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  • Spearth 9 Feb 2013 at 17:43
    Removed added [sic] from corrected text to conform with Trove Text Correction Guidelines.

    31st May,1619 is meant to be 31st May, 1819.

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31st MAY, 1619.


HIS EXCELLENCY the GOVERNOR, having received and perused the Journal of a Tour lately made     by CHARLES THROSBY, Esq. by the Way of the Cow Pastures to Bathurst in the New discovered Country Westward of the Blue Mountains, takes this early Oportunity publicly to announce the happy Result of an Enterprize which promises to conduce in a very eminent Degree to the future Interests and Prosperity of the Colony.

The Communication with the Western Country having been heretofore over a long and difficult Range of Mountains, alike ungenial to Man and Cattle, from their parched and barren State, it became an Object of great Importance to discover another Route where- by those almost insurmountable Barriers would be avoided, and a more practicable and consequently less hazardous Access effected to the rich and extensive Plains of Bathurst ; and with this Purpose Mr. THROSBY obtained His EXCELLENCY'S Permission to explore those Parts of the Country which seemed to him likely to possess the desired Facilities of Inter- course; and undertook this Expedition, notwithstand- ing the Privations, Difficulties, and Dangers to which he was exposed in traversing Wastes and Forests, hi- therto unexplored. On the 25th of April last he commenced his arduous Tour, passing through the Cow Pastures, accompanied by Mr. JOHN ROWLEY and two Servants, together with two Natives, as Guides, and brought it to a happy Termination on the 9th of May by his Arrival at the Hut of Lieutenant LAW- SON, on the Campbell River, within a short Distance of Bathurst ; the whole Time occupied by this Expedi- tion being 15 Days.

The Necessity which Mr. THROSBY appears to have been under of accelerating his Progress through the Country he was exploring, did not allow him to dwell minutely in his Journal on the various Productions or Properties of the Soil he traversed ;-His EXCELLENCY therefore adverts with Pleasure to his general Report" of the Capabilities, dualities, and Features of the" Country intervening between, the Cow Pastures and

Bathurst, which he represents to be, with few Excep- tions, rich, fertile, and luxuriant, abounding with fine Runs of Water, and all the happy Varieties of Soil

Hill, and Valley, to render it not only delightful to the View, but highly suitable to all the Purposes of Pasturage and Agriculture.

The Importance of these Discoveries is enhanced by the Consideration that a continuous Range of valuable Country, extending from the Cow Pastures to the remote Plains of Bathurst, is now fully ascertained, connecting those Countries with the present Settle- ments, on this Side the Nepean.

His EXCELLENCY the GOVERNOR, highly appreciat-

ing Mr. THROSBY'S Services on this Occasion, offers l him this public Tribute of Acknowledgment, for the Zeal and Perseverance by which he was actuated throughout that arduous undertaking ; and desires his Acceptance of One Thousand Acres of Land in any Part of the Country discovered by himself that he may chuse to select.

The GOVERNOR also, in Acknowledgment of Mr. JOHN ROWLEY'S Services on this Occasion, will assign him Two Hundred Acres of Land in the same Country ; and to Joseph Wild and John Wait, Servants to Mr. THROSBY, who accompanied him in the Expedi- tion, and whose Fidelity and Exertions are particu- larly noticed and commended by Mr. THROSBY, HIS EXCELLENCY will assign One Hundred Acres of Land


The Services rendered by the two Native Guides, Cookoogong and Dual, and to which much of the Success of the Undertaking may be ascribed, being very meritorious, His EXCELLENCY will order a Remu- neration to be made to them in Clothes and Bedding; and will further appoint Coockoogong CHIEF of the Burrah-burrah Tribe, to which he belongs, and over which he appears to have considerable Influence, to- gether with the usual Badge of Distinction. And on Dual His EXCELLENCY will confer the Badge of Merit, as a Reward due to these Natives for their respective

Exertions and Services.

By His Excellency's Command,

J. T. CAMPBELL, Secretary.