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Flood waters rushing down Enoggera Creek did extensive dam- age to this bridge and approaches, which connect Acacia-drive

with Moondani-drive, Ashgrove.

Our illustration shows the site of the bridge over Enoggera Creek at St. John's Wood, the bridge having been completely

demolished and carried away.

This building was once on a normal site and right way up, but it now rests uncomfortably in the bed of Enoggera Creek.

The flood waters also took liberty with this house, lifting; it from its stumps and depositing it right in the middle of the

road at Federation-street, Windsor.

A huge wash-out on the approach to the traffic bridge over the Pine River at Petrie.

Under the Pine River railway bridge this hole at present bars the progress of the usual

large army of motorists on the Redcliffe road.

Damage to roadway and bridge on the Redciffe road, just where the road turns under  

the Pine River railway bridge at Petrie.

ïlood waters entering business premises in the lower seotion of Brisbane-street, Ipswich, on the

main Brisbane road.

The wind on Thursday evening last upended this 'plane on to

its nose at the Eagle Farm aerodrome, though it had been tied .

down to pegs driven in the ground.

The flood at Maryborough. Ho ward Smith wharves are situated on the left of the picture, Walkers

Ltd. in distance, and Grand Hotel on the right.

Kyogle was isolated for two days, when the Richmond River and Fawcetts Creek overflowed their banks. The road to Casino was covered 10ft. and the railway line to a depth of 5ft.

These bathing boxes on Margate Beach appear to have been moved willynilly.

Half of the Waraba Bridge over the Caboolture River, on Bellmere-road, near Caboolture, was carried away on Thursday last. Cream and other goods are being transferred across

on a wire rope, which can be seen on the left.