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absconded from paternal protection and sup- port for some weeks since, I hereby caution all Persons from giving countenance or encouragement to the said Runaway; and any one harbouring him after this No-   tice, will do it at their peril. He is about 18 years of age, and is addicted to company. WILLIAM HANCY.


day the 18th Instant, between Grant's Farm and No 4 Government Stock Station, at the South Creek, a SADDLE, BRIDLE, and MARTINGALE, sup- posed to have been taken from a Horse which threw its Rider in that Neighbourhood, on the above-named Day. Whoever will bring the same to Mr. Nettleton, Princi- pal Overseer of Government Stock, at Rooty Hill, shall receive the above Reward ; but, if found in any Person or Person's Possession after this Advertisement gains Publicity, he, she, or they, will be prosecuted as the

Law directs.

STRAYED into the Herd of Mrs. HASSALL, at

O'Connel Plains, a yellow Red BULLOCK, rising two years old, and branded F. L. on the near side - The Owner may have the same by applying at Mrs. Hassall's, Parramatta, and paying the Expences of

Keep, &c.

STRAYED, on the Estate of J. HORSLEY, Esq» George's River, near Liverpool, a small Red COW,   with one down-horn, the other about two inches long and straight out from the forehead, branded apparently with a horse shoe on the right hip, over other charac- ters illegible. Also, a small Red and Wnite.COW, with a yearling HEIFER, both of the poll breed ; the Cow only branded P. D. on the right hip. Whoever can identify either, can have the same, on paying the ex- pence of advertising.

FOR the Good of the Public, and a great Profit to

the Settler, good fat PORK at 4id. per lb. by the   cwt. on Sale at S. Levey's, 72 George-street, Sydney.

N. B.The above mentioned Pork is of a superior

sort to the last advertised.

JUST Landed from the Ship Admiral Cockburn, and

on SALE at S LEVEY'S, 72, George street, a few pipes of hollands' gin, West India rum, six pipes of real whiskey, of a superior strength, Taylor's porter, £10 by the hogshead, gentlemen's fine hats, English canvas, 65s. per bolt, bunting of colours; with the usual Assortment of India and English Goods,

N. B. Good fat pork 4½d. per lb. by the cwt.-Spa- nish Dollars taken at 5s. each for any of the above Goods.  

JUST "Arrived, m The Princes^ Charlotte, Captain Blyth, the Angerstem, Captain Thompson, the Mi- nerva, Captain Forbes, and the Admiral Cockburn, Captain Briggs, and to be Sold by A. K. MACKENZIE, at nts Store (the late Residence of Captain BROOKS), in Pitt-street; viz. London particular Madeira wine, in cask and in bottle ; sherry and Teneriffe wine, in bot- tle ; summer and winter slops of all kinds; ladies and and gentlemen's drab and black hats; youth and and children's drab and black hats ; gentlemen's best London made black silk hats, of a superior kind; la- dies and gentlemen's silk and cotton hose; stout cali- coes, 'muslins, French cambric, bombazine, Norwich crape, black crape, bandannas, ginghams, stationery, playing cards, 'ironmongery of every description, sadlery, glass and earthenware, paints, oils, and co- lours, carpenter and coopers' toojs, tin plates, and mustard and fi-di sane._

JOSEPHSON, No. 3, Pitt-slreet, has just Opened . a large Assortment of SLOPS, of every descrip- tion ; consisting of jackets and trowsers, large full sized watchmen's great coats, pea jackets, flannel shirts, English check, for sheeting ; ready-made gentlemen's shirts, of a superior quality ; green baize, Guernsey shirting, frowsers, children's frocks, from 12s. and up- wards ; children's dresses, of different sizes ; ladies' camel hair shawls ; India prints, calico, nankeens, su« perfine blue cloth, kerseymeres, and cloths ; also, a Urge quantity of twilled cotton pocket handkerchiefs, of various patterns, and of a superior quality ; a few pieces of French cambrics, India checks, and about 3500 reams of paper, from 7s. 6d. to 20s. per ream ; a large assortment of plain and cut glass; and four cases of Eau de Cologne.

N. B. J. J. has Opened a Case of Snuff', just imported ;

containing Dr. Rudd ¡man's violet, and Prince's mix- tures ; Strasburgh scented and black rappee.