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Cross Purposes, exemplified in a Dialogue which

took place last week between a modern Dandy (recently imported), and a respectable Shop- keeper.  

Scene, Pitt-street—Time 11 A. M.  

Dandy.— Servant, Mr. Thing-umme,—pray   have you any sense ? (1). (See glossary below).

Dealer.—(After a pause), as much Sir, as I

presume is necessary to carry on my business.

Dandy.—Now, cuss me, but that's a queer   ???wer—have you any "hoe of the Colony.'" {(*).

Dealer.—Never dealt in such articles, Sir.  

Dandy.—Have you any laughing-deer (3).     Ifoiïtijr-KÊt (4). Burgo-tnatet (5.). Harry's Root (6), such as Mama-laid (7)i JForwiA'.tt/. ,,í«Tr(8).- Tape of ocre (9).

Dealer.—Don't comprehend you

Dandy.—Sorry for it.—Suppose I shall be    

used to your Botany Bay lingo, buy and buy— hey day, what are these broken 'bacco pipes for ? Dealer.—They are lozenges, Sir.  

Dandy.—Very well indeed—law-singers—most people that go to law, singe their fingers,—   he, he, he!—and these?        

' Dealer.-Those are drops, Sir.

|>flntfy.-v Drops-.-how can they be drops (beware of hard substance, man-perhaps you ttfotiVwish to deal vyith me-and these here, very ¡ffîtty Veyour reasons (10)?

»' riDto/rr.-Cenainly, Sir, they are mine. ,

"Dandy.-And them there 1 suppose past cur » ititi (11)?

>". Dialer,'--! dispose of them as such, Sir.

V ^é¡^'*""^nat do y°» la^e me f°r-°ld for itnaViiv, hay ? t have the dumps down for what I 'm'ijf ''by (bf you-here-weigh me half an ounce ""¡ûT ijnqûse t-d-(throws down a piece for 7$d), ['si'|)ii;'gi've me my change/ Receives, the change, ; siod*, '. Exit Dandy, y..l,.Glo'sary.-'-\. Scents; 2. Eau de Cologne; . 3. J<s»yender ; 4. Essences; 5. Bergamot; 6. Ar« "TOW. Root; 7. Marmalade; 8. Vermicilli; 9. Ta rpîôCB-* tO. Raisin's; 11. Currant.«.

,i/x: f.. "ii i '

¿zñtH ^WMJiHh áMMfflh 4&*ib^ib 4^b^!b*4^b&%.t^b.4^f.&%