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Public Notice.


WHEREAS a Coroner's Inquest, holden

on the Body of a Settler, named Dunn, has re- turned a Verdict of WILFUL MURDER against Persons unknown;--A Reward of Fifty Pounds, or of an Absolute Par- don, is hereby offerred to any Person, the Person or Persons who actually committed the Murder alone excepted, who shall give such Information as may lead to the Apprehension and Conviction of the Offenders.

By His Excellency's Command,

F. GOULBURN, Colonial Secretary.        

Public Notice«

HIE undermentioned Persons have obtained

Certificates, or Tickets of Leave, during the

last Week :


Baring (2) . . . - James Welch ;

Batavia .... Solomon Reddith ; Counless Harcourt (2} . .Patrick Folue ;

Daphne . .? , Christopher Gallagher : ? ! Ditto .... John Killin ;

Ditto .... John Maginnis ;

Ditto .... Hugh McCavill ; Earl St. Vincent (1) . James Minchan ; Ditto . Francis Mahon ;

Elizabeth (2) . » . Ann McLaughlin ;. Globe .... William Payne ; Hadlow (2) . . . James Maloney ; Lord Wellington . . Mary Burke ;"

Martha ..... Samuel Cranstein; Mary (1) ... Michael Bardin ; Ditto .... John Clarke ;

Minerva (3) . . William Doyle ; Ditto . . . . . Dennis Hyland,;

Ditto . . . ' . Dennis Hyland, or Dempsey ;

Ditto. Michael Kennedy, or Lawler ; Shipley (2) Joseph Dobbs ;

t Tyne .... William Murphy.


Almprah'(2) . . *. Charles Wilson, Camden ; Ditto . . ... Wm. Byrne, Camden ;

Atlas ft}) . . James Ansell, Parramatta ; Isabella (1) . . - . James Perry, Minto ;

Lord Sidmouth (2) . . Pat. Maloney, Parramatta ; Mangles (2) . . . James Fitzpatrick, Appin ; Morley (1) . . . James Carey, Sydney ; Neptune (2) . . Henry Angel, Appin.

F. GOULBURN, Colonial Secretary. Colonial Secretary's Office, July (>, 1825._

Public Notices.

MOTICE is herby given, that the CO-PART

NERSHÎP .heretofore existing- between EDWARD RILEY omi WILLIAM WALKER, under the Firm of RILEY and WALKER, Merchants, terminated on the 30th ult ; All Persons, who haye Claims against "the late Finn, are therefore requested immediately to send them hi for Adjust- ment, mid those indebted to pay the Amounts of their respec- tive Accounts without Delay.

FIpHE CO-PARTNERSHIP, which existed under . JSL the Firm of-RILM AND WALKER, having ter .hiinoteH yesterday, Notice. iit,now given, the BUSINESS ? will, from this Date, Jiü^tnrriéd an^J^-RicuAH» JONES and WILLIAM WALKER, in Partnership, under the Firm of

"''.? . JONES AND WALKER. Hunter-street, 1st Jwly, 1825. _

"^SYDNEY, JUNÏT2271825. PKTOHE COMMITTEE of the AUSTRALIAN i=L AGRICULTURAL COMPANY request a MEETING of the PROPRIETORS, resident in the Colony, nt HILL'S Tavern, Sydney, on Thursday the 14th of July, at Twelve o'Clock; when certain Papers, relative to the Transactions of the Compi.ny, lately received from the Court of Directors, will he submitted for their Information. _ _ BANK OF NEW SOUTH WALES, 29th JUNE, 1825. (TpHE PROPRIETORS of BANK STOCK are 1 JsL to meet at the Bank Buildings, on Thursday the 21st

July, at 11 o'Clock iii the Forenoon, for the Purpose of de- claring the Half-yearly Dividend, &c. ending the 30th June Instant. A. K. MACKENZIE, Secretary, Bank of N.S.W.



?*. will be held at Nash's Inn, Parramatta, on Thursday, the 28th Day of July next, at 11 o'Clock in the Forenoon, when the List of Premiums, for thejmsuing Year, will be de terntined upon._

SUERIISV'S OFFICE, 15th JUNE,I825. In the Supreme Court.

Payne v. Bacon.

^0 be SOLD by AUCTION, by Direction - of the Sheriff, at his Office, on Monday the 11th of July, at 12 o'Clock at Noon, that desirable and valuable Farm, situated at Long Reef, about 20 miles from Sydney, containing 700 Acres of Land, 15 to20 of which nie in Cul- tivation, with a good House and other Buildings thereon, mid Conveniences for making and drying Salt, tlie Property of the above Defendant; unless this Éxecution be previously satisfied. And on Thursday the 21st of July, at 12 o'Clock nt Noon, in the Public Market place, Sydney, the following Live and Dead Stock, also, the Property of the above De- fendant, viz. 2 Working Bullocks and Harness, Pigs, Poul- try,-a Cart, and_ various Farming Implements ; a Quantity of Wheat and Maize, and sntidry Household Furniture, that will he hereafter more particularly described. _

SALE AT CAMPELL TOWN. By Order of the Supreme Court.

fTÎOR SALE, on Tuesday the 19th Day of July

? nest, by Mr. KNIGHT,EIGHTEEN HEAD i of HORNED CATTLE, One Horse, and One Mare ;

together with the other Effects belonging to the Estate of the late Patrick Daly, deceased. Terms, prompt Payment. GEORGE MILLS, Registrar. Supreme Court Office, 1

25tkJunc, 1825._)_ T^^OirENGrANrJ"DÎRECT.---1Mïe Good Ship 11? HARVEY, of 300 Tons Burthen, Captain

DANIEL PBACUI:, will Sail direct for London in all this Mouth. As she has already 200 Tons of her Cargo engaged, immediate Application for Freight will be necessary ; for which, or Passage, apply lo the Commander; orto .IONES AND WALKER.

Hunter-street, July 1,1825. _


ßT%N Friday and Saturday, the 15th and IGlh of ^Ll'- July, Mr. ROBERT COOPER will OFFER by AUC- TION', at Underwood's Buildings, One of the best select, ti LIBRARIES, of about 800 Volumes, ever imported into Kew South Wales; consisting of the principal Stan-lard Works of Great Britain; as Hume's History of England ;_ Robertson's Ilistoiy of America; Charles V. and History of Scotland ; Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire ; Bishop Burnett's History of the Reformation, and of his own Times; Southey's History of Biazil; Clarke's Life of Nel- son, 2 vols, royal 4to; Moore's Loves of the Angels; Lalla Rookh ; Boswell'» Life of Dr. Johnson ; Shakespeare's Woiks; Pope's Works; Madford's Battle of Waterloo, 4 vols, super royal; Don Juan; Spectator; Rejected Ad- dresses; Sharpe'» British Theatre, 17 vols; Confession of au Opium Eater; Black Book; Sheridan, Grattan, and Cnr l mi's ¡Speeches ; Campaign in Spain and Portugal; Barry Cornual), Montgomery, and Kents' Poems; llr. Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations; Pnley aud Play fair's Moral Phi-


The Books will he shewn the four Days preceding the Saje, and Catalogues ninyj>c had of _ ROIIEIIT COOPER. MR. PEARSON, Teacher of "the Piano Forte,

has the Pleasure of informing his Pupils and Friends, bathe is so far recovered fiom his severe Indisposition, us to be enabled to return to Sydney ; and he hope», in the

Course of ¡mother Week, to attend to hi» professional Duties,

as usual.

Piano Fortes tuned and repaired. No. 22, Çustlcreag-h-street, July 2,.1825.

Commissariat Department.

> ' --000000

Commissariat Office, Si/dney, Gth July, 1825. ÇfrÎGAR.-Required, fir the Public Service, Tabout FIFTY TONS ofSUGJR.-Persons, desirous of supplying the Whole, or any Part of the above, are requested lo send settled Traders, endorsed " Tender of Sugar," to this Office, by Friday the 15th Instant.

WM. WRMYSS, Deputy Commissary General. Commissariat Office, Sydney, ¡Slh July, 1825. fWMIE following ARTICLES are required for

the French National Ships La Thetis and L'Espérance, now in this Port ; viz.

About Fifteen Thousand Pounds of Flour

Fifty Thousand Pounds of Biscuit

Twelve Thousand Gallons of Wine (red and white) Eighty Gallons of Brandy

Two Thousand Three Hundred Pounds of Butter Two Thousand Pounds of Coffee

Eighteen Thousand Pounds of Sugar

Nine Thousand Pounds Salt Pork

Fourteen Hundred Pounds of Salt Bpef One Thousand Pounds of Cheese

Seventeen Thousand Pounds of Peas

Three Hundred and Thirty Pounds of Olive Oil Seventy Gallons of Vinegar

One Hundred and Eighty Pounds of Mustard Twenty-five Thousand Pounds of Salt Forty Pounds-of Popper

Pive Hundred Pounds of Candles (Wax 8c Sp r) Four Thousand Pounds of Pickles Twenty-two Tons of Coals Ten Tons of Wood.

Persons, desirous of Supplying the Whole, or any Part thereof, are requested te send sealed 'Tenders, endorsed " Tender of Siipplk-s for French Ships," to this Office, by 12 o'Clock of Saturday, the 9th Instant.,

WM. WEMYSS, Deputy Commissary General:



TRUE AND PERFECT SCHEDULE of all EFFECTS, belonging to the undermentioned Estates, cominitleti to the Care of the Registinr of this Court, under the Act 4th of George IV. from the 25th November, 18-24, to the 1st July, 1825 ; aud also of the Payments inado thereof, with the Balauces appearing on the same :


CO i-* c>


t>--<t -H i-* CM Ç\ ?*# PH





i r »

O O C3

a «<5


1. 1

i-i r-t . _ , ,

. J t * . ,




»o O) co ' -

. ( ' .

CM pH ««




. ... 1 . ,


-y ö

? ' 1'"

?» ¡=0



. ' .

^4 Si

O O "tf



s S»

r* -Jt ©

.E *>

rj r-í CM

s t



O 5

( '



<¿ 1

-V> ~m



r... * - » S




pH '-pH


O pH C5



GD a

r-* rH





<N -"t I"» CM CN CM




'PH HPin





CO c

¿ S >Tc ci tí g S 5-5*3









© o o









o co o -i* C5 -t


C1 o

a o

PH « ^ o = O =

CO 5! .2 -p »co






S S a« S 2












^.c t«y.5*:





o ¿2







r-, a


PH O -Ï5 3


C3 J






> £0

M5 St> S


S« 3 "^ c3 t-H


w su





5 3

.5 g « s


v o a p"i

Í*2ffl §

2 rt a ~.

3 o o pïii-sCO



p^ 5Q

(3y Order of the Chief Justice),

Gr.ono'r. MILLS, Registrar of tlie Supreme Court. All Peisous interested may, on Application to the Registiar, have Leave to inspect the Accounts of the above Estates, ¿.rath, or to take Olfice Copies theieof, on Payment of the usual Rate per folio._ ~hi the Matter of Cox, deceased.

PpjNlllE next of Kin, the Public, and all whom it

.*=^ may eoucei u, aro desired to take Notice, that unless a Debt due to me for Rent hy the deceased, he paid oft'in 14 Daj s, from the Date hereof, I shall cause to be sold some Ai tifies of Property, belonging to the deensed, that now remain in inv l'auds". Dated this 23d Day of June, 1825.

ÎMî, GeOrge-street._NJC-IIOI.AS lli'iiKi'.y. MOTICE.--TÎië"CôNïa4(rTOR8 for the TOLLS,

Di'ES, Sit. arising fioni the undennuntioned ROADS,


Tolls, on the Road between Pnrrnmntta and Windsor ; and the Tolls, on the G i eat Western Road, betwoen Parramatta and

Emu Ford,

Request the Public will, in future, provide themselves, and Servants, w ith small Change for the l\n incut of the Tolls mid Dues, as directed by the Colonial Regulations; as great Trouble and Loss of Time attend the Collection of these small Amounts._._ S SOR SALE, at the AUSTRALIAN STATIONKRY

WAREHOUSE, a Pair of handsome 18-inch GLOBES, on castors, with Compasses complete, corrected down to

1819 lowest Pri«e £15.


In the Mnrket-plnce of Sydney, THIS DAY (Thursday), fit

Ten o'Clock piccisely, without Reserve. i

*T«EN Excellent Dairy COWS in Calf, Ten fine

-"- Heifers in Calf, of the Breed of Badgery and Thorshy ; also, four large fat Bullocks. Any Gentleman that wishes to liavc-tkMtod selection of Dairy Cattle, may perhaps never meet with so good ali oppoitnuity. ? '. -


At his Premises in George-street, on Friday the 8th of July,

at 11 o'Clock, and following Day,

A QUANTITY of Colonial,' Eydam, and Pine

Cheeses, priur» English hams', Scotch pale ale, hard- ware of all descriptions ; bedsteads with furniture, Pembroke tables and chairs, dumb waiters;, a large cellaret, Sec &c ; cul and plain decanters, cruet stands and castors, tumblers, goblets, wine and drain glasses, earthenware, steL wheat mills, anvils, chaise springs, fowling-pieces, bullock chains, blankets, duck frocks and trowserd, waistcoats, 1st and 2d cloths, camel hair and kcrscmere plain and embroidered shawls and scarfs, diaper, Mnrseilln, China drill, sheeting, shirting, 12 nnd 18-yard pieces ef calico, striped linen, and white cotton shirts, doe skin gloves, staircase carpeting, cot ton socks, English starch, red, white, and black paint, Ma- dras and Bengal handkerchiefs, and many other Articles.

Conditions-Three Months' Crediton approved Notes, for

Purchases above £20.


On Tuesday, the 12th Instant, at 11 o'Clock precisely, with' _ out Reserve,

qpHAT valuable HOUSE and PREMISES,

-*=1- situate on the West side of O'Conncl-strcet, formerly occupied hy the late Mr. John Jones, deceased; bounded'on the South by Hu liter-street; on the West by a line, being the intended continuation of Pitt-street, 107 links; on'the North, by a line to O'Connel-slreet, 116 links ; and on the East by O'Connel-strcet, 63 links ; containing 11 rods.

CONDITIONS OF SALE.-Three und Six Months' Credit, upon approved Bills. j


At their Auction Mart, George-street, on Tuesday next, _ the 12th Instant, at 12 o'Clock. '


fit for Boat-builders, landed per Brig Glory, and   now lying on the South-east Beach of Sydney Cove, where they may he inspected.


lu the Market-place, Sydney, on Thursday, the 14th July, at _ 11 o*Clock precisely, without Reserve,

IjOSIFTY Choice English-bred four-year old isl. MILCH COWS, heavy in Calf, «elected from Dr.

REDFERN'S Herd, well known to be some of tho best Breed of Cattle in the Colony.

N. B-Three Months' Credit will be given on all Pur- chases above £50 ; and. 6 Months' Credit on all Parchases above £101), upon approved_BiIls. _ ~ ^_^ AUXILIARY BIBLE SOCIETY. "" FjjpIO the Interests of this INSTITUTION, UICCOM J=l MITTEB wish respectfully to call tho Attention of its Members and Friends ; and, as the Period of its Anniversary, to be held on the 13th of August, is approaching, the Com- mittee request, that the Subscriptions and Donations, in Aid of its Funds, may, as early as convenient, be paid, or trans-

mitted to the Treasurer, Captain PIPER ; to the Collector, i Mr. George Williams, Market-street ; or, to | _WILLIAM COWPER, Secretary.


WILLIAM DOWNES, Guard of the Eclipse

Coach, states, that about the hour of half-past four o'clock this evening (Wednesday, June 29th), when at the distance of about two miles from Sydney, a man was driving n cart towards Sydney, down hilt. Ile was seated in the cart in a state of intoxication, and driving upon the wrong side of the road. The Coach was then ascending the hill; Downes immediately sounded the horn, which appeared to be- taken no notice of. When the coach came near the cart, on its proper side of the road, the driver of the cart incautiously crossed and rccrossed the road, and by a sudden turn of his cart to his wrong side, the shaft of his cart entered the side of the off-side lending horse, and killed him ou the spot. The Passengers outside were, Mr. Lindsay on the box ; Mr. Nettleton, Mr. Maughan, ana a Serjeant Snelling, of the 40th Regiment, on the front seat. Dr. Anderson rode inside.

W. DOWNES, Guard of the Eclipse Coach. JOHN GAMBELL, Coachman.

We, the undersigned, being Passengers by the Eclipse Coach, this evening, from Sydney to Parramatta, confirm the above Statement. WILLIAM MAUGHAN,

J. SNELLING, Serjeant, 40th Regt. Juno 29,1825._JOSEPH NETTLETON.

.j^flR.' JAMES SMITH, Surveyor and Builder,

-LV-iïL having been hnnolired with the Approbation of His Excellency the GOVERNOR, for him to act as a VENDUE MASTER .for Parramatta and its Districts, takes this Op- portunity of apprising his Friends, and the Public in general, that the Duties of than Appointment shall be performed with Fidelity, Exactness, and Despatch, that will, he trusts, induce to a confidential Submittal of their respective Interests to his Charge^_Parramatta, June 25, 1825.

(CAUTION_The Public are requested to take *^-J Notice, that I am still a Partner with Mr. PAYNE in the Wellington Brewery, in GeorgeTstreet ; and also in the Bu I siuess carried on in the Wellington Inn, on the same Pre-

mises ;-I therefore think it would be advisable in those Peisons, who stand indebted to the said Firm, to consider the Necessity of obtaining tuy Signature, as a Voucher for the Payment of any Sum or "Sums of Money due to the said Finn, other« isc they pay their Money at their own Risk.

Kent-stieet, Sydney, June 28._MATTHEW BACON.


STOLEN, on Thursday Night, the 23d of June last, from the House of Mr. HENRY FLEMING, -of Pitt   town, the undermentioned Articles ;-.1 piece twilled cloth, part of ditto, 8 pair women's hose, 1 dozen ready-make waist- coats, 8 duck frocks, nearly a whole piece of black silk twilled handkerchiefs, I piece fine shirting, part of ditto, 3 wuistcout fronts, part of a piece of coarse calico, 1 white ca- lico shirt, part of 3 pieces of twilled stuff for gowns or petti coats, 1 case brandy, greater part of another, 3 gallons of rum in a 5-gallon keg, with a cock, some Brazil tobacco,   part of a basket cutaway, 1 bag of sugar, two different kinds, 1 chest of tea wanting a few pounds, a small-sized beaver hat, 3 pieces check, remnant of blue English print, a few caudles ;-I hereby otter the above Reward to any Per- son or Persons, who will give such Information as will lead to

the Conviction of the Offender or Offenders.



(§| LEVEY informs the Public, that he has

© left his former Residence, No. 72, George-street, and takes this Opportunity of returning his best Thanks to his numerous Friends for their Support in bis Various Trades, aiid humblv hopes for its Continuance atthe Waterloo Ware house, at which Place Business will he carried on under the Title of COOPE« and LEVEY. All Claims, due to S.L. are to be paid to bim, at his present Residence, 9, Macquarie-place. MEWINGTÖN SALT.-To be SOLD at SIL-

VESTER'S, Clarence-street, Sydney, SALT, at Á7 per Ton, or Eight Shillings per Cwt. -

No. 99, George-street,

¡\N' SALE, 'at the Stbfeà of the undersigned,

long shawls, French artificial flowers io great variety; ivmd

."soap, anil perfnnlei y of nil descriptions j pickle*, fish und other, sauces ; Chili ana the best white wine vinegar, in bot-

tle; «alt; superfine" blacktttid blue clotb; .Shirting : cassi- " netts;'.cotton handkerchiefs; wearingnpnórVl; gentlemen's black and brown beaver hats ; ladies' »¡ding hats ; young gentlemen's black und brown beaver 'httts; tfeblo-reflned sugar ; tobacco ; tea ; English soap ; pewter caudle moulds, with frame's, and cotton'wick'; japan blacking ; sugar ; boxes of water colours complete; shoemakers' hemp." ' .

White lend; points and oil ; pitch ladies ; log-lines; rope; roping and'seaming twine: plated on steel dinner forks, spoons, and ladies; tiniber'knives ; muskets ;> corks« back- gammon boards; pockejbooks; soap clips; nail roi- iron ; spades; Bickles; reap-hopks; sheep shem a ; iron pots, .'

Champagne; "London Claret; old Burgundy. ?! , Keir's.London particular Mude

Harper oud Bell's, and Wardell's Poi t. '

London-made Ruin Shrub,1 in quarts. '< ; Cognac Brandy ; Jamaica Rum .a.

Real Holland» Gin.'

Madeira and Red Wine, by the gallon.

Pale Ale and'Double Brown Stout, in bottle.

A general assortment of Bra» Work, Ironmongery, and Stationery. '** « .' ' '

' ALSO. SPANISH' LUSTRE, for producing nmost

trnnscendantly beautiful arid durable brilliancy on PABL'OUR STOVES, GRATES, KITCHEN BANOE9, CISfKHMS, ftfld Kit. BORTSOP mon WORK. For carriage wheels, the cogs of , mills, and every species of' machinery, the Span/sh Lustre, mixed with a moderate quantity of lard or grease,1 forms the best ANTI-ATTRITJON COMPOSITION' in the woild, diminishing friction to a degree"heyoiid all belief, und ren- dering motion perfectly smooth, uniform^ and easy j to the saving of much wear and expence. In tin cases, price One Dollar. ' - - » _

William Parker. N. B.-Property received for Sale, ou Commission.


OW on SALE; at MAÄB'S Rooms, Castlereagh« street, ladies* cloths of fancy colours, at 15». perfyard ; best second blue broadcloth, at 15s. per dit^o ; superfine black cloth, at 30s. per ditto ; fine bed-ticking, at 8». 6d. per yard ', tablercovers with handsome borders, ibest towu-inade silk umbrellas, brass wire flour sieves, lamp,,cottpn,çp^on cord and darning cotton, playing cards, gentlemen's super- fine hats and travelling caps, ladies1 elegant -leghorn end straw bonnets,-children's cambrick ditto, coloured silks/or dresses, black crapes and bombajseens, black and; white silk gloves-and hose, plain-and figured stufTsj handsome'shawls, I Barragon fustians for servants' stable dresses,'window1 glass, ,10by 12, mid 10by8._ ' * , ' ,:i~r

]OHN ROBERTS ha& now Landing from the

1 Ship Lalla Rookh, in Addition to his. STQCKy ,2,400 Galldns'of choice'OLD JAMAICA RUM, which; will be Sold at the lowest Prices following, viz : -

The Old Jamaica, 11s. 6d.jier gallon; . ' Fine Cognac Brandy, 16s. per ditto ; Pale Hollands, 16s. per ditto ; White Wine, 7s. per ditto ; Red Wine, 5s. per ditto.

Rum, O. P. in Bond, which-willbe sold on the most reason- able terms, by the cask. Genuine 8aniples,raay be.seen at the Proprietor's, Sign of the Fox and Hounds, CastlereogU street, Sydney. ' '. .*. . " _*»» Negrohead Tobacco, 3s. per Pound, '¡ , .


MORRIS, of the Australian Hotel, res Ö pcctfully informs his Friends,'and the, Public in general, that he has pin chased, from the late Importations, A STOCK of the finest flavoured SPIRITS that ever ajrtived in the Colony, which he will dispose of at the fpllowjnf ¡ re- duced Prices, viz. . .

Old Jamaica Rum, 12s. per gallon ; " L Fine flavoured Cognac Brandy, 16s. 6d. per do. Real Hollands Gin, 16s. per do. , > ,

N SALE, atT. WILSON S, Sign of the, Hole

in the Wall, Pitt-street, Sydney ;-«- ,q Genuine Old Jamaica Rtn, 12s. {ter gallon ;

Excellent Gin, 17s..per gallon ; î , > \ Superior draft Wine, 5s. 6d.. per ditto ; Tea, by the Chest, 5s. per lb.

Excellent Tobacco, 4sl per lb._,

pTAIZE.--Good Sound MAIZE will be received la- nt the Waterloo Warehouse, at Ss. per Bushel, eiiher for Debts due COOPER and LBVBY, jointly or inarviduaily; or, in Payment of any Good» they may have for Sale.) , r


WANTED, 5000 Bushels of GOOD LIME,

in Roach, for which Cash w 11 be pud, on Delivery _*»* Biscuit for Sale, £1 8s.per at cwt. xi

TÍUST Arrived per Ship Harvey, and on SALE »Sis' at Mr. J. Conn's, York¿street, a most elegant Assort- ment of. ladies' plain, figured, and damask crape dresses, 4-4th. 6-4th, and 7-4th damask silk shawls and scarfs, tissue silk shawls, scarfs and handkerchiefs, Bandanna silk handker- chiefs, plain and figured Barcelona ditto.'Braganza shawls, net scarfs, net, bluc? and fancy lac#,,nulf*e)í figuredjana plain poplins, 5-8th twilled^arsnet, half-ell white and coloured satins, 5-8th plain Mantua, plain and rieb figured parasols with ivory handles, silk ana cotton umbrella», raven black and coloured sewing silk, black silk ferret for sha« ribbon, black and coloured cotton ferret, black and white silk stock inga, black silk gloves, scarlet chintz, and black plaited bell line and gimp, plain white head cotton fringe, a superior assortment of chintzes, furniture prints, dyed cambrics of various colours, cambric muslin, muslin dresses, aud printed cotton handkerchiefs, 5-4th stripe cotton for shirting, 3«4th stout druggets, half-ell drab and olive pillow fustians, «live velveteens, white and coloured nankeens, grnndrills, fancy striped cottou tick,4-4th, 9-8th, 7-4th, 9-4th, and 10,4th lincu sheeting, linen huckaback, huckaback towels, drills, diapers, 3-4th linens, 4-4th brown linens, ,4-,4th brown ¡hol- land, Holland tapes, patent and round bobbins, bat bobbins, large and small black wove buttons, sham and quality bind- ing white, black, and coloured threads, cotton balls, cotton boxos, flop and flush trimmings, fancy braids,' blacksand colouicd cotton velvets, black bilk velvet, white cotton stock« ings, and socks, braces, nightcaps, marcella and Valentia waistcoating, gentlemen's black beaver hats, children's ditto, samplers, Scotch and Norwich plaids, flowering cotton, shoe hemp, lamp cotton, linen and cotton checks and ticks, superfine black cloth and drab kerseymere, baiometers, thermometers, and glass hydrometers, silver pensil cases, and tooth picks, silver tea and tablespoons, beads, pocket knives, penkiipes, cai ving knives and forks, table ditto, desei t ditto? razors, shaving boxes, combs, clothes, nail, horse, and sbpe brushes, mane and curry comos, snuffers' and stands, tea trays. Sec. with Iionmongery, Cutlery, and other Goods,-of alldescrip. tions. N. B." An Encyclopedia Britannica. .,,,


ÍSLIP No. l8, Pitt-street, Sydney.-All the Variety of Medicines required by the Physicians and for Family Use, good, and genuine, as received. ' > ' ""

, Physician's and Pamily'.Prescnptions accurately dispensed ; Medicine Chests completely fitted.

*#*/ A.quantity, of excellent Barbadoes Aloes, various Hoi se and Cattle Medicines, Ointments, Sec. &cf Horse Balls of various kinds, and all Recipes made up to Order.;" '!<>i