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TO b e SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, a handsome and commodious DWELLING-HOUSE, contain-   ing seven rooms, with a detached Bakehouse, large Granary and Kitchen complete ; has a Well constant- ly supplied with the purest water, and is possessed of every other requisite.-To a person who would wish to embark in business, the premises are very worthy of attention, having been established for a, number of years both in-the pulic and bakiog line, and beihg eligibly and advantageously situate No. 36, Pitt street.-Further particulars may be known on appli- cation to Mr. James Harman, the proprietor, on the premises.

ALSO, for Sale by Private Contract, a neat and elegant HOUSE next door to the above.-Likewise to be disposed of, a handsome and substantial new-built Brick DWELLING-HOUSE, 39, Pitt-street, pos- sessed of every advantage to render the situation per- fectly agreeable. Six months credit will be given for half the purchase on good security.--Application to be

made as above.

N. B.-Merchants and Commanders of Vessels sup-

plied with BISCUIT of different qualities, on the

shortest notice.


THE following Persons leaving the Colony in the John Palmer, request all Claims may be pre-   sented; viz.-Mr. Thomas Reibey,

Thomas Rodgers, Charles Dowdle John Marman, James Granville

Sarah Gould, and Bunna, an Otaheitan.

THE good Ship LORD MELVILLE, commanded by

Captain WETHERALL, will take Freight or Passen- gers for Europe, via Batavia.-Apply at the Office of


CHARLES COOPER leaving the Colony, by an early

opportunity, request all Claims against him may be presented.

MICHAEL KEOGHY intending to leave the Colony

by the first opportunity, requests all Claims against him may be presented.

ELIZABETH JONES leaving the Colony in the  

Ship Surry, requests all Claims and Demands against her may be presented.

RICHARD KEBBLA leading the Colony by an early

opportunity, requests Claims against him may be presented.

JOHN MORGAN leaving the Colony, requests all  

Claims to be presented.

BENJAMIN JACOBS leaving the Colony in the

Brig Kangaroo, requests all Claims may be pre- sented for payment.

JOHN O'HARRIN leaving the Colony in the Brig

Kangaroo, requests all Claims may be presented. JOHN BLISS leaving the Colony in the Kangaroo,

requests all Claims may be presented.

MARY M'MAHON, of George-street, Sydney,           hereby gives Notice, that she will apply to  

the Supreme Court of Civil Jurisdiction for Letters of Administration to the Estate and Effects of her late

Husband, Patrick M'Mahon ; and all Persons having Claims are requested to present them, and those in- debted are requested to settle the same immediately.

MARY M'MAHON. THE Undersigned hereby give notice of their     Intention to apply at the Sittings of the Supreme  

Court of Civil Judicature for LETTERS of ADMI- NISTRATION to the ESTATE and EFFECTS of the late THOMAS and GRACE BOULTON, of Sydney, de- ceased ; all Persons indebted to the said Estate are therefore required to settle their respective Accounts forthwith, to prevent unpleasant measures being re- sorted to ; and all Claims upon the said Estate are re- quested to be presented for immediate settlement.

JOHN MICHAEL ANTHONY         (signed)      


FOR PRIVATE SALE, a valuable ESTATE, distant six miles from Sydney, containing about   500 acres, upwards of one mile in front of the Road; the improvements are a well-built, neat, convenient Dwelling-House, having four apartments fitted up, closets, wardrobe, stoves, &c. passage, hall, large kitchen, with useful requisites, and two apartments on the upper floor, with paved verandah 60 feet in front; also, an extensive substantial barn, servants rooms, coach-house, stables, dairy, cattle and poultry yards, &c. a garden of about 14 acres is laid out in front of the dwelling, containing a number of choice fruit trees, inclosed with substantial fence, as is also 140 acres contiguous, with an abundant supply of good water.-A liberal credit will be given to a purchaser.-Apply to the proprietor, Mr. LAURIE, 12, O'Connell-street.

TO be SOLD, the good Coppered Brig GOVERNOR   MACQUARIE, now lying in Cockle Bay, burthen 142 Tons, with all her Stores, Rigging, and other Tackling as she at present lies ; well known as a fast sailing and very complete Vessel.-Application to be made to Mr. CHARLES THROSBY, Liverpool ; or Mr. ROBERT JENKINS, Sydney.


years old, branded W. under the saddle, both the near feet white, and a star on the face.-Two Pounds Reward will be paid to any Person returning her to the Owner ; but if detained after this Notice,

a Prosecution will ensue.

Parramatta, 8th March, 1817. CHAKLES WALKER.

STOLEN, from on board the LORD MELVILLE,

since her arrival in this Port, a DEAL BOX,   nearly two feet square and about eighteen inches in height, directed for WILLIAM BROUGHTON, Esq. As- sistant Commissary General, Sydney, New South Wales.-Any person or persons who will give infor- mation to G. HOWE, at the Gazette Office, whereby the said property may be recovered, will receive a very handsome Reward.  

LETTERS lying at the Post Office.~G. Davis, P. Kelly, J. Large, W. Laurence, J. Lynch, Gerven Marshall, T. Nichols, J. Noble; T. Summers. J. Sher- rard, T. Odisk, R. Renner, E. Syla, J. Sharland, J. Waine, T. Wells, S. Webber, S. Stride Roberts. R. Mashiter. I. NICHOLS, Postmaster