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North Shore, October 30, 1825.

SIR,-Perceiving in your Gazette of Thursday, the 18th Instant, a certain Article, under the Head of   Police Report, at Sydney, respecting Mr. JAMES MILSON being bought forward on a Charge of his assigned Servant,   James Murphy, for committing a violent Assault on his per- son ; and as some officious person has falsely stated the Re- port to you, in justice to myself and character, and that the Public may not be lead astray, I beg leave to state the parti- culars of the case, and request you will insert the same in   your Paper :--

James Murphy came to my service in July, 1823, and was assigned to take care of my stock of horned cattle. During such time he was employed, I paid the pound keeper of Castle -Hill, for stock impounded through his neglect, the sum of £3 18s. 8d. I allowed him a ration weekly of 4lbs. of salt pork and a peck of wheat, besides £10 per annum. I then employed him to go in a boat, to supply the shipping daily with milk, but found that he neglected that duty, got drunk, and made away with a great part of the money; on his ex- pressing contrition for the same, I forgave him. I then em- ployed him to mind twelve milch cows, which duty he neg- lected, and let them stray. He lost four head, and I desired him to go after them; he went for a few hours, and then re- turned, stating he could not find them. I told him he must find them. He went again, and returned in about half-an- hour stating he could not go after them as he had no shoes. I had supplied him with a new pair of boots only six weeks before. I told him to go after them, he said he would not, and dared me to make him, and used the most provoking lan- guage towards me, when in the heat of passion, I struck him with my hand in the face, when he ran away and called out murder. I came in on Monday morning last to lodge a com- plaint to the Police Magistrate, and found Murphy there.   Murphy has drawn in the time he has been in my service to the amount of £20 16s. 10d. in cash, and necessaries. He has lost two cows wholly, which he cannot account for. I have been in the habit of keeping from two to four Govern- ment servants for the last fifteen years, and can appeal to the Magistrates at Parramatta, where I principally resided, whe- there any complaint had ever been exhibited before them of any ill-treatment I have used towards them ; and shall, on the day of trial before the Quarter Sessions, at Sydney, produce such respectable evidence in vindication of my character, as will clear it from the aspersion that is attempted to be put on it in the report contained in your Gazette.  

I have the honour to be, Sir,

your most obedient Servant,


Principal Superintendent officer,

ff W ihr


ii;-/..r-,.., .... n-r.^:-urnr ..""jjirej jWßh^ 'roquiicil to tnc ihejr utmos.t ¿Exertions .in |

n/fy».'»jfè«il lodging.them in safç .Cusiocly :

3. Appleby, '1 liornas'Tottenham, 26,'Cave

7'an'à a half,'hazle"eye's,'broieñ hair/iUtiny^v,"»>**.»i,,, Government servant to Mr. Thomas Chanting,Portland] Head. ^ . ?> . / I ' / M '

1. Alexander Samuel, Norfolk, 20.'£oftd\>», bfeet and three 'Quarters of an' inch, 'hákle eyes,''6rotori hair,'fair camp fram>Mr~ S. Terry's CleaHng Party. \

, 2., hafber, Jacob Minstrelf 22, Hardwick, li feet 7 and a half,grey eyes, broipn hair, fresh cbnip.ffom Mr. W. MfArthur's 'Clearing'Parin.

1. Coates Thomas,. Guilford.(G), 34, Scarborough, 51 feet bf'tight blue eyes, black to grey hair, pock-pitted] camp, from Emu Plains. i

3. Evans, Edward Elizabeth, 25, Gloucestershire^ b\ feet 5, dark hair, dark broten eye«, sallow complexion,

Government servant to Mr. Thomas Chaselings Portland]

Head. , '

2. Godden, James Mangles, 26, Hants, 5 feet 3, blue eyes, brown hair, crown comp. from Longbottom.

1. Jones David, Eliza (1), Montgomeryshire, 5 feet 5 and three quarter inches, grey eyes, sandy hair, ruddy. comp. from Mr. Moore's Clearing Party.

2. Leonard, Patrick Lonnoch, ¡30, Drogheda, i feet 6 anda Half, grey eyes,t light brown hair, freckled comp. from Mr. F. Jones, Liverpool, charged with Robbery. ,

3. Mackay, Patrick Minerva (3),.24, Thurles, bfeet 4 and three quarters, hazle eyes, brown hair, ruddy freckled complexion Lieut. BeWs Clearing Party. .' <?

1. Page James, Canada (5), 28, Liverpool, 5 feet 9 inches, brown eyes, hazel hair, dark sallow comp, from Hyde Park Barracks.

1. Parrall Peier, Fame, 37, Dorselshire.bfeet 2 inches, dark eyes, black hair, dark comp. from Mr. JlfopfeV. Clearing Party. \

3. Ramsay or Ramblay. Thomas Larkins, 28, "Bucks, bfeet 5 and a half, haste eyes, sandy hair,'ßot\id Comp.

Escaped from the Watch-house, Bringelly, under charge' of Felony. ,

3. Savage, Amelia Grenada, 23, London, 4feet 1 and, a quarter, dark eyes, black hair, pale complexion, Govern'] ment Servant to Mr. John Eyre, Parramatta. \

1 Silk Daniel, Mangles (2), 26, Cork, 5 feet 6 inches, hazle'eyes, brown hair, pale camp. Emu Plains.

1. Shmglefield John, Hindostán, 26, Norfolk, bfeet V and a half inches, hazle eyes, fair hair, fair pale conip.y from Major Lockyer, Sydney, supposed to be lurking about Sydney.

1. Trainor John, Minerva (4), 19, ilfoncAeííer, 4 feet fcj and three quarter inches, greg eyes, brown hair, ruddy comp. from Mr. Bowman's Clearing Party. ( j

2. Taylor, Henry Ann (2), from Mr. Moore's Clearing,


Any Person harbouring, concealing, or maintaining any of the said Absentees, will Le prosecuted for the Offence. [

F. A. HELY, Piincipal Superintendent.