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_ WANTED._ A .-Thornton Se Pearce. Flats, 8 brick, ?**. 4 minutes Queen-street, furniture In- sured £800, returning £15, rent £6/10/, long lease, simply splendid proposition,

A .-Thornton Se Pearce. Queen-street ?**- tearooms, exceptionally fitted, big stock, income tax open your inspection. Look, and then you buy. Everything, £800._

A .-Thornton Se Pearce. Blocked news ?". agency, shOD and dwelling, 4000 papers, taking £60 weekly, only £1700._ A--Thornton Se Pearce Queen-street -iA- registry office, with special conces- sions, proper books kept. This is a live business, stand any Investigation, gift, £150._

A Proved mixed business, with fish and

chip potato trade. North side, tak- ings £25 per week, up-to-date and com- pleto plant, Includes white en. range (3 pans), computing scales, bacon cutter, leo chests, show cases, tables, and chairs, double f. shop, tiled front, dwelling, con- tains 6 rooms, rent 35/ pw., £200, cash. D._H. Dabelstelh _ Co.. 356 Queen-street. A Millinery business, In heart of~clty, ?**? owner has legitimate reston for sell- ing, stock and fittings worth more than price asked £175 for Immediate sale. D H. Dabelsteln Se Co., 356 Queen-street.

A .-North Coast seaside mixed business, -f»- clean stock, good returns. Ingoing about £400. option lease or purchase freehold. Nosworthy, 12 Queen-street,

its moments like these uou need

, cVfC/^i




Made ONLY by James Stedman-Henderson's Sweets Ltd ,"Sw«_«cr»s," Rosebery, NSW. and Auckland, N Z

Send Id stamp for the "MiñIíeS Magie Drawing Book Sl_|3




You Can't Afford to Lose.

Full Price Only £120.

Genuine Mixed Business, op- posite Large Picture Theatre, Lovely Shop and Dwelling, Heavily Stocked, and Well fitted. Takings on trial, £30. Big Profits. Price, £120.

Don't miss this bargain.

R. H. Stanford,

244 Queen-st., next to "Courier."

A.-Motor carrying business, clear profit

£12 week, present hands 7 years, owner has made money, splendid truck, an established regular round of customers, £750, deposit £450. A. J. Ohye Se Co., Harrington House, 212 Queen-street._ A.-Cheap 6mallgoods, tram section, well

fitted, freezer, scale, Sec, turnover £40. Price, £200. half deposit. A. J. Ohye Se Co,_ A.-Best newsagency value In Brisbane,

successful suburban run, 3400 papers, íully blocked, stock value £250, good resi- dence, low rent, £1175; another, £500 deposit accepted, 2000 papers, well stock- ed shop, price £900; another, splendid run, no shop, 3700 papers. £450 cash", balance easy tenns. A. J. Ohye Se Co.

A.-Service station, 4 pumps, 3600 gal-

lons petrol, 40 oil, £295, better value Impossible. A. J. Ohye Se Co.

.-Located In 6olld dalrylng"dlstrlctrNT

Coast, storekeeplng business, turn- over for 1931 £6600, good priées, saleable stock. £120O_ A. J. Ohye __Co. _

A .-Mixed, tram terminus, rising" sub*

?"- urb, turnover £30 week, well stock- ed, attractive shop, very neat at- tractive, new dwelling, recommend- ed at £250; another, with P.O. attached, P.O. over £80 year, turnover £47 week, no cut prices. £525. A J. Ohye Se Co._ A.-At value of stock and plant, mixed

business, takings £45 week, cap- able big increase, busy part of New Farm, £530, Includes Kelvlnator. A. J. Ohye - Co.._ A.-Milk run. select suburb, 28 gallons

day, profit 1/1 gallon, motor de- livery, a recommended business, £280. A. J. Ohye Sr Co._ A.-Surrounded by large Government,

Offices, right In the city, established refreshment and cafe business, complete inclvdlm? plant, only £125. A. J. Ohye Se Co., Harrington House, 212 Queen-st.

A Snap, owing to illness, mixed busi-

ness, at tram stop, good stand, good plant. 2 ice chests, &c, stock, residence, good turnover, £80, Simpson, Queen-st., next Paling's._ A Bargain, mixed business, in select

suburb, takings £25 week, profits £5, rent £2, excellent dwelling, 5 rooms, plant of Dayton and balance scales, cash register, show cases leo chests, tables, and chairs, Sec. Wonderful opportunity, and cheap as chips for £95. Roebuck.

Primary Producers' Bank Bldg., opp. O.P.O.


ASTOUNDING: value, beautifully ap-

pointed mixed, attractive, two win- dows, heart residential area, plant In- cludes 2 scales, bacon cutter, 2 large Ice chests, show cases, heavy stock, an absolute gift at £100. We are instructed to sell to-day without fail, for £40. Clifford Kelly & Co.. Watson's Chambers, 143 Queen-st. (next T. Se G-)._ A Not profit oí £15 p.w., books avail-

able lor any Inspection, extraordinary attractive general store, stock guaranteed £350, plant Inc. Copeland refrigerator, Day- ton and Toledo scales, cash reg., glass cases, Sec, best position in select suburb. a unique opportunity, £950. Blocksldge Se

Ferguson, Ltd., 142 Adelalde-st-, opp. Fin- J

ney s._r A Home to the value of £600 will be t

?". considered In exchange for sound 11 business, turnover £25. plant Inc. modern J Frigidaire, scales, &c, nicely stocked, value t £300, and pay balance as rent. Blocksldge \ Se Ferguson, Ltd._c \ Filling station, snap, main road, con- r ?"- splcuous corner position, 2600 g, petrol, " 60 g. oil, good plant, £190, Ill-health, genuine reason for sale. Blocksldge Se Ferguson, Ltd._________ A Net profit of £9 p.w., guaranteed by ?"- seller, modern filling and service sta- tion, no mechanical knowledge required, city position, £700. Blocksldge Se Fer- guson, Ltd._ A Sure Investment, compact block run ."- and newsagency, 3200 papers, shop trade £20 p.w., stock value £130. private reasons compel quick sale. £400 cash rc qulrcd._iBlocksldge___Ferguson, Ltd._

A TTRACTIVELY situated block run and -"- good newsagency, over 4000 papers. £1300, to a quick thinker. Blocksldge Se Ferguson, Ltd. _

A N opportunity to secure a ne,w free ?**? hold shop and dwelling, to be erected In brick or concrete, splendid business position, attractively designed, plan al- tered to suit your design ii desired, £200 cash required. Blocksldge Se Ferguson, Ltd., 142 Adelalde-street,_opp1 Flnney's._ AUSTRALIAN Investments, 244 Albert

street. Residential, heart of city, good income, beautifully furnished, alwava full, no reasonable offer refused. We thoroughly recommend.

V-Newsagency and mixed business,-Just -"- listed, few miles Brisbane, trade £80 weekly, 900 papers weekly, none delivered,

stock. £350. Included, also Kclvlnator 7 and good plant, household furniture, small

delivery, lease and rent right, trial given, r present hands 3 years, price only £750. 1 good profits. Southerden Se Co., Union t Bank Chambers, Bole agents, b

< -i



BAKERY- If you have a house, put

It In as a deposit on this bakery business trade 2700 loaves dough mixer, Sec. leasehold or freehold, inquiries In- vited Southeiden Se Co Bakery Special- ists, Union Bank Chambers _ _

BAKERY-South Western Line, 1750

loa\es rent £2, price only £400 terms, or near offer Southcrden Se Co,

BAKERY freehold, no opposition, or de-

livery, shop and dwelling, 1800 loaves, buns, shop trade, confectionery, fruit and tobacco returns £5 week office

rents £24 year great profits Souther-1 den Se Co , Union Bank ___ OAFE bujers absolutely greatest bar-

gain offering Brisbane This beauti- ful cale cost approx £1000 to Install beautiful fittings, good stock asoured liv- ing See this great bargain £385 Pressler, Bryce Chambers Adelalde-st, opp riu ney's_ DAYBORO, freehold and business, com-

prising Excelsior Hall, with piano, picture show plant seating accommoda- tion with cafe and small goods business, having large bread sales Adjoining shop, occupied draper, post office, both return- ing rent Area, 2 rds 38 perches 66ft frontage Suit family live wires £500, dep £250 E V Kirby, auctioneer, Dayboro

FRUIT and greengrocery business, good

position nice living accommodation, moderate rental Price, £75, will accept allotment Apply Box A53, "Courier '"




TAKINGS, £70 weekly, low rental (no rates), beautifully fitted and appointed Living accommodation if required.

PROFITS, £12 weekj guaran- teed. ANY TRIAL GIVEN.

THIS is the business for YOU, Inspect at once.

PRICE, £275.


KODAK BLDG., opp. G.P.O.,



HOUGH, Strand Bldgs , Queen-street, 35

years of honest dealing at your ser- vice call where you get a square deal, we welcome your inquiries, and endeavour to please, ring B4924_

nOUGH, blocked run, 3000 papers, two

deliveries, good level run, profits £8 week Whippet car. Owner must sell, £800 deposit £400

HOUGH, best mixed business, 4-wln

dowed shop no opposition takings £40 to £45 week, on trial, wonderful plant heavy stock exceptional dwelling, compulsory sale Nothing better, £250

HOUGH "Net proftt~£10~weekrwell^öut,

mixed and paper«, rent 35/ takings a\erage £55 week large stock and plant, good clean dwelling fully furnished new furniture linos £425, any investigation HOUGH Suburban Mixed Rent 25/,

beiutlful dwelling, Corner position Trade C18 to £20 week well stocked £50 HOUGH Service station, petrol 2000

galls 40 oil good repair trade, up to-date plant Che\ truck £150

HOUGH Exceptional service station.

5500 galls petrol, 90 oil, fi pumps plant and accessories \alued £500 net profit £14 week, £800, a business worth


HOUGH Sound muk run 38 gallons,

Chcv truck easy run smartest turn- out on road, profits guaranteed, £9 week

Price £320 owner must sell_ HOUGH Mixed, residential area, tak-

ings £25 to £30 heavy stock beau- tiful dwelling, no opposition, wonderful

stand £120

TJOUGH, unequalled Mixed, corner posl -*-*- tlon, takings £30-£45 week over counter heavily stocked, very clean good dwelling £195 one of the best offering 1JOUGH I have a list of busers for ?"- businesses from £50 to £250 im- mediate Inspection, sure sales Send par- ticulars of yours, or ring B4924 ,

HAIRDRESSING business for sale

country three rooms furnished and fitted complete including permanent waving machine drjer, Sec splendid opportunity to walk Into established busi- ness showing good profits Full particu- lars from Box 1053N, G P O , Brisbane


TAKINGS, £50 weekly, corner position, low rent, good dwell-


PROFIT, £10 weekly, guaran- teed Beautiful stock and plant ANY TRIAL GIVEN.

PRICE, £180.


KODAK BLDG., opp. G.P.O.

MILK run, cold, one delivery, 12 gallons,

turnout cans, £60, also 16 gallons, mostly all 6d qt £85, another, 30 gal- lons Including truck, one delivery, £240 Clifford Kelly Se Co, 143 Watson's Cham- bers, Queen-street, next T. Se Q,



MIXED business, stocked and fitted,

profits £3 weekly, rent 35/, lovely dwelling, splendid position, £70 Clifford Kelly Se Co, 143 Watson's Chambers, Queen-street, nest T Se G _ MIXED, ~ with sub-newsagency, same

hands years takings £35, heavily stocked rent 30/, large dwelling, £245, first tlmcoffered Clifford Kelly_Co_ MIXED business something »peclal,

stock valued £140 up-to-date plant, cash counter trade guaranteed £35 week- ly 5 rooms, verandas, £250 Clifford Kelly Co _ _ _ _ _ _

MILK run, warm, 16 gallons old-estib

llshed good truck, £180 another, 27 gallons all top price £300 See our lists before buying Clifford Kelly &_Co _ MIXED business tiklngs £18 good posi-

tion dwelling attached cheap rent with horse harness cart doing rounds 85 customers Price, £45 Box A46,

1 Courier "



and Hairdressing



Leading city position, First-class connection.

Particulars available at

W. D. & H. 0. WILLS

(Australia), Ltd,



OSBORNE, Ltd, Helndorff House, next

Regent -Smart mixed, exceptional dwelling, furnished trade £35 beautiful furniture 3 beds, verandas well stocked, moderate rent Bargain, £225_ OSBORNE, Ltd -Up-to-date mixed, beau-

tifully stocked excellent dwelling, corner, good locality, trade £70 weekly, moderate rent Choice, £ 150_ OSBORN!, Ltd-Choice, mixed, modern

shop and dwelling, septic trade £60, closed all Sundays, rent £2/10/, any lease faultless £500_ /"JSBORNE, Ltd -Super, mixed, trade ^ £110 week (counter), magnificent

shop fittings worth £500, dwelling could not bo improved on, moderate rent, any

lease £950

OSBORNE, Ltd -Newsag'nclos Our up

to-date list Includes 4000 papers plus shop trade £1350, 3150 plus good shop trade on £700 deposit 6000, on £1000 deposit Also runs of 530O and 8000 papers Nothing to beat them to-day

PORTER-Boarding-house, situated d-ess

clicle of Brisbane, containing 16 rooms, magnificently furnished through- out, 14 permanent boarders, suit mother and daughter Only £145 cash required Porter upstairs, next Winter Garden

PORTER -8 absolutely self-contained

flats exceptionally well furnished and fully let, situated select localltj returns £12/10/ week £485, finance half Porter, upstairs, nett Winter Garden

PORTER -Residential, minute Queen

street, contains 23 bedrooms magni- ficently furnished throughout, perman- ently let, tenants here j ears, rent ridi- culously cheap, 50/, returns £11 Only

£250, termh arranged Porter, upstairs,

next Winter Garden

PORTER -Mixed, cakes, confectionery,

drinks smallgoods, itc , opposite large suburban talkie theatre, exceptional plant, includes Kclvlnator, Dayton barrel eales, motor truck, glass cases, Sec , good stock, trade £20 to £25 Only £7;> cash re- quired Porter, upstairs, next Winter Gar-


PORTER-School shop, opposltii Bris-

banes largest school, attended by 2000 children, trade £35, average, modern shop, stocked to roof beautiful residence Only £210 half cash Porter, up-talrs,

next Winter Garden

PORTER-School shop, present vendor

here past five years, trade £15 to £20 weekly, rent only 30/, sell sto x. and plant at valuation Only £70 Porter, upstairs next Winter Garden

PORTER-Newsagency, Stationen,behool

requisites blocked run, 3400 raptrs, trade £50, profits £10, guaranteed on any trial, lovely shop large dwelling close to school Only £475, cash required Portoi upstairs, next Winter Garden _ PORTER -Garage and service station and

repairs, situated key position turn- over £6000 year, present owner past 8 years, retiring, plant alone worth money asked, £600 easy terms arranged,, Porter, upstairs next Winter Garden _ PORTER-Milk run, picked locality, one

dellverj dally, profits guarantcd £6/ 10/ week, finish at 9 30 am Only 1.140 Porter, upstairs, next Winter Garden

PORTER-Sound mixed, thickly popu-

lated locality, trade £100 weekly, Income tax, books and trial to prove, stock £400, besides valuable plant vendor owns freehold and will give any reason- able lease, retiring after 9 years, beauti- ful living quarters £650 Sole agent W H Porter, upstairs, next Winter Gar-


SELL or lease, splendid frock manufac-

turing business, good city, country lonnectlons Box Z83, . Courier '?

WANTED small hairdressing, tobacconist

business countrj town preferred genuine bujer Particulars, Box A73,

' Courier."

WANTED sound businesses of all de-

scriptions and prices Immediate in- spections clients walting Send details at once, Queensland Agency Co, 3, Brisbane Arcade Queen-street B4955_»

IT7ANTED mixed business, prlccTtö £150, '* least three sections town, dwelling attached state particulars situation price, rent weekly counter takings, Box

A98, "Courier."





State Income Tax 1929-1930,

Gross Income £4801,

Deductions £2510.

Net Income £2291.

1930-1931 (This Year's),

Gross Income, £3726. Deductions, £2205.

Net Income £1521.


Fittings written down to £125, Plant written down to £625, Stock written down from £2100 to £1250 approximately. If you don't want to, you need not buy any Stock at all-or you can pick it at cost-or buy the lot at the written

down cost.

Without the Stock


buys the whole of the

Plant and Fittings,

Lease, and Most Valuable Goodwill of this Wonderful


Before you inspect come in and obtain positive proof. If you live to be 100 you will never buy its equal or any- thing like it for £750.

Illness is the cause.

Thornton & Pearce, Ltd.,

George-street, BRISBANE.


Cheap Prepaid Rates.-16 words (not to exceed 3 lines), 1/ each Insertion; each additional 6 words 5d, limit, 52 words (not to exceed 9 Unes).

A Beautiful Triumph Saloon isuper

seven), In perfect order, and regis- tered. Price £200. Walter M. Trevathan, Ann-street, Valley._

AT E. G Eager Se Son, Ltd, used car

dept, 324 Wickham-street, Valley, for guaranteed cars of all makes, on easy terms We have the finest range of cars to choose fiom In town. 'Phone B3424

A T Eager's, Valley.-Buick roadster, newly .". ducoed. 5 very good tyres, and me- chanically good, anv trial and 60 days' guarantee. £125, terms._ A~T Eager's, Valley -Whippet 6 tourer,

newly ducoed, well shod, and me chanicallv good, any trial, first to Inspect buys, £110, terms._

AT Eager's, Valley.-Overland special

. sports overhead valves, aluminium body, 5 good tyres, wire wheels, in very good order, capable of doing over 70 miles per hour, any trial. A gift, £75, terms.

AT Eager's, Valley_Willys-Knight great

6 tourer, newlv ducoed. 5 good tyres, and mechanically perfect, 60 days' guaran- tee. £110, easy terms, and will trade your car as part._ AT Eager's, Valley.-Buick standard 6

tourer, newly ducoed, 5 good tyres. and mechanically good, any trial, and 30 days' guarantee, £95 terms.__ AT Eager's, Valley.-Chevrolet 4 utility.

In very good order and well shod. £60, terms, others to choose from.

AT Eagei's, Valley-Dodge, 6 cyl., 30

cwt. truck, platform body. In per- fect order, and well shod, any trial, £140.

easy terms_

AT Eager's, Valley.-Late model Whlp "? pot 4 utility, In perfect order ana well shod, any trial and 30 days' guaran-

tee, £ 130. terms.

AT Eagei's, Valley.-Chrysler 70 tourer,

In good order, and well shod. £60,


AT Eager's, Valley.-International 314

ton, platform body, In first-class me chanlcal order, any trial, £95, terms._ AT Eager's, Valley.-1929 Essex convert-

ible roadster. In first-class order, 5 good tyres, any trial, and 30 days' guaran- tee, £140. terms._ A~T Eager's, Valley.-Oakland tourer,

newly ducoed, 5 good tyres and mechanically sound, any trial, 30 days' guarantee, £95, terms. '_

T Eager's, Valley.-1929 Oldsmoblle

tourer, newly ducoed, 5 good tyre3 and mechanically good, any trial, £145, terms._ AT Eager's, Valley.-Chevrolet 6 utility,

in very good order, and 5 good tyres, any trial, and 60 days' guarantee, £145, terms._ AT Praser's Motor Auctions, Adelalde-st.,

opp. Town Hall. Call and Inspect our stocks before deciding. 'Phono B6409, B4585._ A.-Chevrolet roadster, Capitol model,

engine perfect, recently overhauled,

£75._ At_Fraser^s._

A.-Baby Flat, 509 model. In first-class

order and conditions. £80. At

Frascr's._ A .-^Oldsmoblle tourer, late model, bum-

per bars, wind deflectors, Sec, £125.

At Fraser's

shod, wind deflectors, kick plates, rubber mots, _c" registered 6 months, £45. At_Frascr'a._ A.-Vauxhall tourer, 14/40 h.p., in ex-

cellent order and condition, well shod,

English_body,_£95._At Fraser's._ A.-Pontlac tourer, well "shod, engine In

excellent condition, registered, £75 At Fraser's. _

model, In new order and condition, registered. £185. At Fraser's.

A.-Dodge tourer, newly shod, roller

blinds, In good order, £60. At Fraser's._ A.-Truck, 25cwt. Federal Knight, well

shod, In very good order, registered

nine months; £85._AtFraseiX_ A.-Essexsuper six tourer, 1927 model,

recently thoroughly overhauled and reducocd. In first-class order throughout, well shod, 30 days' guarantee, £90, terms. Wbatmore M'lntosn Motoia, Desmond

Chambers, Adelaide-street_ A.-Hudson super six sedan, 1927 model,

5-passenger, in faultless condition, 30 days' guarantee, £200, terms. Whatmoro Mcintosh Motors, Desmond Chambers, Adelaide-street._ A.-Dodge senior six sedan, late model,

as new, any reasonable demonstration, 30 days' guarantee, £260, terms. What- moro Mcintosh Motors, Desmond Cham-

bers, Adelaide-street._

-Austin,' 6-eyllnder, 16 h.p, 1928

model tourer, wire wheels, 5 good tjreb, recently reducoed, 30 days' guar- antee. £165, terms Whatmoro Mcintosh Motois, Desmond Chambers, Adelelde-st.

A.-Essex super six 1929 model utility,

recently overhauled and repainted, ready for work, 30 days' guarantee. £120, terms. Whatmoro Mcintosh Motors, Des mond Chambers, Adelaide-street_ A.-Oakland 6-cylinder sports roadster,

late model. In faultless condition, only done ¿mall mileage, 5 good tyies, any demonstration, 30 dajs' guarantee, £185, terms. Whatmoro Mcintosh Motors, Des- mond Chajnbers,_Adelalde-strcet._ A.-Essex super six 1930 model tourer,

only done very small mileage, excep- tionally good order, well shod, nothing to spend on It, 30 dajs' guarantee, £175. Whatmore Mcintosh Motors, Desmond

Chambers, Adelaide-street_

A.-Ehsex super six tourer, 1929 model,

recently overhauled and reducocd, well shod, good appearance, very attrac- tive model, 30 days' guarantee, £150, terms. Whatmore Mcintosh Motors, Des mond_ Chambers, Adelaide-street_ A.-Rugby, late model touring car, ready

to drive away, £35 Whatmoro Mcin- tosh Motors, Desmond Chambers, Ade- laide-street._ A.-Austin 12-14 tourer, 1928 model, well

shod, leather upholstcrv. an ideal country car, 30 days' guarantee, £140, terms. Whatmore Mcintosh Motors, Des-

mond Chnmbers, Adelaide-street

BATTERIES, bargains, 6v 7 ll-pla~teT"32/6

Heavy vulcanite boxes, guaranteed. Herbert Jones Se Son, 176^'.dela'd,->-trcet. "pjAN. carr, Used Car Specialist,-cstab iJ llshed 10 years at 63 Brunswlck-st Valley. Bargains galore. B9356.

MOTOR CARS AND ACCESSORIES. D.-Graham Paige roadster, and a

beauty. This Is the best buy In town at £165. Cannot be faulted at Dan. Carr's._ _ ___ _

_Vauxhall sedan. See this and seo

the best, smartest car in Brisbane. Must be sacrificed at £200 at Dan. Carr's._ D.-Pontiac sedan, 4-door, and hardly

marked. Good as new, every re- spect, and thoroughly sound. £175, at Dan._Carr's.__

-Erskine tourer, 1928 model, and a

reliable, economical sturdy, well looked-after car. Dirt cheap, £85. Dan. Carr's._ _«_ D.-Dodge tourer. A magnificent snap

at £80 Reg., Ins, good tyres, fine nick and appearance at Dan. Carr's._

-Dodge truck, 1 ton, special body, a'nd special bargain. Reg, owner no further use. Wonderful value at £65.


-Whippet tourer, 1930 model, and a

real beauty. This Is special, and hardly used. It's the snap of the year at_Dan. Carr's._£160._

_Wanted, and at once, care of all

descriptions, all sizes, and all prices. Cllents_walting._Dan. Carr's_Garage._ I RIVERS Motors, Ltd. Will take motor car

-* In part payment for 5-acre block ol land, situated near Grand Hotel, South- port, close, to sea front. Splendid posi- tion. Land worth £450, will accept £295 Evers Motors, Ltd. Hillman _ Humbor agents._457_ Adelalde-st^ Petrie Bight;_ 1TVORD, "A" roadster, excellent order, good

tyres, registered, easy terms, Cossey

Motors, Adelaide-street._ 1710RD7 "A," tourer, excellent order, easy

?_terms._Cossey_ Motors, Adelalde-st._

GRAHAM Bros., Used Car Sales, 415

Adelaide-street, Uhl's Bldgs., near Petrie_ Bight._;Phone__B9624._ GRAHAM Bios. Austin sports, £155;

_Singer touier, £80, terms._ GRAHAM~~Bros Auburn 7-pass., 4-door

_sedan, mechanically_0_K , £115.

GRAHAM~Bros. Model A Ford roadster,

£110; numerous others to Inspect.

G~RAHAM Bros. Triumph tourer, 1S29

m. Call and make_us an offer.

G_AHAM Bros ~ National m. Chev. tourer,

In good order _ Submit offer._ G"RAHAM~Bros Late m. Whippet tour

ers, two, both In O K. order._ GRAHAM Bros. G M C. 15cwt. 1923 m.

jtruck, closed In, £145, terms.

GRAHAM Bros Plymouth tourer, 1929

m, very_weU_shod,_o_nly_£U0:_ GRAHAM "Bros. 1927 m. Ford, milk utll

Ky,_wttb^ucksell_gcar,_£37/10/;__ HT~Gtlmour, coach builder. Valley, for

rep. and painting, new tyres, and tyres cut and shut, motor bodies made and rep.; estimates given -»li classes of work.____ IF you want to sen your used car send

It to Isles, Love Don't let It stand In the street Idle. All cars housed under Ideal conditions. No sale no charge._ ISLES, Lovo can sell your 1927-1928

Chevrolet roadsters and tourers, bring them along. _ I" SLES, Love want 1923 Whippet tourers

for sale. Cash buyers constantly In- quiring._ TSLES, Love, can sell your 1929-1930 Mor-

ris Cowley tourers and roadsters, cash sales._ ISLES, Love can place Immediately for

cash, late model sedan, up to £350.

ISLES, Love have Inquiries for late _ model light sedans._ JOHNSON outboara motors. Still a

few left at old prices, ouy now. Your old motor taken part payment. Marine Engines (Queensland), Ltd , Creek-si.eet

MAGNÉTOS, generator, and starter re-

pairs and parts. Wo ire specialists. All work guaranteed. Same day service, Herbert Jones Se Son, 476 Adelalde-st.






Adelaide-street and Whart-strcet,


NO matter If you aro a buyer or seller,

a visit to Isles, Love (Perdrlaus old building), Creek-street, will convince you how you are protected by experts and an honourable flim.

ri _E new Triumph cars offer the most

'-.- completo range of light cars in the world. You aro Invited to Inspect them. Walter M Trevethan. Ann-street, Valley. TWO fine sedan hupmoblles, Century Six

and Dodge Senior Six, both unusu- ally good cars and worth Inspecting, terms if necessary. P. A. Evers & Son, Ltd.. 'phone B5691, Ivory-st., near Howard

Smith's Wharf.

WANTED, A model Ford, utility or car,

must be in good order, cash buyer. Box Bil, "Courier." _ _ WANTED to buy motor truck chassis,

1 to 2 tons capacity. Box A63,

"Courier "_ WANTED Buick car, tourer, Silver Anni-

versary or later model, former pro ferred. Apply Box A50. "Courier."_ WANTED "to buy closed-ln car, recent

model state particulars and cash

price._Box 967M, G.P.O._ WANTED all kinds of prlvately-ovvncd

cars and trucks. We-have cash buy- ers walting for roadsters, to £350 cash; tourers and sedans also. Put yours in the largest showroom in town. No sale no charge. Fraser's Motor Auctions, Ado lalde-st, opp. Town Hall. 'Phones B0409, B4585._ 1930 Rugby well-type utility, perfect

throughout, small mileage, price £120,

cash or terms._Box A83, "Courier."_ 15 HP. Triumph tourer, In Al older,

and fitted with every refinement. Cost £595. Price now £200 Walter M.

Trevethan, Ann-street, Valley._

6-Volt C A V. car battery for sale, cheap,

_perfect order. Box A69, "Courier."

75,000 used car and truck parta, 50 horse

vehicles, and harness, cheap. Gray's.



Cheap Prepaid Rates -16 words (not to

exceed 3 Unes) 1/ each Insertion; each additional 6 words 5d., limit 52 words (nottoexceed 9_llnes)._ HARLEY Davidson 2% h.p. motor bicycle,

good order throughout, prlco £15 cash_Box A82, "Courier "_ MOTOR cycle and side car for sale, lato

model. In good order. Box B5,


RE-TYRE tricycle wheels, perambulator

wheels, scooter wheels. Sec, for the kiddies See Ashbv's for casv method of home fitting; better still, bring It In and have It done by experts. Ashby's Cyclery. Wickham-atrect, Volley.


Cheap Prepaid Rates.-18 words (not to

exceed 3 Unes) 1/ each Insertion; each additional 6 words 5(1, limit 52 words (not to exceed 9 Unes)._ A Singer sewing machine, nearly new, ?"- latest model, 7-drawer drophcad, coso £30. Corner Merthyr-road and Bowen terrace, New Farm tram. No agent», please._ T>UY from manufacturer, seagrass 5 ?*-* piece suites, £4/17/; prams., 56/. O'Connor, Alfred-st, near Brunswlck-si Station. _

IfOR sale, Singer power machines, nem

stltcher, good order. Box Zti¿, "Courier."_ mRANSFERRED to Brisbane, married .*. man wishes purchase complete home good sh. furniture._Box A95, ' Courier."

UPHOLSTERY.-Suites, chairs, re-covered,

mattresses, Sec, at own homes, or workshop, chargo mod. Box UP50, "Courier."_ WANTED buy. good dining suite, also

other furniture, for cash. Box A54,



¡TANTEO office furniture, good, cheap. ' Ring, stating address, B5104.

WANTED, purchase, privately, soon aa

possible, full home or port home, good clean furniture, cash. Apply early, to Box A78, "Courier."