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  • peter-macinnis 2 Jan 2010 at 18:21
    This is a very early use of "squatter", and the 'Jonathan' reference probably means the writer thinks it an American term.

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As an individual personally interested, I felt   much pleasure in the perusal of that paragraph in your last, which is headed "Coast Roads," and   alludes to the grand and beautiful scenery of Broken Bay, and its numerous ramifications, whence it has, I presume, derived its name.

Among the latter, the most beautiful is the North-east arm, latterly known by the name of Brisbane Water (in honour of His Excellency the present Governor of these Territories,) which, for varied beauty, cannot be excelled; and whether   to the guide of the pencil or the plough, will ever repay the trouble of an excursion to its ro- mantic waters.

On its immediate shores good land is to be found only in small patches, from sixty to one hundred acres generally, which will make uncom- monly desirable farms for what are called "small settlers;" as they are generally well watered, and boats of large carriage have access to their very doors ; of this class there are now about four one

hundred-acre farms located.

But it is at the Northern extremity of these waters that the land becomes really available for large agricultural establishments; and in that direction will be found land of a quality equal to any in New Holland, and superior to most for tillage of every description, consisting of thick brush and forest land, all heavily timbered. The   grass land in the vicinity of the lake is indifferent in quality, and insufficient in quantity to support large herds ; for sheep it is at present totally un- fit.—But, at about fifteen miles further to the North it improves, and will in time become a de- sirable grazing country.

On the whole it may be said, that this part of our Country will be to Sydney hereafter, what Sicily was to Carthage and Rome, the granary whence she will draw her main supplies, for herself, her shipping, and I hope her exports.  

That the settlers of this district will always be able to undersell their contemporaries in the market you will readily believe, when I state, that

a schooner is now lying within one hundred yards of my growing wheat, which is capable of carry- ing away between two and three thousand bushels of grain, and arriving within eight hours after

loading in Sydney Cove, with her cargo.

When I visited Brisbane Water first, little more than twelve months ago, I found it in lone and silent beauty ; the stillness of which was inter-   rupted but by the scream of the curleu, or the loud laugh of the feathered jackass.—there was but one being of my species and colour who had made any thing like a settlement on the shores, and he was merely what our neighbour Jonathan would call a squatter, who had set himself down there as a boat-builder, but to whom the Governor has since, on the recommendation of one or two Gentlemen, awarded a grant of one hundred acres. Now its calm bosom is daily ruffled by the busy oar of the settler, the blue-gum cutter,and the lime-burner each pursuing his own vocation.— and as often happens, that opportunities of com- munication between it and Sydney offer three or

four times a week.

Since I first visited and explored the shores of this water, numerous individuals have been there, and orders are at this time out, from the proper quarter, for the location of three or four and


twenty thousand, acres of the same independent of the Missionary settlement at Reid's Mistake.

The projected new line of road from Sydney to Newcastle (which it it said is to cross the Hawkes- bury at its lower branch), will bring the traveller within five and twenty miles of this district ;—did it cross the latter at Mangrove-creek (which I have been told was at first intended), it would bring him within twelve or fifteen ; when a steam- boat, of forty or fifty horse power, begins to run between Sydney and Windsor, it will set him (if he is a Brisbane Water settler) almost at his own


I do not despair of yet seeing a strong desire prevail with the wealthy cits, or burghers of Syd- ney, to obtain sites for summer residences and bathing lodges, on the shores of this beautiful lake, where they would be removed alike from the noise,bustle,dust,and other disagreeable et ceteras of the metropolis ; two small steam-boats, of ten or twenty horse power, plying daily between, the cabin fare two shillings and sixpence per head;.—   and I feel fully persuaded, that such vehicles of communication need only appear to be most liberally patronized.  

A Brisbane Water Settler.

June 20, 1825.

Principal Superintendent's Office,

Sydney, June 28, 1823. THE undermentioned Prisoners having ab-

sented themselves from their respective   Employments, and some of them at large with false Certificates, all Constables and others are hereby required to use their utmost Exertions in lodging them in safe Custody :

3. Boyle, Daniel or David, Guilford (1), 55, County Meath, 5 feet 5, hazle eyes, brown hair, dark pale com- plexion, Emu Plains.

3. Cochrane, John Lord Eldon,29, Dublin, 5 feet 5 and 3quarters, hazle eyes, brown hair,fair ruddy complexion,   Hyde Park Barracks.

2. Clinch, Patrick Isabella (3) 28, County Longford, 5 feet 5, hazle eyes, brown hair, pale little freckled com-

complexion, from W Jacob, Newcastle .2. Couston, Peter, Dorothy,23 Dublin, 5 feet 2, hazle eyes, light brown hair, fair ruddy complexion, Western Mountain Road Party

2. Carrol, John Medina, 20, County Wicklow, 5 feet 3 and a half,grey eyes, dark brown hair, brown freckled complexion. South Head Road Party.

1. Carroll, Hugh Dick, 24, County Kildare,5 feet 7 and a half, grey eyes, brown hair, sallow complexion, from Mr. Ogilvie, Newcastle.

1. Connell, Patrick Prince Regent 33, County Cork,   5 feet 6, hazle eyes, dark brown hair, fair ruddy com-

plexion,from Prisoners' Barracks. Newcastle.

1. Carrol, Hugh Dorothy, 46, County Monaghan, 5 feet 8, blue eyes, black hair, dark ruddy complexion, from Salmon's Clearing Party, Rooty Hill.

1. Eastow, Thomas Countess Harcourt, 26, Colchester, 5 feet 2 and 3 quarters, grey eyes, flaxen hair, pale pock- pitted complexion, from Robert Lowe, Esq. Newcastle.

1. Flood, Thomas Ann and Amelia, from the General Hospital, Newcastle.

2. Fletcher, Jacob Mary (2), 28, Staffordshire, 5feet 4 and a quarter, dark eyes, brown hair, ruddy complexion, escort to Liverpool.

2. Green, John Fame, 25, Lancaster,5 feet 6,grey eyes, brown hair, sallow complexion. Gaol Gang, Newcastle.

2. Harvey, George Minerva (5), 40, West Smithfield, 5 feet 5, grey eyes, black hair, pale complexion, from Mr. Smith, Baulkham Hills.

2. Henry, Edward John Barry (2), 31, Dublin, 5 feet 4, hazle eyes, dark brown hair, dark sallow complexion, Western Mountain Road Party.

2. Jones, John Minerva (4), 21, Manchester, 5 feet 2 and 3 quarters, hazle eyes, dark hair, florid complexion, Mr. Mannings Clearing Party.

1. Jauncey, Thomas Countess Harcourt, 29, Hereford- shire, 5 feet 11 and a quarter, hazle eyes, dark brown hair, pale pock-pitted complexion, from Arch. Camp- bell, Esq. Bathurst.

1. Murphy, John Isabella, 19, Cork, 5 feet 8 and a quar- ter, grey eyes, brown hair, fresh freckled complexion, from Mr. Clements, Macquarie Mount.

1. Mare, Richard Mangles (3), 24, Staffordshire, 5 feet 9 and a half, grey eyes, brown hair, fair comp. from Arch. Campbell, Esq. Newcastle.

2. Macquire, John General Hewitt, 36, Gaol Gang,


2. Murphy, Wm. Minerva (3), 24, Limerick, 5 feet 3 and a half, hazle eyes, brown hair, fair ruddy com- plexion, Road Gang, Newcastle.

2. Nelson, John Asia (5), 20, Kidderminster, 5 feet 6, grey eyes, brown hair, pale complexion, Emu Plains.

2. Nicholson, Arch. Minerva (5), 24, Dunbartonshire, 5 feet 4 and 3 quarters, light blue eyes, brown hair, from John Campbell, Parramatta.

2. 0'Neil James Countess Harcourt, 24, Dublin, 5 feet 3, hazle eyes brown hair, brown little freckled com- plexion, Western Mountain Road Party.

1. Paddock, Stephen Grenada, 33, Wiltshire, 5 feet 4 and a quarter, hazle eyes, brown hair,florid complexion, Longbottom.

3. Robinson, John Dick, 24, Aberdeen, 5 feet 7 and a quarter, hazle eyes, black hair, dark florid complexion, from Mr. Street, Sydney.

2. Ramsay, James Larkins, 28, Bucks, 5 feet 5 and a half, hazle eyes, sandy hair, florid comp. Emu Plains.

3. Smith, Jervis Anne, Hyde Park Barracks.

3. Slater, George Ocean (3), from Dr. Ellyard. Cam-  


3. Storey, Robert Countess Harcourt, 22, Monaghan, 5 feet 3and a quarter, grey eyes, dark brown hair,fair freckled complexion, Bathurst Station.

3. Swan, John Surry (4), 22, Waldon, 5 feet 4 and a quarter. brown eyes, brown hair,fresh complexion, from

Dr. Ellyard, Camden.  

2. Sayer, Robert Asia (2), 36, Norfolk, 5 feet 6 and a quarter, hazle eyes, brown hair, freckled complexion, from Mr. Mudie, Newcastle. Accused of robbery.

2. Simpson, John Shipley (3), 23, Eversham, 5 feet 5,   hazle eyes, dark flaxen hair,florid complexion,from Mr. Mudie, Newcastle,

3. Taylor, Charles Morley (1), 31, Essex, 5 feet 10, hazle eyes, brown hair, dark sallow complexion, Mr. Has-

salls Clearing Party.

1. Tyrrell, Lawrence Countess Harcourt, 23, County Kildare, 5 feet 8, brown eyes, dark brown hair, dark freckled complexion, Richmond Road Party.

1. Winwood, James Elizabeth, 25, Worcester, 5 feet 8, hazle eyes, brown hair, florid complexion, from Salmon's Clearing Party, Rooty Hill.

3. Washington, Wm. Hebe. 38, Birmingham, 5 feet 8, hazle eyes, brown hair, sallow complexion, Liverpool


I. Wells, Wm. Hyde Park Barracks.

Any Person harbouring , concealing , or maintaining any of the said Absentees, will be prosecuted for the Offence.    

F. A. Hely, Principal Superintendent.