man had been or-   dered to go to Windsor from Wilberforce about four miles, and he construed the words make haste Tom! to mean, take the horse Tom,   and you'll the sooner return, as he had done times and oft before. The   man was in custody one night, and his master, with his accustomed peace and good will towards all men did not appear against him. Dis

charged, and ordered to walk home.

SATLUDAY, AU0UST12-A luiI, BEriCii-- \tlhur O Brien wis brought heforc the Court bj a wirr mt, clnrging billi on the oithof Ann M Cuni of (.addie, tint be bid stolen i shirt, the prnpcrtj of her hiisluntl he lud been apprehended at l'arranntta uni f irwirded to Windsor Although Arthur w is not of the ¡society of Vritnds, it mi,lit lu. saul of him, with some dcgrci of truth, that he belonged to the people tilled Quahirs he wak not sfif ned ed, for his held shook upon Ins shoulders , he trembled tint hi!, i h tracter vv u, it st ike, and he dreidcd that he might probibly he deprived of (.he binnet of the ordi r to which he belonged Ile vv is not a i) I) nqr L I I) but Ins true lill? and addition were Arthur O Bradley, V I cordwainer, Caddie. Arthur denied the accusation of theft, and Ann M'Cann was   then called and sworn. Ann deposed, that she is the loving wife of         John M'Cann, of Pitt-town district, shoemaker, who keeps journey-      

men and holds land, that the prisoner worked for her husband, a short time ago, that he had but one shirt, and that was very old and dirty, or you may guess gentlemen , that in a moment of pity, she was   induced to go to her husband's box, and give to the said Arthur a shirt a new dungaree shirt, true blue ! that he had not returned the same but had absconded from home, and took it upon his person,   leaving the old one in its place, look here, gentlemen, I'll shew you!   and was about to expose to the Court the remains of better days, a     shoemaker's old shirt-direful picture ' O, never mind, never mind '   and the good wonnu w is excused the painful task Ann, now «onie »hit relenting the severity of her tongue exphineda little further, why, your worships, its not the value of the shirt, but \ou must know that mv buslnnd, although a very quiet m tu when sober, when be gets groaP>) he is apt to call mules, and be a little jealous, although lu Ins no re i in, gentlemen , he may say, some diy or other, tint I give my huslund s shut to my faiiuv min, mil people who dont kn JW an) better such as strangers in Sydney niirket, may think it true no«, is \rthur is no t iney min ni mine, alii want of linn is, to confess before \ou tint I did give lum the shirt O no, replied Al thur, you did not give it to me, )ou sold it to me, and 1 told you to place it to my account, lowcdyou ¿2 12» and tint made ii 17s Arthur bei/ed the hippy moment, and ulled upon his mistress for a character, bli« gave lum a good character, only it was not agreeable for her husband to say so and so The ft lony wis reduced to the ovtrtactof i trustee, and finally to i book debt Arthur wis icry willing to work hut this debt, it wis agreed upon, and Ann took Arthur home to John who wis inxiously aw uting the result of this momentous trial For the credit of Arthur, we are authorised to state, tint the old shirt was not shewn to any body in Windsor, al

though numbers saw it at Pitt town when he absconded Complaint


David Campbell, government servant to Mr Lock, farmer, of Wil- berforce, charged that he had robbed his master of several dollars Mr Lock bad been indulging a little,and returned home in i carts   the prisoner wis there in and no one eKe Mr Lock missed his money but his experieme when i constable had taught lum, tint it wis hard, lv woith while s,i\mg loo much about it in i hurry The prisoner s motioiib were watebed and wis he suddenly taken into custody, at a tillie.« In n a serein tilde «as thrown over the business A dollar was fourni on In« porsou, for this he could not account II* saul, one Joseph \\ illiinw g-ivs it to lum to pay for wishing done bv a neii,li

bouring woiiun, «A illianis w is »worn, he stated he had never given the mau i doll ir nor yet had th it worn m ever washed for lum ben temed twilve months to i penal Mttlemsnt.

John Ryan, government servant to David Horton, charged that he   had entered his master's barn with intent to steal wheat. An entry was made and a ladder was placed against a rafter, so that access might   be had into the wheat loft through the usual trap door, howbeit, the     ladder fell, and down came John Ryan. As proverbs are sometimes   applicable, let us say, he that is born to be, &c. Ryan was very much   injured, and carried to the hospital. Ryan is a bad character; his   master said he did not know much against him [The fact is, the man is an excellent ploughman)- The prisoner pleaded he heard a noise,     he arose and went to the barn, when he was knocked down , he did not tell this story when first apprehended, it was evidently made up when    

under the sobe dietetic regimen of bread and milk Sentence, 25


1 1|OIUDS Ho Iges issaulting Thomas Lewis Committed for trial at


George I iwfoi-d, suspected of stealing pork. Could not be proved

The prisoner diselnrged

Japies (\I Kone complained of Junes Kelly, the younger, of I'orl land he ni, (li it he I ml committed i v loleiit issault on his person, with out e luse or provocation Committed tor trial at Sessions